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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Matching your Shoes and Bag | Frumpy or Cool Again?

Matchy matchy Bag and Shoes | White, pink and grey in winter | Fake Fabulous

Matching your bag with your shoes... that's pretty naff isn't it?
Old Fashioned.


Matchy matchy Bag and Shoes | White, pink and grey in winter | Fake Fabulous

I'll start at the beginning of this bag-and-shoe-matching story....

As a blogger you are often contacted by companies wanting to send you things to feature on your blog.
Many of these offers receive a polite "No thank you" for several different reasons.
The main reason (for me) is if the items are not something I would normally buy.
They may not be my style, or they may be unsuited to the Scottish climate!

I don't ever want to feature anything that I would not happily wear (or use) in real life.

So, when the people at Van Dal contacted me I initially said "No thank you" because Van Dal is a brand I assumed catered for elderly ladies with bunions.

And, as much as elderly ladies (with bunions) deserve nice shoes surely there would be nothing for me?

Hmmm....I decided to have a look anyway.

Yes, there are a few "bunion" styles (and many of the designs leave me cold) but, these Albion heels really caught my eye!
So many gorgeous colour choices, the perfect heel height and really well made.
Whats not to like?
This silvery colour screamed "Spring is coming!!!" and I know they will be so versatile when it comes to summer evenings.

Matchy matchy Bag and Shoes | White, pink and grey in winter | Fake Fabulous

I have been wearing boots for so long that I forgot how to use my feet (and brain) sinking into the gaps and almost falling over!

Matchy matchy Bag and Shoes | White, pink and grey in winter | Fake Fabulous

I went against everything I normally do when out shopping, and picked a bag to match.
Matching my bag and shoes!
What was I thinking?
Had I lost my mind?

I was going to say that I haven't matched my bag and shoes since 19-whatever.... but the truth is I have never matched and I never thought I would.
But, never say never...right?

Matchy matchy Bag and Shoes | White, pink and grey in winter | Fake Fabulous

It was hard to resist this lovely little bag with it's butter-soft leather finish.
A simple design that can easily be dressed up (or down) with the addition of any bag charms you like.
In my case, a couple of furry pom poms... much to my husband's amusement!

Matchy matchy Bag and Shoes | White, pink and grey in winter | Fake Fabulous

The rest of the outfit came together easily.
I wanted to keep the colours light and soft, in keeping with the soft winter sun and the dampness in the air.
The mild weather allowed me to (almost) bare my ankles without losing a limb!
It was a beautiful winter's day.

The soft pinks and greys made me feel feminine and elegant.
White jeans are still casual, but a little smarter than the normal blue.
A simple and comfortable look.

Matchy matchy Bag and Shoes | White, pink and grey in winter | Fake Fabulous

So, is it cool to go all matchy matchy?

3 Tips for matching your bag to your shoes, with effortless style.

1. Take it easy when it comes to hair and makeup.

Being too "over-done" is always ageing.
The perfectly coiffed hair style is a one way ticket to frumpsville.
Whether it's perfect curls or a pristine turned under blow dry.
Helmet hair is not cool.

Take a look at some super-stylish women...
Their hair always has an element of haphazard effortlessness to it.

{Think Kate Moss, Leandre Medine, Vanessa Paradis, Audrey Tautou...I could go on, and on, and on......}

The same goes for makeup.
Makeup can be your best friend, but can also age you 15 years!
Full-on skin, brows, eyes and lips (all together) is not cool.
Go bold if you like, just not all over.
A red lip looks stunning with natural (looking) skin and understated brows/eyes.

2. Keep the rest of your outfit on the casual side of smart.

Let the matching bag and shoes be the smart element of your look.

I know that the classic time to wear a matching 'set' is for a wedding, but try to resist this urge to go all "Stepford wedding guest".
It is much cooler to coordinate (or even clash) than match perfectly.
Avoid stiff fabrics and that 'matching dress/jacket/ hat/shoes/bag' generic look.
You could try a floaty dress (new or vintage) or a skirt and top, with your matching accessories.

{See some of my wedding outfit ideas HERE, HERE and HERE... one involves vinyl leggings!}

3. Believe it looks good and it will!

At the end of the day, if you believe in yourself, and your style choices, you WILL look good.
If you want to match your bag, shoes, dress, jacket, nails and eyeshadow then go for it.
Why not?
It's your life and your style.

Fashion is supposed to be fun after all!

POM POMs: Various
JEANS: ME&EM... these are perfect!
WAISTCOAT: White Company... This one is smart.
SHIRT: French Connection... this is so pretty.
EARRINGS: Vintage... similar

How do you feel about Matchy Matchy dressing?
Or, Comfortable and safe?

Please leave a comment or contact me... I would love to hear your thoughts on this!




  1. I think it works here because you've added texture with the furry bag charms. Nice looking shoes!

    1. Thanks for your comment Susan, I agree! the pom poms stop the bag feeling like a set with the shoes. XXX

  2. I think the older rules were made for a reason, because it does look nice. Especially when there is a lot of other details going on in the outfit! But it's also fabulous to switch things up and not be predictable!!
    Because, as usual, you look fabulous Samantha!! The fur poms on the purse really take it up a notch!!

    1. You are spot on Jodie, the old rules are there to help us!
      I firmly believe that matching or clashing can both look great.... it's all in the attitude. XXX

  3. Never even heard of this company but those shoes are cute. And this outfit is sweet and fresh and full of hope for spring!

    Personally I think rules not to do so and so are as restrictive as rules to do it. Match if you like, don't if you don't. Both can work but most important of all is not to give a fig what anyone else thinks. If you love it then wear it.

    1. I totally agree Rachel! Rules are for breaking (or sticking too) depending on how you feel and what you like to do. Some people like to match EVERYTHING (my close friend even matches her undies to her outfit!).
      Others clash and smash it too!
      Variety is the spice of life.

  4. Really cute shoes and bag, and so comfy&cool outfit, you look very 'effortlessly elegant'!. You rock!.
    Actually, I like matchy-matchy dressing, it makes me feel comfident!, but I also like some risky and contrasting combos, as they add instant fun!. And you made me laugh on 'helmet hair is not cool'!
    Great advice and lovely outfit!

    1. Thank you Monica! You could never be accused of helmet hair! :oP XXX

  5. I made a comment thru my Bloglovin subscription. Do you know why it doesn't appear here? Did you see it?

    1. No Judy, I didn't and I have no idea why? I'm so sorry that you wasted your time :o( XXX

  6. You've aced it with the pom-pommery. Van Dal must be chuffed to pieces!

    1. Thank you very are kind to say so! XXX

    2. Pom-Pommery is a brilliant word! I might be using that one :oP XXX

  7. I think I need pom poms to bling up my bags now...

    This is such a cool outfit, Samantha. Casual, chic, and super wearable. My favourite part of this whole outfit is actually your white jeans! I have yet to find THE perfect white jeans for myself - something I've been itching to feature on my own blog, but no luck so far.

    I actually think matchy-matchy is a great idea for some outfits (not all). I once saw a lady wearing the prettiest red dress, a beautiful black leather bag, and one of those studded Valentino heels in nude, but I remember wishing she had swapped either her handbag or her heels to match the colour of the other one. They don't have to be in block colours, but if the bag and shoes had matched just a liiittle bit (matching prints / colours or something) it would have looked better. Well, to me at least! But I also think mismatching is an art, but I think everything just has to be "tied in", if that makes sense...

    For me personally, as a hijabi, matching my bag to shoes can come in handy, as I have one extra accessory to think about!

    XO, Liyana
    | Affordorable

    1. I hear you Liyana! Sometimes we need to commit totally to a look and match all the way (my good friend is an uber-matcher... down to her undies matching her outerwear!!).
      She, however, HATES these jeans....which is very funny, so I am glad you approve of them. :o)
      Good luck on your quest for a pair... I will look forward to them appearing on the blog! XXX

  8. And here is another outfit I find totally brilliant. Hoping though, that you are wearing thermo underwear and tights..brrrr.
    The look is very good.
    As for all your advice to avoid frumpiness... I am afraid I break all those rules. I usually have make-up all over and just as much have a matching bag as a different coloured bag. I suppose at my age I am allowed to break all rules hahaha.

  9. Thanks SAMANTHA for the outfits. Very young style <3


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