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Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas party look, over 40.

Slip dresses and smokey eyes.

Are they not just for teenagers?
Should we even think about trying them, over 40?
Or, should we just step away...?

I have found a vast array of barely-there, silky, little dresses all over the internet, and I love the look of them!
But, how can I tap into this slip-dress trend as a 40+ woman?
With a body that has been through 40+ years of living!

We should be able to wear anything at any age but, even I have to concede that the very skimpy and VERY flimsy slip dresses (that look incredibly sexy on the young) can look like a nightdress on a more mature woman.
We are in danger of looking like we have forgotten to get dressed... not the image I am aiming for!

I remember the satin slip dresses from the early nineties.
High gloss satin, with teeny tiny spaghetti straps.
Absolutely no room for underwear.
But, at 18, I had no real need for underwear, so this look was right up my street!
They were the ultimate in sexy dressing....{Think SJP in Sex and the City, in that nude (and backless) slip dress}...stunning!

Nowadays though,  the thought of a satin spaghetti strap, and no bra, is breaking me out in a cold sweat!

Bias cut and a smokey eye | Fake fabulous

In order to be as nostalgic as possible, I decided to wear an original bias cut, slip(ish) dress from the 90's.

Bias cut, strapless and a smokey eye, over 40.

This dress is made of a substantial, striped fabric (reminding me of a tuxedo) and has a very well fitting bustline.
This allows me to wear the spaghetti straps up, or tucked away for the strapless look.

It is a true bias cut, which feels odd to wear again, and can be very unforgiving.
Wearing a waist slip, under the dress, helped the fabric skim over my body.
I am NOT a fan of shapewear.
I am a firm believer in comfort, and the less-is-more approach to underwear.
Cling, squeeze and bulge are not on my 'to do' list!
Comfort is always key.

I decided that the dress needed more structure around the waist, so I wore my butter-soft, leather obi belt (see it styled in the summer and for a wedding).
A belt gives the waist more definition, and helps to stop the bunching that can occur in bias cut fabric.

The length of this slip dress is perfect for showcasing hosiery and/or shoes without being too revealing. And, the high-low hem reminds me of a flamenco dancer. Olé!

I could not resist wearing a pair of lace tights, and my favourite chunky heels.
It was frosty outside so I needed my toes covered, even if it was just with a layer of lace.
See these lace tights with leopard print.

My chunky necklace (worn to death in the summer), simple jet studs and a beaded clutch finished the look off perfectly.
See my bag with an 80's spin.

I also wore my cream evening coat over this, but it would not work in the photographs, so I will save that for another day.

Smokey eye, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Just a quick word about hair and makeup....

To keep the look modern and fresh, and away from looking like something I have had in my wardrobe for twenty years (even though it is!!) I kept my hair and makeup simple and slightly "undone".
My hair was brushed forward at the sides and blow dried back (and up) on top.
I used hair 'dust' to maintain height and a finishing product (Aveda control paste) to added texture.
My smokey eye was so easy too.
I primed my lids then layered grey and purple (lighter silver tones at the inner corner).
Lots of blending, even more mascara and I was done.

A messed up "do", a smokey eye and a very natural base, blush (I used a light bronzer for definition) brow and lip kept things up-to-date.
There are some amazing makeup tutorials on the internet if you are unsure.

Smokey eye and a natural base, over 40 | Fake Fabulous.

What do you think of the slip dress and smokey eye look?
What are you rocking for your Christmas party?

Please let me know in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

I thought I would leave you with this shot....
Sometimes my camera does weird and wonderfully unexplained things, like this!
Party wear, over 40 | Fake fabulous...comic effect!

No filter, I just hit "enhance".
It shows up the tuxedo stripes really well and I love the comic book effect!

Dress: Vintage, this one is super flirty!
Tights: Charnos (similar)
Shoes: Topshop unique, these are gorgeous!
Necklace: Topshop (similar and stunning!)
Obi: Tkmaxx (similar)
Clutch: Primark, this one is witty and fun.
Earrings: Vintage (similar)

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  1. Samantha!!! You look HOT, stunning, truly marvelous!!! Did you have this dress in your closet or did you just buy it? I love everything about this! jodie

    1. No Jodie, it is an oldie. A couple of years younger than my over-the-knee, 20 years maybe?? I know it is not "90's style" but real 90's because I was there!! XXX

  2. You look amazing, love the fit, the leg showing those super sexy patterned tights. The style is perfect, and the Smokey eye is lovely on you, for the special night out or holiday. I need some pointers as another with fair skin, I end up looking like someone punched me. I need practice!
    Love it, jessxx

    1. I used to feel that too, Jessica, the punched look but I did my eyes first then cleaned up and put on a light and natural base. Just a bronzer (for shape) no blusher and a natural lip. It was so must try it! A green smokey eye would be AMAZING on you! XXX

  3. You look amazing, love the fit, the leg showing those super sexy patterned tights. The style is perfect, and the Smokey eye is lovely on you, for the special night out or holiday. I need some pointers as another with fair skin, I end up looking like someone punched me. I need practice!
    Love it, jessxx

  4. Wow! So gorgeous - love the hair, makeup and drop dead fabulous dress. xox

  5. I love this look for a Christmas Party - you look fabulous! I can't believe you have had the dress for 20 years. That shows the value of keeping the items you love! I hope it was a great party. Kx

    1. Thank you so much! I very rarely keep items for very long but every now and again something comes along of such great quality that I can not bare to part with it. I am so glad I hung onto this. XXX

  6. Gorgeous, with lots of attitude, sassiness and elegance!, love how you've accessorized your dress, adding a belt and some lace hosiery, such an amazing outfit!
    And I'm loving your makeup and hairstyle, you're really cool!!
    No party outfits for me, as we're going to have a familiar holidays, with my parents and Mr.A. parents too. But for sure, I will dress up, even if I stay at home eating sweets and drinking champagne!

    1. Thank you Monica....I love the idea of being sassy thank you for that!
      On Christmas day I am usually dressed up.....but...wearing slippers!! hahaha.
      Champagne and chocolates for breakfast. Sounds perfect to me. XXX

  7. Real sassy look Samantha. Smokin'! Love the tousled hair for a wilder look, which is perfect with these eyes, wow. You look seriously hot and might need protection if you go out looking like this. And with your figure you ain't ever gonna need shapewear x
    Anna's Island Style

    1. You are too kind Anna! But, I really appreciate such a fantastic compliment. :oD I really dislike "over-done" evening reminds me of lego. Fancy dress & wild hair is much more fun! XXX

    2. By the same token, Samantha, you'd look amazing working in the garden with slicked-back Ricky Ricardo hair. Your short haircut is the magic.

      Anna Parkes, who else could use a short haircut?

  8. Hi Samantha, of course you look good and I love your hair and makeup ... and that beautiful jawline!!! but I feel you've almost worked too hard to put this look together. This isn't a slip dress. Why? If there's anyone out there in 40+ Fashion Blog land who I'm certain CAN pull off a (knee length) flippy bias cut, spaghetti strapped slip dress, then it's your elfin self.
    I'm really looking forward to see you do it :)

    1. Hahaha...thank you Sally! Unfortunately my 41 year old body (after 3 enormous babies) let loose in teenager's satin would be enough to but other diners off their dinner....but I appreciate your positivity!
      I went as far towards the slip-dress as I was willing to go and I did decide that I liked it better with the straps tucked in. My belt stopped it being too nightie-like (and prevented any slippage).
      As for working too hard, I am glad I gave that impression as I threw it on in a few minutes (my intended dress did not arrive in time and it was a last minute panic) Ditto my hair and makeup. My husband was avoiding me as I was like a maniac! My friend was arriving in 30 mins and I was running around in my pants shouting "I have nothing to wear!!"...chaos.. These pictures were taken as my friend was waiting in her car outside tooting the horn. But, we had the BEST night :oD
      Often the best nights are a little rough around the edges! XXX

    2. Samantha! then I have to take my hat off to you for your sheer and staggering brilliance. I have NEVER managed photographs depicting this level of poise so you'll forgive me for imagining this photoshoot was the fruit of hours of pre-planning and styling. I'm delighted you had a great night - and I'm still certain there's a perfect slip dress out there for you :)

    3. If you could have seen me Sally, you would have laughed out loud...and ducked for cover! As for poise? That makes me smile too, thank you very much! I am always a spur-of-the-moment-outfit kind of person and never feel that "poised" is a word that would ever apply to me, or my style so I thank you (very much) for that! :oD
      If you look back at one of my first blog posts (about wearing culottes)...that was a pre-planned look and it turned out to be a frumpy disaster! I learned that I can't think about things too much or it goes horribly wrong.
      Thank you so much for your comments.
      I really enjoy reading your point of view and learning from it too! XXX

  9. You'd definitely get invited to all the best parties in this outfit, Samantha!
    I love how you've ramped it up in 3 easy ways - those amazing smokey eyes (I must look up some of those tutorials), the fabulous tights, that stand out against the dress and the addition of the obi belt. That belt makes the look - gives it a modern look without trying too hard.
    All in all, gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Jacqueline! All the best parties? I LOVE the sound of that :oD
      I was in such a rush to get out of the door...and in such a husband was ducking for cover!
      It is a wonder that we got these photographs. Thank you for your kind words. XXX

  10. Now who's a pretty girl??? Very well done. This makes you look like a million dollar. You are a very beautiful woman. And this dress, hair and make-up enhance that.

  11. WOW! It makes you look 20 years younger! You look beautiful, and I admire how well you can wear a dark smokey eye with your eye shape. Unfortunately, I've got hooded eyes (and a great love for smokey eyes), what makes the whole thing a bit more difficult, and the effect a little less stunning.

    I love how you pair "unusual" hosiery over and over again! Oh, and the belt, Jacqueline is so right!

    1. Thank you...I do have quite small eyes....Some might say "Piggy eyes" and they are quite hooded too! All in all not the best start for a smokey eye look. You should look online for tips and tricks about making a smokey eye work on hooded eyes, there are step by step tutorials out there. I do hope you give it a go! We should not let out hoods, or small eyes get in the way of having fun with makeup. XXX


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