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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Colourful Daytime Makeup, over 40.

Fake Fabulous | Colourful daytime makeup, over 40.

Look on the internet and you will find plenty of  makeup tutorials for women over 40.
Some are fantastic (thank you Lisa Eldridge)
Some not so good.

There are so many do's and dont's.
Countless 'rules' we should be obeying to stop us looking older, or trashy, or like mutton dressed as lamb.

The internet seems to think, that once we hit the big 40, we give up on having fun with makeup, and become obsessed with looking young, fresh and natural.

Well, natural makeup is great and it has it's place.
What if you have resigned yourself to your ageing complexion, and can't be bothered with the battle to look younger?

What if you want to have some fun with what is left of your face?

Today, I was attempting to show you a step-by-step makeup routine.
With fantastic photographs.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be an epic photography fail!

I have no special lighting, or talented photographer.
It was just me and my remote, in my bedroom (near the window) and most of my photos were totally rubbish.
Out of focus and useless.

I had taken photos at each stage of application, but it was only when I had finished that I realised they were awful (they looked okay on the camera) and I could not be bothered to wipe my makeup off and start again.
I needed to go out.

What a complete waste of time.

Then I started to think.
What woman (by the time she reaches her 40's) does not know how to put on a bit of eyeshadow or a slick of liner?
I am hardly an expert.
In fact, I am more of a slap-dash (and hope for the best) makeup applicator.
Who really cares how I do things, anyway?

So, I decided that I would just show you my 'undone' face and then the finished look.
I am no makeup artist or model,  just a normal woman with a normal face.
I wanted to prove that we (as older women) can still wear a little colour on our crinkly eyes and older faces.
Who really cares that we don't look 20 anyway?

{Even if my makeup was more 'natural' I am not fooling anyone!}

Fake Fabulous | Colourful daytime makeup, over 40.

Here is my untouched up, unphotoshopped, unfiltered, fresh-out-of-the-shower face.
Complete with dark bits, veins, pigmentation, middle aged zits, fine lines, not-so fine lines, dark circles and those delightful age spots....don't you just love them?

Fake Fabulous | Colourful daytime makeup, over 40.

I thought I would share my face wash, and creams, with you.
To be honest, I just use whatever products catch my eye, I am not brand loyal at all.
However, I do have VERY sensitive skin and can resemble a beetroot if the wrong cream touches my face.
I am not joking.
My face has been know to turn purple.
I react to badly to Clarins in particular.

This is what I am using at the moment:
A foaming face wash from Arad (found in Tkmax for a couple of pounds)
Liz Earle toner (which I spritz on after washing)
Good old Nivea.
A cream that was a gift from a friend, by Monu.

Let's talk base...

Fake Fabulous | Colourful daytime makeup, over 40.

Foundation (and concealer) is such a tricky subject.
There are so many different products, and so many ways to use them.
It can be very confusing and easy to get wrong.

{I am happy to try most types of product from most brands, and have had fun doing it!
There have been some expensive mistakes but I usually just pass those onto my friends.}

Piling on foundation (and concealing products) does not improve the look of my skin.
It just makes me look older, and more tired.
I don't need any help with that!

I just add some concealer in the corners of my eyes (eyebright, which is pink toned and neutralises the blue, followed by Boing, which is yellow toned) and then a thin layer of foundation.
Not too much or I look awful.

At the moment I am using a mineral foundation.
Mineral foundation can cling to pores (and fine hairs) looking very ageing and ghastly.
The secret is to buff buff buff and then, when you think you are done... buff some more!
I also use a little of the yellow-toned 'Redness remedy' on any spots or veins.
It is not total coverage, but it takes the edge off my ruddy patches.

Then, I add a touch of blush.
A creamy one from Chanel is my current favourite.
It looks great, smells great and feels great.
Yes, it is a splurge but it lasts an age.

Products I am using:
Chanel blush (no 21)
Redness remedy (this is similar)
Bare minerals foundation (fairly light)
Boing by Benefit
Eyebright by Benefit

Here come the brows...

Fake Fabulous | Colourful daytime makeup, over 40.

My brows are quite (read:VERY) pathetic and need a serious helping hand.

{Thin brows are so old fashioned and very ageing}

So, I enhance them with some pencil followed by a matte eyeshadow to fill in the gaps.
Some brow gel stops those wild hairs escaping.

{My brows always go crazy during the day!}

The facial razor in the picture is what I use instead of plucking.
The razor is quick and painless, and leaves no red lumps.
It is also great for whizzing over any odd chin hairs (or the dreaded moustache).

{See my post on awkward facial hair here and why it's important to deal with it.}

Products I have used:
Bobbi brown taupe eyeshadow
Gimme Brow
Mac eyebrow pencil

The Eyes have it...

Fake Fabulous | Colourful daytime makeup, over 40.

I love makeup brushes (very much).
I have a few, and enjoy using them.

So, I use a different brush for each eyeshadow colour, and another one to blend.
You obviously don't need as many as this, you could do the whole job with one good brush.

A cotton bud is an essential tool for me, for corrections.
{I always sneeze after putting on mascara. So annoying!}

Also, I find a foundation sponge perfect for removing any shadow that has fallen too low at the outer corners. One sweep and it is fixed.

Fake Fabulous | Colourful daytime makeup, over 40.

For this colourful, but simple, look I used a neutral base shadow then a punchy orange all over my lid.
A Teal liner (for more colour and definition) and some of the teal shadow, from my palette, layered over the top.
Easy peasy.

Products I used:
Revlon colorstay quartet (wild savage)..this is nice. Although, I couldn't use it.
No 7 liner in teal (similar)
Rimmel nude liner (for the waterline)

Saving the lashes...

Fake Fabulous | Colourful daytime makeup, over 40.

Curling my (disappearing) lashes is a must, as is a lash primer.
Curl, prime then a couple of coats of mascara and I am done.

{Read here, my thoughts on failing lashes and false ones}

I used:
Benefit they're real primer
Eyelash curlers (mine are ancient, over 30 years old!)
The Body Shop Mascara (brown)..this one is great.

Fake Fabulous | Colourful daytime makeup, over 40.

Get Lippy...

Fake Fabulous | Colourful daytime makeup, over 40.

Normally, I prefer just a slick of lip balm but I know I should be lining my lips a little to give them definition.
I also know that lots of women love a great lipstick.
{I do wear more colour on my lips now thanks to THIS}

I used a nude liner and a lipstick very slightly darker than my lips.
I know gloss is out of style but I could not resist a slick too!

What I used today:
Bobbi Brown lipstick (rose petal)
Bare Minerals lipgloss
No7 nude liner (similar)
Vaseline, rosy lips

Fake Fabulous | Colourful daytime makeup, over 40.

What do you think?
Should we continue to have fun with makeup in our 40's, and beyond?
Or, should we tone things down and least attempt to look younger and fresh?
Do you wear colour on your face?

Please let me know your thoughts on this post....I love to hear them!




  1. I love this!
    I've been reading (and enjoying) your posts for a long time, but this one especially makes me want to thank you. I'm looking forward to trying what you've done (I really like orange and real). Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment Di. It really does mean a lot to me!
      You are very kind.
      I was struggling to find a quartet with the orange and teal but you can easily find them as individuals from some of the funkier ranges like urban decay and mac. I hope you find what you are looking for and have fun experimenting.
      Please let me know how you get on.

  2. I must admit I am terribly lazy when it comes to makeup. Thus why I started getting last extensions about 4 years ago and why I get them to colour my brows when I get my hair colour done. Most days I just wear sunscreen.

    I also have very sensitive skin and find I am very nervous about trying anything new.

    I've had fuzz on the sides of my face since I was 10. I don't let it worry me. It is fine, soft and super blond (my natural hair colour). The idea of adding yet another area of shaving to my body turns me off completely.

    Kudos for getting the photos you did get and documenting what you do to look so gorgeous (although I must add you look amazing without any makeup!)


    1. I am pretty lazy too Suzanne but can not go out without my mascara (I am too much of a scaredy cat for lash extensions). I have quite a lot of fine veins on my face (genetics) and need a light dusting to take the edge off!
      As for fuzz...Side fluff I do not mind at all but I can't cope with tash hair or a lady beard...It gives me the yaks. I am aware of loosing my sight so my girls are on beard patrol!! :oP
      Thank you for this comment. XXX

  3. You are stunning before and after makeup. I love this post - I am tired of seeing the tasteful nude face for over 40 that takes all day to put on. I'm for colour!! Give me a bright lipstick any day and I'm ready to go. I have sensitive skin too so I can seldom tolerate foundations, and don't wear eye shadow often because I don't like the removal process, I use olive oil.

    1. I had not realised that so many women are sensitive to creams and makeup. This mineral foundation is not irritating...maybe worth a try? My face ends up in a mess with certain brands and it makes me a little sad as I want to enjoy them but I just end up resembling a beetroot. It can be quite scary when your face reacts badly to something, can't it? Thank you for your comment and your kind words. XXX

  4. What a great post! But as the ladys before me already said, I think you are very pretty without makeup also!I never use but just as much mascara. And eyeliner and the touchexeclaitven lipliner and Mac And so on. Tomorrow is Fancy Friday linkup. I hope to see you then!

    1. Thank you very much Nancy! I always thought that I hardly used anything at all but when I laid it all out there was quite a few things...most of them brushes :oP XXX

  5. What a great post! But as the ladys before me already said, I think you are very pretty without makeup also!I never use but just as much mascara. And eyeliner and the touchexeclaitven lipliner and Mac And so on. Tomorrow is Fancy Friday linkup. I hope to see you then!

  6. I am a makeupaholic and I can't count how many products I own, and keep buying ! I do have a few favorites I always use, and they include Boing and also They're real mascara :) I loved this post, so accurate and well done ! You look beautiful even without makeup, but I love makeup too much to renounce to it, I would feel naked without it ! You look wonderful with this makeup, it's elegant and not at all too much. Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion and beauty blog

    1. Vale, you are a serious makeup expert so any words of approval from you are amazing! Thank you. I am certainly no expert but wanted to share a slice of real life. Some makeup looks take hours, this one takes a few kind of time frame! ;oD Tahn you so much for your comment. XXX

  7. lovely post, I'm really tired of all those 'nude face' tutorials, I'm looking for some color!
    Even if there are so many different skin tones, your advice is still very useful for anybody, as it's really well made and it's nice that you decided to keep it simple!. I'm not using concealer, nor foundation, as I re-apply my 50+sunscreen every few hours. But I'm ready to embrace some eyeshadow and lipstick!

    1. Thank you Monica. I need things to be simple for two time to be faffing around and no patience to be faffing around! I like things easy. XXX

  8. OK, you do look stunning with make-up but I am not flattering you when I say you are a natural beauty. Nothing wrong with your "just-out-of-the-shower" face. I am sure you will disagree haha. But I am mot joking.

    1. You are very kind Greetje. I would always fill in my eyebrows these days, even if I was going nowhere. I just feel faceless without them.
      I really miss the carefree mornings of my makeup, no fuss, long lashes, full brows, smooth skin... just run my fingers through my hair, slick of lipbalm and out the door. Easy times. XXX

  9. You're blessed with a perfect heart shaped face and features that are all pretty perfect too, Samantha. Even your goulish efforts to look scary at Halloween showed you off to be gorgeous. However, it's still gutsy to show yourself off without any make up, and with all of your imaginary flaws. Your step by step account and photos are great. I love the eyeshadow and liner colours and how they compliment your hair colour. Another really valuable post x

    1. Thank you Anna for your kind words. I am looking forward to next halloween's hideousness!! :oP XXX


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