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Friday, 22 April 2016

Wearing One Colour | Long Earrings and a Mini Bag.

Fake Fabulous | Grey embroidered tunic, long earrings and a white mini bag.

Head to toe in grey?

Sounds boring, frumpy and a bit yawn inducing, right?
Grey (and Beige) are colours that many people associate with getting "old'.
Colours we resort to when have given up on style.
Or, we are giving up on life in general!

But, grey does not have to be dull.
like grey, and I am definitely not giving up on life just yet!


Fake Fabulous | Grey embroidered tunic, long earrings and a white mini bag.

This multi tonal, grey outfit started with these shoes.

I LOVE these shoes.

I know I say that a lot (about a lot of different shoes) but these really are just fab!
High enough.
Distinctive enough.
Interesting enough.
And, superbly comfortable.
A joy to wear!

I found them on Ebay, for less than the price of a lunch.
However, to be honest, I would have happily paid full price for them.
My bargain just makes them just a little sweeter on the feet!

Fake Fabulous | Allsaints Grey buckle sandals

Fake Fabulous | Allsaints Grey buckle sandals

My grey skinnies came out (again).

{See them here with a similar dress-over-trousers look}

I paired them with a voluminous tunic.
This embroidered top was an impulse buy.
Luckily, it was only a couple of pounds from a charity shop.
I was drawn to the quality of the fabric, but I immediately thought,
"That style is not really me."
However, as I keep saying, it is important to try new things in order to stop ourselves getting stuck in a rut.
So I bought it, and surprised myself with how much I like it!

The day was not exactly warm, so I popped this grey kimono-style cardigan over the top, adding more volume and texture.

My mini white bag and a pair of long earrings finished things off perfectly.
Fake Fabulous | Grey embroidered tunic, long earrings and a white mini bag.

Mini bags look so adorable but, let's face it, they are pretty useless.
This one can only take my (small) coin purse, a tissue and a lip balm.
My phone is a bit of a squeeze.
I needed a larger bag, too, for all of my work essentials (like snacks!).

Fake Fabulous | Grey embroidered tunic and a white mini bag.

5 easy ways to wear the same colour head to toe:

  1. If in doubt, pick a neutral. Great "easy" colours are taupe, beige, blush, cream, ivory, white and grey!
  2. Mix your tints and shades. Lighter and darker versions of your chosen colour will work well together. Mixing tones works beautifully too.
  3. Play with texture. Mix your fabrics. Try mixing wool, silk and leather. Or Suede, denim and chiffon.
  4. Get your layers on. Layering pieces will give the look purpose, and make more of a statement.
  5. Go Pop! Break the look up (subtly or not) with a touch of another colour. I used white/cream here.

Have fun!

{See this all-red outfit and this one mixed with pinks}

Fake Fabulous | Grey embroidered tunic, long earrings and a white mini bag.

Shoes: All Saints
Jeans: Forever21 (these are cool)
Smock top: Darling (this one is nice)
Cardigan: Pullover (this one is similar)
Bag: Savoy (this one is gorgeous!)
Earrings: (very) Old

How do you feel about Beige and Grey?

What about Mini-bags?
Fun or useless?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
Or tweet me @samantha4blair




  1. With that fabulous colored hair and could never be boring Samantha!!
    I think you succeeded in this experiment in grey due to the great textures you incorporated (the embroidery in the top, the knit in the sweater & the buckles on the shoes).
    And look at that----naked toes again---don't you just love new seasons!
    Good job on the embroidered top buy---mom & i just went shopping and it's an exercise in making sure she doesn't buy the same thing over & over. I finally got her to buy a khaki pair of cropped pants!

    1. Thank you very much Jodie. I was the only person with their summer(ish) shoes out at work. There were a lot of black boots that day. My friend did ask me if my toes were cold! Hahaha, they weren't. XXX

    2. P.S. I hear you, regarding your mum buying the same thing over and over. A lot of people do! Same shapes, same colours. Bravo to your mum for pushing her boundaries a little. X

  2. I love head to toe neutrals! That's one thing plus-sizes are still really lacking in - good muted neutrals (besides black and white!). I think for so long plus size was mostly dark solid colors that now the designers are going in the complete opposite direction and many things are POP! POW! HIGH SATURATION AND CONTRAST! So I really love this look of yours. It's monochromatic but soft and interesting. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP THE HUNT :-)


    1. Thank you Bettye. I understand your dilemma. I had a look online and there are some nice plus-size, minimalist, clean lines at Nordstrom, Missguided and a few at Asos. Keep hunting! XXX

  3. I like grey color, even if it's not a popular-trendy color and has a bad reputation!, but I think it can look cool and interesting, and now you're rocking it!!
    Love your outfit, and love that hippie-boho vibe, your relaxed yet elegant attitude, and your accessorizing and shoes (they lool pretty comfy!), that little bag is so cute!!
    And yes, little cute bags are impractical and I also need another bag to carry all my stuff!

  4. Thank you Monica. Grey can be a bit boring, can't it? However, I quite like how many different greys there are, it can create an interesting look. I now want to try other colour too! XXX

  5. I have always been a complete suckered for embroidery on clothing. With the Bohemian/60's trend still going strong I'm finding all of my saved embroidered goodies to be great treasures and have also purchased new ones.
    You outfit in this post is right up my alley. I do find that a wide low slung belt helps to tame the fullness of the fabric on this style and helps define a needed waist.
    This grey/blue color is lovely on you. The shoes are WOW!!!


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