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Friday, 21 July 2017

Cool Summer Days | Khaki & Turquoise Outfit

Khaki jeans & turquoise florals | Cool Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

This outfit is perfect for those cooler summer days.
The days where bare legs (and arms) are not an option... brrr.

The kind of days you need to add layers, but don't want to give up that summer vibe completely!

{We get plenty of days like these in Scotland.}

Khaki jeans & turquoise florals | Cool Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

A great way to keep an outfit feeling 'summery' is to keep the colour palette light and bright.
However, sometimes a light palette isn't practical.
Depending on what your day has in store, light clothes may be an unwise option!

For me, more practical (and forgiving) colours were needed, so I decided to wear these khaki trousers.

Khaki jeans & turquoise florals | Cool Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

A pair of khaki trousers are perfect for any time of year!
And, when teamed with different colours, can create various season-appropriate outfits.
Khaki is such a versatile colour.

These jeans are a decent weight, and provided enough warmth to allow me to get away with wearing a pair of chunky sandals.
Faking a more summery look.

{Boots would have been a more practical option, as my toes were suffering a little!}

Khaki jeans & turquoise florals | Cool Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Adding a bright turquoise vest top, with a floral pattern, kept the summer feeling going.

My cardigan was essential for warmth, but light in colour, and quite a 'drapey' summer-weight fabric.
Much more easygoing than a jacket!

{However, I did take my denim jacket with me... and a brolly... you just never know in Scotland!}

Khaki jeans & turquoise florals | Cool Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

What were you wearing today, and why?
Please share in the comments...I would love to find out what determines your outfit choices where you are.

CARDIGAN: Zara... similar.
TROUSERS: Falmer... similar.
TOP: George... this one is pretty.
SHOES: Vagabond (on sale!)
CLUTCH: Linea... this is nice (and down to £11)

GET the LOOK... on sale!!


Thursday, 20 July 2017

5 ways to cover-up on the beach, over 40 | PPP

Somerville scarves blue kaftan & white panama hat | Fake Fabulous

This month Anna, Ann, Mary (our guest) and I are covering up on the beach.

Beach cover-ups are great for slipping over your bikini to grab a bite to eat at the BBQ, or a cocktail at the bar.

However, beach cover-ups in Scotland can be a totally different kettle of fish.
Scottish beach cover-ups tend to involve a fleece... or a waterproof!

Fatface shorts & wool jumper on the beach! PPP

So, in this post I'm showing you my "Real life on Elie beach" cover-up (above) alongside a beautiful (and a more traditional) kaftan sent to me by somerville scarves.

{I wasn't paid to write about any items featured in this post. I only talk about things I really like.)

Somerville scarves blue kaftan & white panama hat | Fake Fabulous

This kaftan is the softest cotton, and a delight to wear.
As for this paper panama hat?
Well, I just love it!

Somerville scarves blue kaftan & white panama hat | Fake Fabulous

I've hardly had it off my head since it arrived.
I'm sure it will be on the blog many times... if I don't wear it out first!

Of course this "Beach Outfit" hasn't seen a real beach yet.
My real-life beach outfit was certainly not as chic, effortless or elegant.

It involved lugging windbreaks, packed lunches, flasks of tea, soggy towels, and buckets and spades .... all while wrestling with an excited dog, and chasing hats down the windy beach!
Maybe a serene beach break will be my next holiday?

KAFTAN & HAT: c/o Somerville Scarves
SHOES: c/o Vionic
BAG: Tkmax

Vionic sandals | Fake Fabulous

Vintage Eyeglass Necklace | Fake Fabulous
Family Beach Fun, Elie (Scotland)  | Fake Fabulous

SHORTS: Fat Face....similar.
SHOES: c/o Vionic
JUMPER: Charity Shopped....similar.
GILET: Joules

Mary from Mary Murnane.

This is such a serene and simple look from Mary.
So beautiful.
I want to step through the photo and join her!

Beach cover-ups over 40 | Fake Fabulous

COVERUP: Neiman Marcus

Anna's strong swimmer's body is doing it's best to trick us into thinking she might be telling a porky pie about her 59 years!
This is how to rock a bikini and white ruffled minidress.... ageless and beautiful.
(Pop over to her blog to read more about the Loose Women campaign she is supporting.)

Beach cover-ups over 40 | Fake Fabulous

BANGLES & HAT : Charity shopped
SANDALS: Primark

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann is no stranger to the beach, or the casual cover-up look.
Here she lounges with effortless ease in her casual fisherman's jumper.
A pile of books by her side.... I wish I could join her for a cold beer and an hour (or two) of chillin'.... (does anyone "chill" anymore?!)

Beach cover-ups over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Follow Ann on Instagram. 

Swimsuit & Flipflops: Target
TOTE: Louella Odlie

Beach cover-ups over 40 | Fake Fabulous

What are you covering up with on the beach?
Sheer cool cotton?
Or, a warm fleece?!

Please share in the comments.
I love hearing from you.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

5 Reasons I Don't Like Social Media.

Photo Credit: William Iven.
Social Media is an (almost) essential part of the blogging world.
In fact, it is fast becoming an essential part of any (first) world!

Of course, you can write a blog (and function as a human being) without connecting any social media channels but, it's unusual not to have at least a couple of social options for readers/friends to follow.

Unfortunately, I really don't like social media... at ALL!

I know I should be doing better, so I have been trying to engage more over the past couple of weeks.

If you would like to connect with me you can on the right sidebar...Pop over and say hello!

However, I have to admit that I still find checking social media more of a chore than a pleasure.

5 things I don't like about Social Media.

1. Like for Likes

This is just annoying.
"Hi, your blog (even though I've never looked at it) is great. Lets follow each other!!"
Erm.... no thanks.

2. Moaning

Moaning is boring.
Regardless of the subject.
{Even if it involves moaning about moaning 😝!}
Complaining about other people, or politics, or anything really.... Sigh.

Stop moaning and start doing!

3. Photos of a 'Perfect' life

This is a silly one that (mostly) makes me laugh, but it is still a pet peeve.
Photos of "My perfect life" are tedious.

  • Perfect husbands/boyfriends/relationships.... give me a break!
  • Perfect homes.... obviously no one actually lives there.
  • Perfect holidays... must be quite boring if you have had time to get your phone out every half hour.
  • Perfect children... ha ha ha ha ha...really?? Not unless the little darlings are sedated, or you are permanently sipping a large glass of wine!
  • Perfect parties... If that party/event you are at is SO good than how have you got time (or inclination) to be on your phone?

4. Blatant follow / un-follow promotion

Companies (or brands) that follow you then almost immediately un-follow just to promote themselves.

5. Trolling and/or Stalking

This is simply pathetic.
Anyone who has such an empty life that they have to live it through someone else, either by following their every move or being abusive toward them, needs a slice of pity pie and should be ignored.

3 Good Reasons to Connect to Social Media

I have to concede that after my moaning (see point 2) I must hold my hands up and acknowledge the benefits of social media.

1. Far-flung Friends

I realise that many people use social media to keep in touch with far-flung friends and relatives, which it's undeniably great for.
A life-line in some cases.
Facebook is a popular choice for this.

2. News and Keeping Updated

Keeping up to date with news...whether it's world affairs, or your specific interest, is easy on social media.
Plus, you get a more diverse 'voice'... the opinions of others not just the big news corporation's angle.
Twitter is a great platform for this.

3. Connecting/Discovering like-minded people

This is main reason why I am trying to be better at social media.
I want to use social media to find more women like ME, who are interested in the things I like.
New connections from across the globe... more bloggers, more women over 40, more parents, more animal lovers, more beauty fans, more food lovers, more yoga fans... it's a pretty long list.

BUT, being on social media for hours each day frightens me and I won't do it.
I can't do it.

Some people have their phones in their hands all of the time...even during dinner!
I have even seen people looking at their phone recording a concert instead of actually enjoying the concert, and living the experience.
Scary stuff.
I want to do better but we must all draw the line somewhere, in order to keep our sanity.

What do you use Social Media for?
Are you guilty of spending too much time on these social channels?
Which platform is your favourite, and why?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and opinion on this topic.
Please share in the comments or DM me through any social channel....and I promise to get back to you!


Sunday, 16 July 2017

Levis and Leather, Over 40!

Brown Leather Jacket, Indigo Levis, studded belt | Fake Fabulous

Why is it that 'classic' outfit combinations often teeter on the brink of frumpiness?
Take (for instance) blue jeans and a brown leather jacket.
A classic colour combination.
A timeless mixture of fabrics.
Even classic combinations like these need a tiny tweak each season to keep them feeling fresh.
Without a refresh, even the most timeless of pieces can look dated.

Brown Leather Jacket, Indigo Levis, studded belt | Fake Fabulous

This classic outfit is so comfortable and practical.
Perfect for a 'normal' Scottish summer's day.
{Scottish Summer Day = Not too hot, not too cold, a bit blowy with a chance of rain... and don't rule out snow! 😛}

Classic Levi jeans, a simple leather jacket and a plain shell top could make for an uneventful outfit.
However, adding a couple of interesting accessories can give this (potentially boring) look a little more personality!

Brown Leather Jacket, Indigo Levis, studded belt | Fake Fabulous

I started with a studded belt that I picked up in a boutique in Edinburgh.
Going against the grain of my 'normal' shopping habits (hardcore bargain hunting) I decided just to treat myself to this beautifully made accessory.
Classic, well made items are always a good investment.

Brown Leather Jacket, Indigo Levis, studded belt | Fake Fabulous

Cuffing the ankles of my jeans, and adding practical (but still interesting) shoes makes this outfit feel slightly more 'summery' and perfect for my busy day!

A scarf is a pretty addition to a plain bag, but is also the perfect stand-by layer for if the weather turns chilly.
Or, if the Scottish sun becomes SO hot you need to protect yourself from it.
Admittedly, this last scenario is unlikely!

I always have a scarf (as well as an umbrella) with me, even in summer.
It's a good idea to be prepared!

Brown Leather Jacket, Indigo Levis, studded belt | Fake Fabulous

How do you keep your classics feeling fresh and modern?
What item(s) do you always carry with you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments...I would love to hear them!

JEANS: Levis
BELT: Leibeskind.
TOP: Vintage... similar.
JACKET: c/o Hidepark.... see it with it's hood in THIS POST.
SHOES: American apparel...similar.
SCARF: Vintage... similar.
BAG: Hidesign (old)



Friday, 14 July 2017

1 Simple Change that Cured my Sensitive, Reactive Skin!

1 simple change that cured my sensitivity! | Fake Fabulous

For as long as I can remember my skin has been very reactive, overly sensitive and sometimes even painful!
My face has often felt like this....

1 simple change that cured my sensitivity! | Fake Fabulous

Leaving me feeling about as attractive as this...

1 simple change that cured my sensitivity! | Fake Fabulous

If you read THIS POST you will see some of the tricks I have tried in the past.

{I daren't think about how much money I've spent on lotions and creams over the years.}

1 simple change that cured my sensitivity! | Fake Fabulous

However, today I am delighted to tell you that my face is no longer reactive or sensitive.
It feels soft, smooth and supple.

And the best part?
It cost me nothing!

All I had to do was make one change to my routine!

One Change

The ONE change I made was stopping using Clinique dramatically different moisturiser.
Which was very hard because I honestly thought it was the only moisturiser I could use.

It was the only moisturiser that didn't make my skin react, which seemed okay at the time, but it meant I couldn't wear any other brand.
Which also meant sunscreen was impossible.

Sunscreen would make my face turn purple... I kid you not!
I used to think the Clinique was the magic lotion that was kind to my skin.
I thought it was the 'good guy' in a world full of 'baddies'.

Turns out I was wrong!

After accidentally forgetting to re-order my Clinique lotion (I used to get it online) I was forced into buying an alternative.
I thought I would try a simple lotion with no additives, but it still nipped my skin.

However, after a few days, it nipped less.
After a couple of weeks, it didn't nip at all.

I was intrigued because years ago a beautician told me that Clinique sensitised the skin.
She told me that regular use stopped the skin being able to tolerate other brands.

I cynically thought she was just trying to sell me her own products.
Turns out that (for me) she was right.

After a few months of clinique cold-turkey I have been able to use other brands and different products.
Even sunscreen!

1 simple change that cured my sensitivity! | Fake Fabulous

Cleansers, lotions and oils have become a pleasure.
This small change has made a huge difference!

{Disclaimer:  This is my personal experience and it may not work for you... but if you're suffering, it's worth a try!}

Do you have sensitive skin?
What brands do you use?

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic!


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Why you Shouldn't Always Believe the Mirror!

Why you shouldn't always believe the mirror! Fake Fabulous

Should you believe what the mirror tells you?
More often than not, No!

The mirror taps into your insecurities, 'distorts' your image and sometimes tells porky pies!
When we look at ourselves in the mirror we tend to focus on specific parts of our bodies (maybe the bits we are self-conscious about?) and miss the 'bigger picture'.

The simplest way to find a more truthful image is to take a photograph.
Whether it's a DIY snap in a full length mirror (hold your phone, or camera, at chest to waist height).
Or, get someone to help.

{Make sure the person helping doesn't photograph you from above, or you will be distorted... bobble head alert!}

Only when you look at a photograph can you see the 'truth'.
Then you can get a sense of your outfit, the details and see how you really appear to the outside world.

Why you shouldn't always believe the mirror! Fake Fabulous

{Please excuse my bed-sock marks! (It had been a chilly night). 
These photos were taken first thing in the morning and I was furiously rubbing lotion into them when I noticed, which was after I had left the house! 
Luckily they had faded a bit before I got into town.
Maybe I should have looked at the photos before leaving?
What an idiot!}

This look came together during the clearing out my wardrobe, and discovery of neglected items.

{I put together a BAD outfit in THIS POST with other "Maybe one day" pieces.}

This time it was the turn of an open-knit cardigan and an old (read: practically ancient) skirt from the 90's, plus a pair of classic red converse.

I was never inspired to wear this cardigan as it seemed a little pointless!
Not warm enough to offer any cosy cardigan benefits.
Not light enough to provide cool cover on a hot day.
All-in-all a useless, and quite a frumpy-looking, mistake.

Hmmmm....should it go straight in the charity pile?
Not before I give it a second chance!

I simply removed the neck tag (it would have scratched), buttoned it up and flipped it back to front.
Hey presto, a cropped top!

Why you shouldn't always believe the mirror! Fake Fabulous

The skirt is very old (over 20 years) and such good quality that I could never bear to part with it.
Unfortunately, every time I wore it I thought it made me look like I had a HUGE pot belly.
When I look down my body the bias cut fabric seems to cling in the ugliest way possible, and when I look in the mirror my eye is drawn to my paunch.

I know that mirrors can lie but it does dent your confidence, doesn't it?
Looking objectively at an outfit in a mirror usually fails because we tend to focus in on specific parts of our body, and miss what's really happening.

To my surprise, when I looked at the photos later in the day they didn't tell the same story as my mirror.
In fact I really like the shape of the skirt.
The fact that it feels great, is twirly and swishy, and super feminine means this skirt is a keeper!

Why you shouldn't always believe the mirror! Fake Fabulous

The shoes are the classic converse I struggled with in THIS POST.
I hoped they would have magically softened, or my feet would suddenly be tough enough to handle them.
Still bloody sore.
Maybe they deserve one more chance?
We'll see.

Why you shouldn't always believe the mirror! Fake Fabulous

My trusty Topshop bag and a colourful heart necklace finished things off nicely!

Are you having a wardrobe clear-out soon?
Do you give your neglected items one more chance before donating them?
Please share in the comments... I would love to hear what's heading out of the door!

SKIRT: From the 90's... Fenn Wright Manson
JUMPER: Old (the label was faded and I snipped it off)
SHOES: Converse
BAG: Topshop

Why you shouldn't always believe the mirror! Fake Fabulous
You can see my husband in my glasses in this shot. Hahahaha... I love it!


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

When Your Outfit Fails!

Blue and green | Outfit fails | Fake Fabulous

What happens when your outfit is a fail?

This outfit was a pain to wear.
Quite literally.

I could not wait to get home, and take the whole lot off!
The entire outfit (bar the bag, glasses and scarf) is getting donated.

I'll explain...

Blue and green | Outfit fails | Fake Fabulous

This outfit came about when I was clearing out my wardrobe and discovered three neglected items.
A Green T-shirt (last seen styled HERE).
A Navy Skirt (last seen HERE).
And, a Pair of black ballerinas... never worn!
(Unworn shoes are the worst, aren't they?)

I honestly couldn't really remember WHY I wasn't wearing these items as often as I should, so I decided to put them together for the day.
They made a great outfit, and surely deserved one last chance?

This green t-shirt is such good quality, and double lined, it seemed bonkers that is was not a regular in my daily wardrobe?
Was I missing a trick?

Ditto the skirt, great quality, a versatile navy colour, fun and quirky... what's not to love?
I needed to remind myself why these were relegated.
Had I just forgotten them?
Or, was there something else?
I was about to find out.

The mixing of green and blue seems instinctive.
Nature does it, and that's good enough for me!
So, I ignored the old rule...
"Blue and Green should never be seen unless upon on a fool!"
I didn't feel like a fool, but all that was about to change...

Blue and green | Outfit fails | Fake Fabulous


The first rude awakening came from the shoes.
Oh crikey, I regretted them almost as soon as they were on my feet!

I soon remembered why these shoes had been discarded to the back of the wardrobe.
Ouch.... and I mean OUCH!!!

My feet were crippled in less than half an hour.
Luckily, I had an emergency pair of shoes with me (the ones in this post).
Thank goodness I did, or there would have been tears... and blood!

I am sure that once they have been broken in they will be beautifully comfortable.
They are leather and suede with a pretty leather sole, and cost me more than I would care to admit.
Unfortunately, my feet are not the "Breaking-in-shoes" type.
(Far too skinny) so these shoes are in the charity bag.
My loss will be someone else's gain.
(I just hope their feet can handle it!)

As for the skirt and top...
Well the skirt did a repeat of it's embarrassing antics from THIS POST.
(I had blamed the fit, but now I'm not so sure.)
More embarrassing almost-flashing!
Oh dear.

The top was okay to start with (so soft), but felt seriously baggy and saggy half way though the day.
I felt like I was wearing my pyjama top!
Not a great feeling, especially when your skirt is misbehaving too.
I was desperate to get home and take these offenders off!

No wonder these pieces had been retired to the back of the wardrobe and into the "maybe one day" pile.

There is no point in hanging on to things that don't make you feel great, is there?
A clear-out always feels good, especially when items that don't make you feel good move on to a new home.
Let's hope they make someone else happy!

Blue and green | Outfit fails | Fake Fabulous
Luckily, my silk scarf was on hand to distract from the bagginess of my top, and my quilted bag did not let me down either.
Two keepers there!

Do you have any items lurking in the "Maybe one day" pile?
Are you thinking of clearing out and passing them on?
Why not give them one last chance?
(I just hope you don't have as many mishaps as me!)

SKIRT: Boden
TOP Windsmoor
SHOES: Jonak
BAG: Topshop
SCARF: A gift


Monday, 10 July 2017

Summer Boho Style, over 40.

Summer Boho Style, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Today's summer outfit is actually from a couple of days ago, because the sun has packed up and left the Scottish sky!

{I'm typing this in a cosy jumper (the one in this post) and a maxi skirt (the one from this post)... with thermal leggings underneath!
The Scottish weather is drizzling on us, and it's a bit damp and gloomy.
Or 'Dreich'...a great Scottish word!}

A few days ago it was sunny and just warm enough.

When the sun breaks through the clouds I often reach for boho-inspired items like hippy love beads (I still have mine from my student days) and birkenstocks.
But today I wanted to keep things simple, and my toes covered.
Some days are like that aren't they?

Summer Boho Style, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

I just got this beaded dress do all of the work for me.
It's embroidered details, and asymmetric hemline, make enough of a statement without the need for very much else.
A wide belt adds shape to the billowing fabric, and the denim gilet keeps things casual.
Big earrings, simple shoes and a neutral bag finishes things off nicely.

Summer Boho Style, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

DRESS: Monsoon, bought on eBay for a few pounds... this one is pretty.... so is this!
GILET: New Look (old)... similar.
EARRINGS: H&M... these are quirky.
BELT: Warehouse... this one is nice.
SHOES: Clarks Originals (old)... these are lovely.
BAG: Hidesign (old)... similar.
GLASSES: So old I can't remember where I got them!



Sunday, 9 July 2017

3 things to do during the Summer Slump.

3 Things to do during the summer blogging slump | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm celebrating my new blog template, and my new inspiration for the (blogging) year ahead.

{Please let me know your thoughts on the new layout in the comments}

For me, the 'Blogging year' starts in July...
Weird right?
I was trying to figure out why.
Maybe it's because I started blogging mid June (2015) and hit my stride in July.
Maybe it's because summer always seems like a great time to start new things.
Or, maybe it's because the 'Summer Slump' starts in June, and July is the perfect time to do some Blog improvements.

July feels like it is full of new opportunities to make the next 12 (blogging) months productive, and lots of fun!

Summer Blogging Slump

The summer slump is a phenomenon many of you will be familiar with.
The drop in productivity during the warm "Let's go outside and have fun" months.
It happens to teachers as their pupils become less productive.
It happens to bloggers as their traffic drops off.
It happens in all walks of life!

There is no need to worry, or panic about it.
Turn the slump on it's head and use it at an opportunity.

3 Things to Do During the Summer Blogging Slump 

1. Tidy up your blog layout and sidebar

Delete any widgets you don't use or are not floating your boat anymore... be ruthless!
Check your social media links and widgets are working.
Sort through your blogroll (mine is on the right) and update with new blogs and/or delete blogs that are no longer active.
Experiment with your blog layout/fonts/colour scheme.
Shuffle things around and have fun!

2. Update!

Tidy up your social media pages.
Update your social profile pictures and favicon, if needed.
Have a look for new and interesting content to share on your media channels.
Find some more like-minded people to follow... like me 😘!

Update older "popular" posts.
Check your blog for broken links.
Try to improve your SEO... you can easily check online and make a few recommended changes.

3. Move forward and make plans

If you are hoping to monetise your blog and/or work with brands get yourself a Media page.
Try a new social media platform or engage more on the ones you use.
Make notes about new blog posts as and when you feel inspired.
(I always carry a tiny notebook with me.)
Keep an open mind when it comes to finding inspiration.
It can come at the strangest of times!
Connect with other bloggers and/or directly with brands.... who knows what can happen?!

Turn the slump into something positive for you and your blog.
Take some risks and have fun!

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