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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! | 7 favourite Winter Looks, 2017.

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! | 7 favourite Winter Looks, 2017 | Fake Fabulous

As winter loosens it's grip (here in Scotland) now is the perfect time to think about my favourite Winter outfits...
These 'picks' are not based on post popularity, or views.
They are just the outfits I enjoyed wearing the most.

Please feel free to disagree with my choices!
I would love to hear your opinion.

1. Lazy Maxi Skirt.

In this outfit I was experimenting with icy shades (even though they do not really suit me) for a cool winter look.
This outfit is as comfortable as joggers and a sweatshirt, but much more interesting and fun to wear.
In the post I talk about vintage fabric and why it seems to be warmer than modern fabrics.

What do you think? Is vintage is better quality?

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! | 7 favourite Winter Looks, 2017 | Fake Fabulous

2. All that Glitters...

In this post I am 'dressing up' with my two blogging friends, and we are styling the same item.
This sparkly top has been halfway around the world and I am delighted to say it now belongs to me... thank you Annie!

Let me know what you think of this top and how you would have worn it?

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! | 7 favourite Winter Looks, 2017 | Fake Fabulous

3. Geek Chic!

This is my favourite outfit of the winter!
A haphazard outfit that is colourful and SO comfortable.
Find out where I got this colourful jumper HERE.... and see what colour the back is.

Please let me know your thoughts on mixing colours.

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! | 7 favourite Winter Looks, 2017 | Fake Fabulous

4. Reliving Grunge in your 40's!

This post was so much fun!
As part of the Fab40's series we were all challenged to pull on something grunge-inspired and rock 90's chic, in our 40's!!
See how we got on HERE.... and find out if I really liked grunge style in the 90's, or if I was a rave chick!

Did you dress grungy in the 90's?  

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! | 7 favourite Winter Looks, 2017 | Fake Fabulous

5. Midi Skirts & Flat Shoes.

This post is all about wearing the shoes YOU feel comfortable in and why it's important to avoid drab shoes with this hemline.

Would you wear flats with a Midi? 

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! | 7 favourite Winter Looks, 2017 | Fake Fabulous

6. Flat Cap and a Chunky Knit.

This post was all about how tricky hats are to wear and how most of them are gathering dust in people's wardrobes.
Plus some tips on how to wear a hat in REAL life.

Do you love wearing hats? What is your favourite style?

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! | 7 favourite Winter Looks, 2017 | Fake Fabulous

7. Dressing like a Cliché in Leather and Leopard!

This post was all about how much fun fashion should be, and why it's okay to dress like a walking cliché from time to time!

What do you think of Leopard and Leather? A winning combination? Or, too tacky?

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! | 7 favourite Winter Looks, 2017 | Fake Fabulous

Do you agree with my choices and my favourite (number 3)?
Did I miss anything?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Or, contact me.
I love hearing your opinion!


  1. I'd definitely agree that vintage fabrics are often better quality. I went along to a local vintage fair last autumn with the express purpose of finding a vintage wool coat, and was lucky enough to find exactly what I wanted for only £25 (a fraction of the price a brand new coat of similar quality would have been). It's most definitely 'pre-loved', with a few minor signs of wear, but it has plenty of life left in it, and goodness is it warm!

    Like you, I also enjoy mixing colours, patterns and textures, but I struggle with hats - I find that none of them really suit me, so I suppose I just don't have a 'hat-friendly' face!

    1. I'm glad you agree Fran. I was beginning to wonder if it was just me!
      As for hats...I am sure there is a one out there with your name on it!
      It's just a case of finding it :o)

  2. You are always so adorable and love how you wear colors, Samantha! I am also loving that sequin top in that elegant look! And I would totally steal your blue coat, you know that? Pretty outfits, and let's hope winter goes away for good...I can't wait for warm weather :-) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion & beauty blog

    1. Me too Vale!
      Although Spring has brought more frost... Brrrrrr! XXX

  3. I think I love every. single. outfit. Totally gorgeous! I do love a bit of leopard print and that tied in with leather is awesome! Grunge is great at any age. I love hats (and you always look beautiful in them). Geek chic is probably my favourite for it's total unique and quirky style - something you always seem to pull of beautifully!
    All in all, I think you're quite possibly my new style icon, Samantha!!! <3
    Suzy xx

    1. Hahahaha...thank you Suzy!
      You are too kind.
      I am so glad you agree with my geeky chic look :o) XXX

  4. I love every outfit indeed, from the glitter top elegance to the geek chic coolness!, all of them look appealing to me!
    I also love particularly your 'geek chic' and 'grunge' because of the mixed colors and textures, and lots of interesting details!. But my favorite is your striped midi-skirt with all those fabulous accessories and fabulous color combo! (but you know I love Red)
    Love a good recap!

    1. Of course Monica! You look fabulous in Red and I could see you in that midi outfit too :o) XXX

  5. My favorite is #3 without second thought! It so chic, the shoes are gorgeous, the bag is absolutely darling. Overall pretty is cool!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  6. A year ago I *discovered* fashion blogging by reading one of your posts dear Samantha! I still can't believe my good fortune in beginning my blog following journey with you!! You remain at the top of my list of bloggers I love and that's where you'll stay.
    Thankyou for opening my eyes to styling ideas I likely wouldn't have had without your influence. I like ALL of these styles Samantha!! Look #1 and #5 are pretty special!!Keep em coming my dear!!


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