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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dungarees and a Tie Neck Blouse, Black and Blue.

Fake Fabulous | Black denim Topshop dungarees, tie neck blouse and chunky Vagabond heels, over 40.

I am digging out my dungarees, again, today.
{See them here, and here}

Unfortunately, they are starting to get that washed-out-denim-look about them.
For me, black denim should be BLACK, so I am off in search of some good fabric dye to bring them back to life.
I might have a look for another pair too, maybe in velvet, for the winter.

Fake Fabulous | Black denim Topshop dungarees, tie neck blouse and chunky Vagabond heels, over 40.

Anyway, that aside, I am still enjoying wearing them... washed out or not!

Fake Fabulous | Black denim Topshop dungarees, tie neck blouse and chunky Vagabond heels, over 40.

These dungarees are so comfortable that it is hard to see past them sometimes.
And, they are so easy to dress up or down.

I know the shape can be unflattering on the body, and can shorten the leg, but that can be remedied with a chunky heel.

These sandals have been my go-to shoe this summer because they are so comfortable!

(To be honest, the shapelessness of these dungarees is a blessing after the past couple of weeks!)

Fake Fabulous | Black denim Topshop dungarees, tie neck blouse and chunky Vagabond heels, over 40.

Adding a tie neck blouse, and my eye brooch, keeps the look fun and a little bit tongue-in-cheek!

Fake Fabulous | Black denim Topshop dungarees, tie neck blouse and chunky Vagabond heels, over 40.

Do you like the look of dungarees?
If not, what puts you off?

Please share in the comments, or contact me.
I love hearing your opinion!

Fake Fabulous | Black denim Topshop dungarees, tie neck blouse and chunky Vagabond heels, over 40.

SHOES: Vagabond (now half price)
NAILS: BarryM chai
BLOUSE: Charity shop (this one is similar)
BROOCH: Part of a set from H&M (this one is beautiful)
BAG: A gift.. from Monsoon (this one is nice)




  1. This is such a Samantha outfit---fun, easy and looks fabulous!!
    Can I comment on the eye makeup? Something's different, right? It looks marvelous whatever you did!!
    The top almost looks sheer? So considering you're wearing sandals (which I must say are neato) & short sleeves you must be having somewhat good weather?
    I certainly don't notice the washed out part on your dungarees----but maybe when you get new ones, you can distress these??

    1. Thank you Jodie...yes! I tried out a winged liner look, although I need to practice more as they seem to go a little more 'sleepy' looking. My husband liked it but I would prefer a wider eyed look. I will keep practicing. Thank you for noticing. XXX
      (Great idea about the distressing Jodie, thank you)

  2. I would like to see you in something that does not suit you!Haha, I dont think there is something that does not look good on you! You always style your items with colors or patterns or accesories in a unique way. I think you are inspiring.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Nancy! I really appreciate them. These dungarees were hiding a multitude of cake/crisp/biscuit sins. :oP XXX

  3. I'm loving particularly this outfit, you look really so cute and gorgeous!!
    Love your shoes (I'm a huge fan of chunky heels) and I like how they could be worn dressy or not. Love how they enhance the outfit, love your dungarees and the pretty blouse, the accessories (even your nail color is fabulous), I love everything!!
    And velvet dungarees would look amazing!!

    1. Thank you Monica. I am searching for velvet dungarees but have only found one pair and they were (frankly) hideous!
      If you ever spot a pair please let me know?!

  4. I've yet to find another pair of dungarees Samantha - the last pair I had was when I was a newly-wed, and that was 35 years ago. They really suit your body shape which is the trick isn't it? Find the right ones and you'll wear them forever. I love how you've popped on those chunky sandals, so very modern and unexpected.
    Anna x

    1. Anna, you would look great in a pair of dungarees...especially with your fab shoe collection. I hope you find a suitable pair as I would love more style inspiration for mine! XXX

  5. You look so darn cute in this outfit!
    I have loved and worn dungarees off and on for 30 years. Who would think that they would make so many comebacks!!
    It's got to have a little to do with the unsurpassed level of comfort that they provide. There is nothing better to wear when you know you'll eat 2 desserts!
    Also, they are great for gardening!
    That evil eye pin is so charming!!

    1. Thank you Judy. They ARE so very comfy aren't they? I find the pockets really handy too (I love a good pocket) and the generally sloppiness comforting. In fact I need to get looking for another pair ASAP! :oD XXX

  6. Hi Sam!
    I like the dungarees on you certainly with the chunky heel! Those sandals are very cute, love a platform and wish I could wear a higher heel like this. The pattern of your blouse is in the oval shape of the eye, so the pin adds some fun repitition to your blouse! I like your hair longer like this too!
    As far as me and dungarees, if I were to buy them now, it would have to have a fitted or skinny leg as I remember wearing them and they always have been too big in the legs many years ago and saggy bum! ( different now)
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads tuesday
    jess xx

    1. I would love to see you in dungarees Jess! There are some super skinny legged versions...for tall leggy ladies too. They would look great with a feminine and vintage twist. XXX

  7. You look amazing in this dungarees, this outfit is so well styled and the brooch is just perfect ! In love with your attire my friend =) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion & beauty blog

    1. Thank you so much Vale! This brooch is actually upside down as it is too 'top heavy' to wear with the lashes on the top...it just flops forward (not a great pin position). Anyway, I am so glad you like it. I seem to be wearing it a lot! XXX

  8. Such a cute look I would have never thought to style dungarees in this way.. so fabulous girl!

    1. Thank you Mary. I would love to see you in dungarees or a dungaree dress!! It would look great. XXX

  9. Let's try again with my comment that didn't work first time!! I think you're my dungarees guru Samantha - I think you should be the spokesperson/model for the National Society of Dungarees Wearers...!! hehe seriously - I love how you've styled it with the pretty blouse and those chunky sandals. Gotta try that myself with mine!

    And can we take a moment to congratulate you on a) having such pretty feet and toes, and b) having such a fabulous blog design - I don't think you told me when it went in so I missed the changeover, I'm so sorry! I'm having a clearout of my Bloglovin feed so I only follow the important people (like you), and I've subscribed to your RSS feed in the meantime.

    Phew. So much to do!!!!!!! ;)

    Catherine x

    1. Thank you very much Catherine! I took your design advice and was delighted with pipdig! The customer service and the design. Such a great way to spend £50.
      I need another dungaree colour now, just because they are so easy to wear....and the fact that black is such a hard colour to photograph well. XXX


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