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Monday, 21 November 2016

Breaking the Proportion Rules.

Woolovers Magenta Cashmere Jumper & purple satin trousers, over 40.

What could be easier to wear, cosier and more luxurious (on a cold day) than a cashmere jumper?
Cashmere is one of those fabrics that I could happily wear from head to toe.
Warm, comfortable and not in the least bit scratchy.

{I have seen those cashmere leggings and joggers in shops... BUT how do you avoid the "Baggy Bum"? I'm not sure. If you know, please share!}

Woolovers Magenta Cashmere Jumper & purple satin trousers, over 40.

I have a few cashmere pieces, and always feel a little more sophisticated when I wear them.
Being wrapped in a little bit of luxury is a wonderful thing!

This cashmere jumper was sent to be by the lovely people at Woolovers.
{The photo on their website does not do the colour justice at all, see it here.}

I was expecting a muted dark pink, so imagine my delight when the jumper arrived...and it is a bold and delicious magenta.
Right up my colour street.
How lovely!

Woolovers Magenta Cashmere Jumper & purple satin trousers, over 40.

Pink is one of those colours I used to dislike, but find myself drawn to it more and more as I get older.
A rich pink, like this one, is such a happy colour.
It is feminine, but bold, and casts a warm glow on your skin.
What's not to love about that?

{See more pink outfits: here, here, here and here}

The first thing that popped into my head was to wear it with purple!
A rich and luxurious pair of purple satin trousers to be exact.

Unfortunately, they are super-duper wide legged...and we all know the rules on baggy tops and wide legged trousers don't we?

Wide trousers? Add a slim fitting top.
Baggy jumper? Add a slim fitting trousers.

Woolovers Magenta Cashmere Jumper & purple satin trousers, over 40.

Well, I don't care much for rules, so today I decided to break this one.

Woolovers Magenta Cashmere Jumper & purple satin trousers, over 40.

This jumper was calling out for some aubergine satin.
So, these swooshy trousers were the perfect partner.

{See these wide trousers here, with bright orange.}

Adding a geometric necklace, bright lipstick and chunky boots finished things off nicely.

Magenta and aubergine look mouthwateringly delicious together.
Wool and satin make for a winning combination too.
So this outfit had me grinning from ear to ear all day!

JUMPER: c/o Woolovers
TROUSERS: Finery London
BOOTS: Vagabond
BAG: TkMax... this is beautiful.

How do you feel about Pink?
Does it make you smile?
Or, it is just too sweet for you?

What about the rules of proportion?
Do you stick to them, knowing they work?
Or, do you throw the rule book out of the window?

Please share your thoughts in the comments!
I love hearing from you.

Woolovers Magenta Cashmere Jumper & purple satin trousers, over 40.

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  1. Gorgeous in this vivid pink! Thanks for linking, xox


  2. As you pointed out pink is WONDERFUL for the complexion. I think it brings out the pinky in ALL skin tones!
    You look so, so, so, pretty in this and the geometric necklace/pendant is a real stunner. Who cares about the rules when the colors compliment each other so well.
    Did you consider belting the sweater with something exotic, geometric, or funky? I'd do a belt and not the necklace if I wanted to take away the too flowy (frumpy?) look that breaks that rule.

  3. I have this WoolOvers jumper also and adore the colour - it does make you glow! The side slits give a great fit also. You look fabulous :)

  4. Love love pink, and pink cashmere is a win win. You look great in the combo. I would wear narrow trousers or belt the jumper because I have broad shoulders and need to wear form fitting styles, otherwise look like a fridge.

    1. A fridge! Hahahaha...that is funny Gail. I feel like an ironing board sometimes... we are very useful household objects :oP XXX

  5. You look gorgeous, and I like particularly the beautiful color combo and those rich textures!
    Proportions are not always the most important thing, sometimes it's better to wear something theorically "unflattering" and enjoy it and look fabulous, as you did!

  6. I agree re pink. As a fellow natural redhead, I used to hate pink in a younger life (especially the tone linked with a particular generously chested doll!), but as I get older I am too drawn to fuschia, raspberry, magenta, the deeper or louder the tone the better! It has been quite a shock for myself and the family. I find it looks stunning with all beautiful jewel colours of purple, teal or turquoise. You look AMAZING!.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. Magenta is a particularly good one for red hair... especially paired with some of those beautiful colours you listed! XXX

  7. I adore pink on redheads. Pink and purple.

    Those trousers are amazing with this!


  8. Hi Sam

    Your old mate Vicky here. Just want to say how very proud I am of you.

    As beautiful as you have always been from the first moment I met you and as classy as a lady can ever be.

    Pure natural beauty.



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