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Friday, 29 April 2016

What happened to the colour? | Black maxi and Denim

Fake Fabulous | Black ME&EM maxi dress, Boden denim jacket, leopard bag

I am beginning to wonder what is going on with my style choices these days!
Recently, my outfits seem to be much less colourful, and much more muted.
Is it because the world seems to have woken up, and nature is providing me with all of the colour I need?
Or, is this style-shift a response to my current mood?
A phase.

Fake Fabulous | Black ME&EM maxi dress, Boden denim jacket, leopard bag

Today I found myself reaching for a long neglected item in my wardrobe.
This plain, long sleeved, black maxi dress.
Some might say... a staple.

Others might think...
Ooops, I nodded off for a moment.

Fake Fabulous | Black ME&EM maxi dress, Boden denim jacket, leopard bag

Then, I surprised myself even more!
I did not reach for my trusted 'outfit lifters', like bright shoes, colourful tights or a bold and vibrant necklace.
None of these things left my wardrobe.

I chose only: a simple denim jacket, muted scarf and plain jewellery.
The only pop of fun came from my leopard-face bag.
No crazy colours, no short hemlines, no bold lip colours.
Just a simple look.

Dress: ME&EM (this seasons)
Jacket: Boden (old...this one is nice, from the teen section but the sizes are generous and it is cheaper than the adult version, with cuter details too!)
Shoes: New Look (old) These are very cool!
Bag: Won at a fair. This one is loads of fun and on sale.
Bangles and earrings: Old.
Scarf: A gift (this one is stunning!)
Nails: Mavala

Fake Fabulous | Black ME&EM maxi dress, Boden denim jacket, leopard bag

I could try and explain this style-shift, by blaming the current cold snap we are experiencing here, in Scotland?
{We had hailstones, and snow, yesterday}

But, I suspect it is just a mood.
A black maxi mood.

Covering everything.
Concealing secret layers (Did I mention the snow?!)
Like venturing out in a cosy blanket.

Who knows where our style-moods will take us, if we let them!

Do you dress according to your mood?
What about plain maxi dresses, are they versatile and classic? Or, a little boring?
Please let me know your thoughts in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

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  1. I quite like this look and did a very similar version for my trips to France and Holland. It is simple and chic and I find, travels well.

    Plus, you've got that amazing bag! LOL Rawr!

    We have no spring here either. It'll be summer before spring finally shows up.


    1. I can see why Suzanne. This would be a perfect travel outfit. Comfy and covering, great for trains planes and taxi's! As for Spring... I am glad I am not the only one wondering what is going on with spring. XXX

  2. I think it's really healthy to keep mixing things up, reinventing yourself Samantha. This outfit looks so comfortable, but not in the least boring (don't we often equate comfortable with boring?) Anyway, it comes across as chic, yet playful thanks to your bag and shoes.
    Anna x

    1. Thank you Anna. Perhaps I surprised myself by reaching for the black (I have done it a few times this week) when I am not normally a the daytime at least! XXX

  3. I really like this outfit on you! And you definitely added some fun with the bag and the shoes! :-)

    Most of my outfits are pretty muted with just a pop of color here and there. But I have some REALLY colorful and a bit "out there" pieces in my closet and love wearing them when I'm in the mood for them. I think wearing things that are not "predictably you" keeps things interesting!

  4. This outfit is like comfort food. What feels more friendly than a jean jacket and a LBD???
    Your shoes and bag reassure that your on a brief hiatus from the colorful/energy that is the expected you. Keeps us on our toes!

  5. I love, love this look and wear it all the time for travel. You look gorgeous, and that purse is MEEE-OWWW. Thanks for linking, xox


  6. Love this look, very simple chic. That bag is fabulous!!!

    1. Thank you! This bag is so much fun. I know it is not very chic/classic/grown-up but I can't help but love it. I am glad you agree! XXX

  7. The color & combos may not be the "normal" you, but I think it's the spice of life to have variety even in our clothing choices.
    I always like to say that my personality isn't one dimensional so my clothing style shouldn't be either!!
    Besides those shoes & bag are quite unique!!

    1. Thank you Jodie. I agree! We can't be the same all of the time. Variety is the spice of they say. XXX

  8. dear lady, there's nothing boring nor plain in your outfit!, it's a comfy&cool ensemble and I like it, love those subtle details you've added, love your maxi fab shape and always love black with denim!
    And love your cute shoes too!

    1. Thank you very much Monica. It was so comfortable and a little too cool (I had to add another coat over the top). I need the weather to warm up a little! XXX

  9. Ummmm, kinda want that bag! What a great score! How did you win it?

    Love, Annie

  10. Reinvention is the mother of, emm, well, I thought I had something nifty to end that sentence with but clearly, it shall hang thus forever in limbo GRIN let's just say that there's nothing quite like keeping your readers on their toes where your style is concerned, Sam. It's always a pleasant surprise to see what we don't expect to see xoxo

    And speaking of being unpredictably yet predictably cool, my weekly Friday link-up is live and on the blog now, and I would love for you to come and share an outfit or three xoxo


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