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Monday, 24 October 2016

Should we be Wearing Leather over 40?

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

At what ages does it become a little sad (and pathetic) to be still wearing leather?
When do we stop looking 'edgy' and start looking like mutton dressed as lamb?

Does wearing leather (over 40) mean we come across as desperate to look young?
Should the leather loving over 40's give up the rock chic look, hang up their biker jacket and stop making a fool of themselves?

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

It will probably come as no surprise to you that I think we can wear leather at any age.
Whether it's a simple leather jacket, trousers, leggings, t-shirt, shirt, dress or full-on leather catsuit!!
If you love it, rock it!

The only time leather starts to look "off" is when you are trying to be something you are not.
When it is worn awkwardly, or with a sense of apology.
Leather can't be worn apologetically.

Leather is not for wallflowers.

You can't wear leather and fade into the background.
Leather is a statement.
Embrace it, and have fun!

See my previous leather looks for more inspiration:

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

This particular leather look is as subtle (and wearable) as leather can get.
A simple day look that suits just about anyone, of any age, regardless of shape or size.

The jacket I'm wearing was sent to me by a company called Hidepark.
When they first contacted me I must admit that I was a little dubious.
Buying leather online?
Hmmmm...I was not convinced.
You can't get a proper 'feel' of it.
Leather is a very tactile fabric.
Personally, I need to get a handle on it in order to find out if it is for me.

Leather can easily be cheap, stiff, grainy and a bit unpleasant to wear.
Cheap leather looks ugly.

I am always willing to give things a go (See this post about the importance of trying new things) so I went online for a nosey.

When I had a look at their website (check it out here) there were so many styles and colours to choose from.
Blue, green, tan, nude... I was spoilt for choice!
After much 'humming and hawing' I decided on this hooded jacket.
It has such a carefree and cool feel to it.

When the jacket arrived I was delighted.
{In fact, that is a bit of an understatement!}
I was so impressed with the quality of the leather.
The fit is perfect.
(I am wearing a small, and usually fit a UK large 8/small 10)
There is also plenty of room inside for a cosy jumper.

{I don't see the point in any autumn/winter jacket that can't fit a jumper underneath. This is Scotland after all!}

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

The jacket has the most ingenious way to remove the hood, where the internal front section unzips taking the hood with it.
Removing the hood gives the jacket a smarter look, and suitable for any season.

{I will wear it like that another time}

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

Todays outfit was so simple to pull together.
Blue velvet jeans (velvet is big news this Autumn) and patent black boots... I think these are my new favourites!
A cosy petrol coloured jumper, with eyelet details and lace-up sides, added more richness and interest.
It was cold today, so I added a pair of woolen gloves and a thermal baselayer.

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

3 Ways to wear leather, over 40.

1. Pick a colour that suits you.

Yes, black is timeless (and cool) BUT does it really suit your colouring?
If it does then lucky you!
Enjoy it.

If not, don't worry.
Black is quite a tricky colour to wear, and not many people actually suit it.
However, with the vast range of colours available in the shops, there is sure to be something to suit you and your personal style.
Have fun with it!

2. Choose a style you love, regardless of trends.

Of course the classic biker jacket is always in style BUT if you love the look of a cream leather pencil dress then go for it.
Leather culottes? Why not?!
Life is for living.

3. Try something different.

Trying bright colour or an unexpected shape... like a green leather t-shirt, blue leather jacket or a red pencil skirt ...and really put a spring in your step.
You can wear anything you want!

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

Trying Something a little Different

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

Do you wear leather (real and/or faux)?
What style and colours do you like?
Please share in the comments.
I love hearing from you!

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

Heidi JACKET: c/o Hidepark.
JEANS: Boden (old)
BOOTS: Vagabond
JUMPER: Matalan


  1. Wow...when I first saw the photos, I thought it was a purpleish color, Samantha. It wasn't until you showed it in the sun that I realized it was brown!!
    And I think it's great that any age should wear leather--- I mean, the animals wear it at any age---ha ha!!

    1. The light can play tricks here Jodie, especially at this time of year. Luckily my hubby took a cheeky snap of we heading in for a cuppa and it showed the colour beautifully. XXX

  2. really lovely outfit, and this jacket looks fabulous on you, casual yet elegant!. Lovely colors and textures too, I like those velvet pants with your beautiful patent boots!
    I like a leather jacket, a long one, in purple, please!

  3. I LOVE it. The whole outfit is really great, especially the boots!

  4. I love this jacket and at 66 still wear a tremendous amount of leather and will be doing so well into mu 90s, hopefully!

    1. I'm glad to hear that Teresa ...rocking the leather! :oD XXX

  5. Leather culottes....mmmm...that's an idea! I love leather, I wear dresses, skirts and trousers and of course jackets. I bought my first leather jacket when I became 15. And it was so cool!

    1. It just gets better and better as it gets older....the leather, and us too!! ;o)
      Leather culottes sound great fun, don't they? and edgy. XXX

  6. I absolutely love leather!!! Actually I have a bit of an jacket addiction in general but there is just something wonderful about soft supple gorgeous leather and suede. It's YUMMY!!!
    You are looking quite beautiful in this post. I like your happy smile beneath the hood of your jacket. I totally agree about being comfortable only if I can wear a sweater/ jumper under my leather jacket. Leather is As fun, funky,and chique but unfortunately it isn't particularly warm.
    What is the breed of your dog? His loving gaze is so endearing.

    1. Thank you Judy.
      Jake is a scruffy lurcher (he is cross between a whippet and a bedlington terrier) know to some people as a Beddy Whippet or a Bedlington Whippet or (as I call him) hairy flea bag! Hahahahaha.
      He is such a lovely boy and adores anyone who likes animals... I think they can tell. XXX

  7. Sam, you must have read my mind. I wore faux leather Monday, and have a closet filled with well, faux leather skirts, pants, jackets. Im a fan.I love the rich look, or the edgy look and feel a little rock and roll once in awhile. Great rich brown coat you are wearing, and love it with the dark fall colors. Looking great!
    jess xx
    thanks for linking!

  8. What a fabulous leather jacket Samantha. The hood really adds something extra to what could just be an ordinary leather jacket. It's the perfect casual jacket for jeans and has a great weeekend look to it. Love that you paired it with velvet too (hurrah that we can get the velvet out of mothballs again!) and those chunky boots are the edge that's needed to keep the youthful vibe. Lovely!
    Anna x

  9. I think this is a perfect coat. Looking very luxurious. You can see the quality from miles. The colour suits you.
    I am not afraid of leather, not even now, being 62. I have a bright red leather jacket and a green leather jacket. All very nice.
    A black leather jacket isn't wise. It makes me look... not nice (cannot find the word).
    I am struggling with knee high boots at the moment. Black suede (safe), but knee high is best worn with short skirts. And short skirts and these boots make me look slutty. Even darling husband says it (and he is brutally honest, but has a very good eye for creating outfits). Don't know how to handle this yet. I hate to bring them back to the shop as they feel so comfortable.


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