60 Boots (A/W 2016) that won't Bore your Socks Off!

It's boot weather, here in Scotland.

Cosy layers of socks (and tights) make for warm and comfortable feet.
My idea of heaven.

Having collected a few (ahem) pairs of boots over the years, I never really need a new pair, but it doesn't hurt to have a look... does it?

Unfortunately, many of the boots in the shops (especially those aimed at the 40+ woman) are downright dull and boring.
At what age should we be willing to look like an old frump?

I'm going to be honest with you now...

Black knee high boots are boring!

Yes, I own a pair (see them here) but hardly ever wear them.
I want to like them (even ordering this pair especially to fit my slim calves) but I find them dull, and they make me feel frumpy.

I can't deny that there is a place in (most) women's wardrobes for a pair of black knee boots, but (in my opinion) they can often make a great outfit look dated and dowdy.

{Sorry ladies, I know they are popular.}

The modern world offers (most of) us the luxury of choice, and the freedom to dress how we want.

So, I went shopping for new (fun) boots!

The majority of the boots I have chosen are ankle boots.
(Although, there are 10 (or so) longer pairs in the mix.)
Ankle boots are on trend (at the moment) and can be worn with just about anything.

Ankle boots (especially the more chunky styles) can freshen up and modernise an otherwise plain outfit.
They can also be layered with tights and socks, for a unique look.
Ankle boots are flattering and versatile.
I love the look of them on all shapes and sizes, and all ages.

{PLEASE NOTE: The majority of the boots below are not suitable for trudging through snow and slush BUT, neither are those boring black knee boots!
Really bad weather calls for serious footwear... a subject for another day.}

I have kept the budget modest and realistic, capping it at the £200 mark.
Most of the boots are around £100, and many are much more affordable.

If cash is tighter than tight (I've been there!) then you could try Charity shops,"Past Season" outlets, eBay, Etsy and retailers like TkMax... there is always a bargain to be had if you are willing to take the time and have a good rummage.

Under £50

A budget of £50 is more than enough to find a great looking pair of boots!
£50 can get you something colourful, fun and stylish.
There are so many colours, fabrications and designs available.
The yellow pair are from the kiddies section... another great place to snap up shoes and boots at much cheaper prices.


You'll be spoilt for choice when you enter this price range.
The variety of boots available was mind boggling... I had to stop looking because I was going cross-eyed!
Some of these styles are stunning.

{Those pink ones with the platform sole....swoon.}


The quality of your boot should be better as you enter this price range (although, that is not always the case).
Whatever you decide to wear you can be sure to make a serious style statement.
I would happily wear all of these boots... and that pale chunky pair with the fur top are gorgeous.

{Is it too early for a letter to Santa?}

Are you on the look out for new boots?
Do you like to make a statement with your footwear?
Or, do you totally disagree with me and LOVE a black knee boot?

Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.
Or, contact me... and share a photo of your favourite boots!
I love hearing from you.


  1. I love these suggestions for boots! Whenever I go shopping everything seems to be black or brown and so uninspiring. I never thought to look in the children's section but it's such a good idea! I'm getting excited now about finding some new boots to brighten up my winter wardrobe! Thank you!

    1. Thank you Nat!
      Some of the shoes for children and teens are great. The colours are vibrant, they are much more fun to wear, you don't pay tax (yippee) AND there is plenty of wiggle room! XXX

  2. I'm with you, I own a couple of pairs of black boots but why stick with black when you can have such fun with colours, prints and patterns! Black is of course classic but my coloured and print collection of boots is ever growing.
    I think ankle boots are my favourite style and I couldn't live without my leopard print and snakeskin ones! Great collection you've chosen.


    1. Leopard and snake are real classics! Yay for pattern and colour. Hot pink are on my "to buy" list.... unfortunately my youngest two need winter coats first! :OP XXX

  3. I totally agree with you about the "worn out vibe" of the long black boot.
    For those of us who have ALWAYS worn boots during the winter months as a utilitarian matter of survival, I think we may have been more quickly and easily persuaded to embrace a more fun and fashionable selection of boots. And, as you hinted, there are a ton of really cute rough and tough, utilitarian boots out there too!
    I quit wearing my long boots in favor of ankle boots several years ago. Short boots and shoeties just looked better with leggings and ankle pants for one thing. It seems that the boot market has really expanded over the last decade and I'm thrilled!
    Thankyou for providing such a nice selection in a wide range of prices Samantha! What a GREAT post!!

    1. Thank you Judy! I have 3 pairs of "serious" boots for the Scottish weather but any opportunity to wear something pretty, funky, colourful and fun...and I am there! I'm so glad you agree about the dullness of the black knee boot. You are right, ankle boots look so much cooler! XXX.

  4. OMG those glitter ASOS ones are gorge. WANT! This is a lovely selection you've tempted me with. The John Lewis ones with stars are also pretty fabulous... xx

    1. Gorgeous aren't they? :OP I don't know about you but I can hear a little voice in my head saying "But, they're not very practical are they??"....so what! Life is too short to be practical all of the time. I am so glad you agree! XXX

  5. Great selection of boots! I've already bought 4 pairs this winter including silver and gold, but now I'm very tempted by the pink lame boots from TopShop.


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