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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Oversized Mohair Cardigan & Orange leather.

Fake Fabulous | Autumn style | Oversized green mohair cardigan & orange leather.

This outfit is perfect for a cold autumn day.
Plenty of layers, and the all-important 3 'C's'...


Fake Fabulous | Autumn style | Oversized green mohair cardigan & orange leather.

Outfits like this one are so easy to wear.
There is nothing digging in, pinching, squeezing or scratching.
Just warmth and comfort all the way.
Ideal for a cold and crisp autumn day.

{Rain would have made this outfit a dripping mess... soggy mohair and wet feet. Yuck! Thankfully the rain was having a day off.}

This outfit started with my oversized mohair cardigan.
It's a rich and delicious colour that seems to go with everything... or, at least I think so!
I teamed it with a khaki 'furry' jumper and this bright orange leather top.
The orange top is punchy in colour, and fun to wear.

{My husband teased me that it looked like a high visibility tabard, which made me laugh.
Cheeky man!}

Skinny fitting textured tweed(ish) trousers, and my burgundy boots, were the ideal partners to this oversized top-half.

I love the ruching of fabric at the ankles.
This may seen odd, especially to any petite ladies, but the extra fabric makes me happy.

{See this jacket with it's wonderfully long sleeves}

Teaming my crunched up leggings with a pair of bunched up socks made for a lovely cosy effect around my legs.

Fake Fabulous | Autumn style | Burgundy Boots & Tweed leggings.

A bold necklace, fleece-lined burgundy gloves and my bright red bag finished things off nicely.

What is your magic formula for the perfect Autumn outfit?
Do you agree with my 3 C's?
Or, do you have your own set of criteria?
Please share your idea of the perfect Autumn outfit in the comments.

Fake Fabulous | Autumn style | Oversized green mohair cardigan & orange leather.

CARDIGAN: Finery (this one is cool)
LEATHER TOP: A street market in Hackney (London)... it was a one-off (this is nice)
FURRY TOP: Charity shop... this jumper looks cosy.
LEGGINGS: River Island... these are much smarter than mine.
BOOTS: La Redoute (similar)
BAG: Bogner... this one is nice too....and this one!




  1. Gosh this is just gorgeous on you. I love all of these colours together (laughing at your husband's comment... men and fashion... *shakes head*). These photos are lovely; someone needs to offer you a modelling contract! xx

    1. I am so glad you like the colours Lisa, and got a laugh at my husbands comment... such a cheeky man. He did have a point though! :OP. XXX

  2. Egads---I love this cardigan. I used to have a crew neck sweater just like it and silly (I actually used a different word when it happened) me put it in the washing machine---it was ruined!
    Thus when I was at Banana Republic this weekend, I found a pink one kinda like my old one!!
    I love the texture that this kind of sweater gives you!!
    Just absolutely fabulous Samantha!!

    1. Arrrggghhhh...that is the pits Jodie. Your poor jumper.
      Unfortunately, it's hard to find 'proper' mohair.... so we need to grab it while we can. XXX

  3. ohhh, that looks like my perfect autumn outfit, and I'm embracing those 3 c's with lots of enthusiasm!! love your mohair cardigan, such an amazing piece, and love that fabulous layering of a leather piece over a furry one!, that's particularly cool!!
    You've created a fab color combo and your accessories really enhance the ensemble: the gloves, the bag, the necklace, everything is lovely!

    1. Thank you very much Monica. I love the look of furry and fluffy things with leather... I'm so glad you agree. XXX

  4. You do fall colors so lusciously Samantha. Also these are colors that look particularly fabulous on you.
    Mohair is such a textural fabric and I feel like your sweater coat is the grounding element that all the other colors play so beautifully off of.
    Wonderful ensemble Samantha! !!

    1. Thank you Judy. Autumn has all my favourites :o)... what is your favourite season, with regard to the colour palette? XXX

    2. I think Autumn is my favorite too and although I can do orange, rusts, and browns the greens and golds bring out the sallow in my complection unless I wear one of the other better colors near my face.
      I think everyone looks great in cobalt blue and turquoise and probably red and pink (found in all skin tones to some degree). I'd say those are all season colors though.
      I really like your bold amulet necklace too Samantha. I've always been in love with the look of chunky stones (even if they're faux).
      I have a wonderful mohair sweater that is made of a wonderful tweedy rust with all sorts of color bis in it and I'm going to have to combine it with leather soon.

  5. GREAT color story, and that furry cards is AWESOME.

    1. Thank you! It is SO cosy... great for the Scottish weather (as you will appreciate :oP) XXX

  6. This is a wonderful autumn look Samantha, in all sorts of colours that work so well together. I like the great mix of textures too, especailly your high viz tabard, tell your husband! The cardi is my favourite piece, both in colour and length, and it looks sooooo cosy. FAB!
    Anna x

  7. Beautiful Autumnal outfit - I love the way you've combined so many colours that all happily sit side by side without one pulling more focus than the others.
    And lovin' the 3 'C's!

  8. You look cosy and comfortable too. I think that leather top and the necklace is a sign of creativeness. I would have stopped at furry sweater and cardigan haha.
    I love the furry sweater by the way. And the boots.


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