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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Welly Weather! | Storm Wear, Cobalt and Orange.

Wearing colour on dull days.

How to wear wellies and have fun!

After days and days of torrential rain, I have finally resigned myself to all matters practical.
Sitting indoors peering out of the window in dismay, wrapped up in cosy layers.
I decided just to bite the bullet and get out there, cosy layers and all!

Anyone in the north of the UK at the moment (especially up here in Scotland) will have been affected by Storm Desmond.
Yesterday was wild.
Howling winds and flooding.
I felt like I needed a canoe and a life preserver.

But, when you need to go out, you need to go out.
There is no point moaning about it.
Waterproofs and layers are a given, but what about shoes?

Wellies were the only option.

Sometimes you can't wear anything else but wellies.
Even waterproof (walking) boots are not enough.

But, let's face facts here...Wellington boots are not a stylish item.
No matter how expensive they are, or what designer label is on them, wellies are wellies!
But, if you are ankle deep in water what other choice do you have?

If you really need to be in a pair of wellies, then you may as well bring some fun and colour into the mix.
Wellies, unfortunately, make my legs look like pencils stuck in jam jars.
So, I go all-out bright and bold and hope nobody notices the jam jar effect!
Welly weather! | Fake Fabulous
A full-on, full-length waterproof coat was the only option today (Why is this one not made in bright yellow?).
The wind was howling and the rain lashing.
There was a 10 minute "break" in the rain..where it was falling at a slower rate, and we ran outside with the camera (I feared for its well being) to take a few shots.
I was going to take off my coat to let you see my dress again, but I quickly changed my mind! Bitter cold.

Of course, I needed to wear some chunky long socks with my welly boots.
Filling some of the free space between my leg and the boot.
These boots are bright blue and they even glow in the dark! Honestly.

I was disappointed to find that there are hardly any colourful and cheerful wellies for adults.
Why not, I wonder?
There is no point in pretending wellies are stylish so why make them boring?
Kids seem to have all the fun.
I want bright yellow wellies too!
Wearing colour in wet weather | Fake fabulous
In order to bring more light and cheer to the day, I added a pair of bright orange tights (last spotted here in an effort to lift my mood).
Orange tights are guaranteed to make you smile.
My super-cosy jumper dress came out again too (see it here with bright blue tights).
Warmth was my priority today.
Rainwear | Fake fabulous
Have you been affected by any storms so far this Autumn/Winter?
What do you wear in wet weather?
Do you wear wellies? Or, would you rather stay indoors?
Please let me know...I love hearing from you!
Juju wellies | Fake fabulous
Wellies and orange tights | Fake fabulous

Wellies: JuJu Jellies (they glow in the dark!!)
Coat: Seasalt
Dress: LondonFashionWeek (from Asda...old)
Tights: Gipsy

Shopping for Wellies:



  1. We are still waiting for the big el nino rains (hopefully!!!) here in California. Haven't quite figured out yet how I'll manage to stay dry and look good when it (hopefully) happens!

    You look great! I love the orange & cobalt!

    1. Staying dry and looking good might be too much of an ask. But, we can be dry and have fun with it!....maybe that is enough? I am going to google the el nino rains, they sound fierce. XXX

  2. Crazy weather indeed. We saw it on Sky news today, pufffff; and then againwe are fed up of the sun. We cannot remember when it was last time it rained, crazy indeed.
    We are decorating the house for Christmas in short sleeves and all doors open. I am in a mood for snowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    Besos and sunshine

    1. I hope those christmas photos make it onto MisP...I bet they are beautiful!
      Short sleeves and open doors?
      Hahaha...we would lose limbs to frostbite here! XXX

  3. I think your Wellies are quite bright & colorful---but if you want them different, have you ever researched painting them? (just a thought)
    Kudos for you braving the weather...we are quite the cream puffs and go inside if it's too anything out!!
    ps...Did I tell you last time you wore this sweater dress that it just makes my heart sing? I love the print and as a knitter---my first thought is "oooh, I should knit that!"

    1. Oh Jodie...the thought of this dress, hand-knitted makes MY heart sing! Please do....I would love to see it! XXX

  4. Samantha, just to say that we down South haven't managed to escape the big storm either. I've resorted to pulling a post out of my draftbox as it has been too windy for days to set up my tripod outside. But anyway on to you. I think the photo of you with your hood up makes you look about 5 years old - you look so cute! It's the most practical of coats and yes, you could surely design something much more exciting yourself, but it does the job. The boots are a fab colour and perfect for you to style up with your bright tights as always. Great British spirit with the show must go on attitude x

    1. Oh no Anna! I thought you would have escaped down there.
      I completely empathise with the tripod situation...a camera on it's side in the mud (or worse, smashed on slabs/tarmac) is a horrible thought.
      I hope we both get some decent weather and light soon to get more photo's taken.
      This winter-time blogging is harder than I thought it would be. XXX

  5. I agree: Kids seem to have all the fun, concerning wellies (and waterproof coats too!). But your wellies are fabulous, love your tights and socks, and how nicely they match your pretty dress!, it's an awesome color combo, perfect to cheer up the day!
    We're not affected by those awful storms, really we're having a very unusual dry weather, just some foggy days. It's being a strange Autumn!

    1. It certainly is , is almost warm today (for Scotland in December, at least!) but the wind is ferocious at times, hold onto your hat! XXX

  6. What a lovely dress, and of course, who doesn't love wearing Wellies? : >
    thanks for linking up,


    1. I have to be honest Patti... I would rather be in sandals! XXX

  7. I was wondering how you were managing with the effect of Storm Desmond. It's been horrendous hasn't it? We were driving back from Yorkshire on Sunday and it was terrible!
    Cotswold have quite a decent range of colourful and patterned wellies. I agree that they should be fun and at least they don't just come in black only which was the only colour available when I was growing up!
    Love the colour of yours!

    1. It has been awful....even though we are used to a battering by the weather, this is a bad one! It feels like it has been going on forever. I don't drive, so it has been full-on waterproofs for days now (my wool coats would be sodden. I am longing for frost and snow so I can start dressing like a woman again :oD XXX

  8. LOVE This!! The colors of this outfit are so beautiful!!!

    xx, Elise

  9. Sam, I love all your colors in this look You look great in a bright blue! I have to laugh when I read, sometimes you can wear nothing but wellies.I thought well there is a look my hubby would approve of! Just kidding :-) I love the sweater dress on you and the layer of orange peeking ou from the turtleneck and tights. Brilliant!! Smiling even in wet weather!
    Thank you for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!

  10. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. These cobalt ones are perfect for you. I would need some with heels. LOL.

  11. You posted this before I began following you Sam. Seeing you smiley, cute face peaking out from under your rain hood in those whimsical and functional wellies just made me smile. A while back I bought a wonderful pair of rubber cowboy boots at a consignment store. The best part is they're a bright blue snd orange paisley print. We'd look cute walking in the rain together! :-):-)


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