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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Can you wear a Midi Skirt with Flats?

Striped Midi Skirt | Navy and Red | Nude leather Biker Jacket | Fake Fabulous

Midi skirts are so feminine aren't they?
You can find them (worn beautifully) all over Pinterest and Instagram.
Unfortunately, most of these stunning looks involve killer heels.

I love a high heel, and there is nothing quite a sexy as a demure skirt with a skyscraper shoe.
A knockout look.

Striped Midi Skirt | Navy and Red | Nude leather Biker Jacket | Fake Fabulous

However, today was a busy day that involved a lot of walking around, and heels were not an option.

Luckily, a long boot can work really well with a midi skirt.
Which gave me a great excuse to wear my favourite boots... again!

{Read about my old favourites in this post}

Flat shoes can easily look matronly with a midi hemline.
Heels will always look more elegant (and sexy).
BUT, don't worry... it can be done!

Just make your own shoe statement.
Any kind of statement you want.
Trust yourself.

Whether it's a long lace up boot, like mine.
A bright coloured pair of trainers.
A cut-out ankle boot.
Or, a boldly patterned pair of ballerinas.

Wearing drab footwear, and hoping no one will notice you're not in heels, just doesn't work.
Go bold and have fun!

Striped Midi Skirt | Navy and Red | Nude leather Biker Jacket | Fake Fabulous

This skirt is so comfortable and easy to wear.
I wanted to continue the navy and red throughout the whole outfit, and mixing stripes seemed like a great place to start.

This striped top was a gift from my blogging friend Ann (from Kremb de la Kremb in Hong Kong) and is intended to be worn off the shoulder.
It turned out to be the perfect top to layer over this (thermal) polo neck.

It is mild today, a whopping 9 degrees (48F) and the rain is holding off so I dug out my nude leather jacket.
Warm enough, and not too heavy.
I still needed a cosy scarf, warm gloves and a hat though.
Mild? Yes....but not that warm.

Striped Midi Skirt | Navy and Red | Nude leather Biker Jacket | Fake Fabulous

I read in a magazine that berets are back in fashion!
I knew if I waited long enough they would come back "in".

Isn't it funny how we like what we like regardless of what the fashion press say?
I am never very far away from a hat in winter, and berets go with anything and everything... or maybe that's just me!

BERET: Old...this one is perfect!
BROOCH: H&M...this one is gorgeous
TOP: A gift...this one is as close as I could find.
SKIRT: Boden
BELT: Topshop
BOOTS: Caterpillar (old).... these look cool.
JACKET: Superdry....I like this fun one.
SCARF: Boden (teen section)...this gent's one is similar
BAG: Primark (on 'loan' from my daughter!)...similar.

Striped Midi Skirt | Navy and Red | Nude leather Biker Jacket | Fake Fabulous

Do you avoid Midi length skirts (and dresses) because of the need for heels?
Are there any items you love to wear (like berets) regardless of them being in style, or not!?
Please share your thoughts in the comments.
Or Contact Me.




  1. Love this look! It has answered my conundrum of what to wear with the two or three midis in my wardrobe, as I just can't do heels. The lace-up boots look really fun and fab with this skirt. Genius!

    1. Thank you Rozanne... I hope you get some wear out of your midis. OTK boots look great too! XXX

  2. Sam no wonder u have a collection of berets, they look great on you. I have midi skirt and will wear them with a low block heel. I love the lace up boots as they still elongate the leg and the red navy, so pretty.
    Jess xx

    1. Thank you Jess... I have just treated myself to some block heel slingback in bright red metallic! Arrrggghhhh...I'm in love.
      It's a bit chilly now, but I can't wait to wear them! XXX

  3. That's a great look, Samantha! I love the skirt, and it loos fabulous with your cool lace-up boots! And how cool is that beret! You look great in berets and should definitely wear them regardless of if they are popular at the moment...

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. I love them anyway Andrea! :o) Isn't it great that we tend to do what we want regardless as we get older? One of the perks! XXX

  4. I see so many of these "fashion girls" who wear midi skirts with sneakers, Samantha, and it actually does look good! You've shown that midi skirts work just as well with high boots. I don't really wear midi skirts but I like to pin those photos just for inspirations.

    I LOVE your outfit here. You're such a master at mixing and matching, Samantha, it's enviable. I've seen stripes-on-stripes outfits before but most of them are black and white ones, so I must say you've taken it up a notch by including red in it.

    Your accessorizing is always on point, but honestly my favourite here is that little lippie brooch you've got on, which I think ties everything all in PERFECTLY - need that brooch myself!!!

    XO, Liyana
    | Affordorable

    1. Thank you Liyana! Could you wear a midi with a slim fitting legging underneath? I am sure you could make that work! XXX

  5. lovely outfit! I like particularly those doubled stripes, such a cool combo!. Great accessorizing too: that pink bag, your cute jacket, and your gloves and beret, all together working in harmony!
    I think you created a fabulous silhouette, wearing your midi skirt with long boots!, it's one of my favorite ensembles!. And I agree about heles, they could look cool, but my life is a Real Life, so I'm used to wear flats. And I also agree about 'Wearing drab footwear', that doesn't work!!

    1. I'm so glad you agree Monica! You are a master at the anti-drab shoe!!! Colour colour then more colour :o) XXX

  6. This is another example of your utter and complete fashion fabulousness!!!!
    The red and blue stripes in graduated size are already really great but then the hat, the boots, the jacket the whimsical lips brooch and a tarten scarf!!! It's just SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!
    One technicality I must mention is that I think a boot that fits close the leg is KEY here. A tall wider top boot would NOT work with this full midi.
    You're styling is always inspirational Samantha. You look beautiful in this ensemble. Memorable!!!

    1. Thank you for your (very) kind words Judy. You make me smile!!
      That is a great point about the fit of the boots.... I'm glad you mentioned it.
      Baggy boots would look awful.
      Most 'regular' boots look like wellies on my legs so this is a problem I am very familiar with.
      Thank you! XXX

  7. Great way to tackle this Samantha! I always feel so cut up when I try flats with a longer skirt like this.
    But your solution is brilliant....maybe because the boots are tall and create a long line?

    1. You are right Jodie! I think a long boot is a great compromise....although an ankle boot with matching tights would probably do the trick too. I think I need to try that one!

    2. I just have to tell you that you inspired me for the outfit we just photographed!! I'll give you a shout out when it goes live next month---but I knew I wanted to wear my midi skirt. Since I usually wear heels with it, I went with my black sneakers instead just because of you! I felt fun & very youthful!!

  8. This has to be my favorite look Yet! Full of whimsy, energy, and confidence! You look ready to take on the world. Keep these coming, enjoy your posts so much. I am half Scots and have what the girls in my family call Highland calves, very muscular and shall we say not Slim! So tall boots have been a real problem!so flats it Is!

    1. Thank you so much Mary! Have you tried Ted and Muffy boots? They are made to fit different calf sizes. I have 3 pairs from when they were called Duo. Check out eBay for bargains. XXX

  9. Luckily I didn't even know I shouldn't be wearing midis with flat til I read 2 blog posts telling me it was ok. I wear all sorts of flats with mine and care not a jot if I look matronly...boyish brogues, clippy-cloppy clogs, knee boots, ankle boots, biker boots and yesterday a pair of stilettos (well til gave up at lunch time and changed into some western shoes).

    Love those boots and the 'bardot' off the shoulder top layered over a polo neck

    1. Hahaha...very true Rachel.
      That is why we should wear what we love!
      Confidence makes anything work.... and clogs sound perfect (note to self to wear mine with this skirt in the warmer weather).
      Thank you for your comment.

    2. coloured wooly tights and knee socks make the clogs warm enough for winter wear....

  10. Yay! The top is perfect for you!! And look at how expertly it's been styled. I love this outfit. All the playing going on is fabulous!! Stripes on stripes and a little lippy too. I love it. I'm so glad this top--a gift from my mother-in-law, is in the right wardrobe!

    You rock Samantha!

    Love, Ann from I love your hair like this! It's how it was when I first "met" you, so for me it's like seeing an old friend. Your complexion works so well with this hair color. I'm rather amazed by the whole hair coloring process. I've never done it! Call me a virgin!! Hahha. For now I simply pull out the whites I see--and they're growing. Eek! But, I think I'll let it go natural--not sure yet. I'll wait for it to happen, which I'm sure it will. For now, my hair goals are to grow it out. If you recall, I had long locks when you "met" me too. I miss those locks, so those are my hair goals at the moment. BUT, I must lose the extra weight I'm caring to carry off long hair....Hmm, we both celebrate a birthday next month I believe!!

    Great outfit Catherine! You are our modern day Hepburn!!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  11. I think it looks great and some even say the opposite, like the longer the skirt the lower the heel :) which can be partially true, depending on the waistline. Guidelines in general are introductive to style and made to be broken imho . Have a great time.
    Sorry for the anon, I couldn't log in for some problems.


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