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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Textured Tights & Tailored Shorts

Textured Tights & Tailored Shorts | Over 40 Style | Fake Fabulous

It's no secret that I am a big fan of coloured, and patterned, hosiery.
Tights are such an easy way to change the look of an outfit.
They can add colour, texture, fun and a luxurious touch!
Or, make your favourite clothes wearable through the changing seasons.

{See some colourful legs HERE & HERE and some funky patterns HERE}

So, when the people at My Stockings sent me these beautiful tights, I was delighted to include them in my outfit.

Textured Tights & Tailored Shorts | Over 40 Style | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm wearing my tailored shorts (See them HERE and HERE) and my cosy jumper (see it styled HERE ) with some chunky boots (see them HERE and HERE).

These boots seem have made their way into my daughters wardrobe, for some reason!
Hmmmm.... she must really like them.
I borrowed them back for today, to complete my simple and comfortable look.

Textured Tights & Tailored Shorts | Over 40 Style | Fake Fabulous

What could be easier than popping on some luxurious legwear to make a cosy winter outfit?
These textured tights are soft on the skin, and comfortable to wear.
Adding an interesting textural element to this simple outfit.

Textured Tights & Tailored Shorts | Over 40 Style | Fake Fabulous

I prefer to wear shorts in colder weather.
Hot weather makes me want to cover up my skin (I burn easily) and shorts in summer means thinking about how my legs look!

{See THIS POST about legs getting old... and what you can do about it.}

Shorts in winter are much easier to wear.
Less exposing.
Simple to style, and slightly unexpected.
No need to worry about pale, blotchy legs...just keep them fuzz free and pop on a pair of tights!
Simple and fun.

Do you wear coloured and/or textured hosiery in the colder months?
If yes, what do you like about wearing it?
If not, why not?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
I love to hear from you!

Textured Tights & Tailored Shorts | Over 40 Style | Fake Fabulous


Monday, 28 November 2016

90's Grunge in 2016 | The Fab 40's go all grungy!

The Fab40's go grunge! | Grunge style, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Welcome back to the fab 40's.

I am delighted to be part of a group of international bloggers, called The fab 40's.
The purpose of this diverse group is to show how eight (very different) women interpret a specific style.
Each month there is a new theme chosen by one of the group.

These ladies prove that being in your forties does not mean you have to be dowdy, frumpy, boring or forgettable.
All of these women are 40+ and fabulous!

The Fab40's go grunge! | Grunge style, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

This month's theme is 90's Grunge.

Yeah, Whatever you reckon!

{Don't worry, I was just getting into the 90's grunge mood}

As a bunch of true vintage 90's girls, this was a brilliant theme for us to have fun with.
Throwing some of the group out of their comfort zones, and bringing back great memories for others.

{Please check out their blog posts (links in the titles) to read more}

Despite me being more of a 90's rave chick, I loved this theme.
Back in the early 90's I loved to dance all night.
Glow sticks, white gloves, neon clothes, smiley t-shirts and whistles at the ready.

However, on my "normal" days things could get a bit grungy.
HUGE trousers (bought from the gent's section at the local charity shop).
Checked shirts and longline (skinny) vest tops... or cutaway cropped tops.
Love beads, earcuffs and beanies.
Long hair, gleaming with henna colour.
A flat tummy and no stretch marks.
Ah... happy days!

The Fab40's go grunge! | Grunge style, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

This outfit came together very easily
I toyed with the whole "slip dress" look, as it has been back in style for the past few months, but it was not really my 'thing' in the 90's, so I dismissed it pretty quickly.
I love the slip dress look on others, but it could easily look a bit awkward on me.

{Having said that I did wear a vintage 90's slip(ish) dress last Christmas, for a night out... see that post HERE}

The Fab40's go grunge! | Grunge style, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

This grungy theme could easily have gone too far towards 90's dress up.
Much as I would have LOVED to push the 90's vibe further, it still needed to be wearable.

What could be more wearable than my old favourite boots?
Perfect for a modern take on that grungy feel.

{Oh, how I love these old faithfuls}

The Fab40's go grunge! | Grunge style, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

I kept the colour palette warm, and autumnal.
Black is the obvious 'grunge' choice, but it can be very draining, especially over 40, and particularly on me.

I couldn't resist this black bobble beanie though!

The Fab40's go grunge! | Grunge style, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Tobacco coloured jeans and a tartan shirt seemed to go together perfectly.
Adding a leather (look) tank broke up the tartan and made things look a little more 2016.
A cosy cardigan/coat, necklaces and vintage lace gloves finished things off nicely.

TOP: DIY from a dress.
SHIRT: Old...from Asda, I think.
BOOTS: Caterpillar (very old)
BAG: Clarks
CHOKER: Borrowed from my daughter.
CARDIGAN: old River Island
LIPS: Spice!
HAT: River Island

Do you like the idea of the grunge look, but need some more inspiration?

Introducing our Guest blogger this month... 

Sherry from Petite over 40.

Sherry is such a lovely lady, and her blog is full of vintage inspired outfits.
A delight!
She has such a feminine, elegant and almost delicate look that I thought she would really struggle to look even remotely grungy.
She is pretty, petite, beautifully blonde.
Is Sherry too sweet to be grunge?

Erm... how wrong was I!?
Look at her A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E in this shot!!
"What you looking at?!"
I love it!

Sherry's look is so wearable and cosy-looking.
{Oh, and she reminded me of how I used to tie shirts around my waist. How could I have forgotten that??}

DRESS: VintagebySuzanne on Etsy
SHIRT: Candace Jermaigne
SHOES: Eileen Fisher

Sheela from Sheela Writes.

Okay...Sheela has smashed it!

Who else could pull off a black lip, and a tiara?
A tiara!
Not many, that's for sure.
Sheela wears it with style.

Sexy gothic grunge.
Is there nothing this lady can't do?!

BRACELET: Courtney Love X Nasty Gal
SKIRT: Free People
BOOTS: Bakers
CHOKER: courtesy of Manic Panic NYC 
RING: House of Harlow
TIARA: indie store in Borneo
LIPSTICK: Opium Noir courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann is 2 Kool 4 Skool!
This lady has attitude and individual style.
I love her moody stare in this shot.

And, that dress...cut high on the lady!

EARRINGS: Forever 21
DRESS:  Zara
JACKET: thrift shop
BAG: Urban Outfitters
SOCKS: Forever 21
BOOTS: Dromedaris

Jennie from A pocketful of polka dots.

Jennie always adds an edge to her looks, and this time is no exception.
It's a classic 'floral dress and leather biker' combination but with that typically 90's patterned semi-sheer tights (although these are a bang-up-to-date houndstooth pattern) and masculine boots.
Her hair is so punchy and vibrant... the perfect accessory!

JACKET: Bisou Bisou
DRESS: Glamorous
BOOTS: Life Stride
CHOKER: Amazon

Diane from Fashion on the fourth floor.

Diane reminds me of a 90's off-duty pop star.
Caught by the paps.
Her long lean pins look great with chunky boots and a flirty hemline.

LACE DRESS: Forever 21
BOOTS: Steve Madden
NECKLACE: Red Pineapple
SUNGLASSES: Forever 21

Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps

Mary is known for her feminine interpretations of each month's theme, and this time is no exception!
If you like a feminine spin on things then her blog will be right up your street.
She looks super-cute and lots of fun in this simple look.
I love the rips in her tights, so very grunge.
You can see she had lots of fun with this look... no Paddington stare here, just her beautiful smile.

SKIRT: Forever 21
JACKET: Goodwill
BOOTS: Shoedazzle 
BAG: Vera Bradley 

Veronica from CID Style file

As I have said before, Veronica is a real style chameleon.
She can look super-fierce, cute and feminine or casual and tom-boyish.
She is rocking the grunge look effortlessly... I am guessing she is a grunge girl at heart.
But, behind that cool grunge pose is a really wearable outfit for 2016.
Right up my street!

DRESS: City Chic
BOOTS: So Old forgot brand and it's rubbed off! LOL 
BAG: Rebecca Minkoff
CHOKER: Lovesick

I'll leave you with me attempting some grunge attitude.

Yeah, I burst out laughing too!!

The Fab40's go grunge! | Grunge style, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

The Fab40's go grunge! | Grunge style, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Over to you...
Do you like the 90's Grunge look?
What was your style in the 90's?

Please let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment.
Or contact me!
I love hearing from you.

Linking up to:
I will wear what I like (Monday), Visible MondayTurning heads Tuesday 


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Leather Trousers and Leopard Print, over 40 | What a Cliché!

Leather Trousers and Leopard Print, over 40 | What a Cliché | Fake Fabulous

Wearing black leather trousers, with leopard print, is such an "over 40" cliché isn't it?
We get to that "certain age" and start dressing like an aged rocker.
So predictable.

Well, guess what?
One of the pleasures of being an over 40 woman is the freedom to wear what the hell we want!
We are no longer shackled with the worry of what other people might think.
Or, confused as to who we are, or where we are going.

{Although I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up!}

We know our limitations.
We accept our flaws.

We are well aware of those "age-appropriate" style rules, and we may (or may not) stick to some of them...sometimes.
However, when it comes to fashion, we know exactly how to have fun, and nothing is quite as much fun as a splash of leopard print!

Especially when paired with some leather.

Whatever floats your (leather) boat will work beautifully... a jacket, a dress, a sexy pencil skirt or some comfy leggings.
I don't care if it's a cliché.
Leather and leopard... I love it!

{See another cliché HERE... this time a "blogger" one}

Leather Trousers and Leopard Print, over 40 | What a Cliché | Fake Fabulous

This unapologetically clichéd outfit is easy to wear, and so comfortable.

Faux leather leggings (last spotted here and here) are simple to style, and surprisingly warm!
(Essential in this cold weather)

I paired these leather-look leggings with a bronze-coloured tunic top, and a cosy sleeveless cardigan.
This cardigan is big and chunky... just the way I like it on a cold day.

{You can see my breath in this shot!}

Leather Trousers and Leopard Print, over 40 | What a Cliché | Fake Fabulous

The best part of this outfit (for me) are my leopard boots.

I love these little boots.
Funky but practical.
A little bit rock chic.
A little bit cowgirl.
A whole lot of fun!

Leather Trousers and Leopard Print, over 40 | What a Cliché | Fake Fabulous

A simple geometric necklace added some subtle interest.
Fun earrings, a cute beret and a red lip finished things off nicely.

{See this beret styled here and here}

Leather Trousers and Leopard Print, over 40 | What a Cliché | Fake Fabulous

Are you happy to wear a Cliché from time to time?
Do you mix leather and leopard?

What is your idea of a FUN outfit?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
I love hearing from you.

TUNIC TOP: New Look... this one is lovely!
WAISTCOAT: Asda... this one is less bulky.
LEGGINGS: River Island
NECKLACE: Topshop... this one would be perfect!
BOOTS: Tkmaxx...similar
BERET: Topshop
LIPSTICK: Bourjois
NAILS: Collection Hot looks (similar)



Monday, 21 November 2016

Breaking the Proportion Rules.

Woolovers Magenta Cashmere Jumper & purple satin trousers, over 40.

What could be easier to wear, cosier and more luxurious (on a cold day) than a cashmere jumper?
Cashmere is one of those fabrics that I could happily wear from head to toe.
Warm, comfortable and not in the least bit scratchy.

{I have seen those cashmere leggings and joggers in shops... BUT how do you avoid the "Baggy Bum"? I'm not sure. If you know, please share!}

Woolovers Magenta Cashmere Jumper & purple satin trousers, over 40.

I have a few cashmere pieces, and always feel a little more sophisticated when I wear them.
Being wrapped in a little bit of luxury is a wonderful thing!

This cashmere jumper was sent to be by the lovely people at Woolovers.
{The photo on their website does not do the colour justice at all, see it here.}

I was expecting a muted dark pink, so imagine my delight when the jumper arrived...and it is a bold and delicious magenta.
Right up my colour street.
How lovely!

Woolovers Magenta Cashmere Jumper & purple satin trousers, over 40.

Pink is one of those colours I used to dislike, but find myself drawn to it more and more as I get older.
A rich pink, like this one, is such a happy colour.
It is feminine, but bold, and casts a warm glow on your skin.
What's not to love about that?

{See more pink outfits: here, here, here and here}

The first thing that popped into my head was to wear it with purple!
A rich and luxurious pair of purple satin trousers to be exact.

Unfortunately, they are super-duper wide legged...and we all know the rules on baggy tops and wide legged trousers don't we?

Wide trousers? Add a slim fitting top.
Baggy jumper? Add a slim fitting trousers.

Woolovers Magenta Cashmere Jumper & purple satin trousers, over 40.

Well, I don't care much for rules, so today I decided to break this one.

Woolovers Magenta Cashmere Jumper & purple satin trousers, over 40.

This jumper was calling out for some aubergine satin.
So, these swooshy trousers were the perfect partner.

{See these wide trousers here, with bright orange.}

Adding a geometric necklace, bright lipstick and chunky boots finished things off nicely.

Magenta and aubergine look mouthwateringly delicious together.
Wool and satin make for a winning combination too.
So this outfit had me grinning from ear to ear all day!

JUMPER: c/o Woolovers
TROUSERS: Finery London
BOOTS: Vagabond
BAG: TkMax... this is beautiful.

How do you feel about Pink?
Does it make you smile?
Or, it is just too sweet for you?

What about the rules of proportion?
Do you stick to them, knowing they work?
Or, do you throw the rule book out of the window?

Please share your thoughts in the comments!
I love hearing from you.

Woolovers Magenta Cashmere Jumper & purple satin trousers, over 40.

Linking up to: I will wear what I like (Monday), Visible MondayTurning heads Tuesday.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

One Pink Spotty Vintage Jacket, 3 Ways | PPP 9

One Pink Spotty Vintage Jacket, 3 ways | PPP 9 | Fake Fabulous

Welcome to the 9th Ping Pong Post.
This month it is my turn to challenge my friends.
What will they make of this spotty number?

This time Anna, Ann and I are styling a little vintage Jacket.
I'm guessing it's from the 80's, but I can't really be sure.
What do you think?

One Pink Spotty Vintage Jacket, 3 ways | PPP 9 | Fake Fabulous

This jacket has a wonderful vintage feel to the fabric.
We are all used to the modern "3 way stretch" in our clothes, but this jacket only stretches one way.
It is unusual, but I like it because the jacket seems to look smarter.
The fabric is such good quality, and it doesn't end up baggy and saggy with wear.

Initially, it was the colour that caught my eye and the £1 price tag was hard to resist.
A measly £1.00!... I can't even buy a cup of tea for that.

I had a good feeling about this one.
We surely could come up with some creative outfits using this piece, couldn't we?

Let's see what happened....

One Pink Spotty Vintage Jacket, 3 ways | PPP 9 | Fake Fabulous

These photographs were taken back in September (before I sent it off around the world) and the weather was wet and miserable.

Luckily, I had this fab pink umbrella to protect me from the elements, and add some more 'pinkness' to my look.
I'm sure pink is addictive!

One Pink Spotty Vintage Jacket, 3 ways | PPP 9 | Fake Fabulous

The little jacket was probably part or a set, or suit, originally.
Maybe even a wedding outfit?
I can imaging the pink hat, stilettos and matching bag, can't you?!
I bet whoever wore this looked like a million dollars.

Luckily for me, it does lend itself to a more casual look... with a little help from some subtle layering.

One Pink Spotty Vintage Jacket, 3 ways | PPP 9 | Fake Fabulous

I added a silk blouse over a thermal poloneck, both in soft purple tones.
Purple and pink are a classic combination and these colours also helped pull my bag into the outfit.
See how the zip on the bag looks pink in the photo below?

A cream scarf provided much needed warmth and coated jeans,worn with raspberry boots, finished my look off nicely.

One Pink Spotty Vintage Jacket, 3 ways | PPP 9 | Fake Fabulous

JACKET: Vintage
JEANS: H&M (old)
BOOTS: Mini Boden (old)
BAG: A charity shop find.
SILK BLOUSE: Second Female
POLONECK: M&S heatgen

Over to...

Anna from Anna's Island Style

Anna has amped up the PINK factor with this gorgeous frothy blouse.

{I love this blouse on her... check out her blog for more frothy-blouse based outfits.}

Things could have easily gone too "Princess Di" but Anna is so clever at adding an edge to her outfits.
Geometric trousers and clever (chunky) accessorising makes her vintage-inspired outfit look bang up to date and modern.
A fabulous look!

Check out Anna's blog for more details.

TROUSERS: borrowed from her daughter! A girl after my own heart.
BLOUSE: Charity shop
BOOTS: Office
BAG: Ness 
Necklace and Rings: Charity shop
WATCH: Michael Kors

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann has paired this pink jacket with a classic black skirt and white shirt.
What could be simpler?

Yes....BUT, Ann never looks classic or simple.
Every outfit is packed with personality and flair.
Subtle touches like her short hemline, spotty necktie and cute bag make this look pop.
Don't even get me started on those shoes.

{Serious shoe envy!!}

Check out Ann's blog for more details.... like her fun hair accessory!

SHIRT: Target
TIE & BAG: Zara (girls department)
SKIRT: Forever 21
SHOES: Stella McCartney

We never discuss what we are going to do with the items we send each other, so each month is as much of a surprise for us as it is you!

Stay tuned to find out what happens next time...on the 20th of December.
See you there!

How would you have styled this little Jacket?
Please let me know in the comments.
I love hearing your thoughts and opinions!

One Pink Spotty Vintage Jacket, 3 ways | PPP 9 | Fake Fabulous


Friday, 18 November 2016

Winter Layers, over 40 | 3 Steps to Perfect Layering.

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

I love layers!
Even in an outfit this is not 'obviously' layered, I usually sneak on one or two.
Being cold is not something I enjoy.

My husband is sometimes astonished as to how many layers I am capable of wearing.
For example, today I have 6 on my upper half and 4 on the lower part of my body.
(Or, 7 and 5 if you include underwear!)

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

Layers can look great.
Layers can give an outfit that feeling of 'effortless-cool'.

Layering can look chic, and elegant.
Layering is very practical.
Layering can make you look (and feel) like a bag lady!!

{Please excuse my remote in these shots... and the cock-eyed angles... my photographers were out, and it was just me and my dodgy old tripod}

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

Some layers are easier to wear than others.
This mohair coat/cardigan is probably one of the most tricky pieces to wear.
It is big and bulky, and potentially adds pounds of weight to my frame.
Bulky layers (like this one) can be unflattering, and very difficult to style.

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

3 easy Layering Tricks.

1. Mix it up.

Layering similar textures and fabrications can look drab & dreary.
Mix up those textures for maximum impact!
Even a monochromatic outfit (e.g. all black) can sing when different fabrics are pulled together.
Silk and chunky wool.
Leather and lace.
Suede and vinyl.
Or, a mixture of any fabrics you love!

Tonal layering looks chic and modern.
Blending similar colours together can give a luxe feel to your outfit.

Clashing colours is always fun, and can create a striking look...the sky's the limit!

Mixing patterns can also work beautifully in a layered look, especially if you keep the patterns within the same colour family.
Playing with print sizes, and pulling out colours within the patterns using plain items, can make for a fantastic outfit.
Go with your instincts... if you think something looks good then it will!

2. Keep it light.

Chunky bulky layers can add pounds to your frame, and look sloppy.
However, if you are in love with a 'chunky monkey' (like me in this HUGE mohair coat) then keep the rest of your layers slimline.
Try wearing a few fine layers, to create a cosy feel, then add drama with your chunky piece.
Slim fitting trousers (or a neat skirt and boots) can help keep the bulky piece from overwhelming you.

3. If you love it wear it!

Wear whatever floats your style boat.
If you love a certain colour then go for it!
Contrast and clash your shapes and textures.
Have fun with patterns.
Go large and bulky.
Go sleek and streamlined.
Do whatever makes you feel like you!

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

This outfit is SO cosy, and no wonder!
I'm layered up to the max.

On my top half I am wearing a thermal base layer then a heat generating poloneck.
My legs are clad in a pair of footless tights, then heat generating leggings.
{It is honestly COLD here :oP}
Two pairs of long wooly socks are keeping my lower legs warm, as well as these boots.
OTK boots really do keep out the cold... I highly recommend them!

This dress (that I found in a charity shop) is a very fine knit, but works perfectly on top of this cosy layered look.
My cashmere longline waistcoat provides lightweight (and slimline) warmth.

A chunky scarf and thick gloves are a must today, as well as my enormous fringed suede bag... plus a trio of fun pom poms!

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

A fun dinosaur necklace finishes things off nicely!

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

How cold does it get where you live?
Do you ever use layers to pretend you are wearing less than you actually are?

Please share in the comments.
I love hearing your thoughts!

CARDIGAN: Finery... similar.
DRESS: M&S... this one is nice.
LONG WAISTCOAT: Tkmax... similar.
BOOTS: Duo... similar
BAG: Topshop
GLOVES: A gift
SCARF: Newlook... this is their recent version.


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