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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

One Sequin Top, 3 Ways | PPP Party Outfit!

PPP 10 | Satin Maxi Skirt and Sequin top | Party Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Welcome to the 10th Ping Pong Post.
The Tenth!?
I can hardly believe it.

This month we are all ready to party, and it was Ann's turn to challenge us.

For December Anna, Ann and I are styling this gorgeous sequined party top.
Yes, it might be a few years old... but it looks so modern and fresh.
It was love at first sight for me!

This little top was the perfect partner for my satin maxi.

A beautiful quality, fully lined, high-waisted, chocolate coloured, heavy satin beauty that cost me one WHOLE pound.
Yes, you read that correctly!
£1 on a clearance rail.
It fits me perfectly!

Pairing these two vintage items together made me feel so glamorous and sophisticated.
Ready for a Christmas party.
This top belongs to Ann, and I need to send it home to Hong Kong.
{Sad Face}

Or so I thought...

Ann is such a generous soul, and told me to keep this lovely top.
Thank you Ann!
That's one half of my Christmas day outfit sorted.

{I will wear it with these trousers and some fabulous heels.}

A simple box clutch, and some pastel jewelled earrings, were all I needed to give the outfit polish.

My metallic green pumps finished things off nicely!

SKIRT: Vintage...this is beautiful
TOP: Annie's.... this is pretty
SHOES: Martha Johnson... these are fab!
BAG: TkMax... This one is gorgeous!
EARRINGS: Asda... these are nice.
FAUX-FUR Cape: Vintage

Over to...

Anna from Anna's Island Style

Anna has kept her look easygoing, and seemingly effortless.
Popping out for a Christmas drink after work?
This is how to do it.
Add a few sparkles, and some fabulous shoes.
Party ready in a flash.
Mine's a dirty martini Anna!

TROUSERS: Costume Nemutso
TOP: Annie's
SHOES: Jimmy Choo
JEWELLERY: Charity shop

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann couldn't look more modern, and utterly ageless.
This outfit would look great on anyone.
From a teen to a nonagenarian!
The perfect all-occasion look.

EARRINGS: Les Nereides
TOP: Very old, from a boutique in Venezuela
CAPE & Trousers: Forever 21
SHOES: Kate Spade

We never discuss what we are going to do with the items we send each other, so each month is as much of a surprise for us as it is you!

Stay tuned to find out what happens next time...on the 20th of January
See you there!

How would you have styled this little Top?
Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.
I love hearing from you!




  1. That is a truly gorgeous sequin top. So unusual! You've given it a very contemporary fashion-forward look. The shoes are fantastic with it.

    1. Thank you Gail. It is such a pretty top and says "Party Time!" instantly!
      Funny how we can use old clothes to look current. Some styles just pop up time and time again, some never go away. XXX

  2. Yay! Another PPP in the bag, and all looking fabulous if I say so myself! The top is so versatile, clearly goes with anything and everything - I bet it'll look fab on Christmas day as well as with a pair of jeans in the summer. Result for you my lovely. Wishing you and all of your family a wonderful Christmas x

    1. We did good Anna! I was drooling over your shoes and loved the way we all look party ready, but so different. XXX

  3. Wow---that top is a show stopper!!
    You look so glamorous in it, Samantha!!
    But I can't believe you spent so much on your skirt---ha ha! What a fabulous deal!

    1. I know Jodie!!! A pound :o)
      The skirt is such good quality and the perfect fit... I could hardly believe it! XXX

  4. What an amazing top! I love it...and your gorgeous maxi skirt xx


  5. Lucky you!! This top is indeed perfect. Ot is so perfect with the skirt that I am wondering why you will combine it with the wide legged trousers. No idea whether that will be equally nice, but this outfit is hard to top.

    1. Thank you Greetje. I did enjoy wearing it!
      I think the satin trousers will add a little something, and be much more practical for cooking and running around.
      And, thank you for my typo checking... I read my text through at least 3 times and wonder if my brain is like autocorrect? I think I just see what I want to see.
      I need a proof reader :oP

  6. The top is stunning on each of you but I'm delighted for you that you get to keep it. Your Christmas outfit is spectacular!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  7. You look beautifully regal with a bit of funk Suzanne! This is such a uniquely cool and colorful top and the fact that the sequins are square makes it just that much more special.
    How generous of Anne to pass it on to you for its next round of fashion adventures! I hope we get to see it in yet another fashion interpretation sometime in 2017!

  8. I LOVE THIS TOPPP! All three of you have styled it so beautifully! I'd buy this top if it comes in a long-sleeved version in a heartbeat! Even the sequins on it are pretty (they remind me of Pacman up-close, actually, which is probably why I love them so much). Halter tops are very hard to work into a hijabi's outfit so I can only theoretically share how I'd style it: with a 3/4 plain black great flouncy pouffe-y skirt and crazy strappy heels or cutout boots.

    Great job, ladies <3

    XO, Liyana
    | Affordorable


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