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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Dressing "Too young" | Winter floral jumpsuit, over 40.

Should we be wearing jumpsuits over 40?

Are they not a bit "Too young" for us?

This question popped into my head after an interesting conversation I had with a colleague.
To cut a long story short...
She does not like shopping for clothes because she struggles to find things that are appropriate for her age.
"I don't want to dress too young, Sam".
Now, before I go on, I must let you know that this lady has the most amazing, tall and slender figure.
Yes, she is in her 50's BUT she still has her neat curves, toned arms and an enviably teeny waist.
Not to mention her striking colouring.
And she is worrying about dressing "Too young".
I wondered why?

We had a very enjoyable discussion where she argued her case well but, in the end, we had to agree to disagree.
I could understand her point of view but, I honestly think that no item of clothing is too young for anybody...Ever!
As long as the person wearing it: loves it, it fits well, suits the body it is on and is appropriate for the occasion, then it is a winner!

Of course you could throw a curved ball, and say...
"What about gold lame micro shorts then...Eh?"
Well, if there was an occasion that required gold lame micro shorts and they fit me well (and I had on some strong denier dance tights) then... Yes, I would wear them!

This got me thinking about jumpsuits.

It will not surprise you to hear that I think Jumpsuits can be worn at any age.

If you like jumpsuits, and they suit your body shape, then you should definitely be going for it!
Life it too short to be worrying that you are too old.
You will never again be as young as you are have some fun!

Fake Fabulous | Floral jumpsuit, over 40!

A jumpsuit like this one is such a versatile shape.
It can be worn with boots (just now) but, would look great with sandals (or converse-style gutties) in warmer weather.
It can be dressed up or down, casual or smart.
Conservative or sexy.
On it's own, or with layers.

It is also incredibly comfortable...almost too comfortable to be classed as a 'real' item of clothing.
It's like spending all day in your PJ's, I felt like such a fraud!

Fake Fabulous | Floral Jumpsuit.

Even though the fabric is quite substantial I still needed a pair of thermal leggings and a warm polo neck underneath.
{Standing in my thermal undies, I looked like I was going skiing}
Cosy socks and chunky boots were a must, it was far too cold for anything else.

I also wore a long cashmere waistcoat.
It is quite a fine knit but twice as warm as some of my chunkier pieces.
The finer knit also makes it look a little bit smarter.

The jumpsuit had enough going on with it's winter floral pattern, so I kept accessories to a minimum.
I did need a belt though, and this green one seemed the perfect choice.
Fake Fabulous | Winter Florals

Fake Fabulous | Floral jumpsuit, over 40!

Would you (do you) wear a jumpsuit?

Is there anything you think is too young for you?
What age do you think we become too old to dress too young?!

Please join the discussion and let me know your thoughts on this subject.
I always love to hear your please leave a comment.
Or, if you prefer, Tweet me @samantha4blair

Jumpsuit: WalG at Topshop (this one is nice, if you prefer a sleeve)
Under-top: Next (similar)
Boots: London Rebel
Bag: Osprey (again!) I have others, honestly! This one is lovely.
Waistcoat: The brand is Maison Cinqcent.
Belt: Unknown (similar)

Get this look:



  1. Fake Fabulous at her most fabulous daaahling! Love this bright and breezy jumpsuit and how you've styled it - that belt and your tiny (despite being post-Christmas) waist. Can't wait to see this in it's summer guise with sandals and lots of jewellery x

    1. Hahahaha...thank you daaahling! So funny, Anna.
      I will be wearing it in the warmer weather too, minus my thermal undies :oD

  2. This is a great look! I haven't owned a jumpsuit in many years, but I totally think I could wear one. :-) I agree that if a piece of clothing looks good on and is appropriate for the occasion there really is no age limit. But I do see the worry of your coworker as I sometimes think that I maybe just don't see that something doesn't look good (anymore)... That's where photos are handy I think.

    1. Very true, Andrea, photos are the truth! You should get yourself one, they are so comfortable...they hardly feel like clothes at all. XXX

  3. I bought a black jumpsuit to wear for my 44th birthday dinner party and I love it! Wish I'd bought one years ago. This Saturday we are hosting a 70s/80s/90s party and I bought a secondhand 70s inspired one. So now I have two to choose from! Love that they are a flattering fit (even though I'm short) and you can cover up your legs while still dressing up.

    1. Good for you Kathryn... I bet you looked beautiful! That 70's style one sounds amazing...I hope you have loads of fun at your party. XXX

  4. I am all about the jumpsuit!! And I'm 43!! They're like the PERFECT clothing item--like a dress but more casual or even playing dressy. In fact if you don't mind, I'd like to show you by including these links from a series I posted last spring featuring all sorts of jumpsuits: the lounger jumpsuit, the black jumpsuit, the cocktail party jumpsuit, the day party jumpsuit, and finally the romper. Also, for more over the age of 40 inspiration The Fab 40s each styled jumpsuits found here. Basically, if you feel comfortable wearing a dress, then wearing a jumpsuit is basically the same thing--just with pants. Where along the sartorial pathway of a jumpsuit did it become something only for the young? I kind of want to have the same talk with your colleague. The description of her physique screams for a jumpsuit!

    Yours Samantha is fabulous! What a garden party. What I think is of special note is how you turned a sleeveless jumpsuit into a totally acceptable winter worn item. This take some skill--and style which you totally have! I love it!!

    Here's to jumpsuits Sweetie!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    PS Again, I hope you don't mind how link happy I was in this comment. Basically, I just want to support the jumpsuit love AND encourage wearing anything at any age! (Did you know I own silver sequin shorts, and I DO wear them!!? ;)

    1. I knew I could rely on you to fly the flag for the jumpsuit (and those sequin shorts). I was secretly hoping you would add some links to inspire us with more jumpsuit styling, so thank you for that! XXX

    2. Oh good! Thank you for linking this post up to the Kremb de la Kremb Style Stories Link Up. Love seeing you there--especially in an awesome jumpsuit!

      A x

  5. Can I also add you don't have to shave your legs to wear them! They are low maintenance (although more of a challenge when going to the loo!)

  6. It's really too bad that someone our age still thinks that way your colleague does. Because I have to admit that you are absolutely right!! Nothing is too young for me---part of it depends how you wear it, right? I could wear a "hello, kitty" t-shirt with a tailored blazer and it could look great!
    As for your really know how to style an outfit Samantha! I personally don't have a jumpsuit in my closet (unless you count my footie pajamas), but that can be easily remedied!! jodie

    1. If you met this lady you would not believe that she worries about looking "too" anything! Apart form too good! :oD
      I would love to see you in that hello kitty T and a blazer....also Nancy and your mum in similar styles!
      AND, jumpsuits for the 50's, 60's and 70's....That is a MUST!! XXX

    2. Ha...another great blog post series idea...a "too young" t-shirt and how to make it grow up!!

  7. Outstanding jumpsuit worn in an outstanding way! Truly gorgeous and happy.

    Why would jumpsuits be on the no-no list? Just curious. What is so objectionable in terms of age? I know the arguments about minis, etc., but jumpsuits? I suspect that if they had little snaps going up and down the inside of the legs, that might be an issue; on the other hand that would make them much easier to get in and out of.

    1. To be honest Melanie, I don't know!
      I think it is maybe the fact that they are in "younger" shops therefore they can be perceived (by some) as a young person's item. I am not a fan of putting people into categories (especially not age-related ones). More of us need to be donning the jumpsuits IMO ...regardless of our age :oD.
      They are SO comfortable, I can hardly believe it! XXX

  8. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I think we can. We just have to look for a high quality one with great fit

  9. Oh fun.... suits you so well. Would I wear a jumpsuit? In a heartbeat if I had a bum and hips. Which I don't. So I don't own one. Bummer.

    1. You can "Fake" bums and hips with pockets and wraps or pleats....I will keep my eyes peeled for a bum enhancing one, just for you Greetje! XXX

  10. Isn't it strange how some people can't see past an item in relation to their age? Such a shame. I wouldn't let my age stop me from wearing anything. Whether it fits or looks good - well, that's a different matter!
    I adore the print of your jumpsuit and great styling with the waistcoat. You look fierce in your jumpsuit!
    Would I wear a jumpsuit? No, only because I don't find them practical and that would annoy me - ha, ha.

    1. This is a good point. Trips to the bathroom take a moment or two longer! :oP XXX

  11. I agree completely: if you like something, it suits you and is appropriate for the occasion, then wear it, no matter what your age! Unfortunately, my very conservative husband doesn't agree with me - he thinks no one over the age of 30 should wear jeans, for example. I don't let the negativity stop me wearing what I want, but it can be a bit of a downer sometimes when one's nearest and dearest don't appreciate one's unique sense of style! ;) That said, there are some things that I think are now too young for me personally - I feel uncomfortable these days in anything too ditsy or cutesy - such as that infamous dress that I pined for after donating it (a slightly flouncy cream lace number... sigh).

    1. Oh Fran, I do understand!
      My husband often looks confused by my fashion choices.
      Sometimes he passes comment, but not very often (any more) I have perfected my "raised eyebrows" look that means I am wearing this no matter what you say! :oP
      I feel your sadness at the passing of your flouncy number....Although you might be tempted to go searching for a new one if you look at the new collection at Michael Kors. They have a gorgeous flouncy white one in the SS16 collection.
      I was lusting after it!
      Where did you donate yours?! :oD

  12. This looks beautiful on you! I love how many layers you've added to the outfit.

    1. Thank you Aleczandra. I love my layers and always wear some, even in summer.
      It has to be HOT for me to be down to a single item. My children joke that the sign of a really warm day is mummy taking off her jumper! :oD XXX

  13. Just heading over from Mummy's Got Style's #FashionFriday linky where I couldn't resist linking up a post about my beloved kilt. Anyway, I wouldn't say that items of clothing are too old or young for anyone. I would, however, not wish to dress like someone in their late teens. I think with age I have probably become more discerning (says a man who occasionally wears a kilt!!)

    1. Thank you for popping over, John.
      I am glad you agree that we can't be too old (or too young) for anything. A well fitting and quality kilt is a discerning item...and very stylish! X


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