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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Wearing White Jeans in Winter | Grey and White.

Wearing white jeans in winter.

How I styled my white jeans, in Winter, with pale grey and fur.
Winter white, wearing white jeans in Winter | Fake Fabulous

Does anyone really wear white jeans in Winter?
Or, is it just something fashion bloggers do, for 5 minutes, before dashing back inside and getting quickly back into their black skinnies?

I was worried about getting (very quickly) grubby and feeling yucky all day.
White clothes and Winter weather don't go together very well, do they?

However, after giving it some thought, I decided that getting dirty in the Winter was no different to getting dirty in the Summer.

Summer dirt comes from sitting outside (grass stains and grubby marks from benches) and eating outside (ice-cream slitters and ketchup blobs). Things also get dusty (especially feet, in sandals). Then there are suncream stains...all in all, a lot of chances to get filthy on a Summer's day, yet we would not think twice about wearing white in Summer, would we?

Winter dirt is usually weather related.
The thought of dirty water splashing all over our white clothes is awful. Who wants to be soggy and grubby all day? Not me!
However, if you think about it, most of your sitting and eating is done indoors during the Winter.
No suncreams, no ice creams, no grass stains... so, Winter living might actually be cleaner than in Summer!

So, if the weather is my only foe, I decided to beat it by wearing a long waterproof coat (See the post where I wear it with glow-in-the-dark wellies)...not very glam, I admit, but a great cover-all to get me from A to B in one piece.

And, to avoid any dirty puddles, I wore my chunky boots again.
Only the highest of splashes could reach my white jeans in these.

Carrying on with the pale-colour theme, I chose some grey wool socks to wear with my boots and a pale grey jumper.
This jumper is such a lovely item.
It is so fluffy and comfortable, but the fluff gets EVERYWHERE.
If you look at my headshot you can see some of the fluff attached to my eyebrow.
I am surprised that this jumper is not completely bald!

Fortunately, it makes up for its over-fluffyness by being very warm and quite pretty.
I love the button back and the patterned yolk.
It gives me a Scandinavian I decided to add a (faux) fur trapper hat.
This hat is both practical and fun.
The ear flaps come down for very cold and windy days (I have worn it like that many times).
You can't help but smile in a ridiculous hat like this!
Simple studs finished things off nicely, any more in the way of accessories would have detracted from the textures of the outfit.
Sometimes we don't need much to make a statement!

Winter white, wearing white jeans in Winter | Fake Fabulous

Winter white, wearing white jeans in Winter | Fake Fabulous

These chunky boots are not for the shy...but I love them!

Winter white, wearing white jeans in Winter | Fake Fabulous
Do you wear white in Winter?
How do you style yours....and keep it dirt-free?
Please Share any tips and tricks in the comments.... or tweet me @samantha4blair
Winter white, wearing white jeans in Winter | Fake Fabulous

Jumper : Mint Velvet (New Season version...on sale!)
Jeans : ME&EM (70% off now...a bargain!)
Boots : Shellys (These are more neutral, but still fierce!)
Hat : Old (similar)
Socks : M&S

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  1. Great the sweater made that way or did you wear it backwards (which I do quite a bit)?
    I'm definitely a fan of white jeans in the winter...I mean realistically I'm usually in the car, walking 10 feet to whatever, and then inside again anyways!! And the white adds a nice lightness to these darker days!!
    I guess the only thing I need (read--don't have) from this post are those BOOTS---holy toledo!! Those are fabulous!! jodie

    1. Hahaha...thank you Jodie!
      I am glad you like my chunky boots.
      They make me SO tall too (well, not tall but certainly taller!).
      Yes, the jumper is the right way round. The buttons are a nice touch, aren't they? Quite unusual.
      Thank you for your comment.

  2. I love white & grey together! This is a great look! Love the detail on the back of the sweater!

    I like your reasoning why it actually makes sense to wear white in winter! I only own white capris, so I'm not wearing white right now, but I'm thinking of adding a pair of white jeans this year to my wardrobe. Once I do I don't see why I won't wear them in winter!

    1. Oh, you should Andrea! I am looking for white skinnies now, too....hmmm....Capri's sound good too (oh dear, I need to stop this shopping list from growing any further). XXX

  3. I usually don't wear white pants but now I am thinking I should ! You do look fab in them and love the cozy grey sweater ! The idea of wearing chunky heels is great, also. Perfect look, warm and lovely ! Many kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

    1. Thank you Vale, I can't believe you don't wear white trousers?! I think you should try a pair for 2016...I bet you would be an inspiration to lots of white-trouser owners... AND, think of all of the amazing shoes that could be showcased on the end of bright white legs :oD XXX

  4. As I write, I'm in white (well cream-ish but bright!) jeans and a fur hat!! I love everything about this outfit, but you could have guessed this. My very similar outfit post is in the works--I took the pics today. :D We are such Style Sisters if I can say so myself.

    Love it! You FABULOUS YOU!

    Love, Ann

    1. Yay!! Great minds, and all of that, Ann :oD.
      I am looking forward to seeing your furry headgear in action. XXX

  5. Dear Samantha, the whole outfit is so lovely.
    I know about Scottish weather. The whole family loves Scotland in summer.
    Happy New Year!!!

  6. lovely outfit, and fabulous chunky boots, they're über-cool!!
    I wear my white jeans in winter (a thick cotton ones) and my trick is never care too much about stains: white jeans get dirty as any other jean!
    You look so cute wearing your furry hat!!

    1. Hahaha...I love that Monica! You are so right....why get hung up on it? Wise words indeed. XXX

  7. What a good combination, everything looks lovely, especially the big smile! My white trousers are all in light summer fabric, if I had some warm white jeans I would be copying your style right now!
    Miss Cellany.

    1. Thank you for that! :oD These jeans are really thick, but also unusual weave. I was really surprised at the quality. Summers are never very warm here, so I can wear them all year round. In a hot climate they would not be so good! Luckily we don't have to worry too much about that here. XXX

  8. The hat is da bomb! Love it! Perfect for the outfit.
    I've often thought about wearing my white jeans in winter and I might just give it a go as you and a few other bloggers have styled white jeans in winter and they do look so good but it would have to be for work days at home. Travelling/sitting on buses, trains and the tube in London as much as I do? They'd be black by the end of the day!
    And I chuckled about the fluffy eyebrow. The only downside of cozy snuggly jumpers is that - true - they end up everywhere! But the style and pattern of the jumper is so beautiful. Um... I'm eyeing up the new season Mint Velvet one you linked - that's gorgeous too. Oh dear, I was trying not to buy anything more in the sales!

    1. This is so true...I use public transport and it is FILTHY!! I wore my long coat with these jeans as I was worried about starting the day off covered in stains. It is not the most glam of coats but "needs must" sometimes. Thank you for noticing the fluff..hahaha, I did laugh! I highly recommend the jumper but you should really stop buying so much in the sales, that is true. However, I am going a little crazy sale shopping (all in the name of blogging, of course) so I am not one to talk!! XXX

  9. I don't mind winter white at all. After all snow is white. It is just that most of the white jeans are thin cotton (ccccooollllddd). Now if thick tights would be comfortable underneath them, I would wear them, but usually they are not. (I would wear them longer than you do as I have soemthing against short trousers. My legs are long and lots of times my trousers were just a little bit too short. Developed a phobia because of that.)
    The hat is fun and not all all ridiculous. Looks good on you.
    The sweater is indeed very nice and the buttons at the back make your bum look extra good (wish mine would look like that...).

    1. these ones are pretty thick, Greetje. Easy to wear in all Scottish seasons (especially with a light thermal underneath!). It is interesting how you are against short trousers...having the perfect long legs to wear them cropped. You have just made me realise that I have an aversion to longer idea why...I must try to remedy that, and wear more. Thank you for the bum comment...I had another look at my photo and you are right, it is quite cheeky, even though it is just a fluke! :oD XXX

  10. Winter white is so refreshing and so original. Grey works really well with this without diluting the freshness of white. I adore those boots! Am waiting for about 8 pairs of shoes and boots I ordered in my flu-delerium stage - all from various sales and most will probably be returned but need to try out OTK boots in the privacy of my own home before I finally dismiss them. Gold, snakeskin and suede shoes also about to cause an avalanche in our little sorting office soon - yipee! xxx
    Anna's Island Style

    1. How exciting Anna! Waiting for shoes is a wonderful thing...please try them all on and photograph them. You could share with us all. I am interested in how you feel about the OTK's..... XXX

  11. This is really awesome. I love to wear white jeans but only summers. I have written many blogs related to winter fashion.


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