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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Transitional Dressing | Over the knee boots and layers, for Spring!

Fake Fabulous | Transitional dressing. OTK boots for spring.

March has arrived and it is officially Spring.
The days are getting longer.
The light quality is improving.
Winter layers can be packed away until next year.

Hello Spring wardrobe!



It is still pretty cold (and wet) here.

The weather was not paying attention to the date on the calendar.
The light is poor and there is a permanent drizzle.
Not ideal for my spring outfit ideas.
Bare ankles (or legs) are a definite no-no.
As for Spring dresses and easy breezy cotton trousers?
Forget it!
{Unless you like turning blue, and are not very fond of your extremities}

Fake Fabulous | Transitional dressing. OTK boots for spring.

Just as March hails the end of Winter, it also signifies the end of my tether.
I am sick and tired of wearing my furry boots and chunky jumpers.
I NEED an injection of Spring into my look.
Time for a few cheats...

This look started with a necklace.
A very Spring-like (and slightly twee) butterfly necklace, that I have had for years.
I wanted to wear it in anticipation of warmer weather.
This chambray shirt added a lighter tone while preventing the necklace looking too girly.
I buttoned it right up to the neck, because I like the look of it that way. But, it also helps to keep me warm and to hide my thermal top.
Cosy layers were essential!
A fluffy wool cardigan, in a peach colour, went well with my boots AND kept me toasty.
[Cardigans can look really frumpy, but I always think that a casual scarf can help to de-frump]

I upped the femininity again by wearing this satin miniskirt, which I last wore for
Floral patterned tights (last seen here) and my light tan OTK boots covered my legs and kept me nice and cosy, especially with the addition of some wool socks!
My little blue bag finished things off perfectly.

Fake Fabulous | Transitional dressing. OTK boots for spring.

8 ways to transition with ease.

  1. Wear your super-thin, secret, thermal layers. Nobody needs to know they are there!
  2. Try wearing a poloneck (turtleneck) or long sleeved t-shirt, under your lighter dresses or tops. It can add extra colour as well as that vital warmth.
  3. A shirt (or blouse) can also look amazing under a dress. Adding those all important sleeves.
  4. Try wearing a smart waistcoat or gilet. This adds style and!
  5. Wear a lighter denier and/or paler coloured tights {CAUTION: Pale tights make legs look wider, especially if they have a pattern}
  6. Cheat bare ankles with a pop sock. Hideous? Yes! But, no one needs to know. {CAUTION: Don't buy cheap ones or everyone will notice}
  7. You can still wear boots! Boots are popular all year round, just choose a paler colour or a softer texture (like suede)....or lace, like these.
  8. Make sure you update your makeup for Spring too. Nothing says "Fresh and ready for anything" like a makeup bag clear out and a new eyeshadow or lipstick (or both!).

Fake Fabulous | Transitional dressing. OTK boots for spring.

Are you sick to the back teeth of your current Wardrobe?
Are you longing for Spring, or a change in your seasons?
Please share any transitional tips by leaving a comment.
I love hearing from you!

Or, if you prefer, Tweet me @samantha4blair

Shirt: Urban Outfitters. (similar)
Skirt: TKMax (similar)
Scarf: A gift. (this one is cool!)
Cardigan: M&S (similar)
Necklace: Old. (this one is lovely)
Boots: Ted and Muffy. (similar)
Tights: Falke.
Bag: Monsoon(this one is nice)
Watch: Komono.

At this point, my husband pointed out that my skirt was
"Filling up with wind"
That sounded so funny that I laughed out loud!
He was right though. My skirt was puffing up like a balloon with every gust.
Of course, he meant the weather-related wind, not my own!

Fake Fabulous | Transitional dressing. OTK boots for spring.

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  1. Talk about masculine/feminine---that necklace is so pretty & girly, while that scarf seems very boyish!
    And I love those particular OTK boots---in fact, last time you had them on, I proceeded to scour the internet for a pair for myself....luckily I talked myself out of it before I hit the buy button (my closet is a teensy bit full at the moment!!)
    ps....i won't try to make you jealous that we're having 60 degree weather today & tomorrow!!!

    1. I had not really thought of the scarf as "masculine", but now that you mention are right!
      Maybe that is why it felt right and de-frumped my cardigan. You are one smart lady, Jodie. XXX
      P.S...grrrrr to those 60 degrees :oP

  2. Love love the colors in this outfit. I think my denim chambray shirt is my most worn piece for all seasons. It's the quintessential transitional piece. Looking good, lady. Especially loving the collar necklace adornment.

    1. Oh thank you Norbyah! I am starting to come round to the virtues of a chambray shirt...they seem to work with anything, don't they? XXX

  3. Well since we just experienced our first snow storm of the year last night Spring is now on hold. Blah!

    I will need to wait at least a few weeks before I can look forward to transitional dressing. For now it is winter boots and winter coats.

    I love how you layer and your great smile : )


    1. Oh no, Suzanne....Brrrrr.
      Having said that, my furry boots are back on today! This is Scotland after all (we sometimes have snow in June!!!). Stay warm. XXX

  4. What a great transition look and love the pointers you gave I am so looking forward to warmer temps as I live in Indiana!

    1. We are experiencing much the same weather today then, Mary! My furry boots are back on (I use ugg boots as slippers) and I am in my long aran cardigan. It's not all slip dresses and sandals yet :oP. XXX

  5. I love that outfit, the color combination is gorgeous! Yes, it's not Spring time yet here in Scotland either, although slightly warmer but I'm still wearing thick jackets most of the time. Lovely post! #brillblogposts

    1. I am in Scotland too, Reimer! I am assuming we are both layered up today, 5 degrees today. I am not ready to give up my thermals just yet :oD XXX

  6. Hi dear and thank you very much for your friendship on IFB. I’m very happy!!! I like very much this outfit, your denim shirt is perfect on this combo. Have a nice day, kisses,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

    1. Hi Eni. Thank you too! I have no idea what I am doing on IFB, if I am honest. Thank you for your comment. XXX

  7. I'm not tired yet of my winter wardrobe but I am looking forward to slowly shedding layers or certainly moving from heavy coats to light coats and woollen scarves to cotton ones.
    I'll still be needing a few cheats as yes, temperatures are still on the bracing side!
    Love the additions of the scarf and the lighter coloured boots.

    1. I love that word, Jacqueline! Bracing. Such a great descriptive. Perfect to describe today! XXX

  8. Can I say I'm particularly fond of this look, Samantha, because it's the complete opposite of your typical rainbow palette? And yet it's still so powerful. The blues and browns may be subtle but there's no wallflower here. None in sight. I especially adore that lacy white stocking peekaboo thing you've got.

    1. Aww, thank you very much!! Somedays colour does not suit my mood. Odd really, but that is how it goes. I don't try to understand it. We are creatures of mystery, aren't we?! :oD. "Lacy white stocking peekaboo"....that makes them sound soooo sexy! Hahaha...I had always thought of them as quite girly, but not now! Thank you Sheela ;o)

  9. Yay for Spring ! I love this look, you are always a master at layering and always so original ! I love the lacy stocking idea, it looks cool under those boots ! Beautifully styled :-* Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

    1. Thank you Vale! I am rethinking my "innocent" tights after your's and Sheela's "lacy Stocking" comments!! hahaha....thank you. XXX

  10. Love the OTK boots with the lace tights! Very cool look, Samantha.

    Thanks so much for linking up with My Refined Style link up!

    Dawn Lucy

  11. This neutral palette works so well with your skin and hair colour Samantha. I love this skirt and paired up with the lacy tights against the OTK boots is a touch of genius. Beautiful necklace too x
    Anna's Island Style

    1. Thank you Anna. Sometimes the colour goes on hold and muted tones are great to wear....when my mood suits. This is a calming colour palette...XXX

  12. Of course I love the OTK boots, I dont have a light color, but those are fab for this transition time. This is when I start to stare into the closet, just hoping things will jump off the hanger into my hands! Love the butterfly necklace, very unique and pretty for spring!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning heads tuesday
    jess xx


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