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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wearing a Bright Orange Jumpsuit, over 40 | So wrong, it's right!

In a surge of crazy sale shopping I found myself hitting the "buy" button for this jumpsuit.
Not only another jumpsuit, but an unstructured and untailored one at that!

A baggy, bright orange jumpsuit... over 40!
Have I lost my mind?

I have to admit that the main thing attracting me to this jumpsuit was the fact that it resembles a boiler suit (or a prison uniform).
This is probably the main issue that would put most people off.
Weird, right?
Some style choices can't be explained rationally.
Some items are so "Wrong" that they become "Right".

I know that I should hate everything about this jumpsuit but, I just can't help myself...
I love it!
When I slip it on, I really can't stop smiling.
It is bright, cheerful, comfortable and a fantastic conversation starter.

Almost everyone has an opinion on this jumpsuit.
Comments range from:
"Wow! That's bright Sam" 
"Oh...I didn't realise it was fancy dress today"
I always take comments as a compliment...regardless of how they were intended.
Most of the time, I just laugh!

Fake Fabulous | Orange wrong it's right!

As for styling this jumpsuit...

I could have easily contrasted the orange with a rich blue (or teal) making it less boiler-suit chic and more classy, but I could not resist adding more orangey tones.

Orange with tan and red, clashing with my red hair.
I could not help myself.
I was wearing my own sunshine today, and I liked it.

Fake Fabulous | Orange wrong it's right!

The jumpsuit is unlined and every lump, bump and seam is on display. So, I popped a pair of orange tights underneath and a breton long sleeved top (carefully tucked in to the tights) to minimise any extra bumfles..(a good Scottish word).

It may be cheap and cheerful, untailored, unlined, not cut beautifully BUT it is so very comfortable.

I was warm and comfy all day.
Even in the evening, I did not need to change into any lounge wear...this was the perfect lounging item.

I really wanted to wear it with converse-style gutties today but it was bitter cold (and damp) so these chunky brogues were a good option.
cream cardigan (draped over my shoulders) kept me cosy.

Fake Fabulous | Orange wrong it's right!

Have you got any "So wrong, it's right" items that you love to wear?

Please let me know that I am not alone by leaving a comment....or tweet me @samantha4blair

Jumpsuit: WalG at Topshop, this one is nice and has sleeves. This one is stunning!
Top: Marks and Spencers (similar)
Shoes: Clarks (similar)
Cardigan: Boden (very old) This is their current version.
Bag: Bogner (this one is nice)

Get the look...if you dare!



  1. Okay, okay...I'll get to working on jumpsuits for the three of us---don't hold your breath though---I usually work 2-3 months in advance!! And you realize why you can pull this off?? You have these fabulous extremities called legs---and they go on forever! (just a tad bit of envy here) You really know how to make me appreciate the jumpsuit! jodie

    1. Thank you Jodie! I am looking forward to the three of you doing your "thang".
      As for the legs...I appreciate your compliment there :oD. Comfort took over here though....I just could not resist the colour and the slouchiness. It is like wearing your Pj's in public! XXX

  2. Jodie is right; you definitely have the physique to pull this jumpsuit off, and pull off just about anything, so lucky youuu. This is a great example of "age is just a number".

    I feel like if you hadn't mentioned that the jumpsuit is "so wrong it's right" for someone who's over 40, and having you treat this outfit post like any other outfit post, I wouldn't even be thinking, "Orange jumpsuit, at that age? Hm". Like that would not even cross my mind at all! - I would just be over here thinking "Dayummm she looks good in that jumpsuit." Age just simply wouldn't be factored in.
    Does that make sense? I hope it does!

    I always like seeing orange tones and blues together but I really like how you've kept it almost, almost monochromatic here. It makes sense and looks so put together, with the red bag matching the red stripes, and how the belt perfectly pairs with your brogues. By the way, I love the shade of red of your hair; it works as an extra gorgeous accessory in every outfit post!

    Sincerely hoping I would look at leasttt half as stylish as you do in the future, and hoping that I would possess the same amount of fearlessness. Again, dayummm.

    1. Yes, that makes perfect sense, Liyana!

      Thank you! I was hoping to get that exact message across.
      What I mean is, we can be any age and wear whatever we want long as we like it!
      Even if it shouldn't work (in theory) it can still make us feel great.
      I hope that revealing my thought process (knowing that it should not work and why, but still wanting to wear it anyway) might give someone else the confidence to wear what they want too!
      I am so glad you thought age was not a factor. I completely agree!
      Thank you for taking the time to write such a great comment! XXX

  3. You rock everything you wear! Orange happens to be my favorite color, so I am all about that jumpsuit!
    Darlene AKA whosaprettygirl

    1. Hahaha...thank you Darlene!
      Orange is in my top 3. Such a happy colour. I am glad you approve. X

  4. Sam, you are not alone.

    I've had my flying squirrel jumpsuit moment, and there's that time I wore the most expensive sequinned sheath with banged-up sneakers. So no, you're most certainly not alone in this movement, my friend. I am all for bringing my own sunshine wherever I go and if that entails loud, pink tipped hair or an outfit closely resembling a rodent in mid air, or eschewing heel and height for grimy kicks, so be it. It's all about that sense of euphoria in wearing precisely what we choose, how we choose, and when we choose.

    After all, my drug of choice is endorphins and, I suspect, yours too :) xoxo

    1. Yay!
      That jumpsuit sound gorgeous (please tell me it it vintage (or vintage inspired) and has HUGE batwings?) I love that look.
      I totally understand the need for that feel-good-factor, everyday. Clothes are such a great way to achieve it. Good clean fun! XXX

  5. Great outfit - sassy and comfortable. Could you promote the dressing gown as hot fashion next please? I'd stay in mine all day if I could. Love the liberal use of 'Scottish' too. What's a 'guttie'?

    1. Yes Lois!
      Some of the "blanket" coats are very dressing gownish....especially with the belts.
      And I have a coat that resembles a furry duvet!
      I am all for comfort :oD
      P.S. a "Guttie" is a trainer....a bit like a plimsoll, converse/superga style....they have to be a little beaten up to qualify for Guttie status!

  6. There's nothing wrong and everything right about that jumpsuit on you! I long for a jumpsuit, but have far too many bumfles (love that word, have got to start using it in conversation!) to get away with it myself.

    1. Thank you Fran...I have plenty of my own bumfles to contend with, but some carefully "tucking in" smoothed things out! :oD XXX

  7. I've no idea how you do it, but it works! It would look truly awful on me, I'm sure. But you have the size, shape - and the hair. Oh yes, what a fab contrast with your hair! Kx

    1. Thank you so much. I thought I would go all-out orangefest, hair included! XXX

  8. I hate orange!.....but on you! Women, this is great on you, it looks so stylish!

    1. You are very kind, Nancy. I did think that the orange might have gone a little OTT, but I could not help just kept coming! XXX

  9. Brilliant styling Sam, and not a prison warden in sight! Looks ├╝ber comfy too. Win, win I say x
    Anna's Island Style

    1. Hahaha...thank you Anna! Although, if there was a prison warden could you make it Glebe from strictly? If you ever watched it, you will know exactly what I mean :oD

  10. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. That's the advantage of having red hair. You can pull these extreme colors of and look awesome.

    1. This could be true, Nicole! I think many people assume red hair is limiting (colour-wise) but it can work as another accessory. XXX

  11. I think you have more than pulled it off - you've rocked it with your fab shape and great attitude! Clothes should be fun. xox


  12. You look gorgeous

  13. If anything it shows your fantastic figure. Lots of people will have thought "Wow, when they built her, they had the blueprint for perfection". I love orange and bright colours. I have an Al-line dress in bright yellow. When I wear that people have similar reactions. I always reply with "I am a happy egg today". Shuts them up nicely.
    Great jumpsuit. And although I like how you styled it, I am curious to see how it turns out when you create a chic look.

  14. I have a very similar jumpsuit to this Samantha, but mine is like a t-shirt denim blue. It's sooooo comfy--almost like pajamas! Only you could pull of this fabulous orange one. I wouldn't even dare!

    Thanks for coming over and linking up to the Kremb de la Kremb Style Stories Link Up.

    Love, Ann


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