Wearing Dungarees, over 40 | Aztec Coatigan & Holographic Trainers

Fake Fabulous | Blue Denim Dungarees, polo neck, Bonmarche Aztec Coatigan, Holographic trainers.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am (almost) permanently attached to my dungarees these days.
Just like wearing a giant romper suit... SO comfortable.
With handy pockets and no squeezy waistband or ugly muffin top.
A delight to wear!

Fake Fabulous | Blue Denim Dungarees, polo neck, Bonmarche Aztec Coatigan, Holographic trainers.

So, when the lovely Miranda (at Bonmarche) sent me this gorgeous Aztec cardigan, I knew exactly what I wanted to throw it over!

This is such an easy, casual look.
Warm and comfortable.

The cardigan is a dense (but lightweight) knit.
Super soft and delightfully cosy, perfect for teaming with anything denim.
It would also brighten up a black outfit ... (hmmmm, black dungarees maybe?! :oP)
I can see myself reaching for this a lot this autumn/winter.

Fake Fabulous | Blue Denim Dungarees, polo neck, Bonmarche Aztec Coatigan, Holographic trainers.

Adding a pale blue polo neck jumper (last seen here and also here) gave me a layer of warmth.
The weather has taken a seriously autumnal turn here, in Scotland (it is 11 degrees today) so cosy layers are a must.

{I am also wearing a 'secret' thermal base layer underneath this lot... shhhh don't tell!}

Fake Fabulous | Blue Denim Dungarees, polo neck, Bonmarche Aztec Coatigan, Holographic trainers.

I may have bare ankles in my holographic trainers, but there is a cosy fleece insole inside hidden inside these today.

{Being warm is always my priority.}

These trainers are so much fun to wear.
I always have a look at the kids section in most shops.
You never know what might catch your eye and make you smile!

CARDIGAN: c/o Bonmarche (get it here. )
DUNGAREES: Johnnie B (read my cheapskate story here!)
SHOES: Clarks (Kiddies section again :o)

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Fake Fabulous | Blue Denim Dungarees, polo neck, Bonmarche Aztec Coatigan, Holographic trainers.

What is your go-to item these days?
Has Autumn hit where you are?

Please share in the comments.
Or contact me.
I love hearing from you!


  1. The long cardigans are the bestest lately!!
    And how smart to check out the kid's section. Even if something doesn't fit...it can be great inspiration!!

    1. Sometimes the kid's clothes are too big Jodie!
      These are a 15-16 (about a UK10).... the 16+ fits more like a 12. In some stores a 13-14 fits perfectly! XXX

  2. I often find great shoes in the kiddies section! Styles are so much better than 20 years ago and of course the best bit is they're cheaper!
    I'm loving long cardigans at the moment, perfect for this time of year. You look comfortable, relaxed and the aztec print is great against the denim.


    1. No tax is a great perk :oP and I love finding something I know none else will be wearing :o)

  3. This outfit is comfy, cozy and classic! I'm officially labeling dungarees a classic since they continue to appear in fashion trends. I've worn them at least 3 times during my 65 years!
    I LOVE Aztec prints! In fact I have a genuine love for any tribal/ethnic print. These type of prints have always been in my wardrobe in some way. Long sweaters have been trending for a long time now! I love them and I love you in this outfit my dear!

    1. Thank you Judy! Long jumpers and cardigans are the BEST. Cosy, comfy and cover-all :oP XXX

  4. What size are your feet that you can shop in the kiddies shoes?

    I adore the overalls on you, I think they go with your personality.


    1. Thank you Suzanne.
      My feet are a 4-5 (37-38).
      These are a 37.5 but the "kiddies" sizes go up to a UK 9!! XXX

  5. Pretty outfit Sam and I love the coziness FactoršŸ˜. Fun sneakers as well.
    Have a great week
    Jess xx

    1. Thank you Jess. Comfy and cosy seems to be my go-to look at the moment. These dungarees are irresistible :OP

  6. You are right, this cardigan is very good. You can wear it over dresses as well I imagine. Well you know better than me how to style such an item. One outfit (this one) is already a good one. It instantly makes the dungarees elegant. Who knew that was possible.
    PS I still don't get it how you stay warm with bare ankles. I know you have secret layers, but bare ankles??? Brrrr.

    1. I must admit that my ankles do feel the 'nip' Greetje! Usually I have a layer of either leggings or footless tights under my jeans and a fleecy insole. Socks would have been cosier but just looked wrong. Luckily we were not in single figures (temperature wise) today!! :oD XXX


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