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Friday, 19 February 2016

What I Wore to an Informal Ceilidh | Vinyl leggings and Chiffon.

Fake Fabulous | Vinyl leggings, fur and chiffon.

If I was a gambler, I would wager that when you read the word Ceilidh in this title, you thought there would be some tartan in this outfit?
Maybe a Sash or tights?
At least something with a tartan touch.

I am sorry if I have disappointed you with the lack of tartan in this look.
But, this outfit was all about the dancing.
I will explain...

Ceilidh's are enormous fun!

A ceilidh can be either formal, or informal.

The formal events involve men in kilts and ladies in gowns.
Cocktail dresses are popular, but I love the look of a long dress (the twirlier the better) flowing around the dance floor.
When the whole room is alive with energetic dancing, it is a fantastic spectacle.

Informal Ceilidh's have a dress code of "anything goes", and this is my kind of event.
You can literally wear anything you want, from jeans to that long dress.
There are no restrictions.
Men can still wear their kilts, and often do!

Comfort is key

Comfort is the most important thing to take into consideration when dressing for a ceilidh.

{Unless, of course, you intend to sit on the sidelines and miss all of the fun!}

I would not recommend wearing anything that requires to be taken off in order to dance.
Uncomfortable shoes should be left at home, no matter how pretty they are.
The dancing is fast, furious and vigorous.
Bare toes are not an option...unless you want some serious bruises!

It was all for charity

This informal ceilidh was arranged in aid of Alzheimer's Scotland.
A charity close to my family's heart.
Suffice to say, I was more than happy to part with my cash for this good cause.

Fake Fabulous | Vinyl leggings and chiffon.

This look might not be the first thing that springs to many people's minds for a night of dancing but, for me, it was perfect!

A loose and free flowing tunic shirt, perfect for twirling without interfering with other dancers.
Vinyl leggings, supremely comfortable, not too hot and just that little bit more funky than a skinny jean.

My footwear was a straightforward choice too.
I wanted to tear around the dance floor, feeling free and focusing on fun...not on how my feet were feeling!

I am not a fan of spending too long getting ready.
If I faff about with my hair (or makeup) for too long, I end up looking a mess.
So, it took about 5 minutes to muss up my hair (short hair is a doddle) and pop on some eyeliner.

Fake Fabulous | Vinyl leggings and chiffon.

Fake Fabulous | Vinyl leggings and chiffon.

I am pleased to say that the night was a huge success (raising loads of money) and so much fun to be part of!

As I looked at the photos of this outfit, I realised that I often choose black clothes for evenings out.

{See this outfit I wore for my Christmas night out, or this one, that I (almost) wore for a wedding}

This struck me as strange for someone who loves colour in the daytime.
It got me thinking about style moods and how we should dress to suit how we feel.

I almost always reach for dark tones at night.
Vibrant colour can be lost at night, becoming "muddy".
Shine, texture and unusual fabrication is much more important to me for an evening look.

What about you....
Do you like to wear colour in the evening?
Or are you like me, and often reach for those black outfits?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
Or, if you prefer...message me on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.
I love hearing from you!

Fake Fabulous | Vinyl leggings and chiffon.

Leggings: Pamela Mann (similar)
Blouse: TkMaxx (similar that comes in black and white)
Necklace: Urban outfitters (similar)
Shoes: Guess ( fact, these are gorgeous!)
Bag: Linea (similar)
Coat: Limited collection at Marks and Spencers (similar)

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  1. Thanks for saving me the time to google ceilidh!! You look wonderful ---very hip and casual and ready to party!
    I do not dress more in black in the evenings---hardly ever anymore. In fact, I try not to even look at the black items when shopping. It's not a great color for me and I'm rebelling!!
    One of my theories is the reason many of us have so much black is that the stores sell it. It seems there's always a black option of every item (and sometimes the only option). Therefore, I don't want what everyone else has (to a point, of course).
    That coat is quite a stunner (as I've reiterated before)---and hey--at least you have a blue bag (what, no pom poms?) jodie

    1. Hahaha.... thank you Jodie!
      The pom poms were needing a night off, perhaps preparing for hibernation? :oP
      I am glad to hear you stick to your colour-guns when choosing eveningwear. I am almost always lured by black, in some shape or form. You are right about the shops being full of black. Most things come in a black option even if they offer a colourful version. XXX

  2. I must admit I had no idea what a ceilidh was. Are you a good dancer? How fun! I love dancing.

    You look wonderful. I must admit I'm very jealous of the coat.

    I do sometimes wear black for the evening, but can just as often be found in colour.


    1. I love to dance too, Suzanne!
      I have no idea if I am a good dancer or not....I have never watched myself.
      My husband thinks i am a great dancer (his words) and that is good enough for me.
      All I know is that I love it and it makes me very happy, that has to be a good thing!

  3. I'd like to wear something based on my moods, so random , lol I'm a moody person. hahaha

    love your outfit so much!!

    1. too Milka!
      I am going to make more of an effort to mix up my colour palette at night and not just focus on textures. XXX

  4. Great outfit! You look great in color (and do it so well) but you also look great in black!

    I own less black than I used to, but it's still my go-to color when I want something easy... 😀

    1. Thank you Andrea. I must try to find the evening texture fix that I crave but with some colour too.
      Although, I have just bought a vintage coat dress in black velvet with white satin tuxedo-style colour and cuffs...ooops :oD XXX

  5. I love everything you wear! I would totally wear that outfit to go dancing too. :-)

    1. Thank you Darlene! You would have had a great time at the ceilidh, if you love dancing. X

  6. How marvellous! Ceilidh's are such wholesome fun, and it's always satisfying to know that that "fun" has done good beyond the end of the evening.
    I had a ceilidh at my wedding and while only a few of us were familiar with the routine, the caller's instructions were completely lost on all the Italian guests. But they were great and they all gamely joined in - it made an hilarious spectacle.
    What you're wearing is so nice I'd wear it to do just about anything.
    Baci Sallyxx

    1. That sounds like a great wedding party. Especially with everyone in their finest outfits....quite a sight! It is a great way to get everyone involved, on the dance floor, and having fun. XXX

  7. Love the comfy and chic style. Vinyl leggings is such a great thing for anyone to have in their closet. Hope you can stop by my Weekend Wear Fridays Linkup and share your beautiful style.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  8. And you just made me realise that for as much as I've been shying away from colour during the day, I steer clear from wearing black for the night. I believe it has something to do with the rebel inside me, which simply refuses to conform. Black is often the defacto colour for many once the sun has set, and I'm quite certain that's the only reason I eschew it for red, blush and purple, my holy trinity of evening colours :)

    And I have to say you look quite as lovely sans colour as you do in your usual line-up of kaleidoscopic colours, Samantha, quite fabulous xoxo

  9. Thank you Sheela. How interesting! I need to give my evening wear more thought....even though I am not in it very often. I always choose texture over colour. I will try to hear your words in my head next time "Red, blush and purple"....hmmmm, they sound gorgeous! XXX

  10. Beautiful for a night of dancing, and for such a good cause! Thanks for sharing it all with Vis Monday, xox


  11. I love a good ceilidh. Not been to one in a good while but great fun. And I can just imagine you cutting a dash on the dance floor - quite right too! And bravo for all the money raised for such a good cause. Alzheimer's is a cause close to my heart too.
    Isn't it strange how you gravitate to black for night's out. I think I'm a little similar too. We're a strange breed! But whatever, you look fabulous in black!

    1. I am sorry to hear that Alzheimer's is also part of your life, Jacqueline...XXX
      As for black....I had not really thought about it before. Strange how blogging highlights things that would otherwise go unnoticed. XXX

  12. Such a perfect outfit for a wee skirmish. Young, fresh and fun as ever, Samantha. Love the carefree photos which capture everything positive about you and your get up. The tunic and leggins combo suits you down to a tee. Great stuff Sam x
    Anna's Island Style

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Looking great, the perfect outfit for a ceilidh. I haven't been to one for years and the boss at my work keeps trying to get me to go along :)

    1. Oh, you should go next time he suggests it! They are fantastic fun. XXX

  15. I love to wear colour but I often grab black with white. This dress is very festive (because of the collar?) and with the legging very modern. Love the pendant necklace too.
    Glad you had a jolly old Scottish evening with laughter and dance.

    1. I had never thought of trying white, Greetje! Great idea, thank you for the inspiration.
      Next time I will give a pale hue a go. XXX

  16. You look effortlessly stylish. Love those leggings too! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  17. I had to look up what a Ceilidh is--what fun! I wanna go to one. And yes, I too end up reaching for black on nights out. It's edgy? Sexier? Darker and more vampy? Which reminds me I'm reading the best book! The Discovery of Witches. Are you a reader Samantha? I don't know why but I keep thinking of you while I read it. It's so good--I'm carrying it in my bag so I can read it whenever it's that good!

    Great outfit! And I'm glad you had such a fun night and for such a good cause.

    Thanks for linking up to the Kremb de la Kremb Style Stories No. 12 Link Up.

    Love, Annie

    1. Yeah I love reading! I am reading a classic at the moment. I must look up that book you mentioned. XXX

    2. Candide, or Optimism (Voltaire)....I love the language and punctuation (especially that) and simple storytelling with subtle complexity....gosh, I am starting to sound like a pretentious arse, I don't mean to! LOL XXX


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