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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Dressing up over 40 | Corpse Bride makeup.

Is it still okay to dress-up when you are a 'grown-up'?

Dressing like a corpse bride, over 40.
Last night my younger children were going out guising with their friends.
Costumes sorted (see the Ghost HERE and the Witch HERE....with Hell-hound)
Party tricks rehearsed.
Jokes learned.
Dances perfected.

Of course I was going to join them.
They need a chaperone, it is dark out never know who (or what) is lurking....

Corpse bride costume & makeup | Fakefabulous

My husband let out an audible gasp when I came into the living room to get our coats.
"OMG Sam, It does not even look like you!"
My son laughed.
"Trust you, Mum!".
My 10 year old cringed.
"Mum, you are SO embarrassing". 
My youngest said,
'Mummy, I don't like it!" 
The perfect reactions.

Corpse bride costume & makeup | Fakefabulous

I am not a fan of the 'attractive' halloween look.
I want to look hideous.
Why waste the opportunity to use those eyebags and dark circles that we are constantly trying to hide?
This is the one night of the year that we can use them to our advantage!

I was in the adult minority though, a minority of one.
I wondered why?
Perhaps people worry about looking foolish or unattractive?
As you can see... those things did not worry me!

Corpse bride costume & makeup | Fakefabulous

To recreate this beautiful face, you will need:
  • Black lipstick (or you can use an eyeliner and fill in your lips).
  • Red lipliner.
  • Purple eyeshadow.
  • Black eyeshadow.
  • Green eyeshadow.
  • 'Too pale' foundation or powder.

What to do (it's easy):
  1. Cover your face with the pale foundation and/or powder.
  2. Generously cover your eyes, sockets and under-eye area with the purple eyeshadow.
  3. Follow with the black...nice and thick!
  4. Colour your lips (you can put some on your teeth too, dry them first)
  5. Use green eyeshadow (I used loose pigment) as generous.
  6. Line your eyes with the red lipliner and add blood drops anywhere you like.
Do you dress up?
Or do you find it all too embarrassing?
Please let me know in the comments....or tweet me your pictures @samantha4blair



  1. What a great costume & make up!

    I didn't dress up last night. Honestly, I was a bit too lazy. I did have a costume in mind (and had even gathered the pieces) but it just didn't happen. Next year! But it won't be as amazing as yours!!!

    1. Thank you Andrea. I was going to go all "lazy bones" too, but my husband was watching the rugby and someone had to take the wee ones out...and it was really quick to do. I hope you get a chance to play dress-up next year! XXX

  2. I never dress up, well I do every day, hahahhahah.
    you look fantasticccccccccccccccccc

    1. I like your idea of a daily dress-up! Life should be fun....although this might be a little OTT for work :oP

  3. You look amazing!!!! :)

  4. You make a lovely corpse bride. Bwahaha. I love the reactions of your kids. If I were going to a party, I'd definitely go for a scary look. Vampire have always been a favourite. Since I was going downtown in the morning, I veered toward the pretty end of the scale. I know, wimp that I am! I'm glad you put in the effort. Awesome. I love the title "Dressing like a corpse bride, over 40." Hahaha.

    1. I have never tried a vampire, Melanie....Perhaps we all have our 'calling' at Halloween! I quite fancy any Tim Burton character and, as the children get older, I will be able to go a little darker.
      I am so glad the irony of my little subtitle was not lost on you. XXX

  5. I love this! And next year, I am going for unrecognizable! Totally. Since I'm a teacher and where we go is filled with our students and I get the "Hi Mrs. Krembs" all night long, I am totally making it so no one knows who I am! I guess I don't mind it so much but wouldn't it be fun to not be noticed for who I am but for how scary I am (and not because I'm the strictest of librarians! Hehaheahha!). I did dress up as Zorro--it's as easy as sin and it matched my black runners--you know the ones I'm talking about Samantha! But somehow the kiddos still knew it was me!

    This is ingenious! I hope you had fun!!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    1. Zorro! I love that idea.... you need to amp-up the scare factor next year. " Hi Mrs Krembs" will turn into blood-curdling screams and children running for their lives. I am already looking forward to it! Maybe we could run a little competition next year?? Just a thought!! XXX

  6. Well, I think you look fantastic, and full marks for joining in the Halloween fun!

    I discovered your blog a few days ago, and I really had to tell you how much I'm enjoying it - it's fun, vibrant and inspiring. I've never had so much fun dressing as I do now I'm in my 40s, and it's wonderful to see other women, just like me, on the same adventure.

    I spent so much of my younger life worrying about how I looked, but the older I got, the better I came to know myself, the less I cared about other people's opinions and the more freedom I felt to express myself through my style choices. Now, I'm a firm believer in 'I will wear what I like'. I don't care whether something is deemed 'age-appropriate' or not: if I like it, and I think it suits me, then anything goes! I have my own (flexible) guidelines - I try to stick to styles and colours that I know will flatter me - but I refuse to abide by anyone else's arbitrary fashion rules.

    So, I'm now having a wonderful time working on my own 'signature' style, putting together unexpected or creative outfits, and just generally not taking it all too seriously.

    I think we have quite a similar style, but you're rather more bold with colour than I am! Oh, and I share your obsession with coloured and patterned tights... I can't resist adding to my collection whenever I get the chance! And since I like vintage clothing too, I've learnt from your wonderful examples that it's well worth scouring the charity shops.

    Anyway, I shall stop now, and end with the hope that there will be plenty more posts from you to look forward to in the future. :)

    1. Wow Fran! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment. I also spent my younger years worrying about my imperfections and concerned about what other's might think.... It is ironic to think that when I was looking my very best my confidence was at it's lowest! And now, looking a little rough around the edges, my confidence grows and grows. I am so glad you feel the same, having fun with your personal style....and enjoying your coloured tights. I think they are addictive, I just can't stop buying them either! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Samantha. XXX

    2. I can quite understand that feeling of looking a little rough around the edges, but in your case it's not true - you do, indeed, look fabulous (fake or otherwise)!

  7. I'm with your husband - it doesn't even look like you! Fabulous job on your makeup. You already know I enjoy dressing up, and perhaps next year I will consider a scary costume. We shall see.


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