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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

What to wear on a rainy day.

Rain rain go away.....

What can you wear when it won't stop raining, but you still want to look nice?

Moaning, discussing and speculating about the weather is such a British thing to do.
It is constantly changing, giving us lots to talk about. It is the perfect "small-talk" topic.

However, this constant rain is getting a bit tedious now.
I am fed up wearing my bright blue (glow in the dark) wellies....see them here.
Yes, they are colourful and fun BUT, I want to look a little smarter.

What about Posh wellies?
Are they the perfect solution to my boot boredom?
Or, utterly pointless?
Can wellies EVER be chic?

There is no getting away from the fact that our welly weather is set to continue.
Waterproofs and wellies continue to be necessary to get anywhere without a good soaking.

Today, however, I decided to try and smarten things up a little.
It seems a ridiculous thing to say about an outfit based around a pair of Wellies.
Smart and Wellies don't really go together, do they?
But, I had to do something!
Dressing like a teenaged boy was getting a bit boring.

{You could imagine this outfit with a pair of smart leather knee boots (or OTK boots) if you are living in slightly less soggy conditions}

Vintage knit, mini and wellies | Fake Fabulous

I was determined to wear something feminine so I reached for this vintage knit (last seen here with cords and a denim jacket....I am daydreaming about denim-jacket weather).
It is bubblegum pink with a pussy bow, you can't get much more girly than that!
Pink and Navy are a match made in colour heaven, so my spotty mini was the perfect partner. See the mini styled here...and the story of my wardrobe malfunction!
Navy opaques and some over-the-knee floral socks added more feminine elements to the look (I would have liked a chunkier sock for more warmth and space-filling ability...Wellies are always ENORMOUS on my legs).
I added a chunky pair of wool socks (which were out of sight) to keep my feet warm, and stop them moving about in the boots.

Vintage knit and a barbour jacket | Fake Fabulous

The wind had died down to a dull roar, so I ditched my oversized waterproof and added a waxed jacket.
It does not have a hood, but my brolly could be up without me taking off Mary Poppins style!
{I also had an emergency hat in my bag, which I had to use}

I can't say that I felt 'smart' or 'chic', but these boots did make a nice change.
I have just noticed that my boots are filthy!
Sorry's a mudbath here.

Wet weather outfit, Wedge wellies | Fake Fabulous

Jumper: Vintage (this red one is nice)
Skirt: Boden (This flippy one is gorgeous...and an even better colour!)
Boots: Wedge wellies
Jacket: Barbour
Socks: Fat Face

Shop my look:

Wedge wellies | Fake fabulous

I am longing for a cold snap.
I want to wear my wool coats, faux fur, cosy hats, woolly socks and suede boots.
Come on Winter! Give us a break here!

What is the weather like where you are?
Bored with the sunshine?
Knee deep in snow?
Soaked to the skin?
Please share in the comments....I love to read them!



  1. My weather's been pretty good this week 14 and some sunny spells (sorry) I still have plants in flower and it's a bit weird for december. I hope yours picks up soon
    Laurie x

    1. Hahaha Laurie...don't be sorry for decent weather, I am happy for you! We have sad and soggy winter pansies in a pot outside that are hanging on for dear life! XXX

  2. That pink sweater is a spot of brightness in your weather woes! And the print tights are magnificent also! I won't bore you with the details of our weather (sunny, 60 degrees today with snow predicted on Saturday!) jodie

  3. You do look smart! And winter... Either it rains or there's snow. Either way, we still need to get dressed and get on with our lives. My weather's a bit similar to yours, just colder.

    1. Thank you Tiina. I agree! We need to get dressed so I beleive we should all try to have as much fun as possible with it....especially in winter. XXX

  4. How funky are these wellies!!!! And I'm loving the pink jumper and co-ordinating brolly - a very humourous touch. The addition of the OTK socks is a real blast too. It's winter and you're looking like it's all great fun x

    1. Nothing else for it Anna! I am glad you approve of my pink is one of my favourites. I am always on the lookout for bright but plain umbrellas. It's like carrying your own sunshine. I need a yellow one! XXX

  5. Samantha, those are MUCH too cool to be run-of-the-mill wellies!!!

  6. Well since this exiled Scot hasn't ever commented (though I only discovered you about 10 days ago), I will say that a) that pink jumper is to die for (much nicer than the Dottie P one) and b) it is still over 20º here and I NEVER get tired of the warmth ;)

    1. You can't beat a bit of vintage for quality Ursula. I agree that the DP one is not quite the same but I was struggling to find anything similar. We need more (quality) pink in the shops, especially in winter. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Most appreciated. Do you miss the Scottish rain?? Hahaha... Over 20 degrees...swoon. XXX

  7. Love the scarf like detail of your beautiful pink sweater!! And your smile is contagious!! Never knew these were also called Willies! Know them as rain boots or more typically Hunter boots here in the US, but I love the wedge details and the printed socks!! Super cute.

    1. Hahaha...thank you for your comment Willies? That make me chuckle. I have heard the humble Welly being referred to as a gum boot or a rain boot before, but not a 'Hunter'. I suppose that is like people in the UK calling their vacuum cleaners "Hoovers". Thank you for the language lesson (most appreciated). I enjoy finding out how different US English is at times. XXX P.S I am so glad you like my socks!

  8. ooohh, I'm loving your pink sweater once more, it's a perfect touch of color and cuteness!, and such a lovely color combo, pink and navy and floral socks!, pretty fabulous!.
    We're having foggy gloomy weather these days, but it's not raining. And it's unusually warm. Really, we're having a dry season and it's worrying. Mad weather galore!

  9. I just like the name wellies, sounds so much better than rainboots, or my grandparent's golashes! Love the wedge style and croc pattern, and of course your blend of colors. I love the pussy bow sweater. Great job! We tend to wait those 10 minutes after looking at the weather repport where it might not rain. but ive faced it head on :-0
    Thanks for linking up to Turning heads Tuesday
    Happy Holiday
    Jess xx


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