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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Trying new colours | Sage and Navy

Why should we try new colours?

Why bother trying to style colours that we don't normally wear?
Is it not better to keep doing what we know works for us?
To keep wearing the colours (and styles) that we have tried and tested, and thereby, never making a fashion mistake?

At this point I could ramble on about pushing yourself, never giving up or giving in, always ensuring that you continue to evolve your style, growing and learning, keeping up with trends, pushing boundaries, being open minded to new ideas....blah blah blah...

All of these things are true.

BUT, the real truth (for me) is...
I get bored.
Simple as that.
I just get bored of wearing the same old things in the same old ways.
How tedious is it to reach (unthinking) for the same colours?
To put together the same outfit combinations, day in and day out?

Clothes are not a necessity to me, they are a pleasure. Something to be enjoyed.

We don't need a whole new wardrobe, full of expensive items, every season.
A few new pieces can shake things up a little, and make old things seem like new.

So, every season, I experiment with colour.

Fake Fabulous | Topshop sage fluffy jumper and navy velvet trousers.

Today I am wearing a colour I never thought I would....a muted (and soft) Sage Green.

Pale Sage Green is a colour I have always avoided.
Reminding me of (very) old ladies at weddings.
The kind of colour I thought I would end up wearing when I was done with life and just wanted to disappear into the background.
What is it about certain colours that evoke such strong reactions?
I was spurred into colour-action by receiving this necklace as a Christmas gift, from my step daughter.
I instantly loved it, but realised (quickly) that I had nothing to wear with it!
Having always said that there was more green needed in my wardrobe, I now had a perfect excuse to start looking.

This cropped (and fluffy) sweatshirt seemed the perfect partner for my new necklace.

Fake Fabulous | Sage fluffy jumper and Chunky necklace

How to try a new colour

  • Buy something!

This seems obvious but, if you just procrastinate about trying new things, it never happens.
So, go out (or go online) and buy something completely different.
  • Buy your 'New Colour' in a shape that you are familiar with.
Try getting a very familiar style, but in your new choice of colour.
Cropped tops and fluff are no strangers of mine.
Skinny jeans or tights would be other familiar items I could use.
What would be yours?
The modern shape (and fabric) of my sweatshirt helped to offset any "old lady" feelings that I might feel bubbling up.
  • Wear your new hue with some old (and familiar) favourites.
To make the colour-experiment easier, try teaming your new item with some old faithfuls.
Everything else I am wearing here is between 2 and 10 years old.

Fake Fabulous | Sage fluffy jumper and navy velvet trousers.

Once I had bought my new fluffy sweatshirt, the rest of the outfit fell together easily.
The necklace needed a contrast, so I chose a denim shirt and a fine polo neck.
These were great for mixing up the colours and textures, not to mention that extra layer of warmth that I love!

Navy velvet trousers added a depth of colour and more texture, while my green tote bag made the sage seem more at home with the blues.

Chunky boots finished things off perfectly, without actually going with anything I was wearing.
The reason?
They go with my hair!

Matching your hair to your shoes works to pull an outfit together even more.
Like a pair of bookends, keeping everything in the middle nice and tidy.

Fake Fabulous | Sage fluffy jumper and navy velvet trousers.

After looking through the photos and thinking about my own colour choices, I started searching online for colour palettes that include sage.
The popular colours to mix with sage seem to be peach and cream...sometimes including a soft tan.
Really pretty combinations.
Maybe inspiration for another sage day?
See my new Pinterest board: Colour Palettes. 

Do you ever use 'Bookending' when picking shoes?
Do you have any NEW colours that you are keen to try?

Please let me know in the comments...I love to hear from you!

Or, if you prefer, Tweet me @samantha4blair

Jumper: Topshop.....annoyingly reduced to £10 now...grrrrr.
Necklace: Topshop, a gift from my Stepdaughter.
Trousers: Boden (old)....these are their recent version.
Boots: Aldo. These are nice....and these made me squeal in delight!
Bag: Osprey (this one is really nice)
Shirt: Boden (old)...similar.
Polo neck: Next....this one is similar.
Gloves: Dents....these are a leather version.

Get the look:



  1. What a great combination!! I think it's extremely important to try new's such an uplifting exercise to find different ways to wear items IMO. I'm loving your pants!! I do think the necklace would pop a tad more on something white perhaps? It's super cool!! jodie

    1. I never thought of white, Jodie....I instinctively went darker!
      Maybe our hair colour influences our subconscious? Your blonde hair would look perfect with the Sage and white....maybe light tan boots too? :oD These trousers (when I read pants I always smile!) are so old now, but still going strong! Thank you for your comment...and suggesting white. Maybe an idea for another day? XXX

  2. mwahaha, love how you've explained your idea about 'bookends keeping everything in the middle nice and tidy', you're so witty!. I like to match my shoes (or socks) with my scarves or hats, and I think it works too!.
    Never thought that Sage could look so delightful, cozy and perfect for winter. I'm not a huge fan of sorbet colors, but you look so gorgeous, casual & elegant, than I feel inspired to give them a try!

    1. Thank you Monica! I just did it without noticing, then thought about it afterwards. Funny how everything just comes together with the same colour at the top and the bottom. I googled it too and it is an actual phenomenon! Hahaha. I feel the same about sorbet shades, but you could do something wonderful! XXX

  3. The sage colour (almost bordering on mint in the photos) is terrific on you! Kx

    1. It does look a bit minty, doesn't it? Thankfully it has a warm undertone. Mint can be too cool for me to wear (although I would still give it a go). some colours just drain me and I don't need any more help looking tired! LOL XXX

  4. oh that's a beautiful color combo! I love that the sage is like an updated mint (from the trendy color of 3 years ago!)

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    1. Thank you Sahra. I remember the mint trend, I avoided it because I struggle to pull off certain cold colours although I did look at it many times wishing I was a Nordic blonde! This sage is ever so slightly warmer which seems to stop me looking too ill :oD XXX

  5. The boots! I noticed right away they matched your hair : )


  6. What an awesome necklace. I might have to get one for myself!

    1. Thank you Yessenia. It was such a nice surprise to get as a gift! XXX

  7. Samantha! I did this on my recent trip home. I bought a beautiful, wooly sweater in a blushing pink. It's a color I've been wanting to try, and well, when the price tag at Banana Republic was 50% off the sale price of $32, I was all over it! Now I'm just waiting for it to be chilly enough to wear back here in HK. It will happen. Ironically, I plan to pair it with navy! Ha!! A color I am very comfortable with.

    Your color combo here is PERF! And, I don't want this to sound creepy or anything, but you have a body to die for! I love your physique. I want say I'm jelly (green envy), but I do want you to know you have a rockin' body! (There's me in all my too-much-honesty! You know that Annie!! Hahaha!)

    Ok, I have much more catching up to do. I've missed you!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    1. Hahahaha....Thank you Annie, although my body is very far from Rockin'! Maybe more like rollin'?!
      It is a good job we have clothes to sort us out, isn't it!
      Your pink and wooly jumper sounds out of your usual colour palette and I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Navy eh? LOL...Style sisters?! XXX

    2. Did you see my navy and pink combo? I felt very subdued and soft.

      Thanks for coming by and linking up to the Kremb de la Kremb Style Stories Link Up.

      Love, Annie

    3. I did! With culottes....I must be braver when it comes to them!

  8. I love the topping and tailing of hair and boots! Brilliant. Always good to try new things because as you've discovered, we end up with even more options. And if the odd time it doesn't work, no matter, you've given it a go. I love the sage on you - yay for having another colour to play with!

    1. Thank you. I am not sure I have fallen in love with sage but, this jumper is so fluffy I will probably be wearing it to death anyway! XXX


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