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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Growing out a Pixie Crop: Part 1 | The first 3 months.

I'm growing out my pixie cut.

This is my third pixie grow-out, and it's never an easy ride.

It also (unfortunately) gets harder as you get older.

The common tips for growing out your hair, such as wearing pretty clips, headbands, kirbies and headsquares, can look downright pathetic on an older woman.
{Unless it is your usual style.}

The only way to tackle a grow-out successfully is to keep trimming!
Real patience is needed.

Over 40, it is more important than ever for each stage of the grow-out to look like a definite style.
A scruffy, and unkempt, pixie (with the inevitable uneven grow-out pattern) is not a good look.

 My Pixie Grow-out, Part 1

Initially, I asked my hairdresser to shape my hair, but leave a little length all over.
She kept her clippers to herself this time!

To my horror, a mullet began to develop, and I did not like it at all.
Every part of me wanted to scream...
"Chop it off!!"
I wanted my tidy pixie back again.
{The subtle undercut (at the sides) was helping, but this mullet was not for me!}

I've got Lego hair!

I had another appointment, and I asked to keep the hair growing down (from the top) but to trim the weight out of the back. Remove the dreaded mullet, and tidy me up a little.
That's better.

This next stage is super-awkward, and there is very little you can do about it.
Your hair starts to grow over your ears, and is neither one thing or another.
Sitting like a flap ....I call it the Deer Stalker stage.
This is the toughest time.

My hair starts to look chunky and frumpy, so I had another trim to get more weight removed.

Thinning out the sides, to make the lego effect less depressing.

A few more weeks and my hair feels like it's on it's way to where I want it to be.

I am due to go back again soon for another tidy up, and maybe some funky colour.
This business of growing-out takes dedication but it's worth it in the end!

My 9 tips for growing out your pixie cut, as painlessly as possible.

  1. Forget about cute clips and pretty hairbands. These can look a little crazy as we get older. Unless, of course, your "normal" style involves this kind of accessory. If it does, lucky you! Growing out your pixie will be a doddle.
  2. Keep getting regular trims. It goes against everything logical (especially when those extra millimetres of hair are so precious) BUT you must get them tidied up, and cut into some kind of "style". Hard as it is, this will make the grow-out so much more bearable!
  3. Trim it yourself. There is nothing wrong with doing a little DIY (as long as you know what you are doing). I have been trimming my fringe, chopping my mullet and trimming bits of my hair, for years. If you are confident then go for it. However, nothing can replace the skillful cutting of a professional. So, only DIY as a stop-gap between appointments.
  4. Get your colour done. Keep on top of your colour. If you regularly cover your greys, keep doing it. Nothing is as depressing as a scruffy, partially grown-out pixie with grey temples. Pass the paper bag!
  5. Change your colour. If you hit a wall, and the grow-out is getting too painful, consider changing your colour. A new hue can make an old style seem fresh again. It also gives the impression that your growing hair is a deliberate style choice.
  6. Muss it up, and play with texture. Growing out your pixie is hard. There is no easy way to do it, and there will be days where you feel like a mess. On days like these, try and play around with the texture of your hair and mess it up a bit. Making a feature of its non-uniformity makes it easier to bear.
  7. Consider an undercut. It does not need to be shaved, just shaped, to stop your hair looking too 'grown-out', and more like a deliberate hairstyle. An undercut can also break up the weight of growing hair, giving it a funky edge.
  8. Invest in some nice products. No product will make your hair grow faster, but it will make you feel better! Treating yourself to a nice shampoo is always a good idea.
  9. Keep going. When things get tough, remember that your hair will be "bob" length in less than six months... Keep going, you can do it!!

Have you successfully tackled the pixie-grow-out?
Please share any growing tips you have, in the comments.
I would love to hear them!


  1. Growing out a pixie cut isn't easy! You are so right, regular trims are very important (I didn't do that years ago when I grew out my hair, and it was a huge mistake...). I also love the idea of playing with your color!

    Had to laugh when you mentioned Lego hair... :-) I think you are looking great! What cut are you going for?

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. I've made that mistake too Andrea!
      Although I was in my 20's, so I got away with it (just).

      What style? Good question!
      I never really plan that part.
      My hair just grows and I see how I feel at the time.
      That is the great thing about hair...we can change it and play about with it and it comes back each time for more :oD

      Thank you so much for your comment.

  2. I am currently growing out my pixie, as well. That ear flap stage is the worst! I love the "Lego" hair reference. So many terrible stages going from Lego hair to a dream length of Legolas, ha, ha, hair. I made it past that and got it trimmed up to celebrate-now sporting the world's tiniest bob. I like it again now, but it was rough for a while there. Can't wait til it becomes a longer bob and then we will see...

    1. Yay for your micro-bob!
      That is a major corner turned.
      The lego stage is the worst....hideous.
      Enjoy having fun with your longer hair!
      A short bob is so versatile...I hope to join you soon :oD

  3. I think you look exquisite, Sam, particularly in the last two images. The ends are wispy and delicate, so perfect for that waif look you own.

    1. Thank you Sheela....My hair is certainly wispy!
      And has a mind of it's own!!
      I gave up trying to tame it with straighteners, and just let it roam free.
      (Strange, as it is not at all thick)
      Thank you so much for making me feel waif-like and delicate instead of lego-like and chunky!

  4. "Lego hair"! You had me laughing at that, Samantha.

    I don't think your hair has ever looked Lego-like though; it's always looked funky and pretty to me, so I guess it means you're doing an amazing job growing out your pixie cut and maintaining it!

    I had an accidental pixie cut once (done by a terrible hairdresser) when I was in my early teens, but I have a hard time looking at photos from that era. It was just too sad and super awkward, so I'm afraid I don't have anything positive to contribute to the issue of tackling a pixie cut!

    But can I just say, Samantha, I don't know anyone personally who has rocked a pixie cut as well as you're doing right now.

    1. Thank you Liyana.
      The thought of an accidental pixie sounds hideous!! A nightmare. :o(
      Especially at that age... life is awkward enough without bad hair to contend with!
      Thank you for leaving your thoughts, and sharing this bad experience.
      P.S. Your hijab would be the perfect Lego-hair-hider!! :oP Is your hair long now?

    2. Ever since I wore the hijab, I've always kept my hair long because I find it easier to "keep my hair under wraps" - literally! I keep my hair long enough to tie my hair into a semi-tight bun, before putting the hijab on =)

  5. You know, at each of these stages I think your hair has looked terrific! You have some enviable waves - which my poker-straight hair can only dream of - that really soften the 'Lego effect' (although I thought it looked great!).

    I have no intention of growing out my own beloved pixie cut, after spending many years in bob wilderness. Bobs are lovely, bobs look great... on other people, but not on me, no matter how I try. So, much to my husband's disappointment (he hates it), my pixie is here to stay!

    1. If you love your pixie then you keep it!!
      Hubby should be happy that you are happy :oP
      Happy wife = Happy life, after all!

      My waves to make the messy stages less painful but I would love a few weeks of poker straight hair!
      Perfect for a sharp and angular cut with a glass-like shine.

      I feel your bob-wilderness pain.
      They can look great, but they can also look boring and frumpy.
      Enjoy rocking your fabulous pixie!!!!
      (I am missing mine today as I am having a bad-hair-day)
      Thank you for your comment.

    2. Shall we swap hair for a month maybe - my dead-straightness for your waves? I'd be very happy to have your hair colour too! :D

      And yes, that's exactly how my bob made me feel - boring, frumpy and middle-aged (OK, I am middle-aged, but I don't want to feel like it!). But my pixie makes me feel fun, and funky, and gives me the courage to be brave and wear what I want too.

      I've tried selling it to my husband as a more practical, low-maintenance option (i.e. I get ready quicker to go out), and that seems to have won him over slightly!

      I hope you bad-hair day is just a blip, and that you feel fabulous again soon.

  6. Sweet. Love the longer hair. Boy it seems tough to grow out though. Like your tips, I would be afraid to trim my own hair though!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning heads tuesday Sam
    jess xx

    1. Thank you Jess. I have been cutting and colouring myself for years!
      I have had a few disasters but it always grows back :oP

  7. I am growing out a buzz cut! So painful! What colour do you use on your hair? It's gorgeous?

    1. Oh Martha, hang in there! It's tough for sure. (I am off to the hairdresser for a tidy up on Friday).
      As for colour...some of the shots are professionally done . Wella 6.5, a red tone. Others are DIY (It depends how much cash I have!).
      The red was a L'oreal Prodigy 6.45 or John Freda 7G or 6N.....(Sometimes I mix the JF ones).
      Sometimes I just touch up my temples by measuring out a little bit and brushing it on with a paint brush.
      My hair has red undertones anyway. The colour can look different every time though!
      I hope that was some use.

  8. I've nearly always had long hair, which I can't see growing except my fringe! You'll have long hair in no time at all. Looks lovely how you're styling it on the way. Great photos too. Jacqui

    1. Thank you Jacqui! I love to change my hair, so it has been all lengths and (nearly) all colours from platinum to black..... and green! LOL.
      Thank you for popping over! XXX

  9. Getting ready to grow out my pixie and I always feel like a chia pet for a while. Hats, bobby pins and scarves are my friends.

  10. it takes a face shape for a pixie! You got it there. As much as I love it as is so stylish, to me it would look like a freshly shaved sheep!
    The Greek


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