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Monday, 11 April 2016

Simple Work Outfit.

Fake Fabulous | Navy Cropped ME&EM Trousers, Grey Gap Jumper & Seasalt Neckerchief

Neckerchiefs may be in style (a micro trend, apparently), but they are undeniably tricky to wear.
They can make the neck look short, and thick.
And, they can accentuate a turkey neck, or double chin.
Not a great prospect for anyone, especially over 40!

My husband tells me that neckerchiefs remind him of air-hostesses.
{Although, I don't think this is a bad thing in his book!}

Unfortunately, I always think of cowboys (or boy scouts) when I think of neckerchiefs.
Not a very glamorous association.
Dyb dyb dyb.

If you are struggling to see past the boy scout (or the cowboy) you could wear your neckerchief through the belt loops of your jeans, or tied to your handbag, for a less formal look.

I have also seen them worn around the head, or the wrist, if that is your thing.

Otherwise, there are plenty of youtube tutorials and videos showing you how to tie your neckerchief around your neck!

Fake Fabulous | Navy Cropped Trousers, Grey Jumper & Neckerchief

My neckerchief was acting as an extra layer of warmth today.
{The are surprisingly cosy for such a small piece of fabric.}

Despite the chill in the air, I decided to get my ankles (and toes) out.
It is supposed to be spring, after all!

I did slip on a pair of grey lurex socks later in the day. It was pretty cold out of the sun.

The mercury was hardly rising above the 7 degrees mark, so I paired these sandals with wool trousers and a cosy jumper (plus my secret thermal layers).
The trousers may be cropped, but they and the jumper are both wool, and with a little help from my secret layers, kept me cosy.

{Don't be fooled by the sun, the wind was biting and I was really shivering with my coat off}

A simple bangle and my patent grey bag finished things off perfectly.

Are you a fan of the neckerchief?
How do you wear yours?

Please let me know in the comments, or tweet me @samantha4blair

Trousers: ME&EM
Jumper: Gap (found in a charity shop) This one is lovely.
Shoes: All Saints (these are stunning!) These are cool.
Bag: Dune (similar)
Neckerchief: Seasalt
Bangle: Charity shop (this one is nice)

Shop my look:

Fake Fabulous | Navy Cropped Trousers, Grey Jumper & Neckerchief

Let's go shopping for neckerchiefs!



  1. I just wore a small scarf around my wrist Saturday as a bracelet because I wanted a larger/more colorful one than I had in my collection! My husband wasn't a big fan---but I thought it was cute!
    I think the way you've used it around your neck is a perfect way to add some fun and color to an otherwise neutral outfit without a lot of bulk (I mean, I love my infinity scarves & cowls---but they can be overpowering).
    Great shoes, BTW---new?

    1. That sounds interesting and pretty , Jodie. Please share a picture!
      Husbands are sometimes confused by style choices. They do tend to like the obvious feminine and sexy looks. XXX

    2. Can you believe we didn't take a picture? What were we thinking?

    3. BTW, new shoes...yes. :oD
      Although it has rained everyday since they arrived...Booo!

  2. Those shoes! They are fabulous, as is your whole look head to toe. Thanks so much for sharing, xo


  3. Well, I'm currently obsessed with neckerchiefs (just got some more over the weekend...). But now I'll have to check photos to see if my neck looks shorter, thicker, like a turkey neck or if you see my double chin more! :-)

    I really love this look on you. Fabulous shoes!

    1. I saw your yellow neckerchief Andrea and it is great. Yellow is fast becoming one of my favourite colours. I hope I have not put you off your kerchief wearing!! XXX :oP

  4. This is the first time I've seen you go for a "minimal" look. The great shoes make the statement here. I'm missing a Samantha color splash!

    1. Hahahaha...thank you, don't worry! There is always more colour on it's way. XXX

  5. I love this simple, uncluttered look today. I'm not sure if I'll be buying in to the neckerchief trend myself,but you carry it off well. Less is more really suits you Samantha. What a versatile girl you are!
    Anna x

  6. Replies
    1. I know!! :oD They are surprisingly versatile. I have a subtle pale grey pair, a darker grey with a bolder lurex stripe and a black pair with gold lurex (these are the boldest). Worth buying. Try online. Cos and Levante do them. Thank you for your comment. XXX

  7. This is totally something I would wear to work...I really dig the pretty adds just the right amount of interesting color. And those shoes? Gotta have those!

    1. Thank you so much. These shoes are so comfortable too. I love finding something unusual that is actually bearable to wear all day! Have a look on ebay? XXX

  8. You look delightfully Parisienne, Samantha in this outfit! Understated and elegant. I love scarves tied around the neck. Great alternative to necklaces and gives a soft, carefree look.

  9. Simple & super chic! LOVE this!

    Thanks so much for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & have a fab week!

    Dawn Lucy

  10. I have a whole huge scarf collection of vintage scarves. I will never look this adorbs in them but you make me want to try.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place


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