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Monday, 30 November 2015

How to wear a Christmas jumper without looking like an idiot.

Styling a Festive/Christmas jumper without making a fool of yourself.

{Disclaimer: You must be prepared to look like a bit of an idiot, anyway!}

The festive jumper season is upon us.

Love them or loathe them, the festive Christmas jumper trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
Festive sweatshirts and knits are in every shop.
You can't escape.
Even if you want to!

There is even a 'National Christmas Jumper Day' every December!

How to wear a Festive knit and not look silly.

Many people will find a Christmas knit in their stocking this year, and many workplaces host Christmas jumper events with the aim to raise money for charity.

It is meant to be lots of fun and I am always championing having fun with fashion.

However, I have a confession....
Christmas jumpers make me cringe.
They are not my style at all. 
I find them embarrassing and a little awkward.

This coming from someone who likes wearing bright blue tights seems ridiculous, but I can't help it!
I know they are meant to be witty and ironic BUT, I just feel like an idiot.

What if (like me) you want to get into the spirit of the Christmas jumper and join in the fun, but it makes you a little self conscious?

Can a Festive jumper ever be styled without making the wearer look like a fool?

How to wear a Festive jumper | Fake Fabulous

First, you have to be prepared to look a bit silly.
There is no getting away from that fact!

There really is no such thing as a 'chic' festive knit.

Even when they are made from beautiful fabrics, and from higher-end shops, they are still a bit (read: very)naff.
But, don't let me put you off.
Go for it and have fun!

My festive jumper is relatively understated and a little tongue in cheek.

I didn't try to 'smarten it up', or be fashionable.
I just kept the whole outfit really simple and casual.
Wearing skinny jeans brought the whole look into my comfort zone.
Skinny jeans are my clothing equivalent of a comfort blanket.
Perfect for when I feel a little self conscious.

This vintage shirt (see it worn Here and Here) added another layer of familiarity, not to mention a pop of warm colour.
I really needed the warmth between the grey colour of the jumper and my face.
Wearing a colour you know suits you with one you know doesn't, helps make the tricky colour more wearable.

My cream lace boots and grey wool socks were the perfect partners.
See my lace boots here and here.

I am not normally a fan of a wedge heel (I think they make my legs look like golf clubs) but the lace fabric over the suede of these boots was hard to resist.
Little snowman earrings finished this outfit off with a smile!

Lace boots and skinny jeans | Fake Fabulous

Lace boots Shoefie | Fake Fabulous

Snowman Earrings | Fake Fabulous.

Here are some fun knits and sweatshirts, if you are looking to join in the fun:

Are you getting into the spirit of the Festive season by wearing a Christmas jumper?
Or, is it something you will definitely be giving a miss?
Please let me know in the comments....Or, tweet me a picture of your knit @samantha4blair.

Jumper: H&M (kiddies section!) This one is similar.
Shirt: Vintage (this one is cool)
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Clarks (these are cool)
Socks: Brasher
Earrings: Newlook (old) These are chic....honestly!

Shop the look:

It was a horrible day (weather-wise) and we were being battered by the wind and rain.
Running out, between downpours, to take these photographs.
SO windy outside...and freezing cold!
My little photographer shouts to me,
"Jump up and down to keep warm, Mum!"
I had to oblige!

Jumping | Fake Fabulous


Friday, 27 November 2015

How to shop the sales like a PRO without wasting money!

Faux shearling gilet and denim | Fake Fabulous

For many people, it's almost impossible to escape the lure of a SALE.
Seasonal sales... End of season, mid-season.
Black Friday.
Cyber Monday.

We all have an inbox full of deals and offers!
People are looking for a bargain.
But, it is easy to fall victim to the Faux-Bargain that is a real waste of money.

So, as a True-Bargain hunter...I am out shopping this weekend.

The trip is supposed to be for Christmas presents but, to be honest, it is more of a social occasion for me.
A chance to dress up, have fun and have a good old blether!
A day of coffee and cakes and looking at beautiful things.

The perfect shopping day for me looks something like this...

  • A train ride into the city.
  • Coffee (and cake) while formulating a rough Plan Of Action.
  • Looking in luxurious shops, that I can't really afford to buy from.
  • Trying on beautiful shoes.
  • Exploring, experimenting and maybe treating myself to a new item of makeup. 
  • Browsing for realistic purchases.
  • Lunch (with a cheeky glass of wine) to think about the things I have seen, and decide which of them I am going to buy.
  • A focused dash to buy those things.
  • A cocktail (or two) to celebrate success!
  • Home.
This plan for the day works really well with a friend, but can also be very relaxing and enjoyable alone.
If you have never shopped alone, I would highly recommend it.

Sale shopping this weekend is going to be full-on fun!

However, the shops will be full to bursting and aimless wandering is not an option.
Sharpen your elbows, ladies!

Sale shopping is the one time I stick to a set of own!

1. Dress like you mean business.

Dress for comfort as well as personal style.
Comfortable shoes are a must for trailing around the shops... Shopping is a good workout.
I always wear shoes that I can take on and off easily.
So I can try (lots of) others on!

I also need my functional layers.
Shops can be stifling and VERY crowded at this time of year.

A large and comfortable (to carry) bag is essential.
I need to have room for my usual bits and bobs, plus space for stuffing removed layers.

I always do my hair and makeup...and wear nice undies!
Looking scruffy and undone can be depressing in the changing room.
Especially, under those harsh lights and unflattering mirrors.

2. Make a list and have a plan.

I am not a fan of crowds and being pushed and jostled.
So, I never wander aimlessly through the shops hoping for inspiration.
I always make a list of things that I need (or want) and focus on finding those things.
I do some research online before I set off.
This is a great way to get ideas and to target the shops I need.

3. Don't buy things I wouldn't normally.

I always apply the  "Would I pay full price for it?" theory to any purchases.
If the answer is "No", then I step away.

A bargain Low Price is only a bargain if you would buy the item anyway.
Everything else is a waste of my hard earned cash.

Things I Avoid:
  • Anything the wrong size. If it does not fit and make me feel great, I put it back.
  • Faulty items. I am not a whizz with alterations and repairs if you are...go for it!
  • Being seduced by the designer label. If it was from good old M&S would I still buy it? Probably not.
  • Buying things for a different version of me. If it does not suit my body or lifestyle NOW then I step away.
  • Items that don't go with ANYTHING in my wardrobe. If I need to buy a whole new outfit to go with an item, it is not a bargain.
  • Really old items the shop has dug out of stock, there is a reason no one has bought it in the past 5 years!
If I am unsure about something, I go away and have a coffee (or my lunch) and think about it.
Usually, this is enough time to let it go.
But, If I really love it and need it in my life....then I buy it anyway!

Are you heading out on a shopping trip? Or doing it all online?
Do you have a plan? Or, do you just go with the flow?

Please let me know of any tips or tricks you use to find a bargain.

Shop this look:

Gilet: La redoute (old)  this one is nice...and a good price too.
Denim Jacket: Boden (old) this one is nice...and warmer.
Brooch: Gift .... This one is Stunning!
Dress: Primark (I like this one)
Under-top: Redoute
Gloves: Asda (these are nice)
Bag: Last seen in this post.

Faux shearling gilet and denim | Fake Fabulous
Faux shearling gilet and denim | Fake Fabulous


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wearing bright colours with confidence | Blue coat and Pink tights.

How to wear bright colours with confidence.

Are you keen to experiment with colour and wear something a little brighter, but are not sure where to start?
Wearing bright colours can be can be intimidating, especially if you are used to a darker or more muted palette.
Bright colours can also be difficult to find in Autumn and Winter.
Most of the bright clothes are in the children's section or in the form of evening wear.
Even then, the tones seem to be muted.

When you do find those bright colours in the shops, sometimes the quality is disappointing or the styles are not quite right.
People are buying them though, and I wonder what happens to these items.
They don't seem to make their way into real life and onto the streets.
Where do all of these bright clothes go?
Are they lurking in wardrobes, unloved and unworn?
Have they been bought during a carefree shopping trip only to be regretted and shamefully stuffed into the back of a drawer destined for donation to charity?

When I head out to work, I am lost in a sea of dark coats and black handbags.
Black, Dark brown and Charcoal grey are all great colours to wear, BUT, is winter not dark and gloomy enough?

Wearing bright colours | Cobalt and pink | Fake fabulous

So, you WANT to wear some colour but where do you begin?

There is (of course) rule after rule telling us what we should and shouldn't be doing when it comes to wearing colour.
You may have realised by now, that rules are not something I like very much.
Especially when someone is telling me how I should or shouldn't be dressing.
So forget the rule book...

But, hang on! I don't know where to start!

Start by sitting comfortably...

Buy a high fashion magazine and look at the editorial photographs.
Forget about the clothes themselves (most are in fantasy-budget-land and are totally impractical for a real life) but you can focus on the beautiful colours, the mixing of different tones and the glorious textures in the images.
These photographs are art, and are selling a mood or a feeling.
It sounds a bit daft but, some of the high fashion images can strike a chord and be very inspiring!

Next, get out and about...

Go into one of the larger "trendy" stores and wander around.
If you can't physically get there, go online and browse (although this is more tricky).
Forget about specific styles and shapes, just look at colours and textures. 
If you are in the shop, note what colours are put together on the rails, mannequins or wall display.
How are they grouped? Are the colour mixes unexpected?
If you like a colour (or a mix of colours) make a note of it. 
Even better, take a photo on your phone.

Don't be influenced by the style or the demographic of the customers in the shop, just focus on colours and don't over think. 
Go with your gut feeling!

Try doing the same at a makeup counter.
Forget the shabby shelves in the chemist, go to the big ones in the department stores.
The ones with all of the coloured eyeshadows and rows of juicy nail colours. 
Bobbi Brown and Mac are great for this.
Look through the colours.
Do any catch your eye? Are you swooning over the bright pink or emerald green?
Don't think of them as eyeshadows that you have to wear, just enjoy the colours themselves.

Get your thinking cap on...

Go and grab a coffee (or tea), sit down, and have a look at your choices.
Is there a theme?
Do any of your instinctive 'picks' go beautifully together? I bet they do!
Trust yourself.

Okay, so I like bright green and neon pink, what do I do now?

Now comes the hard part...

Take the plunge and go and buy something in one of your "new" colours. 
Many people suggest buying an accessory to start with.
But, what if you are not a scarf person? Or a statement necklace wearer?
I suggest you buy something in a shape, and style, you are familiar and comfortable with.
What is your go-to item? 
Try buying a version of that in your new hue.

I am going against the rule book here, again...

Don't buy something 'cheap and cheerful' just to try it.
Something cheap is never a pleasure to wear and, if you are going to be trying something totally new, comfort and confidence is crucial!
Also, a cheap fabric looks even cheaper when it is in a bright colour.
You are going to feel rubbish before you even start.

Try some of the stores that make classic items in a rainbow of colours.
Here are some links to colourful knitwear...

Treat yourself to a new nail colour. It will add a 'pop" to your new look, and is guaranteed to attract compliments.

But, I'm not sure this colour I have picked suits me!

Of course there are experts who will tell you not to wear a certain colours because they are not in your "season".
I have to agree that some colours can make some people look amazing (healthy and fresh) or ghastly (ill and tired) but....

If you really like a colour, wear it!

Okay, so it might not officially be "your colour" but chances are if you are drawn to it, it will be!
We have an inbuilt ability to do the right thing.
Trust yourself.

If that bright purple eyeshadow made you gasp and smile, then it is the colour for you!
Have confidence in your choices.

Should I wear bright colours away from my face?

I have seen it suggested that if a colour does not suit you, you should wear it in the form of trousers or a skirt.
I have to disagree.
If you are new to bright colours then a pair of hot pink trousers or a lime green skirt could be a step too far!

Make sure you are wearing your usual makeup before trying the colour near your face.
Sometimes we make the mistake of trying things on with undone hair and nothing on our faces (usually online purchases that arrive in the post)...slipping off the PJ's to try on a brand new colour is not a good idea.

You could always wear a chunky necklace or a scarf {if that is your style} in a neutral tone to "protect" your face from a direct hit of colour (See how I wore a statement necklace to do that HERE).

But, remember that black is one of the hardest colours to wear near the face.
Very few people actually suit it. 
So chances are your new colour will look better anyway!

NEVER apologise for your style choices:

If someone comments and compliments you on your new colourful look, just say, 
"Thank you very much!"
 Avoid the temptation to explain yourself,
"Oh, Do you think? I was just trying something new....silly really, I'm not sure it is me."  
If you are unlucky enough to receive a back-handed compliment or an all-out bitchy comment, don't be deflated!

A common one is;
"What is this we are getting today, then?"
And, my personal favourite;
"Auditioning for a Pantomime, are we?"
I just laugh....

Always take these types of comments as a compliment.
That person obviously wishes they had the confidence to do what you are doing.

Confident and Happy people don't need to put others down.

Wearing bright colours | Cobalt and pink | Fake fabulous

My colourful outfit today started with my new blue coat.
I am delighted to tell you that it was a whopping £1.20 from Ebay.

I was worried it would be old, tatty and a bit foosty.
{Ebay purchases can be a bit of a hit or a miss}
BUT, it looks brand new and appears to be unworn.
Not to mention the perfect fit!
The colour is a slap in the face on a gloomy day
{although the sun was shining for these photographs].

I could not resist pairing it with this colourful silk dress and bright pink tights (last seen HERE in summer with a navy mini).
I am wearing a teal cashmere jumper under this dress (you can see it HERE in a really early post).
I needed an extra layer for warmth.
I was going to take off my coat to show you but...Brrrrrr, it was too cold!!
My oxblood boots were the perfect partner, for me anyway.
They are so comfortable and added some shine to the look.
Purple leather gloves and this chunky necklace finished things off nicely.

The necklace is just a cheap one, but I think it will work really well with a lot of items in my wardrobe....Maybe becoming my go-to necklace this Winter?
See another 'Hero" necklace working for me, Here, Here and Here.

Wearing bright colours | Statement Necklace | Fake fabulous

How do you feel about colour?
Do you love it ? Or, does it scare you a little?
Let me know what you think.And, please share any tips you have, for wearing colour, in the comments.
I love to read them!

You can tweet me @samantha4blair if you prefer.

Wearing bright colours | Cobalt and pink | Fake fabulous

Coat : Windsmoor (from Ebay), This one is similar....This one is beautiful!
Dress: Warehouse (from a Charity shop)...this one is very nice....this one is stunning, and a longer length
Tights: Gipsy 100 (these are beautiful)
Boots: Redoute (Money off them too!)
Gloves: Old (similar)
Necklace: H&M (I can't find it online, maybe it is just in-store?) This one is cool though!

Shop the look:

Like this post? You might also like this one about being braver with colour and stepping away from those boring black trousers.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How to wear a Vintage kilt, over 40 | Tartan and leather.

How to style a vintage skirt and keep it modern.
How I wear vintage without looking frumpy.

Styling vintage without looking like you are going to a party gets harder as we get older.
What was once cute and ironic becomes a little...Hmmmm, did she mean that?

I wear a lot of old, or vintage, clothes and I love the quality and character they bring to an outfit.
But, I don't want to look like I am caught in a timewarp or heading off to that bad-taste party.

Top "Wearing vintage with a modern twist" tricks:

  • Keep your makeup modern and on trend. Check out magazines and beauty bloggers (like Lisa Eldridge) for the latest colours and looks....Don't blame me if you lose entire days watching her videos though!
  • Use an on-trend nail colour.
  • Don't over do your hair. Slightly undone is much more modern (and so much cooler) than helmet hair.
  • Avoid Matching Eras...Mix it up a little and have fun.
  • Wear up-to-date accessories, especially shoes (unless you are showcasing vintage shoes, of I did here)
  • Try something unexpected...A vintage dress over leather leggings with neon nails?!
Styling a vintage skirt | Fake Fabulous

This gorgeous Kilt was in a 'reject' bin, at a charity shop. For the princely sum of £1.
It was in such a sorry state.
Crumpled and crushed with a slightly old and foosty smell to it.
Unloved and unwanted.

It was the mixture of colours that caught my eye first then, when I felt it, I knew it was pure wool and the knit was so fine that I had to have it.
Surely for £1 it could be rescued?

It is 100% wool and so well made.
Delicate, yet warm... a real gem.
The straps are leather and it is a great fit too.

I did not even have to go to the expense of getting it dry cleaned.
Just a good steam, then an hour or two on the line and it was as fresh as a daisy, and looking like new!

There were, however,  a few 'problems' to overcome:

  • It is pleated from the waist and I have a short waist, not a good combination.
  • It is a below the knee/midi-length which can look hideous on me! Making my legs look like pencils stuck into a potato.
  • The colours could be very old-ladyish and potentially dowdy.
  • The wrap is genuine, and could fly open at any minute revealing more than I intended!
I decided to tackle each problem separately and see if, at the end of my problem-solving, something decent came out of it.

Styling a short waist.

As I mentioned in this post (where I also wore this leather jacket) I am not a fan of "rules".
Especially those telling me that short-waisted women should be avoiding certain clothes.
I don't want to have to avoid anything!
I like my high-waisted jeans and I am going to wear them regardless of what the rule-book says.

Adding a slightly longer jacket (a cardigan or gilet would work) to this skirt, deceives the eye into thinking my waist is neater and longer.

I kept the lines clean(ish) with a knitted polo neck jumper.

{Sshhh, don't tell anyone, BUT...I have a long-sleeve thermal top underneath which I tucked into my tights! Not very glamorous or sexy but nobody knows (if you don't tell them) and warmth is so important...Being cold is not stylish!}

My nude leather jacket was also seen here, here and here, trying to hide my short waist.
It always surprises me how warm a leather jacket is. Add gloves and a scarf and you are good to go.

Styling a below knee-length skirt.

The only way for a midi-length skirt to work, on me, is to add a heel.
A modern and chunky one was needed with this look.
Now was not the time for a delicate court shoe. That would have been a one-way ticket into frumpsville.

I do not like trailing around in uncomfortable shoes.
Luckily, these sky-high (and slightly OTT) boots are so comfortable and easy to wear.
(See them styled here with my chunky knit)
The platform heel does not feel very high at all.
In fact, they are an all day shoe!

Styling old-fashioned colours.

I could have clashed with some vibrant tones, or a different pattern.
But, I did not want to look too over-done or take the attention away from the skirt.
So, I had no option other than to embrace the colour palette.
I added some modern shapes in muted tones and made the most of what the skirt was offering.
My Jacket and boots were the key additions BUT my skirt and top needed something extra to add a bit of interest.
I also wanted to deceive the world into thinking I have a small (and longer) waist.
This chunky woven belt was the perfect partner!

Small brushed copper earrings and these oversized glasses were all the accessories I needed.
However, I forgot to photograph my bag.
I used this one...and added 3 pompoms.
OTT? probably, but I am not sorry. I love them!

As for the potentially opening wrap.... I just put on some good quality, thick, opaques and went for it!

What do you think of how I styled this "reject"?

Are you a vintage lover? Or, do you worry about looking frumpy?

Please let me know in the comments.... I love to read them!

Styling a vintage skirt | Fake Fabulous

Styling a vintage skirt & Chunky Boots | Fake Fabulous

Chunky Boots | Fake Fabulous

Styling a vintage skirt, midi-kilt | Fake Fabulous

Styling a vintage skirt | Fake Fabulous

Skirt: Vintage (this one is gorgeous!)
Tights: Falke
Boots: Aldo (similar)
Jacket: Superdry (, Similar...spend)
Jumper: Next this one is so soft and cosy (I have tried it).
Belt: Old (I couldn't find anything similar, but this one would look stunning!)

Shop the look:


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Wearing tailored shorts, over 40 | Checked shorts and a chunky knit

Wearing shorts in Autumn/Winter

Tailored shorts and chunky brogues

You may remember this post when I tried to take my own photographs....Oh dear. Not a great success!
So today (in the fleeting moments between showers) I took my own photographs, and some of them are actually okay.
Not perfect, but okay...and that is progress!

I used my new remote control.
Which arrived a few days ago, and I have been trying to figure out how to use it.
I have since realised that my remote has a 2 second delay option, which would have allowed me to hide it from my photographs.

You can see it in every shot hahahaha.
Everyday is a school day!

Wearing shorts, over 40 | Fake fabulous

After styling a pair of over-the-knee boots with a knitted dress (see that post here) I was encouraged to try some shorts with my OTK boots...check out the comments at the bottom of the post!

So, inspired, I went shopping for these fab tailored checked shorts.
I found them (new with the tags) on Ebay. Oh, I do love a bargain!

They are so chic and smart and I really did have every intention to pair them with my over-the-knee boots, as suggested.

However, as I was putting this outfit together, I realised that I just can't dress for anyone else.
Even if it is a stylish woman, who I admire, making a great suggestion. I am incapable of doing it.
I always just do my own thing.
So contrary to my intentions, I did not even get the boots on my feet!

I paired these beautiful wool shorts with some equally lovely wool tights.
If you have never tried wool tights (as an adult anyway) these modern ones are nothing like the baggy and itchy tights of old.
Who remembers the dreaded baggy knees, wrinkled ankles and low slung crotch?
Thankfully the modern wool tights feel fantastic on the leg and are cosy too!

Wearing tailored shorts, over 40 | Fake fabulous
Wearing shorts, over 40 | Fake fabulous

So, instead of the OTK boots I reached for my chunky heeled brogues.
See how I wore them here, here and here....Brogues are such a versatile shoe.
These ones give the perfect amount of height and are comfortable to wear.
Please excuse my lack of shoes in the top two photographs...there is a {slightly} better one below!

Chunky knit and a moth necklace | Fake Fabulous

I bought this cute necklace from Ebay (again!), you can find loads of unusual pieces of jewellery online...and not just from Ebay.
Have a look if you enjoy the unexpected.
Of course it is not 'fine' jewellery, but pieces like this are much more my style anyway.
I am not really a "traditional" person. Diamonds ARE beautiful but I am not swooning over them at the jeweler's window.
I love interesting items that are a little different from the norm.

Moth Necklace | Fake Fabulous

I thought that my chunky jumper (last styled here, with sky-high ankle boots) was the perfect partner for these shorts.
I love the colour, so rich and warm. I wore my chiffon blouse under it, to add a softness to the look.
See this blouse styled here with a pinafore dress.
The blouse is so soft and sheer that is does it's own thing. The collar has a mind of its own!

Wearing Tailored shorts in Winter | Fake Fabulous
Leopard beret | Fake Fabulous

I added my Leopard Beret and a checked tote bag, adding a bit more interest (and a couple of extra patterns for good measure) finishing things off perfectly.
In case you were wondering about a coat a coat or jacket. I wore my Camel coat over this outfit (See it Here and Here).
My Chunky knit was a bit of a snug fit but I got away with it (just)!

Will you be wearing shorts this winter?
Would you have worn the OTK boots with this outfit?
Please let me know in the comments....I love to read your comments!

Shop the look:

Tights: Levante Wool tights
Blouse: French Connection (Similar)
Jumper: La Redoute, on sale now!
Shorts: Jigsaw, I got mine on ebay (these are nice)
Necklace: Ebay (this is her cool page on etsy)
Shoes: Clarks (Similar...budget, Similar...spend, but not too much!)
Hat: Topshop (similar)
Bag: Chaps (similar)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

When in doubt, wear red!

Wearing red from head to toe.

Styling bright red in Autumn/Winter.
On a dull, damp and dreich day the only thing for me to do is to wear some bright colour!
While many people automatically reach for the dark colours in autumn/winter, I instinctively reach for the more vibrant shades.
Dark days are gloomy enough.

BUT... you might be thinking:
"Light and bright colours in winter??"
"Are you crazy?!" 
"You will get dirty and end up looking a mess!!"
But, those dark coats are also getting dirty.
Does dark and dirty look any less of a mess?

Anyway, modern fabrics mean you can buy something machine washable.
If you have a vintage item, invest in a clothes brush! 
Or, the occasional trip to the dry cleaners.
It really is not such a big deal.

On this particular day, I was swithering between a bright orangey-red androgynous style and a full-skirted, super feminine, cream coat. 
When the famous Bill Blass quote sprang to mind,

"When in doubt, wear RED"

Don't mind if I do, Mr Blass!
I will save my cream 'statement' for another day.

Wearing red from Head to Toe in Winter | Fake Fabulous

This coat is a full-on punch of (almost) neon orangey-red and I love it!
It has a masculine cut which looks good with trousers as well as skirts, and I must tell you about the wonderful deep and in the perfect position.
There is something very satisfying about a 'proper pocket' and it is so frustrating when a pocket is wrong. Whether it is an awkward angle or the wrong depth, it can be so disappointing.

Am I the only pocket-geek out there?
Please let me know if you agree!

Wearing red from Head to Toe in Winter | Fake Fabulous

It was pretty chilly today (and damp) so this burgundy scarf and fur-lined leather gloves were a must!
I was going to grab my red bag (see it HERE and HERE) but this pop of cheerful blue seemed a more interesting choice.
Adding a little fun!
I have searched and searched for something similar but I am struggling....this one is fun...but pricey. This one is just silly and tongue in cheek!
See my bag HERE and HERE.

Wearing red from Head to Toe in Winter | Fake Fabulous

This dress is very old.
I actually gave it away to a friend years ago.
She has a curvy figure, which gave this dress a bit more vaa vaa voom.
But, when I was at her house recently, I saw it hanging up looking unworn (but still fab) and I asked if I could borrow it back.
A little bit cheeky, but she knows it will be returned...probably with a bag full of other things too!

The dress is a soft knit and incredibly comfortable to wear.
{I should mention that the sleeves need a careful wrapping to get them into the a coat, without bunching}.
I love the mix of colours and I could have picked out many shades.
I was going to contrast the dress, with teal, but more and more red items just kept falling into my hands!
I could not help myself.

Red is the perfect colour to wear if you want to give the impression being confident and self-assured.

Even if you are faking it!

Red is energising, uplifting, warm, positive and stimulating.
The perfect confidence booster.
A brilliant mood booster.
You could conquer the world in a red dress!
{Don't forget that red is also a very sexy colour ;oD}

Sticking to the red palette, I added a red roll neck undertop, dark red tights, burgundy wool knee socks and my very old (favourite) boots...see them here, styled with white.

A subtle touch of leopard, in the form of a skinny belt, stopped me looking too much like an ironing board and gave this dress a little shape.

This cute red beret and a orangey-red lipstick finished things off perfectly!

Are you going to be wearing colour this Winter?
What is your favourite?
Please let me know in the comments...or tweet me a picture of your winter coat @samantha4blair.

Wearing red from Head to Toe in Winter | Fake Fabulous

Lace up boots | Fake Fabulous

Coat: Hearts & Hands @ASOS...I customised mine. (this one is fab!)
Scarf: Jack Wills (similar)
Gloves: Gift from a friend....cosy rabbit fur lining (similar)
Boots: Caterpillar (old)...these are nice.
Beret: Old (similar one)
Dress: Matalan (very old). This one is beautiful....this one is cool too, and you wouldn't need the roll neck underneath these!
Tights: Gipsy (these are beautiful)
Burgundy socks: Tkmaxx (similar)
Roll neck: Redoute
Bag: Tkmaxx
Earrings: Newlook
Lipstick: Maybelline

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Wearing red from Head to Toe in Winter | Fake Fabulous


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Chunky Boots & Puffy Coats.

Styling a puffer jacket and sheepskin boots.

Puffer jackets and sheepskin boots...tricky items to wear, aren't they?
Shapeless, sloppy, unflattering, adding pounds.
Not chic, stylish or elegant.
In fact, lazy dressing at it's worst.
BUT oh, so cosy!

Chunky and comforting sheepskin boots. Like outdoor slippers...a hug for your feet.
And, nothing quite beats a down-filled, super-puffy coat on a cold day.
Add a fur trimmed hood and you are laughing!

However, it is all too easy to take it too far and end up dressed like you are nipping out to the bins, or to walk the dog.
There is a very fine line between casual-chic and sloppy-mess.

The only way to wear this combination is to keep the lines of your outfit simple and your bottom half close fitted.
Oh, and don't bother trying to make either of these items look "smarter".
It doesn't work.
Puffy coats worn with shoulder or top-handle bags (this one is a cross-body bag) looks like you grabbed the first thing from the coat rail on your way out of the door.
Ditto for pencil skirts or shift dresses.
If you are wearing a smarter outfit underneath, pick a different coat and boot combination!

Styling a puffer jacket and sheepskin boots | Fake Fabulous

I started this whole outfit from the feet up.
These boots are by Duo and are made for skinny legs! Yippee.
Even better, I bought them on Ebay for £4.99).
The company also makes boots for wider calves.
Although they are now called Ted & Muffy (with a chic, website make-over) and I don't know if they are the same any more?
If you have tried them, please let me know in the comments or tweet me @samantha4blair.

These boots are perfect for me. Snug on the leg, cosy, sturdy (for walking) and fluffy!

Styling a puffer jacket and sheepskin boots | Fake Fabulous

This combination can easily look boring.
My solution to any styling problem is to throw in some colour to the mix.
Adding a rich and vibrant colour lifts the whole feel of an outfit.
This could have easily looked drab but, with the addition of a colourful roll neck, beret and bag everything is a lot more cheerful.
Adding Pom Poms to my bag was just an extra furry touch!

Styling a puffer jacket and sheepskin boots | Fake Fabulous

Styling a puffer jacket and sheepskin boots | Fake Fabulous

Styling a puffer jacket and sheepskin boots | Fake Fabulous

My (faux) leather leggings came out again (see my previous post about them HERE, also styled casually) mostly because I needed a skinny silhouette and felt jeans were too boring BUT also because they are drizzle proof!

The weather has been appalling here, for over a week, and getting any outdoor photographs is a major challenge.
My 10 year old and 8 year old girls took these photos, in the drizzle, as a team (one holding the brolly, one taking the shots)...well done girls!

Coat: Boden (last winter)
Hat: Primark (I like this one)
Bag: Boden (old)...this one is quite nice and comes in loads of colours.....this one is cute too!
Pompoms: Topshop
Boots: Duo (from Ebay)... I like these ankle boots.
Jumper: A gift  (This season's version)
Faux Leather leggings: River Island (these leather ones are gorgeous!)
Socks: M&S

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Styling a puffer jacket and sheepskin boots | Fake Fabulous

At the end of the day, Chic is not a word you can associate with the puffer jacket.
BUT, you can look casually stylish...and be cosy, sometimes that is my priority!

So what do you think?
Puffer jackets Friend or Foe?
Please let me know in the comments or tweet me @samantha4blair

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