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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Geek Chic in Gray and Green | Tweed Jacket and OTK Boots

Geek Chic in Grey and Green | Tweed Jacket, Blue Eye Bag and OTK Boots | Fakefabulous

The Geeky Gucci-inspired look doesn't seem to be going anywhere this season, so today I was having fun experimenting.
This outfit is slightly androgynous, with a nod to the pantone colour of the year (Greenery) but it is totally within my comfort zone.
Grey jeans and a coloured jumper.
Easy peasy.
Popping a floral blouse underneath added more interest...and warmth!

Geek Chic in Grey and Green | Tweed Jacket, Blue Eye Bag and OTK Boots | Fakefabulous

This jumper is a beautiful merino/cashmere blend that I found in a charity shop for £2.99.
It was brand new.
I am sure someone bought it with the intention of experimenting with some colour... then thought "Nah!".
One person's rubbish is my lucky find!

Geek Chic in Grey and Green | Tweed Jacket, Blue Eye Bag and OTK Boots | Fakefabulous

To add a little more geeky chic I simply popped on a tweed blazer.
This tweed blazer has been in my wardrobe for ages, and every time I wear it I have to battle the frump factor.
Tweed can go a little "Miss Marple" if we are not careful...especially over 40!

Tweed looks ironic and cool on young women and gets harder to wear as we get older.
So I needed a little something to liven it up.

What could be more of a contrast to a tweed blazer than a pair of over-the-knee boots?

Geek Chic in Grey and Green | Tweed Jacket, Blue Eye Bag and OTK Boots | Fakefabulous

These boots are warm and comfortable (good job, as I was on my feet all day) and are just a little bit unexpected.
Adding my blue bag brought colour and personality to my look.
Making the very "proper" blazer seem more fun to be around!

Geek Chic in Grey and Green | Tweed Jacket, Blue Eye Bag and OTK Boots | Fakefabulous

{See this tweed blazer styled HERE... with giant houndstooth tights}

Geek Chic in Grey and Green | Tweed Jacket, Blue Eye Bag and OTK Boots | Fakefabulous

Adding a wool beret, and pink leather gloves, finished things off nicely.

BLAZER: Boden (this season's)
JEANS: Topshop
BOOTS: Duo .... these are down to £30!
SOCKS: M&S...these are nice.
JUMPER: Jaeger.... this one is nice too.
BLOUSE: Asda...this one is beautiful.
BAG: Tkmaxx.... this one is fun.
BAG CHARM: Primark... this one is cool.
GLOVES: A gift...similar
BERET: I can't remember! This grey one was the closest I could find.
GLASSES: Converse

Geek Chic in Grey and Green | Tweed Jacket, Blue Eye Bag and OTK Boots | Fakefabulous

How do you feel about Tweed?
Classic or easily Frumpy?
How do you style yours?
Please share in the comments....or send me a picture!
I love hearing from you.




  1. I love the mix of colours here, Sam. Especially that green in the front, blue in the back, grey in the arms sweater!

    1. Thank you Susan.... I couldn't believe my luck when I found this jumper! :oD

  2. There's so much going on here, but somehow you make it work - beautifully and apparently effortlessly. I think it might be your beret that makes it all hang together. Wonderful! Kx

    1. Thank you K! A cheeky beret can work wonders :oP XXX

  3. you really created a subtle color combo, using those greys and blues from your tweed jacket and adding some other colors to the party. It's subtle and original!. I love how your floral shirt adds some warm colors which are also appearing in your gloves!
    Your geek-chic style looks absolutely stunning!
    I love that you're wearing a classic ítem with your own genuine style, it works nicely. And also love your fabulous accessorizing!

  4. You really know how to add some brightness and fun to our winter outfits, Samantha!!

    1. Thank you Jodie. It's so dull and driech in this part of Scotland just now, we need some colour. XXX

  5. Hi Sam, I like the mix of patterns and the green color on you Sam! We must have both been channeling our plaid blazers today as I am wearing one too. Love the cap!
    have a great week!
    jess xx

  6. My sense of the geek look isn't nearly this colorful and fun. That first photo of you is so charming I can't stans it!!
    That sweater is wonderful and what a wonderful item to get at a thrift shop!! I love the color blockin.g

    1. I couldn't believe my luck when I found it Judy! :o)
      People do throw away some great clothes. XXX

  7. Love how you mixed a few classic pieces of clothing and turned this look into something original, fun and...adorable! The hat looks so good on you, and you look glowing. This is the way outfits should be :) I like it so much! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion & beauty blog

  8. Another lovely, playful post Sam. I think you're still young enough to wear tweed without suffering the frump factor though. I love all of the pops of colour from sweater, to gloves and bag that all ensure a mighty punch of fun to this ensemble. Hats of every shape and style suit your heart shaped face, and they always add an extra dimension to an outfit too.
    As for me, well you know that tweeds are right up my street, regardless of my age!
    Anna x

    1. Hahaha...thank you Anna, although I'm not so sure about that! :oP
      I have convinced myself that age is irrelevant and it is all about the attitude.... that works doesn't it? XXX

  9. Love this - you are working your skillz here! Such a fun and appealing look, thanks for sharing, xox


  10. I like fun colors. And I like the blog. Following, and I invite you to me :-)
    A little older girl :-))))


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