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Friday, 5 February 2016

Styling Culottes in Winter | Khaki, Oxblood and Sage.

Fake Fabulous | Khaki culottes, sage and oxblood.

To say I have struggled with culottes would be an understatement!
I really want to enjoy wearing them, as I love the look of culottes on other people.
They can look so edgy and chic.

I have tried to style my culottes in different ways, with varying degrees of success:
I just can't seem to get on with them.
Culottes are so difficult to wear!

I really admire the way that some people wear culottes with such effortless style.
Throwing them on as easily as jeans.
Oh, how envious am I?

I decided that the only way to save my culottes from the charity-donation bag was to wear them with my favourite boots.
These boots always make me happy.
If they can't make me feel good in culottes, then there is no hope!

You might be wondering why I am bothering at all?
It is not like I spent a fortune on these culottes and really need to make them work.
I could easily put them into the donation pile without a twinge of guilt.

The truth is, I don't like giving up!
Whether it is a serious crisis (in the real world) or a minor hiccup in my wardrobe.
I am a fighter.
My fight with culottes may be trivial, in the grand scheme of things, but I still refuse to be beaten.
So, with my pig-headed determination, I took these culottes out for a Winter spin!

I decided to pair the offending culottes with a pretty vintage silk shirt and my fluffy sage sweatshirt.
A simple leather bag and my silver sixpence, finished things off nicely.

Fake Fabulous | Khaki culottes, sage and oxblood.

Are there any types of clothing that you just can't get on with?
Do you keep trying or just move on to something else?

Please let me know in the comments, I would love to hear about your your "No Way!" styles!

Culottes: Matalan (these are nice)
Shirt: Vintage (this one is lovely)
Jumper: Topshop (similar)
Boots: Old (these are cool)
Bag: Charity shop find (this one is similar)
Necklace: Vintage (I like this one)

Fake Fabulous | Vintage blouse, sage and oxblood.

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  1. You know I'm a huge, huge fan Samantha (did you see my shout out to you in my Tuesday's post?), but I think it's the cut of these culottes that's not doing you favors. The front pleats? The wideness in the legs? Something about them isn't as great on you as other things. I don't think you should give up on culottes, just this pair! jodie

    1. Oh Jodie, I know you are always supportive and I appreciate that!
      I also appreciate your honest comment too.
      I wondered what is was about them....maybe you are right about those pleats!!
      I thought that they were too, erm....limp. Perhaps a stiffer fabric would be better? Scuba maybe?
      Or maybe a bright and bold pattern?
      Or faux leather?
      Or all three!!!
      I think they are destined for donation......maybe I should be on the hunt for a different pair!

    2. Definitely I think that should be your latest "hunt." My culottes are actually very "limp" (as you say) but a flat front and thus move nicely but aren't too baggy! I'm sure you'll succeed in finding a great pair!!

  2. I agree. I wonder if it's the cut if THESE culottes that's the issue. Too baggy and full.

    1. Thank you Carol-Anne...I think I am in agreement, especially about the bagginess. Too limp and droopy, maybe? I think I might go searching for MORE structure and fullness...and a bright pattern?! XXX

  3. I agree. I wonder if it's the cut if THESE culottes that's the issue. Too baggy and full.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Carol-Anne. I have replied above. XXX

  4. Hi Samantha - you always look fab - i have similar probs with culottes & have found that more fitted tops work best with baggy versions - i know you loving the layered look, me too ! love your boots & bag though - keep it fresh x

    1. Thank you Karen, I have gone for a fitted top in the past and I still did not feel 100% "me". I just don't think they are ever going to work for me. Maybe in summer with a vest top and sandals? Hmmm. All I can say is that I was glad I had my favourite boots on to save the day! XXX

  5. Yes, I agree with Jodie and Carol-Anne. Culottes are difficult, probably because they originated as sportswear for ladies who needed to sit astride something, be it a bicycle or an animal. Perhaps the nicest ones fit perfectly over the hips and give the appearance of a well tailored slim skirt with a box-pleat at front and back. Or another winning version could be truncated palazzo pants.
    If these were going to work for you, it would have been because you styled them with these boots.
    I know you're feisty Samantha and that's a great attribute, but is having to "fight" to make a piece of clothing work really worth the agro - especially when it so obviously doesn't deserve you?
    baci Sxx

    1. Hahahaha Sally...that is funny. The thought of sitting "astride something" in these did make me laugh out loud. Thank you for that!
      I agree about being more fitted or palazzo. These both sound more appealing!
      I am slowly resigning myself to stepping away from this particular pair of culottes....maybe I need to branch out into something more structured and vibrant? Thank you for your comments, most appreciated! XXX

  6. the more I see that Sage color, the more I like it!, and it mixes nicely with any other color I've never thought!
    Love your boots!, those boots can cheer up any outfit!!
    I've refused to wear some trends (lots of them, actually!), which didn't fit my mood. But I've not given up on wearing harem pants, maxi skirts, boxy dresses or whatever appealing trend, even if it's not flattering!

    1. Oh Monica, thank you for that! I agree with the ethos of not giving up on the trends even if they are not 100% flattering on our bodies! Sometimes we just want to have fun and throw the rule book out of the window. Unfortunately these culottes are just not floating my boat....thank goodness for my cheerful boots! XXX

  7. I honestly don't think those culottes are all that bad, but you're right: if there's a pair of shoes that could "save" your culottes - or any other thing with short length, for that matter - could very well be THESE boots. They look SO good on (and so cool, Samantha).

    1. Thank you Liyana, you are kind.
      I am so glad you approve of my boots, they are my favourite of favourites! :OD

  8. I also tried the challenge of the culotte and decided it just was too much work. I figured I should be able to put something on and have it make me smile right away.

    I do adore those boots though. Oh yeah.


    1. You are right Suzanne! We should not have to put in too much effort to get that "smile". I am glad you love my boots too!! XXX

  9. I bought two pairs and have yet to wear them, as i am struggling as well. In doing a style challenge , I have styled a look with them to wear tomorrow. fingers crossed I go through with it, lol. I actually like all the ways you've styled these and to my eye think you nailed it.. of course how you feel is what matters most!

    1. I hope you feel good enough to strut your stuff tomorrow Tracey! They are so tricky....I am glad you have given the thumbs up to this look. You are so right about how we feel mattering the most. If we don't feel good, we can't really look good. Luckily the reverse is true too. Thank goodness!! XXX

  10. I love it that you don't give up easily but as the others have said, these ain't doing you any favours in either cut or fabric or come to think of it, even colour. Love the top half - the blouse is fantastic and worn with skinny jeans, I'd be swooning. I honestly think culottes can only be worn successfully by 6'0 stick insects!

    Besides, your happy boots and bag need something more worthy of them.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog the other day. Meant alot. xx


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