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Monday, 4 April 2016

SS16 | Sports Luxe, Stripes and Brights.

Fake Fabulous | Wearing Sports luxe, wild brights and stripes, over 40.

Brights, Stripes and New Shoes!

Brights, stripes and sports luxe are three spring trends that I am loving.

The designer brands have some amazing pieces, and I am crushing on a little bit of Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim or Isabella Marant.
But, sometimes it is (almost) as much fun creating your own look, from some well loved items.
Especially if you get a little help from some new shoes!

Fake Fabulous | Wearing Sports luxe, Stiletto trainers.

I could pretend that I was needing a new pair of shoes, or I was looking for something to match an outfit, but the truth is I just saw them and I had to have them!
Simple as that.

I know they are not actually a new style.
High heeled trainers have been done before.
Wedge trainers are still everywhere, but true stiletto trainers had their brief moment back in 2012-13.

There were many fake 'Nike' versions kicking around for a while.
Even Christian Louboutin created their own patent pair.
And I, for one, love the look of them.
Stiletto trainers are so much fun to wear!

I have to admit that they are a marmite shoe.
Love them or hate them, they are not everyone's cup of tea.
They are neither practical, or particularly comfortable.
{But, let's face it, what 4 inch heel is?}

Too bold, too bright, too brassy and not any real purpose to them at all.

However, I have to admit that I squealed with joy when I opened this shoe box!
I was thrilled with the look of them.
Putting them straight on my feet, and parading around the house with a big grin on my face...
"Look at my shoooooes!"
My girls all wanted a shot.
"They're so cool Mum!"
Even my husband commented.
"I like the way they make you walk..."
Yep! That is the joy of a high heel.

Fake Fabulous | Wearing Sports luxe, wild brights and stripes, over 40.

The rest of this outfit came together very easily.

I wanted the shoes to do (most of) the talking, so plain skinny jeans (in a paler denim finish) and a striped cotton blazer, were perfect.

{See the jeans styled here, with a cropped jumper and the Jacket, styled here in summer}

The acid lime of the trainers was calling out for some more bright hues.
A yellow knitted top brought some of the colour I needed.

{See it styled here, with tartan}

The punch of red came from my favourite bag.

Fake Fabulous | Wearing Sports luxe, wild brights and stripes, yellow, red and blue.

A red bangle, neon watch and vibrant lip finished things off perfectly.

Fake Fabulous | Wearing Sports luxe, wild brights and stripes. Red yellow and blue.

Fake Fabulous | Wearing Sports luxe, stiletto trainers.

Do you like high heeled trainers?

Would you/do you wear slightly ridiculous shoes, just because they made you feel good?

Please share in the comments or tweet me @samantha4blair

Jeans: Falmer (similar)
Jacket: Primark (similar)
Bag: Bogner (similar)
Watch: Swatch (this one is very cool!)
Bangle: Vintage
Lipstick: Wet and Wild
Jumper: Boden (this is lovely)

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  1. As a self proclaimed shoe girl---the answer is a resounding YES to would I wear a slightly ridiculous shoe (I have, I will & I still do!!)
    As for your 4 inch trainers---I'm not sure I'd call them ridiculous. I mean, aren't all high heels, fancy schmancy? So this is giving a little casual to the stiletto!!
    Besides, it's wonderful to be unique and not wear everything that everyone else is wearing!
    You put together a great outfit to showcase these babies!!

    1. Thank you Jodie. I knew you would be flying the high heeled flag! Yes, I agree, all high heels are slightly ridiculous. Nobody actually NEEDS a high heel. We could all live in sensible velcro shoes with arch support and all the things that are good for our feet... But...I don't wanna! I want to have fun and be a woman for as long as my body lets me. :oD XXX

    2. Thinking about this---I've decided that one of my goals is to ALWAYS be able to wear my heels if I want! That's why I eat healthy, do my pilates and keep shopping---all for the love of shoes!! (it's as good a reason as any, eh?)

    3. That is a great way to think Jodie! And you seem to be doing everything you can to make that happen. I need to look into a pilates class, I think!

  2. So fabulous, confident and unique! Ilove all the elements, and although Ican't wear a 4" heel anymore, I can drool over yours. xox


    1. Thank you so much Patti. I am also struggling to wear anything over 3 inches for more than a couple of hours. these are a definite "taxi!" shoe! :oD XXX

  3. How I wish I could rock a 4 inch heel. Five minute and I'm done.

    I love the look and the cool colours.

    Fancy shoes to me are almost as fabulous as dark chocolate. Almost.


    1. Ooooo, I love dark chocolate too! The darker the better. Lindt 85% is my favourite...yummy. XXX

  4. Really, really like this outfit! Everything looks fresh and easy-going, yet it's all quite refined. I don't know what colour in this world that DOESN'T look good on you! I love the way you cinched the blazer at the waist and cuffed your jeans - it's always those added little details that makes an outfit even more interesting!

    Liyana | Affordorable

    1. Thank you Liyana! I am so glad you notice these little details too. I think a cuffed jean and a rolled cuff can turn an outfit from frumpy and boring to a little more interesting. I am glad you agree. XXX

  5. Sam I love this outfit, and the new shoes, OMG❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. This outfit is full of so much color, I LOVE it. It just cheers me up to see it.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry Reyna, any links that do not redirect to a blog are deleted. Thank you for your comment though! XXX

  8. I love it! Those shoes are great, and I think the hole look is very ,,spring,,
    You really can pull these colours of. When I was about 16 yearsold, I had a pair of rainboots with high heels!

  9. I love it! Those shoes are great, and I think the hole look is very ,,spring,,
    You really can pull these colours of. When I was about 16 yearsold, I had a pair of rainboots with high heels!

  10. Hi Sam, I love this sporty look you put together. I couldnt wear those shoes, but I remember having a pair of sneakers with a very high wedge that I loved when I was younger. The bright colors with the fitted blazer I love, and the skinny jeans, marvelous my friend!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx

    1. Thank you very much, Jess! These heels are VERY high...and not particularly comfortable. Although they are not bad for a 4 inch shoe, but what high heel is comfortable? Unless it is a platform. I knew the shoes would not be in your "wearable" zone, but I appreciate your comment and the fact you liked the other elements. I think a flat shoe would look just as good too. XXX

  11. I know I said on Insta that those shoes weren't my thing, but seeing the whole ensemble makes me rethink! Loving the colours!
    Eileen | Instagram | Facebook

  12. What a funky look this is Samantha! Go girl. I must admit that the shoes look utterly adorable, especially as they're yellow (my latest fav colour). Beautifully put together x

    1. Thank you Anna. Yellow is one of my favourites all I need is some sunshine to match it. We are down to 7 degrees today :o( . XXX

  13. Fun look & great shoes!

    Thanks so much for being a part of My Refined Style Link Up!

    Dawn Lucy

  14. What a fun outfit. Love all those colours together, the jacket with the belt and of course.... the high heeled trainers. I think they are great. Which reminds me I have brown leather wedged high heeled sneakers at the back of my closet. Bought them yeeeaarss ago in London. Might have to dig them out.

    1. I am so glad you like them Greetje! I think they are a love/hate type of shoe. I hope to see your wedges soon. XXX

  15. This is a great post and love this colour combination on you!

    Sharron x

  16. I am INFATUATED with your shoes, Sam. With this entire look!! It's so sharp.


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