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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Are Facial Serums Worth the Bother?

Fake Fabulous | Are Facial Serums worth the Bother? | Elizabeth Grant

I don't mind admitting that I am a little bit of a beauty product (and makeup) addict.
I love to try new things, and really enjoy experimenting with products.
So, when Ideal World contacted me to ask if I would like to try some beauty products, I was happy to give them a go!

{Please note: I am NOT being paid to 'review' these products, so all of my opinions are honest and unbiased.}

When trying new products I am always wary of the fact that they might react with my skin, but take comfort that I can pass them on to friends (and family) if they do not suit.

I explained to the lovely Chloe (at Ideal World) that I had sensitive skin and was not interested in anything that claims to "lift & tighten".
Tight skin is not something that appeals to me.
Comfort is my priority when it comes to my face.
She said she would send me a couple of things.
Oooooo... how lovely, I really like surprises!

I must tell you now, that even though I love try new beauty products, I don't really believe the hype surrounding a lot of them.
I don't think that spending hundreds of pounds will make me look younger.
All I want is to feel comfortable and hydrated.
If a product makes me feel pampered, then that is an added bonus!

{If you read this post you will see my thoughts on ageing.}

Fake Fabulous | Are Facial Serums worth the Bother? | Elizabeth Grant

When my surprise parcel arrived I must admit that I was initially disappointed to find that it contained a selection of serums (I expected a moisturiser or a cleanser).
I have never felt the need to buy a serum.
They seem like a waste of time.
What could a serum possibly do for my skin?
Are serums not just a ploy by the cosmetic giants to get us to spend more money?

I also worried about the texture of the products.
Would they be thin, and watery?
Would they make my skin nip?

Oh dear.
Was this a mistake?
However, in the spirit of trying something new, I had to give them a go.
I reminded myself that I could easily pass them on to my friend if they were no good.
All was not lost.

I was sent a day serum, night serum, eye serum and a "Line relaxer".
The last one made me laugh.
My frown lines could certainly do with some relaxing after a hard day!

Fake Fabulous | Are Facial Serums worth the Bother? | Elizabeth Grant

The products came in very pretty packaging (which I am a sucker for) and are a pleasure to use.

I could "copy and paste" the blurb now... about the brand (and it's ethos) plus the active ingredients, and their properties... blah, blah, blah.
But, to be honest, the only thing that really concerns me is if a product feels good on my skin.

So my test for these serums was...Can they be applied on my freshly cleansed, bare skin?

I am delighted to tell you that they can!

All of the serums have a pleasant and subtle scent, nothing too overpowering.
One pump is more than enough to cover the whole face.
{In fact, half a pump could be enough if you have a small face}

Fake Fabulous | Are Facial Serums worth the Bother? | Elizabeth Grant

The textures are all very fine and they leave a lovely feeling on the skin.
I was very pleasantly surprised.
No nip at all.

I like to feel moisturised, and know that my product is in place doing it's job.
So this slightly 'coating' feeling is a great texture for me.
If you don't like the feeling of a product 'on' your skin, this might not be the best product for you.

I popped my normal moisturiser over the day serum, as a barrier against daily grime.
My makeup went on easily, and my face was comfortable all day.
I thought it looked smoother too!

Fake Fabulous | Are Facial Serums worth the Bother? | Elizabeth Grant

The night serum was simple to use and left my face feeling protected, as well as plumped up.
It felt nourishing, like I was treating my skin to something good.
I woke with that feeling of being hydrated, which I really like.
{I still looked like a hippo had slept on my face, but that is normal :oP}

I used the eye serum morning and night, and rubbed the Line Relaxer on my frown-lines at bedtime.
Massaging the skin is very beneficial, so anything that encourages that is a winner for me.

Fake Fabulous | Are Facial Serums worth the Bother? | Elizabeth Grant

Are facial serums worth the extra bother?

If you like the feeling of a serum, and you enjoy the application, then Yes!
Spend your hard-earned money on treating yourself.
Take a moment.
Massage your face and neck.
Enjoy that few minutes of "me time".
Feeling good about yourself is guaranteed to make you look better.

After my initial scepticism about serum, I ended up really enjoying using these products...
I felt like I was giving myself a real treat, and my skin looks better for it!

{Apologies to my friend, who was hoping for some new goodies, these are staying!}

See the range of Elizabeth Grant products, here... including all of the blurb you need.

Please let me know your opinion of serums (or moisturisers, or any other beauty products) by leaving a comment.
I love to hear your thoughts!



  1. Ooo! These Look nice! I know, I am a sucker for pretty packaging as well. I enjoyed your review and feel the same way as I have some redness and sensitive skin as well, I do like serums as opposed to heavy creams. Something in the air, as I reviewed some skin care recently too :-) I would be interested in checking out the serums.
    Thanks Sam!
    Enjoy your week
    jess xx

    1. Thank you for popping by and commenting Jess. I always thought I was a cream person, but I have definitely had my eyes opened.
      Anything that feels nice and does not make my face redder is a winner in my book :oD
      I will look out fot your review!

  2. I've been using serums for years now...only because my friend is an aesthetician and tells me I have to---ha ha!!
    I have read many articles on how they can be better since the molecules are smaller thus can penetrate the skin. Then again, heredity and environmental factors can be huge, too--right?
    But it's great to try new things---I may have to see for myself with this brand.

    1. I read that too Jodie, smaller molecules penetrating the skin.
      I am not sure if I believe that...or that it matters, really! I just like something to feel nice on my skin and not irritate me. If a product does that then it is a winner in my book!.
      I would love to hear what serum you use, and what skincare Nancy and Charlotte use..... maybe a beauty blog post for the future??? XXX

  3. I've been using a serum and an eye cream under moisturiser since 43 (now 45). It has a definite smoothing effect on my dry skin. At night, I still use pure coconut oil though (£1.99!) and a drop of essential oil (like rose) mixed in. For the odd line that looks really deep, I stick some vaseline on top ;)

    1. I think I must be last to this party Denise! LOL
      Pure coconut oil is brilliant isn't it? I use it to remove makeup and as a body moisturiser. So cheap too!
      I might try your vaseline trick..
      Thank you for sharing!


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