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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Wearing tailored shorts, over 40 | Checked shorts and a chunky knit

Wearing shorts in Autumn/Winter

Tailored shorts and chunky brogues

You may remember this post when I tried to take my own photographs....Oh dear. Not a great success!
So today (in the fleeting moments between showers) I took my own photographs, and some of them are actually okay.
Not perfect, but okay...and that is progress!

I used my new remote control.
Which arrived a few days ago, and I have been trying to figure out how to use it.
I have since realised that my remote has a 2 second delay option, which would have allowed me to hide it from my photographs.

You can see it in every shot hahahaha.
Everyday is a school day!

Wearing shorts, over 40 | Fake fabulous

After styling a pair of over-the-knee boots with a knitted dress (see that post here) I was encouraged to try some shorts with my OTK boots...check out the comments at the bottom of the post!

So, inspired, I went shopping for these fab tailored checked shorts.
I found them (new with the tags) on Ebay. Oh, I do love a bargain!

They are so chic and smart and I really did have every intention to pair them with my over-the-knee boots, as suggested.

However, as I was putting this outfit together, I realised that I just can't dress for anyone else.
Even if it is a stylish woman, who I admire, making a great suggestion. I am incapable of doing it.
I always just do my own thing.
So contrary to my intentions, I did not even get the boots on my feet!

I paired these beautiful wool shorts with some equally lovely wool tights.
If you have never tried wool tights (as an adult anyway) these modern ones are nothing like the baggy and itchy tights of old.
Who remembers the dreaded baggy knees, wrinkled ankles and low slung crotch?
Thankfully the modern wool tights feel fantastic on the leg and are cosy too!

Wearing tailored shorts, over 40 | Fake fabulous
Wearing shorts, over 40 | Fake fabulous

So, instead of the OTK boots I reached for my chunky heeled brogues.
See how I wore them here, here and here....Brogues are such a versatile shoe.
These ones give the perfect amount of height and are comfortable to wear.
Please excuse my lack of shoes in the top two photographs...there is a {slightly} better one below!

Chunky knit and a moth necklace | Fake Fabulous

I bought this cute necklace from Ebay (again!), you can find loads of unusual pieces of jewellery online...and not just from Ebay.
Have a look if you enjoy the unexpected.
Of course it is not 'fine' jewellery, but pieces like this are much more my style anyway.
I am not really a "traditional" person. Diamonds ARE beautiful but I am not swooning over them at the jeweler's window.
I love interesting items that are a little different from the norm.

Moth Necklace | Fake Fabulous

I thought that my chunky jumper (last styled here, with sky-high ankle boots) was the perfect partner for these shorts.
I love the colour, so rich and warm. I wore my chiffon blouse under it, to add a softness to the look.
See this blouse styled here with a pinafore dress.
The blouse is so soft and sheer that is does it's own thing. The collar has a mind of its own!

Wearing Tailored shorts in Winter | Fake Fabulous
Leopard beret | Fake Fabulous

I added my Leopard Beret and a checked tote bag, adding a bit more interest (and a couple of extra patterns for good measure) finishing things off perfectly.
In case you were wondering about a coat a coat or jacket. I wore my Camel coat over this outfit (See it Here and Here).
My Chunky knit was a bit of a snug fit but I got away with it (just)!

Will you be wearing shorts this winter?
Would you have worn the OTK boots with this outfit?
Please let me know in the comments....I love to read your comments!

Shop the look:

Tights: Levante Wool tights
Blouse: French Connection (Similar)
Jumper: La Redoute, on sale now!
Shorts: Jigsaw, I got mine on ebay (these are nice)
Necklace: Ebay (this is her cool page on etsy)
Shoes: Clarks (Similar...budget, Similar...spend, but not too much!)
Hat: Topshop (similar)
Bag: Chaps (similar)


  1. I wasn't sure about shorts but yours look great.
    I've got some Boden wool trousers that have seen better days, I think I will make them into shorts and team them with the Aran jumper I picked up at Spitalfields vintage market this weekend and my woolly tights & Clarks brogues

    1. Sounds like a great outfit!
      Thank you for your comment....I think that the shorts are not too short so they don't look "sexy", just a little different from a skirt. XXX

  2. I love these shorts with the brogues and the wool tights! Perfect combo especially with the chunky knit. I think this works better than perhaps the OTK boots would've done and at the same time you're keeping true to your own personal style. Isn't ebay great for finding bargains and you'll be able to wear these ones in Spring and Autumn too. Result!
    Just this week I stocked up on winter tights - wool, cable knit and coloured and you're right, tights have come along way since the days of wearing woolly ones to school in the winter and just itching all day!

    1. I really do love a bargain! I just bought a wool coat from arrived today and looks like it has never been worn. Perfect fit AND only £1.20.....smug much? Hahahaha.
      Thank you for your comment, I am so glad you agree with my shoe choice! I usually get dressed quickly, if I over-think things I end up looking a my mind, anyway. And, the OTK's just didn't feel right. I think I will keep admiring them, with shorts, on other people and stick to being me..
      I remember my old school tights...with loads of "repairs" all over them. I had to wear an extra pair of pants on the outside to hold them up! XXX

    2. £1.20? Brilliant! And forgot to say earlier that although you mentioned the remote being in your hand, I didn't really notice it at all! You took some great shots!

      And I near spat my tea out - ha, ha, I used to wear an extra pair too!

  3. love your shorts & chunky sweater combo!, love the patterns on the bag, the shorts and the beret, they work all together nicely!, love that subtle color combo, and love wool tights too (comfy!)
    You look gorgeous and chic and absolutely genuine!
    I own a pair of shorts I made of an old pair of dressy pants: now I'm inspired to wear them, even if my proportions are not best!

    1. What a fabulous comment, be called "Genuine" really is lovely.
      Now these shorts (made out of your dressy trousers) are a must-see....I bet you will do something fabulous and colourful and I am looking forward to seeing that! XXX

  4. Hey Samantha, you're so right that you have to dress for yourself - that's what we're all doing girl! And, I also don't think the boots would have improved this look at all. You've nailed it with this rustic feel of wool tights, shorts and brogues. Them ol' boots will just have to wait hahaha! Great post as usual. Rock on girl xxx

    1. Thank you Anna. I know what you mean...we can only dress for ourselves. I honestly did try but the OTK's were just not doing it for me. Maybe if they had been brown suede and flat, it would have been a different story?? XXX

  5. Love the shorts!

  6. You took awesome photos!

    The shorts look great! Love the tights, sweater, & necklace with them! It's a very "you" outfit, which I think is great!

    I would wear shorts in winter because it doesn't get very cold here... I get cold easily, and it's very important to me not to be cold...

    1. Thank you are too kind! My photos made me laugh, It is odd trying to "look natural" while fiddling around like a ninny. hahaha. I really dislike being cold too!!! I am normally layered up but I do love crisp and frosty mornings... and would miss them if I had none. Winter sunshine is beautiful! Driving sleet is not to nice, but we need to take the rough with the smooth.XXX

  7. You have ROCKED (with all cap letters!) this look! I love how you've styled everything. And that new necklace, it's precious. And your makeup--divine!

    Oh, I love reading Fake Fabulous. I get so inspired. I love being friends with you too. Have a great week Samantha!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    PS Thanks for linking up to the Kremb de la Kremb Style Stories.

  8. Ok....I do love this idea and may have to get me a pair of woolen/wintery shorts. But now I want to see these with your OTK boots!! Don't disappoint us...get going on it!! jodie

    1. Hahahaha...thank you for your vote of confidence Jodie! It is most appreciated. XXX

  9. You look amazing ! Beautiful photos :) x

  10. with a face like yours, you can wear anything and it will suit you. Normally I would say "shorts?? Are you sure?" but oh they look so nice on you. Great styling.
    I clicked through to your first tripod try haha. Very funny. I started with a tripod and a remote. But I used the wide angle lens. Catherine of Not dressed as lamb, taught me that if I used the wide angle lens I should always put the camera further away and use the zoom. Otherwise you get very short legs... (As if a lightbulb came on in my head... "Oh that was why...").

    1. Greetje, you are too kind.
      I have come to the conclusion that smiling is the answer to everything...styling problems and works for all, except the short-leg effect! You have endless legs anyway, so it was perhaps not such a problem for you! A great tip from Catherine though. I have used MANY of her blogging and photography tips. I am on such a learning curve and would be even more clueless without getting so many great ideas from other bloggers....we really are such a nice bunch of people! XXX

  11. You look fantastic - and inspire us to try cold-weather shorts. I love your hat too. xox



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