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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter! | 7 favourite Autumn looks.

My 7 favourite outfits of the Autumn.

As Autumn loses it's grip, here in Scotland, Winter is (not so) slowly creeping in.
The weather outside the window today is AWFUL.
Howling wind.
Driving rain.
Bitter cold.
So, as I have been driven out of a chic OOTD and inside (into multiple cosy layers and chunky wool socks) I decided to pick some of my favorite Autumn outfits.
Autumn has been a relatively short season this year. We were a little spoiled with a warm(ish) Indian Summer. See This Post with my favourite summer looks, written at the beginning of October! I talk about it being a warm day as I type...a million miles away from how I feel today.

My Autumn Favourites:

1. Avatar chic, Cobalt blue and Black leather.

This outfit was inspired by fabulous bright blue tights.
And, the realisation that my Grandpa was right all along!
A cleaner and sharper shape (for me) and forbidden colours made this one of my favourites to wear.
Read the original post to find out what I wore underneath the dress (to make it a bit more 'me') and why it is okay to head into the forbidden-colour-zone!
One of the comments on this post mentioned being like an Avatar (hence the title) and I loved that!

Avatar Chic | Fake Fabulous

2. Vintage skirt and a cropped jumper....with purple tights!

This outfit was inspired by some purple tights.
{There seems to be a theme developing here!}
They were the perfect partner for this vintage wool skirt and then the rest of the outfit fell into place.
Sometimes (read: almost always) fun is on the top of my list when it comes to clothes.
The only thing I wish I could change about this look is my lip colour.
I chose a nude because I am (or at least used to be) a lipstick-wimp!
See this post about wearing brighter lipstick.
If I wore this today, I would have been bolder.

What colour would you have chosen for me?
Please let me know in the comments (or on the original post)

Vintage style  | Fake Fabulous

3. Chunky knit and chunkier boots!

This outfit came together because of this jumper.
Which, I thought was going to be an internet disappointment but ended up one of those pleasant shopping surprises.
See the original post for details.
The rest of the outfit fell together easily.
Cosy, comfortable and fun to wear...especially these HIGH boots!

Chunky knit and Chunkier boots | Fake Fabulous

 4. Winter white and camel.

This outfit is all about my favourite boots.
Oxblood/burgundy is such a versatile colour, they go with anything!
They are (very) old and have been re-soled many times.
I love them, and I am always on the lookout for a similar pair for the awful day when they finally give up the ghost.
I wore my Camel Coat over this look which made it very demure and ladylike.
For a while anyway!

Have you ever seen boots similar?
If so, please let me know!

Winter White and Camel | Fake Fabulous

 5. A Tartan Cape, with Denim and Spots!

I wore this layered look back in September.
Navy, burgundy and denim are a great combination. 
I had a little "wardrobe malfunction" in this skirt. You can read about that unfortunate incident in the original post.
However, it is still one of my favourite looks...despite the little 'mishap'!

Tartan, denim and spots | Fake Fabulous

6. Poppy appeal. Over-the-knee Boots and a Parisian twist.

Poppy red is a gorgeous colour.
I love wearing it.
I even wore a red lip here!
This outfit started with my 'vintage 90's' OTK boots and how I wanted to style them without looking trashy (It is tricky).
And, ended up with this part-Parisian, part-Sex and the city inspired look.
Read the original post for some things to bear in mind when buying (and wearing) over-the-knee boots....especially as we get older.

Poppy red & Parisian Chic | Fake Fabulous

 7. 70's inspired, psychedelic chic.

This outfit was inspired by the 70's trend that seems to have been around forever. Okay, not quite, but it does not seem to be going anywhere!
From the 70's Summer-of-love kaftans, chunky sandals and floppy hats to the fur gilets, flares and chunky boots of the Autumn. There is no escape.
Read the original post to find out how I got over my fear of the 70's style.
And, the story of my bargain-to-beat-all-bargains!

70's inspired look | Fake Fabulous.

What do you think of my Autumn picks?
Would you have chosen others or do you agree with my choices?
Please let me know in the comments....I value your comments and opinion!



  1. Number 7 is my favourite by far. In your face colours do it for me every time.
    Great pictures and blog post
    Lynn 😀

    1. Thank you Lynn....I should have guessed that, with the vintage vibe. I love a bit of colour-face-slapping myself! XXX

  2. ohhh, so many fabulous outfits to enjoy!, love all of them!, love every color combo, the blue, the purples, the tartan cape, the red chic parisian style, and that stunning 70's inspired ensemble stole my heart!.
    I'm admiring your shoes and boots! and your amazing style to manage different proportions, cropped tops, capes, over the knee boots, they're all quite tricky but you rock them!!
    Lovely recap!

    1. Thank you so much Monica! I have never really thought about my shape choices too much...I am so glad that you approve though. XXX

  3. Ever since I saw your lace-up boots, I've been looking for som for myself. I've found these boots in red,malthough im quite partial to the old rose myself.

    1. Sqeeeeeel!!
      Thank you so much for this link Alison! Love love love. I am chuffed to bits to have found something similar, and other beautiful styles too. Thank you (again). XXXX

  4. They are all very nice, dear Samantha

  5. Ooooh, so lovely seeing that vintage skirt and cropped jumper outfit again. The other outfits are fab but I just love everything about that one from the jaunty angle of the hat, to the purple gloves to the houndstooth pattern of the skirt.
    Hee, hee, Avatar Chic - so glad you didn't mind my comment! I rather like how you've phrased it as Avatar Chic!

    1. Hahahah...I loved your comment..."Don't be offended...but..." I am never offended.
      I always take opinions on board and value them.
      Anyway, this one was super-cool, so I stole it :oD.
      Thank you for loving my vintage skirt outfit. It is my favourite (I think) I do love that Trilby. XXX

  6. I agree with you Samantha, but I would have included the Missoni dress post and also the crazy red blouse post. Those two are stunning looks as well.

    Fun to look back isn't!? All your posts are great and so thorough. It's tough to choose I'm sure!

    Love, Ann

  7. I agree with you Samantha, but I would have included the Missoni dress post and also the crazy red blouse post. Those two are stunning looks as well.

    Fun to look back isn't!? All your posts are great and so thorough. It's tough to choose I'm sure!

    Love, Ann

    1. Yes...I loved them too! I could have had a top 10, but I wanted to stick to 7 (not sure why). The patterned blouse almost knocked my knitted dress out BUT the shoes let me down. I am still struggling with the nude courts. I need a nude alternative to a court shoe.
      In fact you have just inspired a new post! Ha!! Thank you XXX

  8. I love your outfits, so colorful, creative, different and all so well styled ! I wouldn't know what to pick honestly, all I know is that I am really positively impressed with your approach to fashion. Greetings from Italy !

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

  9. I love your mod vibe, Dear. And your favorite boots? Amazing! I would love a pair of those! Thanks so much for joining in our My Refined Style link up!

    Dawn Lucy


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