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Friday, 29 July 2016

Paisley Pencil Skirt and Tan Clogs. Easy Daywear.

Fake Fabulous | Paisley pencil skirt, coral jumper, tweed bag and tan clogs.

These shots were taken way back in March, in preparation for a PPP post about the paisley skirt I'm wearing (belonging to Anna).
Unfortunately, due to one thing and another, the paisley skirt post was shelved.

However, I really liked the look of this outfit, and these photographs!
{A sunny spring day, in Scotland, is a beautiful thing.}

So, these images were sitting on my computer, unused but too nice to 'trash'.
Then something happened...

Fake Fabulous | Paisley pencil skirt, coral jumper, tweed bag and tan clogs.

I was in town recently, and the (very) old necklace in these photos snapped... sending countless beads flying in every direction.

{The same thing happened to another necklace when I was in London, but I saved that one!}

I had worn these wooden beads many times over the years, but had never used them on the blog, and I felt quite sad about that.
What a shame.
This necklace was lost forever.

Then I remembered the photos of the unused paisley skirt.
My necklace was captured on film afterall!

As the skirt is no longer being used for our group post, I've decided to share this look with you.
I love the simplicity of an outfit like this one.

A patterned skirt, vest top and jumper.
What could be easier?

Adding my wooden necklace (and clogs) kept things from getting too formal.
A subtle pattern clash (from my bag) finished things off nicely!


Fake Fabulous | Paisley pencil skirt, coral jumper, tweed bag and tan clogs.

I thought I would leave you with this shot of me doing what I do best...
Taking a drink of tea between shots!

Have you ever had a necklace (or bracelet) snap when you were out?
Could you fix it?
Or, was it lost forever?

Please share your story in the comments.
Or, contact me!


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Is it Time for Your Style to Grow Up? Denim & Leopard

Fake Fabulous | Is it time for your style to grow up? | Denim A-line skirt, leopard platform shoes and an eye brooch.

Have you ever bought something just because you thought you should have it in your wardrobe?
Because everyone else has one?
Because you feel you ought to own one, now that you have reached a certain age?

'That' age.

The age when the time has come to ditch the frivolities of youth, and settle down to some grown-up classics.

Well, a couple of years ago, I did just that.

I bought (amongst other things) a knee length denim A-line skirt.
Because I was 40.
And being 40 meant it was time to grow up, and wear sensible clothes.

Student chic, playsuits, miniskirts, leather dresses, dungarees...they need to be shelved once you reach 35, don't they?

Tailored trousers, crisp blouses, blazers, shift dresses and sensible shoes should take their place.

I may come as no real surprise to you that my answers to these questions (now) is a firm...

{Read more about one of my major style wobbles, here.}

I honestly think that the only time you should shelve the things you love is when you are no longer drawing breath.
Anytime before that moment is a waste of life.

What a difference a couple of years makes!

Fake Fabulous | Is it time for your style to grow up? | Denim A-line skirt, leopard platform shoes and an eye brooch.

Once my wobble had passed (and I had given myself a good shake) I had to reshuffle what remained of my clothes, and mourn the loss of some old favourites.

This "nice" A-line, knee length, denim skirt hung sadly in my wardrobe.
Impossible to make my own.
Nothing like 'me'.

Then I moved it to the 'mistakes' box on top of my wardrobe (the ones that are too pricey just to dump).
The items that might be an outfit, one day, maybe?
Things I might pass onto my girls.
Spending money on nice things is fun, but wasting money is very annoying.

So there this skirt sat, in the reject box, forgotten.

I was having my usual random trawl on Ebay, and found a pair of funky, clunky, hairy, platform, leopard print (and slightly ridiculous) shoes.
I could not resist their tongue-in-cheek charm.
They had to be mine!

When they arrived home, I realised that most of my clothes didn't work with these hairy leopard beauties.

Fake Fabulous | Is it time for your style to grow up? | Denim A-line skirt, leopard platform shoes and an eye brooch.

Mini skirts were a no-no (too cheap looking).
Skinny jeans looked a bit formulaic, and boring.

Maxi's just looked odd.
A midi would work, but I was not feeling in the midi-mood.
Anything leather was just too much.

I needed something else...
Something plain.
Something classic.

A knee length, denim, A-line skirt maybe?
Luckily, I had just the thing!

Fake Fabulous | Is it time for your style to grow up? | Denim A-line skirt, leopard platform shoes and an eye brooch.

A boring skirt needs a bit of oomph, to spice it up.
An OTT pair of shoes needs something somber, to tone them down a little.

The perfect match.

Adding a blush coloured, skinny rib jumper made for a simple (but fun) outfit.
This cool eye brooch finished things off nicely!

Fake Fabulous | Is it time for your style to grow up? | Denim A-line skirt, leopard platform shoes and an eye brooch.

Let me know your thoughts on style (and "growing up") by leaving a comment...
Or Contact me!
I love hearing your opinion on things like this.

SKIRT: Boden (old)...very similar.
JUMPER: Primark (current season)..this one is pretty
SHOES: Office  (these aren't platforms, but are gorgeous...and on sale!)
BAG: Cambridge satchel company (a gift) ...this one is nice
BROOCH: H&M (this one is chic)



Monday, 25 July 2016

The fab 40's | 9 Ways to Wear an all White Outfit, over 40.

Fake Fabulous | The Fab40's | 9 ways to wear an all white outfit, over 40.

Welcome to the fab 40's.

I am delighted to be part of a group of international bloggers, called The fab 40's.
The purpose of this diverse group is to show how eight (very different) women interpret a specific style.
Each month there is a new theme chosen by one of the group.

Being 40(+) does not mean you have to be dowdy, frumpy, boring or forgettable.
All of these women are in their 40's, and fabulous!

Fake Fabulous | The Fab40's | 9 ways to wear an all white outfit, over 40.

All White

This month the theme was wearing all white.

I have been known to wear white, sometimes!
{Have a peep at my white looks: herehere and here}

But, I tend to become a bit more clumsy when wearing white.
It must be the anticipation of getting messy that makes me more prone to making a mess.
Weird isn't it?

Fake Fabulous | The Fab40's | 9 ways to wear an all white outfit, over 40.

However, today's outfit came together really easily.
Cuffed jeans and a loose shirt.
Adding a chanel-style jacket smartened things up a bit.
{see this jacket: here (with dungarees) and here (with yellow)}

Fake Fabulous | The Fab40's | 9 ways to wear an all white outfit, over 40.
I kept my accessories most nude (and pale) to add interest but not take over.
A black and white clutch, and a cute doggy brooch, finished things off nicely.

Do you love the look of an all white outfit but don't know where to start?
Well, fear not!
I have 8 fabulous ladies here, to show you how it can be done.

Our Guest blogger(s)... 

Nicki and Ornella from My O.N.O Lifestyle.

Nicki and Ornella are two thirds of O.N.O. (with their partner, Olga).
The three ladies have a stylish, and colourful, lifestyle blog.
Based in Athens, the blog is filled with sunshine, fashion, decor and cooking.
Did I mention the sunshine?

Nicki (left) and Ornella are stunning in these white outfits.
What better place to showcase such a look then under the bright blue skies of Greece?
I love this shot.
It makes me want to jump on a plane.
{It is drizzling here today...sigh}
Check out their blog for more details, but prepare for location envy!

Sheela from Sheela writes.

Sheela has chosen to add a little pink to her look in the form of some pink pom poms.
I love those shoes!
Jeans and a graphic tee.
Easy and fun.

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann looks effortlessly cool in this all-white outfit.
It looks great against her skintone, and that backdrop!
Another glamourous look.

Jennie from A pocketful of polka dots.

Jennie is having fun in this tongue-in-cheek outfit.
A simple skirt and slogan tee.
A dash of animal print, and some killer heels, lifts her look from casual to chic.

{Adding gutties and a denim jacket would make this a super-comfortable outfit for everyday}

Diane from Fashion on the fourth floor.

Diane is looking sharp today.
This lady means business!
She is proving that (box-fresh) trainers can work beautifully with a 'suit'...especially if they are pink with a little bit of a shimmer!

This look is another (seemingly) effortless outfit with maximum impact.
I love it.

Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps

Mary is a woman who always looks feminine, and super-sexy.
Today is no exception.
She is wowing us in her curve hugging dress.
An elegant neckline and modest hem keeps her looking classy.
Simple and sassy!

Veronica from CID Style file

Veronica is our new full-time member, and I am really glad that we have a plus sized blogger joining us.
She is going to be bringing some fierce attitude to the group, and I can't wait!
She has kept her look casual today (after joining us at the last moment).
A classic white shirt, shorts and slip on gutties!
My kind of look.

Over to you...

Would you wear an all-white outfit?
Would you have to add some darker tones, or colour, to make it more "you"?
Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Or contact me!
I love hearing from you.

GET the all white LOOK

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Friday, 22 July 2016

What makes an outfit frumpy?

Fake Fabulous | What makes a summer dress frumpy? Summer dress, espadrilles and oversized glasses | Green, Pink and White.

This week, we had a mini Scottish heatwave and it was verging on HOT at times.
The thermometer was up to 28 degrees, and I wanted to make the most of it.

I decided to wear this dress again, minus the thermal baselayer!
If I'm honest, it was because this dress has a comfortable built-in bra.
I was enjoying the heat, and could not be bothered with any 'digging in' or sweatiness associated with more structured undies.
{I am lucky to have a small enough bust to get away with this.}

This summer look is a very simple one.

A colourful dress.
Plus a few accessories, to add interest.
Nothing to it really.

Fake Fabulous | What makes a summer dress frumpy? Summer dress, espadrilles and oversized glasses | Green, Pink and White.

This dress is a bright (almost neon) colour and I love it!
It feels so fresh and vibrant.

The hemline is pretty short, but wearing the dress with flat shoes stops it looking too cheap and trashy.
These pink espadrilles are a fun, and practical, choice.

Adding a couple of necklaces (a choker length and one longer) provided coverage and interest to my neckline.
My green cashmere cardigan was on hand to fight any sudden chill (the weather can change dramatically quickly in Scotland) and also worked well to protect my pale skin against the midday sun.
{Good cashmere fabric is perfect in all weathers.}
Oversized white sunglasses, a pink belt and some bracelets finished my look off perfectly.

Fake Fabulous | What makes a summer dress frumpy? Summer dress, espadrilles and oversized glasses | Green, Pink and White.

Simple, and stylish, right?

Well, not always!

Summer dresses can look fantastic but, they can also look very frumpy.

This got me thinking...

10 Easy Ways to look Frumpy, in a Sundress.

{And none of them are to do with your size!}

1. Sticking with trends from previous seasons or (worse) "your day".

This is a big one.
Wearing a certain style because it was in fashion when you were younger is a sure way to look frumpy and dated.

"I love this style....It was all the rage in my looks great on me!"


Wearing the fashions, and trends, of yesteryear is a one way ticket to frumpsville.

{Although, beautiful vintage items (styled well) look amazing.}

No, you will not look younger, like you did 'back in the day'.
You will look like a frumpy middle-aged women in an old dress.

And, while I am on the subject...

It still is "your day".
You are alive, aren't you?
You are able to get dressed, and are free to have fun with your clothes.
Your day is today!

Ditch the trends of your youth, and make the trends of now work for you.
You deserve it.

2. Self tie belts, or 'free' belts that come with your dress.

You know those fabric (or free) belts that come attached to dresses and tunics?
Bin them.
They look cheap and nasty, because they are.

You, on the other hand, are NOT...and deserve to look better.
Popping a good quality belt over your sundress can elevate it from "Whatever" to "Wow!"

3. Wearing the Wrong Size.

A dress that is large (and loose) does not make you look slimmer, or hide your lumps and bumps, it just makes you look big and you are trying to hide something.
Or, just trying to hide.

A dress that is too tight does not squeeze you into shape and make you look slimmer, you just look even larger and generally lumpier.
Not a great look at any size.

Buy a dress that fits.
If you don't like the size on the label, snip it out.
Looking good is more important than being able to say,
"This dress is a 12, you know!"

4. Frumpy Hemlines.

Hiding away under a frumpy hemline is not flattering.
Don't think because you are over 30 (or 40, or 50) you need to wear a certain length.
Forget about dressing "your age" and just pick something you love!
Style has nothing to do with the numbers on your birth certificate.

If your legs are decent, get them out.

If you would rather cover your pins, go maxi.
{More on that here}

If you do love a (tricky) midi length, then rock it!

5. Covering up your arms/neck.

Yes, covering your body provides comfort (and decency) but choosing a dress just because it has sleeves is not going to make your arms look thin and toned.

If you like the style, and it happens to have sleeves, then great.
But, if you are buying it just because it has sleeves, don't bother.

Choose a shape you love, then style it to suit your body.
You can always pop on a lightweight cardigan/coverup (or a soft denim jacket).

Likewise, covering your neck with a scarf (or high neckline) does not hide your wrinkles.
It just looks like you are hiding your neck, and draws the eye to that area.
Try a V (or open) neck and draw the eye away from your loose skin with a fabulous necklace, and a great bra!

Speaking of which...

6.  Wearing an old bra.

Bad Bra = Frumpy Old Maid.

An ill fitting bra (and pants) can ruin even the most modern dress.
If you are fastening your bra on the tightest hook, or it is looking washed out and a little grey, it is time to ditch it and get a new one.
Those puppies need support to look their best.
Treat yourself.
Your dress (and the rest of the world) will thank you for it!

7. Boring handbags.

Slinging a boring black handbag over your shoulder is an easy way to ruin your summer look.
Give your old faithful, had-it-forever, day-bag a rest and try something more vibrant and exciting.
Try a mini-bag or a tote or something silly!

8.  Ugly shoes (and feet).

Shoes can make or break an outfit.
Great footwear has the power to make a boring dress look beautiful and a beautiful dress look stunning.
Shoes are important.

Yes, I know comfort is key, especially on a hot day BUT there really is no excuse for ugly shoes.

{Although, sometimes an ugly shoe is a good thing!}

There are hundreds of comfortable and funky styles availible.
(See this post from Suzanne if you need some ideas.)

Don't forget your feet!

When feet are neglected your whole outfit can seem neglected, no matter how lovely it is.
It's like leaving the stickers on the bottom of your shoes...just because you can't see your cracked heels does not mean the rest of the world can't either.

It only takes a few minutes to buff and moisturise your feet, paint your toenails and trim any stray hairs off your toes.

9. Overdone hair and makeup

Nothing says "old frump" faster than overdone, lego hair.

Perfectly tonged curls (or flicks) and ironed fringes, frozen into place with a pile of hairspray, look dated and old fashioned.

A slightly undone, messy and ultimately sexy, hairstyle is much more modern.

{Take care to tame any ageing frizz}

Hair should whisper "touch me" not scream "Safety Helmet!"

Caking on the make up is another sure way to look 10 years older.
(Especially if it is the same makeup routine you had in "your day"!)

Not bothering with make up is almost as bad.
Something subtle with defined eyes, glowing skin and kissable lips is much more fresh and fun.

{Check out this tutorial if you need makeup for super-hot (and humid) conditions}

10. Being sour-faced.

This is just for fun, but probably the most important frump-factor of all!
A dour face is ageing.
Everyone looks better with a smile.

We all get lines and wrinkles eventually and crinkly eyes (and laughter lines) are much prettier than a scowls and jowls.

A great sundress, fun shoes and a big smile is the perfect summer look at any age!

Fake Fabulous | What makes a summer dress frumpy? Summer dress, espadrilles and oversized glasses | Green, Pink and White.

What says "Frumpy" to you?
Please share your thoughts in the comments....or contact me.

I love hearing from you!

{ADDED 23/01/2016: I have just read this post, from blogging buddy...and she has got the sundress and sandals look NAILED, please check it out.}

SHOES: Mini Boden (these are nice)
DRESS: Charlie Jade (this slip dress is pretty)
CARDIGAN: Boden (very old) This season
NECKLACES & BRACELETS: Various gifts and charity shop finds
SUNGLASSES: Primark (these are cool)



Wednesday, 20 July 2016

One Grey Sheer Tunic Shirt, 3 Ways | # PPP 5

This post is the fifth, in a series, called the Ping Pong Posts.

This time Anna, Ann and I are styling a sheer, grey blouse.

This blouse belongs to Anna, and I have to admit that I found it enormously difficult to style.
{Even more than my usual PPP-panic!}
Styling someone else's clothes can be very hard.

There were a whole host of hurdles to overcome before I could wear this shirt:

  • I can't wear this blouse on it's own, because the stiff shoulders sit oddly on my frame.
  • I don't like the nehru (or mandarin?) collar. I have no idea why.
  • The colour is leaving me cold... no pun intended!
  • The little buttons and loops are nice, but the shape is unforgiving on my frame when buttoned up.
  • The blouse is the wrong size (and shape) for me.
  • Belted, the stiff fabric sticks out at odd angles and looks silly.
  • The sleeves are an awkward length (I have quite long arms) so they're neither long, nor cropped on my limbs.
  • The fabric is too sheer, too stiff and just not 'me'.

Anna certainly knows how to pick a challenging piece!

But, that is the point of all of this isn't it?
Showing how different (and difficult) items can be tweaked, styled and made to work for different women with different personal styles.

Sheer grey shirt, lilac vest, denim waistcoat, black Skinny jeans | Fake Fabulous | PPP 5

I decided to bite the bullet, and keep with the 'cool' colour theme.
Teaming the silver-grey blouse with a lilac vest top.
Nice and simple.

The blouse is quite voluminous, so I needed a neat shape on my bottom half.
Skinny jeans were the obvious (and easy) choice.

Once I had taken my black skinny jeans out of the wardrobe the rest of the look fell easily into place.
These old jeans make anything feel like it's more me, and this shirt was no exception.
As I could not wear it buttoned up, or belted, or open (like a duster) I decided to layer it under a neat denim waistcoat.
The waistcoat nips the blouse in, slightly, and gives some shape back to my body.
I needed roll the sleeves up (because of the awkward length) this helped give the illusion of shape too.

Sheer grey shirt, lilac vest, denim waistcoat, black Skinny jeans | Fake Fabulous | PPP 5

Adding a necklace, bangle and studded belt gave the outfit some more interest and pulled the grey and blue together.
My oversized fringed bag, and grey strappy sandals, finished my look off nicely.

Sheer grey shirt, lilac vest, denim waistcoat, black Skinny jeans | Fake Fabulous | PPP 5

After all of the problems this shirt posed, I thought I would be disappointed with the finished look...
But, I have to admit to really liking the end result!
Sometimes we surprise ourselves, don't we?

However, after having said, that I am still quite happy to parcel this shirt up for it's return journey to the Isles of Scilly.
It is much more at home with it's rightful owner.

Thank you Anna, for such a great challenge!

Sheer grey shirt, lilac vest, denim waistcoat, black Skinny jeans | Fake Fabulous | PPP 5

TOP: Wallis (Anna's)
SHOES: All Saints
JEANS & BAG: Topshop
VEST: JohnnieB
Necklace, Rings, Earrings and Bangle: Various gifts and vintage pieces.

Sheer grey shirt, lilac vest, denim waistcoat, black Skinny jeans | Fake Fabulous | PPP 5

Anna from Anna's Island Style

Anna is the owner of this tricky piece.
See how the sleeves seem to fit her frame (no rolling required!)
She has used the shirt as a tunic, over cropped white trousers, and a vest top.
Simple and chic.
Her outfit seems more metallic, silvery and summery and the blouse goes beautifully with her fair hair.
Great job!

{I love how the wooden background matches her outfit too!}

Tunic & Trousers: Wallis
Shoes: Bebbou
Vest: H&M
Belt & Rings: Charity shop
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann has taken this shirt and turned it on it's head ... quite literally!
She has taken this item and made it fit her life.
Turning it into sexy beachwear in an instant.
She never fails to surprise me.
Cut-offs and a DIY boob tube, over 40?

We made it.

This (for me) was the most challenging item to date!
I wonder what on earth will happen next month?

How would you have styled this blouse?
Open or closed?
Layered or on it's own?

Please let me know in the comments.
Or, contact me.
Sheer grey shirt, lilac vest, denim waistcoat, black Skinny jeans | Fake Fabulous | PPP 5



Saturday, 16 July 2016

How Much of your Life is Taken Over by Blogging?

I am a relatively new blogger.

{Fake Fabulous is just over 1 year old}

So, I don't feel like I am in any position to give blogging tips or advice.
Luckily, great blogging tips are everywhere.
From full time, self employed, bloggers that know exactly what they are talking about!

Technical tips, tricks and hints are also all over the internet.
These help you to get the most out of the techy side of blogging.
There are also plenty of fantastic photography tips, as well as ideas to get the most out of social media.

In fact, anything you want to know, someone, somewhere will have blogged about it.
That is why I love the internet!

{What did we do without it again?}

However, within these hints, tips and "How-to" posts some of the most important things can often be overlooked.

Such as...
How much time do you really need to spend blogging?

Well, there is no quick blogging 'fix'.
Or, secret to overnight success.

You don't just set up a blog, write a couple of posts (with a few snaps) then watch the freebies, followers, comments and money, roll in.

You have to work at it.

I mean really work.


So, this blog of yours needs to be more than your hobby.
It needs to be your passion.

I am a hobby blogger who happily spends all evening on my blog.
I am also a mum (with all the usual mum-jobs to do).
And, I have a dog to look after.
And, I have a day job!

How on earth do I find the time?
Well, we always manage to find time for the things we love, don't we?

How much time do I really spend on my blog?


Researching/Planning Blog Posts

Confession time.

I am not much of a planner.
So, the thought of notebooks and schedules is not something that appeals to me.

{The first photo I used in this post is a stock photo, and would have ideally had a cup of tea and a biccie in place of that note pad and pen!}

I am a see-how-it develops kind of writer.
Even this post started off with a few random ramblings and the title was the last thing to be put in place.

My planning strategy takes no time at all.

Oh...hang on!
That is not entirely true.
I do have to plan (a little) for the PPP posts, and the fab40's. Both of which are outwith my comfort zone.

Creating outfits is something that just happens, on the day.
I occasionally plan an outfit the night before (if I have an early start) but it almost always gets amended before leaving the house.

My outfits tend to be thrown together, and I only analyse the reasoning behind them after the photographs have been sorted out.
Only then, can I figure out why wore what I wore and why it worked (or not).

I must admit that the PPP posts do involve a little more thought, as the clothes are not (usually) mine.
That is quite hard for me, but a great challenge!

In the case of the PPP items, I find that hanging the item I need to style in a prominent place makes me look at it regularly.
Eventually, inspiration comes.

You could try it with something unworn from your wardrobe.
Let me know if it works!

Are you a planner?

Photographing Outfits

Photographing outfits can be a challenge in Scotland, especially in Winter when it is dark almost all of the time.
In the Summer we are often dodging rain showers, or fighting against the wind.

Sometimes, it can be quite stressful to find the time, light and a break in the weather.
Occasionally, I just give up and write about something else.

Sorting out Photos

Sorting photos is the boring bit (for me, anyway).

My husband takes about 100- 200 photos per outfit.

{He should take more but there is still a part of his brain that thinks you can't waste the film!}

I use about 5 images per post (at the most). 
Looking through them is boring.
I don't enjoy looking at myself.
I would much rather be the photographer, and the stylist.
But, as I am talking about my personal style (as opposed to fashion) that would be a bit pointless.

Editing photographs takes an AGE and I don't even use photoshop.
I just hit enhance (or delete) and crop a little.
I don't know how anyone finds the time (or has the inclination) to properly edit photographs, and remove all imperfections.

Sometimes I look at my photos and think..
 "Gosh Sam,  you look tired, old and a bit grey at the temples."
Then I remember that I am all of these things!

I don't want to remove the 'real' me from my images, so I don't.
You see it how it is.
Warts and all.

{Okay, maybe not warts}

Writing a Post

This is the fun part!
I never plan, or write an overview.
I write directly into blogger, no first drafts or anything like that.
I am an impulsive writer and that is how I want to stay.

I usually just add my photos onto an empty page, then start talking, letting the words flow and the direction they want to.
My writing does it's own thing.

Sometimes a post will take an unexpected turn...
This post started talking about wearing summer clothes in Autumn, and ended up talking about how to introduce coloured tights into your wardrobe.
It wrote itself really.

Reading and Editing my Post

When I am finished writing, I have to read my finished post aloud.
It sounds daft, but it really helps me to feel the flow of the words, and make sure they sound like the real me.
Then I hit the 'Publish' button.

Sometimes, there is that horrible moment that I realise (post-publish) that I have made a stupid typO.
{Even after 3 or 4 re-reads}

I think that after I have read my post through a few times my brain starts to 'Autocorrect' for me.


How do you feel about the dreaded TypeO?

Reading, and Replying to, Comments

I love this part!
Reading comments is one of the best things about blogging.
I love hearing people's thoughts, and really enjoy it when someone might not agree with me.
I especially like it when someone has an experience of their own to share, or a different way of doing things.
I always keep an open mind, and try not to be offended if someone does not like what I am wearing, or disagrees with my point of view.

I try my best to reply to every comment left on my blog, because I believe that answering and replying to all comments is an essential part of blogging.
Yes, it takes ages BUT it shows you (my visitor) that I value your comments and opinions.

Do you like reading replies to comments?

Improving the Blog

This can involve adding icons, links and widgets.
Tweaking my template, or experimenting with my colour scheme.
Reorganising, and reshuffling, can (and will) take hours.
Enjoyable, yes, but the housework tends to take a back seat.
{I can vacuum later}

I try and have a tweak (or at least a tidy up) every couple of months.

Checking social media and responding to comments and emails

Social media is great fun, especially checking out other people's posts and photographs.
Instagram is my favourite.
I try to answer every comment personally, on an individual basis.

I am rubbish on Facebook.
If you comment there and I don't reply immediately, I can only apologise.

Posting on Instagram, however, is fun and interacting is even better!
{Be careful not to lose your entire life to scrolling}
I don't post to Instagram enough.
I should do more but I struggle to find time.
I often find myself on instagram at night, in bed, and can still be 'liking' and commenting long after the whole house is asleep.

I need to be better at Pinterest too.
I know it has huge potential, but I have not tapped into it.

Maybe that should be the next 'improvement' project?

What is your favourite social media platform?

Reading other blogs

This is where I lose hours and hours of my day!

I love reading other blogs (see my blogroll for my favourites).
This takes a lot of time, but it is very enjoyable.
In fact, I could spend all day reading, and commenting on blogs.

Commenting is optional, but I would highly recommend it!
Interacting with other bloggers is one of the best things about blogging.
Even if it is just a simple... "Cool dress!" or "Great shade of lippy"... interacting is fun.

The only thing I would say about commenting and interacting is to be nice.

If you have something genuinely positive to say, let it flow!

If you really don't like a look, don't say anything,  just move on to another post.
{Your favourite bloggers will come up with something new soon enough}

If someone asks for an opinion, give it but don't be nasty.

Being a bitch is never a good idea.

Oh, and finally...
Don't be pushy.

Leaving a link to your blog is great but leaving a,
"Great look...BTW, Follow my blog, check out my post, here is my blog link, Instagram link, facebook...look at it NOW!"
..comment is annoying, and just rude.

Now comes the maths part.

{Well, arithmetic anyway}

Estimated hours (per week) devoted to blogging - based on 3 posts per week.

Research and Planning (I am including reading glossy magazines): hours
Photographing outfits: 1 hour (it is a quick process, usually while the dinner is cooking!)
Editing/deleting photos: 3 hours (it seems to take forever to achieve very little)
Writing posts: 6 hours (sometimes more, if the post runs away with itself)
Reading and editing: 2 hours
Reading and replying to comments: 2 hours
Checking and responding to emails: 3 hours
Blog improvements: 1 hour (this usually happens once every couple of months in a big chunk)
Social media interactions: 5 hours (probably more, if you include my late-night Instagram scrolling!)
Reading other blogs: 5 hours

Total: 30+ hours (this comes as no surprise to me, it is like a full time job, and I am just a small blogger!)

30 hours.
Sounds a lot doesn't it?
But, for me, it is time well spent!

(If it is your blog, please leave me a link)
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Friday, 15 July 2016

7 Ways to Look Cool (at Work) when it's Hot.

Fake Fabulous | 7 ways to look cool at work when it is HOT | Mixing patterns

What is it about the hot, summer, weather that makes some (normally chic and elegant) people turn into a crumpled (and sweaty) mess?

Their normal daily 'uniform' of: chic dresses, great shoes, stylish separates and fabulous jackets, steps aside to make way for: badly fitting sandals, shapeless dresses, unflattering linen trousers and equally crumpled shirts.

Summer can be hot and uncomfortable, yes, but there is no need to lose sight of your personal style, or your love of fashion.

The work environment can be the most difficult to negotiate stylishly, in Summer, but don't panic...

7 Easy ways to look cool (and stay cool) at work, in Summer.

1. If your job allows you to wear sandals, do it!

Enjoy the freedom, but avoid anything too beachy, strappy or casual.
There are plenty of professional looking sandals out there, like these, or these.

2. Forget about 'plastic' shoes. 

Unless you are a vegetarian, leather is always a better option in hotter weather.
It is breathable and moulds to fit your foot.
Good quality leather does not rub, and you will be comfortable all day long.
Sweaty (and smelly) feet sliding around in 'pleather' shoes are disgusting.

3. Avoid the obvious Summer fabrics, like linen and 100% cotton.

Yes, linen and cotton are classic summer fabrics BUT they crumple too easily.
(Unless of course the "I slept in this outfit" is the look you are aiming for! :oP)
If you really love the look of linen (or crisp cotton) try to get a blended fabric.
This gives you the look, without the creasing.

4. Step away from polyester!

Polyester is awful in the summer.
There is no getting away from the fact that;
Polyester Clothes + Body Heat = Sweaty and Smelly.
Even if you are not a particularly sweaty person, polyester can make you smell.
An unfortunate fact.

5. Wear antiperspirant.

Even in breathable, natural or high-tech wicking fabrics, antiperspirant is a very good idea!
A light spritz of fresh perfume is also wonderful on a hot day.

6. Keep your undies cool and comfortable. 

Choose wicking fabrics, or natural yarns, like cotton or silk.
{Now is not the time for tight shapewear}
If you need to wear hosiery (for personal or professional reasons) chose the best quality you can afford, and pick a colour close to your natural skin colour.
Faking a lighter (or darker) colour using tights, looks silly.

7. Take an emergency 'freshen up' kit with you, including:

Fake Fabulous | 7 ways to look cool at work when it is HOT | Mixing patterns  
Here, I am doing a little bit of pattern mixing (3 patterns) in tones of beige and grey.
Muted colour palettes can make the mixing of patterns easier.
{See this post on how to mix patterns}

This skirt is a favourite of mine (see it here, with the same shoes) and it gets a lot of use.
It is lightweight, but lined, so it's perfect for hot weather.
There is no cling, squeeze or crumpling of the fabric.

Because this skirt's hemline is quite short and my legs are bare (well, almost) I have chosen to wear a pair of covered shoes.
I think a fully covered shoe looks a little smarter, with a short skirt, than a sandal.
I am lucky that my feet never sweat (honestly) so a closed shoe is something I can wear comfortably in hotter weather.
These pointed snake print ballet flats have a nice low vamp and seem to go with everything.
Maybe snake print is another neutral, after all?

{I must mention that, as I am typing this, it is raining heavily outside and down to 16 miserable degrees. The weather is Scotland is so changeable.}

Fake Fabulous | 7 ways to look cool at work when it is HOT | Mixing patterns

This top is a mixed fabric, that never creases, and is nice and loose around the tops of my arms (and my armpits).
Perfect for a potentially sweaty day.

However, this top is quite an awkward colourway, that does not really match or 'go' with anything.
The only thing to do in a situation like this is to make it go with (or in this case, clash with) other items.

I picked out the cream and beige in the top with my skirt.
Using a neutral (but distinctive) necklace to make the lighter shades and the shapes blend together.
My patent grey bag helped make the top fit in a little more.

Fake Fabulous | 7 ways to look cool at work when it is HOT | Mixing patterns

A pair of giant sunglasses finished my look off nicely.




TOP: Jacqui-E... this one would look great
SKIRT: Luxzuz, this one is pretty.
TIGHTS: Walford
NECKLACE: Oliva Bonas...this one, with blue, is beautiful!
SHOES: Topshop...these are cute.


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Styling a Camisole over a T-shirt.

Fake Fabulous | Orange camisole, Navy undertop, grey waistcoat, skinny light denim jeans and silver shoes.

Every few years the trend for wearing spaghetti straps (or vest tops) over a tee shirt comes back around.
A great nostalgic throwback to the 90's.

Even though I remember the 90's trend first hand, I still like the look.
And, of course, in Scotland, the practical side of layering is always a bonus!

I think that spaghetti strapped dresses (and tops) look great over fitted short sleeved (and long sleeved) fine gauge t-shirts.
I especially like the look over a delicate roll neck.
(I need to save that one for the autumn though)

Fake Fabulous | Orange camisole, Navy undertop, grey waistcoat, skinny light denim jeans and silver shoes.

Today's casual outfit was all about layering, and mixing cool and warm tones together.
I wanted to wear my orange camisole again (last spotted here) and layer this slightly sparkly blue tee-shirt underneath.
Super soft skinny jeans were the perfect partner for a comfortable look.

Fake Fabulous | Orange camisole, Navy undertop, grey waistcoat, skinny light denim jeans and silver shoes.

I really wanted to wear these silver sandals again too (see them here with a tartan tee).
They are made of the softest leather with a leather sole and a quality finish.
Silver in colour, with a slightly holographic sheen.
They really caught my eye.

I bought these shoes while I was in London and they were just meant to be mine.
They were the last pair in the shop (which was closing down).
It was fate!
Reduced from £120 to £14.
Yep, the princely sum of £14.
Buying a couple of coffees (and cakes) was more expensive in the city.

Fake Fabulous | Orange camisole, Navy undertop, grey waistcoat, skinny light denim jeans and silver shoes.

Silver shoes can jar with warmer tones (like orange) so I popped on my little grey waistcoat to help pull them together.

Adding a chunky silver and gold necklace helped make the colour clash look intentional, not like I just grabbed the first cardi in my cupboard!

Fake Fabulous | Orange camisole, Navy undertop, grey waistcoat, skinny light denim jeans and silver shoes.

Gold studs and orange nails, finished my look off perfectly.


Please leave me a comment.
You know I love hearing your thoughts!

JEANS: Falmer (similar)
CAMISOLE: Asda (similar)
WAISTCOAT: The White Company (this tailored one is cool)
NECKLACE: H&M (this chunky one is nice)
LONG SLEEVED TOP : M&S ...this one is lovely and comes in other colours too!
SHOES: American Apparel (these are pretty)
GLASSES: Primark (these are lovely)
NAILS: Max Factoror get it here

Fake Fabulous | Orange camisole, Navy undertop, grey waistcoat, skinny light denim jeans and silver shoes.


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