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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Comfortable Summer Outfit, perfect for Travelling!

Fake Fabulous | MargaretM trousers | Mixing florals & colours | Red, blue, lilac and green.

Wearing bright splashes of colour is an easy way to cheer up a dull day.

This outfit was the perfect antidote to the, a-bit-damp and a-bit-chilly, weather we are experiencing at the moment.

Summer seems to have forsaken us, and I need to keep pretending otherwise.
If the sun won't shine I will have to wear my own!

Fake Fabulous | MargaretM trousers | Mixing florals & colours | Red, blue, lilac and green.

This outfit came together really quickly (and surprisingly easily) considering how much colour and pattern it contains.

It started with these red and white trousers, from Margaret M.
The are called 'Slimming pants'....hmmm...
I am definitely NOT a fan of shapewear (or restrictive clothing) so I must admit to being sceptical about how they would fit and, more importantly, feel.

However, I always try and keep an open mind so I thought I would give them a go.
I figured that if they were too tight, or caused nasty ooze, I could hand them on to a shapewear fan.

I was really surprised when they were super comfortable, and a great fit. 
No oozage in sight.
For me, they were not so much slimming, just comfortable and easy to wear!

Fake Fabulous | MargaretM trousers | Mixing florals & colours | Red, blue, lilac and green.

These red and white trousers would have looked nice with a white top and plain sandals.
Nice enough, yes, but I feel that patterned trousers can start to look a bit like pyjama bottoms if I am not careful.
So, I decided to add more colour (and another pattern) to liven things up a little.

Mixing a small pattern (trousers) with a larger one (blouse) is an easy way to mix prints.

The floral blouse ties in with the red and white of the trousers, but also brings more colours into play, expanding the palette nicely.
I added a lilac vest and a green belt, but could have easily chosen any one of the colours in the bolder pattern.

Purple (and blue) gutties, and a bright blue blazer, pulled more colours out of my blouse and made my outfit feel fresher, and more fun.

Fake Fabulous | MargaretM trousers | Mixing florals & colours | Red, blue, lilac and green.

A green bangle, and my #YEAH bag, finished my colourful look off perfectly.

{PLEASE NOTE: The nice people at MargaretM sent me these super-comfortable trousers. I was not paid to write a review, or included specific content. Everything I have written here is my own opinion.}


Fake Fabulous | MargaretM trousers | Mixing florals & colours | Red, blue, lilac and green.

How would you have styled these trousers?
Do you like mixing colours and patterns?
Or, do you prefer mixing a pattern with plain items?

Please share your thoughts in the comments...or contact me!

TROUSERS: MargaretM ....these checked ones are cool.
VEST: Topshop (old)...this bodysuit version is fab!
SHIRT: Asda. (This one is so nice!!....I like this one too.)
JACKET: Monsoon (this boyfriend style one is great.)
BELT: Tkmaxx
SHOES: Boden (these Superga's are lovely, these ones from Ash are pretty too)
BAG: M&S Limited...this one is funny....I am day dreaming about this one!!
BANGLE and RING: Topshop...this bangle caught my eye. This ring is a more sophisticated version.



  1. What great pants!! Of course Samantha, you don't need the slimming aspect--but comfy---now that's fabulous!!
    I really like the blouse with the pants even though I'm still quite a novice in this print mixing thing---but it really speaks to me!
    And those tennies---now that's my idea of fun footwear!

    1. Thank you so much Jodie. I could see you in this look, maybe with a heeled pair of trainers instead? :o) XXX

  2. You've done a multitude of really fun colors and patterns. I love how often you're able to use you blue jacket. Your shoes are SO cute!!!

    1. I love it when that happens too, Judy! A piece that should be quite restrictive but seems to go with everything....a bit like lilac nail polish :o) XXX

  3. Great look Samantha. You know what a fan I am of pattern mixing and this is expertly done in my opinion. And yes, I do remember how vocal you were when I wrote about shapewear, so this goes to prove the saying of "never say never"! The trousers look very normal, not in anyway like shapewear and you've styled them up beautifully.
    Anna x

    1. The trousers surprised me Anna. I was expecting something that would need a long jumper or tunic to cover the fallout from being squeezed. But they are just comfortable. I just can't get on with shapewear at all. There always seems to be a bit of me escaping from one part of it or another! Hahaha. XXX

  4. I am not a big fan of mixing pattern, I just started to wear one pattern! Before blogging I almost never wore patterns, Yeah I know, very dull. But give me some time and you WILL see me wearing lots of patterns! Lol! Would love to see you later today on Fancy Friday linkup!

  5. Fabulous mixed patterns and fabulous color combo!!, I love how you've picked these pieces and make them work together in a funky outfit!, Gorgeous!!!
    Lovely red pants and lovely cute sneakers!, and lovely that you add those purples, blues and reds into the ensemble!

  6. This is gorgeous on you, so cheery, so bright, so happy, and I can imagine you must be a breath of fresh air swanning about on a grey day in Scotland. The bangle really catches my eye. The mix of so many patterns and colours is super! xx

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. All comments that do not redirect to personal blogs are deleted...Sorry! XXX


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