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Thursday, 29 December 2016

3 Easy Ways to Hide those Extra Pounds.

3 ways to Hide those Extra Pounds | Navy Culottes, White poloneck & Brogues

Have you (like me) put on a few pounds over the holidays?
It's very easily done, isn't it?

Even if you are not a big eater, extra inches are almost inevitable at certain times of year, especially as we get older.
Inches become much easier to lay down, and much harder to shift.

Putting on a few (or a lot of) pounds over the Christmas holiday is very common and nothing to worry about.

And, before you say...

"That's rich coming from you...what do you know about extra inches? You're a size 10!"

Extra weight is annoying at any size, and on a slight frame can look very unsightly and awkward.

{I'm carrying an extra 6, and my skinny jeans are cutting off the circulation!}

In my opinion, slim limbs with a flabby gut is much less attractive than rounded edges to beautiful curves.

So what can you do?

3 ways to Hide those Extra Pounds | Navy Culottes, White poloneck & Brogues

3 easy ways to hide extra pounds

1. Get Loose

Avoid anything tight.
Step away from stiff tailoring and structured fabrics.
Extra pounds will pull at the seams and make you look like you are about to burst free!
Your normally elegant garment will look strained making more lumps and bumps appear.

And, no you can't tuck those extra pounds into your jeans!
I have tried.
There will be oozeage, and it isn't pretty.

If your favourite clothes are a little tight choose something elasticated, or looser fitting.

{I'm wearing elasticated culottes here}

A more forgiving fabric (and design) will stop you feeling bad about yourself.
Clothes that skim over your trouble spots will keep the eye moving to other parts of your outfit.
Oh, and avoid anything too shapeless or baggy.
Shapeless and baggy clothes make you look, well... shapeless and baggy!
Not a great look.

2. Choose Colour and Pattern

We might have been told that black is a classic "slimming" colour, but I am not a fan of an all-black outfit.
I don't think it makes the wearer look slimmer.
It can also be draining to the skin... and I don't need any help with that!

However, if the main part of your outfit is the same (or a similar) colour then this can trick the eye into skimming over the troublesome spots and moving on to something more interesting.
Don't be afraid of bold and bright colours either.
They can be very flattering.

Adding a high contrast (like the white with the navy) can pull the eye to those areas you don't mind showing off... wrists and ankles can be good for this.

Pattern is also great for grabbing attention.

3. Cause a Distraction

Avoid adding details to areas you want to conceal.
That wide belt will not make your waist look slimmer or "hold in" your post Christmas tummy.
Keep eye-catching details away from trouble spots.

Bold shoes and a statement necklace draws the eye away from your midsection.

Drawing attention to the narrower parts of your body by wearing the contrasting colours, patterns or bold accessories there, gives the impression that everywhere else is narrower too!

3 ways to Hide those Extra Pounds | Navy Culottes, White poloneck & Brogues

I needed to give my 6 pound food baby some breathing space.
My trusty skinny jeans were NOT an option (ouch!) but luckily a pair of elasticated culottes came to the rescue.
Loose and comfortable.
Nothing digging in.
Job done!

This tunic is a decent weight of fabric, and was a good cover up.
It skims over my paunch as if it doesn't exist.

Adding a white polo neck was the bright contrast I needed to keep the eye up, and away from my tummy.
Bold silver and white brogues pull the attention down from my lower half to my naturally skinny ankles.

There is nothing very much going on in the centre of my body, so the eye moves quickly away to more interesting areas of my outfit.

3 ways to Hide those Extra Pounds | Navy Culottes, White poloneck & Brogues

Do you put on a few pounds over Christmas? 
Where do they sit?

How do you dress to accommodate them?
Elasticated waists?
Loose tops and knits?
Distraction tactics?

Please share in the comments, or contact me.
I love hearing from you!

TOP : TkMax...similar.
ROLL NECK: c/o Emreco...similar
NECKLACE: Oliver bonas... this one is fabulous!
CULOTTES: Matalan...similar 
TIGHTS: Topshop
SHOES: Aldo...similar
BAG: Hidesign... similar

3 ways to Hide those Extra Pounds | Navy Culottes, White poloneck & Brogues



Monday, 26 December 2016

The Fab 40's | 8 Ways to Wear Tartan, over 40.

The fab 40's in Tartan | Vintage pencil skirt and purple peep toes!

Welcome back to the fab 40's.

I am delighted to be part of a group of international bloggers, called The fab 40's.
The purpose of this diverse group is to show how eight (very different) women interpret a specific style.
Each month there is a new theme chosen by one of the group.

The fab 40's in Tartan | Vintage pencil skirt and purple peep toes!

This month's theme is Plaid.

Plaid is a word I never use.
Of course, I have heard it used a lot online but I was not 100% sure what it really meant!
So I looked it up.

I was very pleased to read that plaid does not necessarily have to be a full on tartan pattern, and can include other checks like Madras, Gingham, Windowpane and Houndstooth.

This came as a huge relief as wearing tartan, in Scotland, at Christmas can look a little obvious.

I LOVE a splash of tartan, but sometimes I like to think outside the box.... or the checks, in this case!

{See some other Tartan outfits HERE, HERE and HERE}

The fab 40's in Tartan | Vintage pencil skirt and purple peep toes!

This outfit came together very easily.

My (much loved) vintage skirt was feeling far too "daywear", and deserved a little evening glamour.

{See it looking all sensible(ish)  HERE and HERE}

Tucking in a purple satin top picked up the purple in the skirt's pattern.
An obi belt pulled everything together and gave me a waist!

The fab 40's in Tartan | Vintage pencil skirt and purple peep toes!

Sparkly tights and peep toe heels glammed things up some more.
Simple, but noticeable, jewellery finished my look off nicely.

The fab 40's in Tartan | Vintage pencil skirt and purple peep toes!

TOP: Topshop
SKIRT: Vintage
NECKLACE: V&A in London.
SHOES: Boden, found in a charity shop.
BAG: Fiorelli
OBI: Tkmax
TIGHTS: Gerbe c/o My stockings.

Introducing our Guest blogger this month... 

Alison from Get your pretty on

Allison has kept her outfit wearable and easy going.
An everyday look with fun touches.
I love the look of a statement necklace under the collar of a shirt and you can't go wrong with a touch of leopard fun!
This outfit is ageless, and I would happily wear it tomorrow.

Sheela from Sheela Writes

We can always rely on Sheela to push the boundaries and make us think outside the age-appropriate box.

These leather culottes look amazing on her, and that casual tee makes the whole look seem as easy going as it is edgy.
Another fabulous look!

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann is the epitome of Christmas cheer!
Full on tartan.
Sparkly shoes.
A bold lip.
This outfit makes me smile.
Merry Christmas to you too dear Ann!! 

Jennie from A pocketful of polka dots

I am loving Jennie's green skirt and her bold mix of vibrant colours.
This is another outfit that makes me happy!
Apple green.
Leopard shoes.
And, the best accessory of all?
Jennie's hair!

I love Diane's choice of colours here.
Muted and elegant.
That sparkly brooch and those flouncy cuffs.... so pretty and feminine.

{Although, I suspect someone else had to do the washing up! :op}

Diane always manages to look cool and effortless.
And, I have serious hair envy.... I love her fabulous wild curls!

Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps

Mary's got curves to die for in this outfit.
This is how a pencil skirt should look!

{I now feel a bit silly mentioning my waist in my obi belt ;op}

A feminine blouse, velvet shoes and windowpane check...what's not to love here?

Veronica from CID Style file

Beautiful Veronica is a girl after my own heart!
Ripped jeans.
A cosy cardigan and a casual scarf.
This would be my go-to look for everyday.
Simple and cool.

{Notice the touches that give polish and femininity... a bold lip and a glimpse of ankle. Subtle but effective}

Another ageless look.

Over to you...
Do you like to wear checks and tartan?
What would you have worn?

Please let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment.
Or contact me!
I love hearing from you.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway and treat yourself!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The fab 40's in Tartan | Vintage pencil skirt and purple peep toes!



Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas & Thank You!!

It's been a strange year, in so many ways, hasn't it?

Frustrating at times.
Very often sad.
Occasionally surprising.
Regularly confusing.
But, sometimes joyous... and thank goodness for that!

There are the obvious global issues, but we also have our personal stories to tell.
Each and every one of us.
We each have plates to juggle, and our metaphorical crosses to bear.

Without getting too deep and meaningful (this is a blog about fashion & style afterall!!) I would like to thank you for your support during 2016.

Your visits really make my day.

If you leave a comment, thank you so much!
I love reading them.
If you don't, I really appreciate your visits too.

I just wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas and I will see you on Boxing day with some great inspiration from the Fab 40's ladies.

Merry Christmas!


Faking a Christmas Outfit | Lurex Stripes and Red Silk

Faking a Christmas Outfit | Lurex Stripes and Red Silk

It Christmas time...
And with Christmas comes the dreaded Christmas Jumper!

When did the Christmas jumper go from something hideous and embarrassing (that your nan knitted, and you hid in a drawer) to something trendy?
When did naffness become cool?

It's not just limited to knitwear either.
There are Christmas tops, accessories and even dresses!

Whatever you think of the Christmas clobber trend, some days you just can't avoid it!

Faking a Christmas Outfit | Lurex Stripes and Red Silk

Many of us work over the festive period, and certain workplaces are full of Christmas clothing.
If you're not working you will probably still have to deliver presents, and visit friends or relatives.
Dressing with some festive cheer is almost expected.
Love it or loathe it, you can't escape.


What if you can't be bothered with all of that?
What if you have a bit of a sniffle, or a sore head?
What if you actually feel a bit down-in-the-dumps at Christmas?

Maybe Christmas time is not your favourite time of year.
What if you HATE christmas jumpers??!!

Don't worry, it's really easy to fake some festive cheer... and even fake a Christmas jumper too!

Faking a Christmas Outfit | Lurex Stripes and Red Silk

The easiest way to fake some Christmas cheer (without compromising on comfort or cosiness) is to add two simple elements.
Something red and something sparkly!

This lurex striped jumper was perfect.
It has just enough sparkle, and when paired with a bright red silk skirt, makes for an instant christmas outfit!

(The slight sheen of the silk amps up the Christmas vibe... although I have worn this skirt in non-festive ways HERE and HERE).

Layering these bright and cheerful items over plain opaque tights and a thermal baselayer kept me comfortable and cosy.

Patent ankle boots, and a fun bag finished things off nicely.

Faking a Christmas Outfit | Lurex Stripes and Red Silk

Even if you don't feel up to it, dressing with a bit of sparkle (and faking some festive cheer) can brighten up your day... and that's got to be a good thing!

Have a lovely Christmas!

What is your idea of a fun Christmas Outfit?
Do you like a Christmas-themed jumper, top or dress?
Please share your thoughts in the comments.

I love hearing from you!

{Don't forget to enter my £200 giveaway HERE}

SKIRT: Vintage... similar
BOOTS: Vagabond... similar
CLUTCH: My daughters!.... similar



Wednesday, 21 December 2016

International Giveaway! | £200 to Spend at Alie Street, London

Alie Street London | £200 Giveaway | What to wear to a Black Tie Event.

I am so excited to be able to offer you the chance to win a fantastic £200 to spend at Alie Street, London.

In their own words...
"At Alie Street we give you the opportunity to feel beautiful, special, confident and glamorous in impeccably made dresses, whatever the occasion. Pieces draw on wearable luxury and simple elegance with a focus on style and fit. "
After the girls at Alie street kindly sent me this beautiful dress (which is now on sale, here) I was keen to give you the opportunity to choose something from the brand for yourself.

I was delighted when they agreed to offer one lucky winner £200 to spend.

There are so many beautiful (UK made) dresses to choose from there is sure to be something that you love.
They even have a fit guide to help you choose a style to suit your shape.

Alie Street London | £200 Giveaway | What to wear to a Black Tie Event.

I had an important black tie party to attend at the weekend, and this dress was absolutely perfect.
It was a private party, so unfortunately I can't share any photographs with you, but I can tell you that we all had a wonderful time.
The ladies were beautiful, and the gents were looking so handsome.
I love the look of a tuxedo (or a kilt) on a man!

We drank Champagne and Christmas Cosmopolitans.

{The Cosmos were my friend's invention, involving cinnamon vodka and satsuma juice... so good.}

The buffet was a feast for the eyes, and the tables were heaving with wonderful treats. If you can imagine it then it was probably there!
The baked camembert was my favourite.
Very messy, but utterly delicious.

What's your favourite party drink/nibble?

Alie Street London | £200 Giveaway | What to wear to a Black Tie Event.

What ever happened to partying all night then being fresh-as-a-daisy the next morning?
Those days are long gone.
I spent most of Sunday looking (and feeling) like a burst ball.
Curled up in fluffy leggings, sheepskin boots and an oversized jumper... not so glamorous.
Funnily enough, I have no photographs of my post-party attire!

Alie Street London | £200 Giveaway | What to wear to a Black Tie Event.

This beautiful occasion dress has so many pretty shades within its pattern that I was spoilt for choice when it came to accessorising.

I had bits and bobs laid all over my bed.
Shoes, earrings, bags... decisions decisions.

{My husband rolls his eyes at this point, and leaves me to it!}

Alie Street London | £200 Giveaway | What to wear to a Black Tie Event.

In the end I decided to wear this fun peacock feather hair accessory, and pull the peacock blue from within the design using a satin sash.

{Please excuse my goose-bumps in the photo above... I was smiling through the freezing cold!}

The hair clip was a surprise gift from a friend.
She knew I was going to a party and thought this would be "just the thing".
She was right!

Purple peep toe shoes (that I found in a charity shop) and my faithful box clutch completed my look.

Alie Street London | £200 Giveaway | What to wear to a Black Tie Event.

That is the beauty of an elegant floor-length gown.
So simple to style.
So easy to wear.

Alie Street London | £200 Giveaway | What to wear to a Black Tie Event.

Now, something just for you!

What better way to spend some post-christmas downtime than to treat yourself to a little bit of luxury?
Curl up with a glass (or mug) of your favourite drink, and enjoy browsing online planning how to spend your £200 prize!

Browse the collection HERE.

Maybe you need a new dress for a party?
Or, a winter cruise?
Maybe you are looking forward to an important event this summer?
A wedding?
A graduation?
Or, maybe you would just like something pretty to feel special in.
It's your call!

Please enter the giveaway below.
There are five simple ways to enter and it could easily be you who wins!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The boring (but important) bit...

Terms and conditions.

  1. This £200 giveaway has been offered by Alie Street, London.
  2. The giveaway is open internationally, for everyone to enjoy!
  3. Only entries made via the rafflecopter widget will be accepted.
  4. All entries will be verified.
  5. The giveaway ends 3th January at 12 midnight (UK time).
  6. The winner will be selected at random by the rafflecopter widget.
  7. The winner will be announced here, on the widget (above).  I will also contact the winner via email or on facebook/twitter.
  8. The winner MUST reply within 48 hours of contact, or the prize will be allocated to someone else.
  9. I take no responsibility for incorrect contact details, technical issues or delays.
  10. Best of LUCK to you!

Alie Street London | £200 Giveaway | What to wear to a Black Tie Event.

Please let me know what you would pick if you won the giveaway?
Do you have a special occasion, or event, in mind?
Or, do you just want to treat yourself (or a loved one)?

Please share your plans in the comments.
I love hearing from you.

Good luck!!!

DRESS: c/o Alie Street London
Faux-fur CAPE: Vintage
HAIR CLIP: A gift from a friend
SHOES: Boden (found in a charity shop)

Alie Street London | £200 Giveaway | What to wear to a Black Tie Event.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

One Sequin Top, 3 Ways | PPP Party Outfit!

PPP 10 | Satin Maxi Skirt and Sequin top | Party Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Welcome to the 10th Ping Pong Post.
The Tenth!?
I can hardly believe it.

This month we are all ready to party, and it was Ann's turn to challenge us.

For December Anna, Ann and I are styling this gorgeous sequined party top.
Yes, it might be a few years old... but it looks so modern and fresh.
It was love at first sight for me!

This little top was the perfect partner for my satin maxi.

A beautiful quality, fully lined, high-waisted, chocolate coloured, heavy satin beauty that cost me one WHOLE pound.
Yes, you read that correctly!
£1 on a clearance rail.
It fits me perfectly!

Pairing these two vintage items together made me feel so glamorous and sophisticated.
Ready for a Christmas party.
This top belongs to Ann, and I need to send it home to Hong Kong.
{Sad Face}

Or so I thought...

Ann is such a generous soul, and told me to keep this lovely top.
Thank you Ann!
That's one half of my Christmas day outfit sorted.

{I will wear it with these trousers and some fabulous heels.}

A simple box clutch, and some pastel jewelled earrings, were all I needed to give the outfit polish.

My metallic green pumps finished things off nicely!

SKIRT: Vintage...this is beautiful
TOP: Annie's.... this is pretty
SHOES: Martha Johnson... these are fab!
BAG: TkMax... This one is gorgeous!
EARRINGS: Asda... these are nice.
FAUX-FUR Cape: Vintage

Over to...

Anna from Anna's Island Style

Anna has kept her look easygoing, and seemingly effortless.
Popping out for a Christmas drink after work?
This is how to do it.
Add a few sparkles, and some fabulous shoes.
Party ready in a flash.
Mine's a dirty martini Anna!

TROUSERS: Costume Nemutso
TOP: Annie's
SHOES: Jimmy Choo
JEWELLERY: Charity shop

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann couldn't look more modern, and utterly ageless.
This outfit would look great on anyone.
From a teen to a nonagenarian!
The perfect all-occasion look.

EARRINGS: Les Nereides
TOP: Very old, from a boutique in Venezuela
CAPE & Trousers: Forever 21
SHOES: Kate Spade

We never discuss what we are going to do with the items we send each other, so each month is as much of a surprise for us as it is you!

Stay tuned to find out what happens next time...on the 20th of January
See you there!

How would you have styled this little Top?
Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.
I love hearing from you!



Sunday, 18 December 2016

Trying something New | Aztec Smock Top and Ugly Shoes!

Trying Something New | Aztec Print, Denim and Ugly Shoes! | Fake Fabulous

Every now and again I like to try something completely new.
Something I would never normally look at.
A totally different style.
Something not very "me" at all!

{See this post and this one for more ideas, and this one about being braver!}

Trying Something New | Aztec Print, Denim and Ugly Shoes! | Fake Fabulous

This top is not my usual style at all.
The colours are muted.
The shape is smock-like.
It's very boho chic.

The beautiful aztec embroidered detail of this top really caught my eye.
The fabric feels soft, and the warm tones appealed to me.

Trying something new is always a good idea, even if you are supposed to be shopping for someone else!

{This blouse seemed to find it's way into my trolley when I was shopping for stocking fillers... oopsy.}

Trying Something New | Aztec Print, Denim and Ugly Shoes! | Fake Fabulous

The easiest way to try something new is to pair it with something old, and very familiar.
Something comfortable and friendly.
I needed some "old friends" to make this outfit work.

Trying Something New | Aztec Print, Denim and Ugly Shoes! | Fake Fabulous

The only way for me to wear such a spring-like piece is to add plenty of cosy layers.
A peach ribbed top and my usual thermal base layer worked well to keep me warm.

Trying Something New | Aztec Print, Denim and Ugly Shoes! | Fake Fabulous

My "old friends" were these (very) old jeans, and faithful 'ugly' shoes.
They are the perfect partners for this new addition.

{Read about my ugly shoes HERE}

Trying Something New | Aztec Print, Denim and Ugly Shoes! | Fake Fabulous

And, no, these aren't bare ankles.
I'm wearing a pair of knee-highs (gasp!).
Granny pop socks??

Not sexy, I know, but they keep you warm.
Remember that only great quality ones look decent.
(Don't waste your money on those nasty multipacks)
A sneaky trick!

{Read more about my secret pop-sock wearing HERE}

Trying Something New | Aztec Print, Denim and Ugly Shoes! | Fake Fabulous

Such a simple look for a mild winter's day.

Have you tried something new recently?
Please share your thoughts and style experiments in the comments.
Or, contact me.

I love hearing from you!

TOP: Falmer
SHOES: Clarks
BAG: Dune
UNDERTOP: Urban outfitters... similar


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