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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

How to Wear Ugly Clothes!

Oversized Mustard Handknitted Cardigan, Khaki Biker Jeans & Grey Clarks Wallabees | Fake Fabulous

Style (like beauty) is a very subjective thing, isn't it?
One person's "Eclectic delight" is another's "Wackadoodle".
A 'classic combination' to someone, can be a frumpy yawn-fest to another.

We are all different, and thank goodness for that!

Because if everyone thought the same way as me, I wouldn't be the proud owner of this chunky knitted cardigan.

I'll explain....

Oversized Mustard Handknitted Cardigan, Khaki Biker Jeans & Grey Clarks Wallabees | Fake Fabulous

This oversized hand-knitted cardigan had been donated to my local charity shop.
I know that many people would baulk at the thought of anything hand-knitted (let alone second-hand) especially in a bright colour like mustard.

With it's bold embroidered details, and oversized sloppy shape, this cardigan is not winning any popularity contests!

It is undeniably UGLY.... but it was love at first sight for me.

Oversized Mustard Handknitted Cardigan, Khaki Biker Jeans & Grey Clarks Wallabees | Fake Fabulous

In my eyes this cardigan has more than it's fair share of attributes...

  • It's Hand-knitted, and I just LOVE handmade knitwear! 
The time and effort that has gone into creating something like this makes me appreciate it even more.
I can imagine the needles clicking away for hours.
The counting.
The occasional reverse repair.
Maybe even the frogging to re-knit a section.
In short, blood sweat and tears!

  • It's totally unique. 
Every handmade item is unique.
Even if the knitter was following a pattern, there is never going to be another one exactly like this anywhere.
It's my own bespoke piece!

  • It's mustard. 
It may not be a very popular shade but I LOVE mustard.
It's bright, warm and happy... casting a glow onto my skin and making my hair richer and redder.
What's not to love about that?

  • It's made of Wool. 
Woollen items are so hard to come by without spending an arm and a leg (or making do with lesser quality).
This cardigan is made of chunky wool, and is delightfully warm and comforting... like wearing a big hug!

  • It's embroidered.
Embroidery is supposed to be big fashion news this year, but even if it wasn't I love the thought of someone working away on this chunky design... just for me!

Oversized Mustard Handknitted Cardigan, Khaki Biker Jeans & Grey Clarks Wallabees | Fake Fabulous

Did I mention that it was reduced to a pound?

Yes, ONE pound.
Now that's what I call a bargain!

The rest of this outfit came together very easily.
The ugliness of my sloppy cardigan seemed the perfect partner for my (possibly uglier?) ugly shoes.

Oversized Mustard Handknitted Cardigan, Khaki Biker Jeans & Grey Clarks Wallabees | Fake Fabulous

{See these shoes styled  HERE and HERE.}

Khaki biker style jeans, and a leopard print shirt, made for a cosy and colourful outfit.
A dragonfly pin and this little vintage bag (in a neutral shade) finished things off nicely.

Unpopular (or commercially unattractive) clothes can often give us the most pleasure.
Something unusual and unique.
Something with a little personality and soul.
Something different from the norm.

If you love it, and wear it with a smile, it becomes a thing of beauty!

Oversized Mustard Handknitted Cardigan, Khaki Biker Jeans & Grey Clarks Wallabees | Fake Fabulous

Luckily (for this cardigan) beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!

Do you have any ugly clothes (or shoes) that you love to wear?
How do you feel about Handmade and/or Secondhand clothes?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.....or CONTACT ME.
I love to hear your opinions!

TROUSERS: Falmer at Matalan ...similar.
SHIRT: Topshop... this one is nice.
CARDIGAN: Charity Shop find.... this one is as similar as I could find!
SHOES: Clarks.
BAG: Vintage... this one is similar.
PIN: Old...similar.




  1. I can't believe you think the cardigan is ugly! I love it, and it looks especially great with the olive trousers! Kx

    1. Hahahaha...thank you K!
      It MUSt be ugly because it was rejected onto that £1 rail :oO
      Don't worry, I promise to look after it! :o)

  2. ohhh, such a lovely post, you put a smile on my face with your fabulous mustard cardi (for a pound!), that's the kind of bargain I love particularly, when you found a strange gem which seems to speak to you and nobody else!. I would buy any mustard cardi with embroideries, anyway, I love them!
    Lovely outfit!, the colors, the comfy&cool attitude, the funkiness! You look fabulous!
    I don't believe that your shoes are considered ugly!, they rock!

  3. How nice that you appreciated hand knit sweaters, Samantha!! I do have a few that I've donated because they just didn't turn out like I wanted! Hopefully someone else can love them...just like you do to this mustard one!

    1. I love them Jodie!
      It's the effort, time and love that has gone into a project like this.
      I want to show it off! :o)

  4. I love hand knit, I love mustard, I love embroidery and I especially love second hand bargains. But oh my this cardigan is not for me. But so happy its found a loving home with you!

    I do however love your shoes

    1. Hahahaha...fair enough Rachel!
      I am glad to have found it and VERY glad everyone who looked at it (before me) thought the same as you. :oP

  5. My goodness, ONE POUND??? If you hadn't snatched it yourself, I would have! (Well, in theory anyway, since I'm over here in Malaysia.) I already said I love the "ugly" of it (not that it's even ugly, Samantha!) but I love the cardi even more now, because of its loose and cosy fit, shown here in the picture of you facing away from the camera. SUCH an amazing bargain and find!

    XO, Liyana
    | Affordorable

    1. Thank you Liyana, you are always so kind....Although you would be in danger of cooking to death inside this cardigan over there in Malaysia! It is roasty toasty :oP XXX

  6. Wow a pound, lucky you - it looks fab on you along with that gorgeous blouse. Jacqui

  7. I ADORE this cardigan! I love the colour, I love the chunky knit, I love the shawl collar shape, and I LOOOOOOVE the flowers. If I had been in the shop, I'd have fought you for it! xx

    1. Hahahaha...I'm so glad you like it too Lisa....AND, I'm so glad you live down south :oP XXX


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