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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Comfortable Summer Outfit, perfect for Travelling!

Fake Fabulous | MargaretM trousers | Mixing florals & colours | Red, blue, lilac and green.

Wearing bright splashes of colour is an easy way to cheer up a dull day.

This outfit was the perfect antidote to the, a-bit-damp and a-bit-chilly, weather we are experiencing at the moment.

Summer seems to have forsaken us, and I need to keep pretending otherwise.
If the sun won't shine I will have to wear my own!

Fake Fabulous | MargaretM trousers | Mixing florals & colours | Red, blue, lilac and green.

This outfit came together really quickly (and surprisingly easily) considering how much colour and pattern it contains.

It started with these red and white trousers, from Margaret M.
The are called 'Slimming pants'....hmmm...
I am definitely NOT a fan of shapewear (or restrictive clothing) so I must admit to being sceptical about how they would fit and, more importantly, feel.

However, I always try and keep an open mind so I thought I would give them a go.
I figured that if they were too tight, or caused nasty ooze, I could hand them on to a shapewear fan.

I was really surprised when they were super comfortable, and a great fit. 
No oozage in sight.
For me, they were not so much slimming, just comfortable and easy to wear!

Fake Fabulous | MargaretM trousers | Mixing florals & colours | Red, blue, lilac and green.

These red and white trousers would have looked nice with a white top and plain sandals.
Nice enough, yes, but I feel that patterned trousers can start to look a bit like pyjama bottoms if I am not careful.
So, I decided to add more colour (and another pattern) to liven things up a little.

Mixing a small pattern (trousers) with a larger one (blouse) is an easy way to mix prints.

The floral blouse ties in with the red and white of the trousers, but also brings more colours into play, expanding the palette nicely.
I added a lilac vest and a green belt, but could have easily chosen any one of the colours in the bolder pattern.

Purple (and blue) gutties, and a bright blue blazer, pulled more colours out of my blouse and made my outfit feel fresher, and more fun.

Fake Fabulous | MargaretM trousers | Mixing florals & colours | Red, blue, lilac and green.

A green bangle, and my #YEAH bag, finished my colourful look off perfectly.

{PLEASE NOTE: The nice people at MargaretM sent me these super-comfortable trousers. I was not paid to write a review, or included specific content. Everything I have written here is my own opinion.}


Fake Fabulous | MargaretM trousers | Mixing florals & colours | Red, blue, lilac and green.

How would you have styled these trousers?
Do you like mixing colours and patterns?
Or, do you prefer mixing a pattern with plain items?

Please share your thoughts in the comments...or contact me!

TROUSERS: MargaretM ....these checked ones are cool.
VEST: Topshop (old)...this bodysuit version is fab!
SHIRT: Asda. (This one is so nice!!....I like this one too.)
JACKET: Monsoon (this boyfriend style one is great.)
BELT: Tkmaxx
SHOES: Boden (these Superga's are lovely, these ones from Ash are pretty too)
BAG: M&S Limited...this one is funny....I am day dreaming about this one!!
BANGLE and RING: Topshop...this bangle caught my eye. This ring is a more sophisticated version.


Monday, 27 June 2016

The Fab40's | 7 Eveningwear as Daywear Looks, over 40.

Fake Fabulous | Eveningwear as Daywear | The fab40's, over 40 style.

Welcome to the fab 40's.

I am delighted to be part of a group of international bloggers, called The fab 40's.
The purpose of the group is to show how seven (very different) women interpret a specific style.
Each month there is a new theme chosen by one of the group.
This month it was my turn!

This diverse group proves that being 40(+) does not mean you have to be dowdy, frumpy, boring or forgettable.

Fake Fabulous | Eveningwear as Daywear | The fab40's, over 40 style.

Eveningwear as Daywear

This theme I chose was styling your party clothes (or occasion wear) during the day.

How many of us have (sometimes) expensive, and rarely worn, items hanging in our wardrobes?
Wouldn't it be great if we could get more wear out of these fun and fab clothes?

Styling occasion wear during the day is relatively easy...
{See me going from work to a party, here and styling an evening dress here}

A few tweeks and you are rocking a fabulous (and unique) daytime look.
Upping the style points as well as reducing that cost per wear!

As the person who picked this theme, you would think I had it all planned out, right?

I do like a challenge.
After rummaging through some old party/wedding/occasion dresses (some of which ended up in the charity bag) I decided on this satin wiggle dress.
It is so comfortable and easy to wear.

Fake Fabulous | Eveningwear as Daywear | The fab40's, over 40 style.

{See the original post here}

This dress is such a great fit (and feel) that all I did was add a t-shirt on top and ...voila!
An easy outfit.

The t-shirt is a high-low design which made it perfect for tucking into a belt to give my outfit more shape and less of a sloppy feel.

I left the longer back section loose to keep things casual and easy looking.

Fake Fabulous | Eveningwear as Daywear | The fab40's, over 40 style.

Gutties were the only shoe option, for me.
A casual trainer always works wonders when you want to make an outfit seem more thrown together, and effortless.
Some people can wear trainers with anything and look great!
A simple silver bag (worn high and across the body) adds a modern touch.

A warmer toned scarf pulled the colour of my hair into the palette, and helped soften the harshness of the black and white against my pale skin.
Some fun (and ever so slightly creepy) rings finished things off perfectly!

Fake Fabulous | Eveningwear as Daywear | The fab40's, over 40 style.

Do you have partywear that you would love to style up for daytime, but don't know where to start?

Well, fear not!
I have 6 fabulous ladies here, to show you how it can be done with ease.

Our Guest blogger...Vale from Fashion and Cookies

Vale is one stylish lady!
She has a wardrobe to die for, and the most amazing figure.
I can't help applauding both.

Her blog is cool, super-stylish and fun.
Packed with fashion, and oodles of beauty posts too.

Please check it out.
However, be warned....
You might never look at your own shoe collection the same way again.
{Serious wardrobe envy alert!!}

Vale's outfits are usually quirky, colourful and often involve clashes of texture and colour.
I was initially surprised to see her in this monochrome look, but not at all surprised to see a mixture of textures and a cheeky peep of skin.
And, that blue tone... just gorgeous.
A ladylike look, but still flirty with plenty of fun!

TOP: Yumi 
BAG: Zara
SHOES: Sergio Levantesi 

Sheela from Sheela writes.

Speaking of shoe envy....
Over to Sheela!
Once again her shoes are crazy-cool with a killer heel and a super sexy vibe.
She looks amazing in this T-shirt and trousers combination.
So simple but SO effective!

TOP: Thrifted
SHOES: Ami Club Wear
Fitbit & Rings: Gifted
LIPSTICK: I’m Nude from Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann is one of those women I mentioned earlier...
The ones who can wear trainers (or super-casual shoes, like these flip flops) with anything.
Not content with styling one jazzy item, she has chosen two!
What a great look.
Sequins on sequins... not for the faint hearted but definitely for the fun loving!
Ann looks fabulous in this outfit.

EARRINGS: from a colleague way back from my time in El Salvador 
T-SHIRT: Nordstrom Rack
SKIRT: Forever 21 
SANDALS: Teva Flatforms

Jennie from A pocketful of polka dots.

Jennie is someone who always brings a tomboy feel to her looks (in my mind anyway).
I love how wearable this outfit is.
Jeans and gutties.
This is how it is done!

JACKET: Liz Claiborne, JCPenney
JEANS: jcp, JCPenney
TRAINERS: Steve Madden "Eros"
NECKLACE: Charming Charlie

Diane from Fashion on the fourth floor.

Diane is nothing short of stunning!
Those legs....sigh.
(Although being that toned takes effort, she works her butt off!)
Her style often involves trainers (or gutties) and a toned down vibe... easy to copy in real life.
This look is another (seemingly) effortless outfit.
Cut-offs, trainers and a top, that just so happens to be covered in sequins!
Her gorgeous hair is pulled up in a top knot, and she is good to go.
I love it.

Sequin TOP:  Express
WATCH:  Fossil
EARRINGS:  Express
BAG:  Mofe inc.

Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps

Mary is a woman who always looks feminine, and super-sexy!
She is pulled together, and elegant, but never fades into the background.
A sequined pencil skirt works perfectly with a simple striped top, and mules.
I love how her nails match her bag and the stripes on her top.
She has an eye for the details and knows how to turn heads!

SKIRT: Carson's 
SHOES: Jessica Simpson  
NECKLACE: New Work and Company
BAG: Call it Spring-Jcpenney

Over to you...

Do you try and get more use out of your 'occasion' clothes?
What would you have chosen to wear?

Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.
Or tweet me @samantha4blair.
I love hearing from you!

DRESS: Maggy London
BELT: Warehouse
SCARF: a gift
BAG: Topshop

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Dressing Well, Why it Matters.

Fake Fabulous | Red knitted dress & blue blazer | Why it's important to dress your best!

Why should we bother dressing up everyday?

Life is a constant cycle of events ranging from routine, to boring, to wonderful to catastrophic.
There is no escaping it.

When life throws some of it's challenges our way (as it always does) the thought of getting dressed and doing your makeup can be daunting.
Just functioning can be hard enough.
Surly putting on makeup, and nice clothes, can't really help anyway?
Is it not just superficial, pathetic and shallow?
Won't people judge me if X is happening and I am all 'dolled up' in lipstick and heels?

Well, yes they will.
Not always how you think!

Appearances are important.
Even if you feel that being concerned with how you look is superficial, pathetic and even unfair, it is still a fact of life.

People judge you.
People treat you in a certain way according to how you look.
Looking your best matters.

Fake Fabulous | Red knitted dress & blue blazer | Why it's important to dress your best!

How making an effort can help during difficult times.

In the face of adversity attempting to look your best can help how you feel, and how you cope.
Just going through the routine of "getting ready" can be calming, reassuring and help maintain some level of normality.
This is especially important when life's stress button is turned up to MAX!

Just knowing that you look like the 'normal you' (or as close as you can get to it) helps you get on with those difficult tasks.
Looking your best gives you confidence when talking to professional people (like doctors or lawyers) or tackling difficult situations.

Looking pulled together gives the impression that you are someone who is in control and should be listened to, and respected.

Making the effort really does work when you need to bluff your way through life.

What's the point in starting to dress well now?

Even if you are not someone who dresses up, or makes much of an effort with your appearance, it is never too late to start!

You are never too old.
You are never too fat/thin/short/tall.
You are never too anything.

There is always a point.

{Have a look at these posts for more ideas to get started.....
5 Steps to body confidence.
How to get out of a style rut.
Style resolutions.
How to shop like a pro.
How to be braver.}

Fake Fabulous | Red knitted dress & blue blazer | Why it's important to dress your best!

Now for the fun bit....

33 things that happen when you start to dress well.

  1. People look at you. Women (and men) will start to glance in your direction. You may even attract a mate/date!
  2. People smile at you, and say "hello". 
  3. You get served quicker at the bar, or restaurant...I've done the research.
  4. Cars stop to let you cross the road. Weird, but true.
  5. The man/woman at the coffee shop/cafe remembers your name and your order which is a great feeling.
  6. The shop assistant has "just the thing" out in the store room...or behind the till... an even better feeling!
  7. You get a free upgrade (maybe).
  8. You feel better. 
  9. You smile more, people smile back at you. 
  10. You look happy, and confident, so you project positivity. 
  11. Other people like feeling positive (and happy) so they like being with you.
  12. You will inspire people around you to dress up more, and therefore spread the happiness.
  13. Your positivity rubs off on others.
  14. People talk to you.
  15. You start to receive compliments.
  16. You look like you are an organised person, and can therefore be trusted, so people start asking you for directions or advice.
  17. Some people will dislike you. These people are not worth knowing anyway, forget them.
  18. Friends start teasing you about your style, but ask your advice.
  19. The men in your life will value your opinion on their outfits and choices..
  20. You find that you want to experiment with the latest trends, and may feel a bit daft at first, but go for it anyway!
  21. You start analysing what makes an outfit work or not work (while you are people watching) and start making mental notes to avoid certain items or try new looks.
  22. You start to notice style faux pas that make you shudder...camel toes, hangage (toes over the front of open shoes, like claws), gapage (a space between the heel of the foot and the back of a shoe), muffin tops, badly fitting jackets, tags hanging out, hanger loops hanging out, shiny sausage-leg tights....the list goes on.
  23. You resist the urge to interfere, but would always tuck in a friend's tag!
  24. You suddenly find that most of your wardrobe does not fit properly, or looks a bit shabby and/or dated. 
  25. You throw out / recycle / donate most of your wardrobe!
  26. Some days you effortlessly pull a look together. You begin to trust yourself, and instinctively know what works/looks good. 
  27. On other days you spend too long in front of your wardrobe wondering why you have nothing to wear, and end up late!
  28. You begin to fall in love with (and collect) accessories. Storing them in an organised way and regularly 'sorting them out'...reorganising, recycling and re-purchasing {sometimes you might just look through your collection because it makes you happy... or maybe that's just me!?}.
  29. You will start to care more about your health, fitness and how your skin looks. 
  30. You will feel confident enough to try a new hairstyle, or makeup trend, whatever your age.
  31. When looking for clothes you save huge amounts of time by learning what colours, shapes and styles suit you.
  32. You begin to enjoy experimenting with different colours, shapes and styles that are not supposed to suit you.
  33. Shopping starts to be fun!

Fake Fabulous | Red knitted dress & blue blazer | Why it's important to dress your best!

Today I wanted to wear this knitted dress again.
The midi length of this dress is something I am experimenting with at the moment.
{Although, this dress is an old one the midi length is not one of my favourites}

I can be guilty of sticking to my usual styles, and being blinkered towards certain hemlines.
However, it is very important to keep trying new things (especially as we get older) so I am going to be taking my own advice!

Fake Fabulous | Red knitted dress & blue blazer | Why it's important to dress your best!

This dress is a knitted and ribbed fabric, which is very unforgiving, so a full slip was a must!
{I adjusted the straps on my slip to make it longer and lower at the front}

I would always wear a cover-up with this dress, normally a cardigan, but this cornflower blue jacket was leaping out of the wardrobe today.
Blood red and blue is a great combination.
Vibrant and fun.

I wanted to keep my look simple, and uncluttered, so a neutral shoe and my leopard belt seemed obvious choices.

A fun brooch kept everything light hearted.

My caged clutch and red lipstick finished my armour outfit off perfectly!

DRESS: American apparel...this one is very cool!
JACKET: Monsoon...this one is nice....this one is smarter.
BELT: Topshop...similar...this one is cool.
BAG: Tkmaxx...this one is pretty.
SHOES: XTI..this wedge version is cool!
BROOCH: Charity shop... this one is fun
LIPS: Wet and Wild
TOES: Barry M

Fake Fabulous | Red knitted dress & blue blazer | Why it's important to dress your best!

Do you dress up/ dress your best as often as you can?

Do you use clothes (and makeup) as armour against a bad day?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Or contact me for a blether!



Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Styling a Shapeless Dress.

Fake Fabulous | Styling a shapeless dress.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I buy things (dresses especially) after falling in love with the idea of how I might look wearing it.

This fantasy usually bears no resemblance to the reality of how I actually look in it.
More often than not, these dresses end up unloved and unworn.
Eventually getting donated to the local charity shop.

We all do it from time to time, don't we?

Fake Fabulous | Styling a shapeless dress.

This dress is one that I picked up after falling in love with the bold (but simple) striped design.

Unfortunately, this dress is basically a long vest top.
It has zero structure, and is not even lined.
Oh dear!

Unless you have the perfect body (which I most certainly don't!) dresses like this can be very unflattering.

3 Major Problems with this Dress.

  1. No lining.
  2. General lack of Shape and Structure.
  3. Poor Fabrication and Design placement.

It was a charity shop buy (for less than £10) BUT the original price would have been about £90.
Not to be sniffed at!
I was determined to wear it.

Fake Fabulous | Styling a shapeless dress.


Many modern dresses are unlined, and not just the cheap ones either!
Some of the more expensive brands sell unlined dresses at lined-dress prices.
Often, the quality is seriously lacking, and we are just paying for the name on the tag (which I snip out anyway).
Depressing stuff.

An unlined dress has the tendency to cling, exposing (and highlighting) every lump and bump.
The seams of your underwear are on full display.
Even the dimples on your thighs are for public viewing.
Not a great look, at any age.

How can we fix it?

An all-over (and bold) pattern can help but, the only thing you can realistically do with a plain dress, is wear a slip.

{Well fitting, and seam-free, undies are a must}

A full-slip (if the top of the dress allows) or a waist slip, both work well.
Reducing cling, and allowing the fabric to skim.

{I would never recommend a body shaper, or a tight slip, but this is only because I don't like wearing them myself... if you feel good in them, then go for it!}

Wearing a slip does not fix the problem as well as a proper lining would, but it definitely helps a little.


As I said before, this dress is basically a vest.
The idea of such and effortless shape is great but, the reality is a little more challenging.

The front of this dress is low, without any shape or structure, which can result in the 'droopy-boobs' effect.
Older (and larger) boobs can look dragged down in this style of neckline.

My boobs are not large, and don't have the ability to hang down very far, but a design like this can drag them down anyway.

How can we fix it?

A decent bra helps, but there is nothing much I can do about the visual effect of this particular dress design.
The only trick in my arsenal is to distract the eye upwards using a chunky necklace and a big smile!

A wide belt could have helped (a little) but would have interfered with the overall pattern.

Speaking of which....


This dress is made of viscose and elastane.
A cheap and cheerful modern fabric.

{I sometimes miss the crisp cottons, soft linens and itchy wools of days gone by.}

Viscose is a great modern fabric (in many respects) but can also be unforgiving.
Especially if the design is not so flattering either.

I am convinced that whoever designed this dress was not thinking about normal women, with normal bodies.
Yes, a woman with a dancer's body is going to look great in it, but she would look great in anything anyway!

The rest of us don't need any help making our mid-sections look wider.
Especially anyone over 40.
Or a mother.
Or both!!

This design placement (involving white rings around the midriff ) is not going to do anyone any favours.
Not many women want to draw the eye to their middles (or tummies) which this does.
This dress is a tricky item for sure!

How can we fix it?

I wanted to keep the cleanliness of the design, but lose some of the thickening properties, so I added a cardigan (it was only 13 degrees) and a sheer scarf.
These two items help to break up the lines around the middle of dress, and tone down the chunkiness.

A longer cardigan, or waistcoat, would work well too.
If it is too hot for cardigans, jackets and gilets (lucky you!) then a lightweight scarf works on it's own.

Fake Fabulous | Styling a shapeless dress.

The only thing that is perfect about this dress (for me) is the length.
It is a true maxi length (I am 5 feet 6) and has plenty of sweeping swish and drama.

This low level hemline allowed me to wear a pair of casual gutties, for a laidback and comfortable feel.

Fake Fabulous | Styling a shapeless dress.

My little "Samantha" bag, finished this look off perfectly.


DRESS: Phase 8... from a charity shop. This one is gorgeous!
BAG: c/o Yosa
CARDIGAN: c/o Bonmarche...this one is beautiful.
SCARF: My daughter's!  This one is cool.

Fake Fabulous | Styling a shapeless dress.

Do you own any unflattering and shapeless dresses, or other items?
Please share in the comments... or contact me.
I love hearing your thoughts.


Monday, 20 June 2016

White Lace Maxi Dress, over 40, 3 ways! | #PPP 4

Fake Fabulous | White lace maxi dress, over 40...3 ways! #PPP 4
This post is the fourth, in a series, called the Ping Pong Posts.

This time Anna, Ann and I are styling a sheer, white, lace dress.
Well, it's more like a maxi shirt really.

This dress belongs to Ann, and I have admired it on her previously.
So, I thought I would find this dress a doddle to style.
I love it on her so it should be easy, right?
When this dress arrived I had my usual well of panic.
It's not mine.
I don't know how to wear it!
Is it even 'me'?

What on earth was I going to do?

Fake Fabulous | White lace maxi dress, over 40...3 ways! #PPP 4

I hung the dress up on the back of a door and looked at it for a couple of days.
Gradually it felt more at home.
More like something I had bought.

I initially styled this dress with my skinny grey jeans, and a white vest top. 
Nice enough, but a bit too safe.
So, I decided to button it up, and wear it as a dress.
Perfect for a summer event.
A BBQ maybe?

My 'summer event' was a day spent in the garden, basking in the (rare) sunshine, writing, reading and sipping chilled champagne (well, a mini prosecco anyway).
A glorious day in a glorious dress!

I had to resist snipping the label out of the back (I do this with most of my clothes)

The dress is (very) slightly too big for me, but nothing a belt couldn't fix.

{In fact, even if the dress had been a perfect fit, it would have still needed a belt as I looked a little chunky around the middle without it}

My white slip acted as a dress liner and turned the shirt/dress/cover-up into a real dress.

I was tempted to add a few pops of colour, but in the end decided to keep everything simple.

{Although, I could not resist bright blue nails}

White, tan and pearls.
Some of my favourite accessories were back out in force!
My trusty tan belt... which I wear to death, layered pearl necklaces and my buckle sandals.
You can't beat old favourites for making a 'new' item feel familiar and comfortable.

DRESS: Ann's...from forever21.... this one is beautiful! This one has it's own slip.
HAT: old...similar
SHOES: Clarks... I love these!
TOES: Mavala
NECKLACES: Various gifts and vintage pieces
BELT: Topshop...this one is nice.
GLASSES: Vogue... these are fab!


Anna from Anna's Island Style

I like how she has styled this dress.
Layering it over another dress (with sky high wedges) makes it wearable and fun.
Once again, accessorising using her charity shop finds and stamping her personality all over it.

What a beautiful location too....I am not at all envious, nope, not a bit!

Dress: F&F
Sandals: Bertie
Necklace: Magpie and Butterfly
Sunglasses: Quay Australia
Bangles: charity shop
Gold/nude ring: Boots
Cream floral ring: charity shop.

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Like Anna, Ann's on the beach!

This time, Ann is in her fabulous leopard print bikini.
The dress acting as a perfect beach cover-up.
You can't get a simpler look than this.
Practical, and pretty damn sexy too!

Leopard Bikini: ASOS
Jean Shorts: Paige Denim
Puka Shell Anklets: Puka Beach, Boracay
Turkish Towel: Bowl and Pitcher
Sun Hat: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Target
Beach Bag: Bali

How would you have styled this item?
As a dress?
As an over-shirt?
As a beach cover-up?
Please let me know in the comments....or tweet me @samantha4blair.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

A HUGE Thank you...It's my Blogiversary!

Fake Fabulous | 1st Blogiversary

Today is quite a milestone for me.
It's my Blog's birthday.
One today!

{See my first post, that went live a couple of days later, here}

I wanted to say a HUGE (and genuinely heartfelt) THANK YOU!

Fake Fabulous | 1st Blogiversary

Thank you to everyone who comes to visit Fake Fabulous.
Thank you for popping over.
Thank you for reading.
Thank you for having an explore.
Thank you for commenting.

{I love reading the comments that you leave.}

Thank you for your emails, and contact on social media.

Also, thank you to those of you who don't comment.
I really appreciate your visit, and value your company.

Fake Fabulous | 1st Blogiversary

It has been 12 months of hard work, and enormous fun.
Thank you for being part of it!

Please leave me a comment (or contact me) if there is anything you would like to see on Fake Fabulous over the next 12 months.
Or, if you just want to say hello... and maybe introduce yourself?
I'd love to hear from you.

Fake Fabulous | 1st Blogiversary


Friday, 17 June 2016

Sports Chic | Adidas vest and stilleto trainers

Fake Fabulous | Sports chic. Adidas vest top, Denim Jacket, navy chinos, stiletto trainers, pink and orange.

Recently, I have been reaching for slightly more grown-up outfits, the last one especially, was almost ladylike!
So, today I decided to bring things back down to earth, and slip into something a little more fun...and a little more 'me', maybe?

Fake Fabulous | Sports chic. Adidas vest top, Denim Jacket, navy chinos, stiletto trainers, pink and orange

I decided to dig out my stiletto trainers.
I do love these shoes.
They may not be the most comfortable, or the most practical but they are super-cool!

{Last spotted here, looking quite smart}

Instead of smartening them up, I decided to go for a super-casual look.
Lacing my trainers up my leg, for a different feel.

{Despite my daughter prefering the big bows that I wore in my last post}

Fake Fabulous | Sports chic. Adidas vest top, Denim Jacket, navy chinos, stiletto trainers, pink and orange

A pair of old, and beat up, chinos (cuffed of course) seemed the perfect partner for these shoes, and a nice change from skinny jeans.

I am (once again) inspired by the super-cool Liyana (from
She manages that effortless looking chic that is right up my street.
Okay, she may not be 40+... but I don't feel 40+ and that's all that matters, right?

Her ability to wear sporty tops with such style is an enviable skill!

{See her in sporty action here, and here}

I don't mind admitting to my ignorance regarding women who wear a hijab.
I (wrongly) assumed that wearing a hijab meant giving up on fashion.
All in black.
Fading into the background.
Liyana proves that to be totally wrong!
She is stylish and cool.

So for that, I thank her.

With this inspiration, I decided to take this old adidas vest and rework it for daily life.
I love the clashing pink and orange.
Vibrant and fun.

Fake Fabulous | Sports chic. Adidas vest top, Denim Jacket, navy chinos, stiletto trainers, pink and orange

An old denim jacket, and colourful scarf, finished things off perfectly.

This look felt fresh and fun...and made me smile!

CHINOS : old (similar)
VEST: Adidas
SHOES: Replay..these wedge ones are cool!
BELT: John Lewis, similar.
JACKET: Boden (similar)
SCARF: Tkmax ...this has a cool neon trim.

Fake Fabulous | Sports chic. Adidas vest top, Denim Jacket, navy chinos, stiletto trainers, pink and orange

{I have to admit that these seriously high trainers did not last the whole day...I had to pop on my red flatties as the 4 inch heel was challenging (to say the least)!}


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