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Saturday, 31 October 2015

What happens when you try to take your own Blog photographs?

Using a tripod to take your own photographs.

Blogging photography fails.

Picture the scene...My husband was away and I was itching to show you my latest outfit.
So the obvious thing to do, was a little D.I.Y.
I decided to take my own blog photos.

Loads of other people do must be a piece of cake, right?

Set up the tripod.
Secure the camera.
Set the scene.
Do a test shot.
Go for it.
Brilliant photographs await!

Right?...Erm?... Wrong!!

Here I am I my "perfectly set up" shot......

Photography fail | Fake fabulous

Oh dear!
Not exactly what I had planned.
I had seriously underestimated the time and skill involved.
What an eye opener.
  • There was Loads of fiddling with the camera and settings to took an age (even with all the fiddling, it still went wrong).
  • The drama of the wind blowing a blowing all over my face, leaves whipping about everywhere.
  • Me fearing for the camera's life as it is perched on top of a pretty cheap tripod in the wind.
  • Jake was rushing around threatening to knock into said tripod (so most of my shots were of me shouting at the dog or looking confused).

I took about 300 photos (setting the camera on a timer to take 10 shots at a time) before I really had to stop.
All of them were rubbish.
The ones I am showing you (below) were adjusted and cropped to salvage something from my efforts.
Apologies to you all...but at least my head is in them!
You can see some of the outfit I was attempting to show you.

Taking your own photographs, fail | Fake fabulous

This dress is a cheap and cheerful bargain from TkMaxx.
Unlined and made with a poor fabric, but it works okay with a full slip and a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath (no photographs of that, sorry...they were even worse than these!).
I teamed it with this cropped biker jacket (last seen here when I decided to go all minimalist(ish)).
This jacket is so soft and comfortable, and leather is surprisingly warm to wear.
I wore my dark green tights with it (see a post about wearing coloured tights here) and my oxblood cut-out boots that I can hardly take off my feet so far this autumn! (last seen here).
My cute little red bag and teal scarf were the perfect finishing touches.

Taking your own photographs, fail | Fake fabulous

The easiest shot of the day...a shoefie.
I love photographing shoes next to the beautiful autumn leaves.
Phew, at least something worked!

Shoefie | Fake fabulous

So, my self-photography efforts were a major fail...MUCH more practise is needed (there are not enough hours in the day for all of the blogging tasks I want to do!)
Also, this whole process highlighted the need for me to buy a remote control for my camera (more expense).

I am going to have to try again soon though, as the nights are getting dark.
Photographs will need to be taken on my day little old me. Gulp.
Maybe I could train Jake to take them instead?
He couldn't do any worse than I did here!

To all of the self-photographing bloggers out there...My hat goes off to you. How you do it? I am in awe (and envy) of your skills.

Have you ever attempted to take photographs without someone behind the camera?

How did you get on?
Please let me know in the comments...especially if you have any great tips!

Dress: Closet London (this one is nice, and good for layering)
Jacket: Superdry (here it is in black)
Scarf: Charity shop (this one is nice)
Tights: Gipsy (these come in funky & fun colours too)
Boots: La redoute
Bag: A gift from my son. (this one is great.)

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  1. It is harder to get a great picture when you're on the wrong side of the camera!! But I think the shots you've shown aren't bad (then again, I know I don't have a discriminating eye for that kind of thing). I absolutely love this outfit and can't wait til your next attempt!!!! Practice makes perfect as my grandma used to say! jodie

    1. Thank you for the words of encouragement, Jodie! I did laugh about it (afterwards).... I am glad you liked my outfit too...despite only seeing glimpses! Hahaha. XXX

  2. You have done sooooooooooo very well, dear Samantha.
    Happy Halloween

  3. I like these cropped photos - just think of them as arty! The colour is great and you look so happy. I'm new to your blog and I have to say that FORTY IS YOUNG, just the age to wear what the hell you want, especially since you are such a trim figure. (I'm way ahead of you in the age game!)

    1. Arty?!?! I love it! Yes....I am going to use that. I had lots of these "arty" shots to choose from :oP. I think we should all wear what we want to, regardless of age. I am glad you agree. XXX

  4. This cracks me up! Yes it is near impossible isn't it? I can usually with enough moaning get my daughter to take my pics. Yesterday for example, I had the tripod all set to go, and she finally caved, "Mommy, I'll do it!" Ahhh, sigh of relief!

    My Instagram outfits these days are often times from a tripod and remote. They're so cheap over here in Hong Kong--the little blue tooth remotes. Shall I pick one up for you Samantha? Tell me your camera type, and I can see if they also have your remote in the little market adjacent to my house. (It's filled with tourist trinket shops, one of them being electronics--they're my go-to source.)

    Well, for first attempts, you still got some shots, so good on ya!

    Big hug!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    1. Thank you Ann! I have already ordered a remote, but thank you for the offer. This blogging is turning out to be an expensive hobby. I am going to study your photo's a little closer to try and get some tips..knowing what I know now about photography...which turns out to be nothing! Onwards and upwards. :oD XXX

    2. If I may advise you, and maybe you are already doing this, but enroll the help of those two cutie daughters. I find that my daughter is my best photographer. Both the son and husby just can't be bothered, are always embarrassed, and just randomly shoot on the sly. My daughter however--she totally tries to get the shot, advises me how to pose, and takes it a bit more seriously. She's been taking my photos for a few years now--she probably started around 10 or so. Anyway, just an idea. Your pictures are great though, so I don't know what you're talking about! I still plan to try some remote ones with the camera--just for the challenge. Also, my daughter who is now 12, is starting to seem put out. I wanna keep her, so I best make it still worth her while. Oh, and I do pay her sometimes. Always an enticement! Love, Ann

  5. I like the shots you got! And the colors of your outfit are gorgeous!

    I definitely need to play around more with taking photos myself...

    1. Thank you Andrea, although the other 296 were absolute rubbish (even worse than these, beleive it or not!) XXX

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. First, you look gorgeous!. Lovely color combo and lovely booties too, and fabulous shoefie (such a funny word!).
    I'm not a good photographer, have not a professional camera nor patience. But I was used to take my pics by myself, and still do it sometimes, putting my camera on a litter bin or a bench, 'cause I haven't a tripod!.
    I think you can do it nicely!!
    It's better to pick a not-sunny background, and it's better to focus on something like a tree or a piece of street furniture near the place you're planning to pose, when you're getting ready your camera. And take it easy!
    If anything works, then you can take some partial shots and make a collage!
    besos & pictures

    1. Thank you so much! Shoefie is a fab word isn't it ....unfortunately it is not my creation. I saw it on instagram and had to "borrow" it.
      Thank you for your tips. I will take them on board and try again.
      Practise makes perfect....or at least better than rubbish!

  8. Best tip for self-photography: RUN! I mean that literally, there's only ten seconds there. I don't have a remote so I know of what you speak, although soon the speed issue will be resolved for you. Not having a photographer SUCKS! Sadly, my camera model, despite promises, doesn't offer a remote. Gaaaa!

    Another tip: always, always, call your fails "art." Hahaha. Your salvage work can pass as intentional had we not known.

    Great outfit! I love that biker jacket.

    1. Melanie, you are so right! Hahahaha I did look like a ninny rushing backwards and forwards....screaming at the dog...frantically trying to squeeze in "a few more" before the mad run up to school to get the wee ones. It was bonkers! I will definitely have many more "arty" shots under my belt soon. XXX

  9. Hey Samantha, I think these are all great photos and certainly good enough for a blog. I recently did my first self shoot (as per my Philip Treacy hat) and had a crazy time posing within the 10 seconds. My tripod had it's first trial too and like you, I have loads of rejects. Keep going - I'll be doing the same. Fab outfit, by the way. Sweet little dress and I just love those boots. Hope to see more of these this winter. Lovely job!
    Anna xxx

    1. Wow Anna, you did a great job. I can now look at those shots again and imaging you dashing backwards and funny! I am glad that so many people are managing to do it. There is hope for me after all :oD.
      Thank you for your lovely comment about my outfit (even though you can't see too much of it). XXX

  10. Practice, practice, practice is all I can say! It's like learning to clean your teeth. Toothpaste goes everywhere on the first few attempts BUT you get there! Although I'm with you all the way, as most of mine are taken by Tall Brown Fox. I have done a couple of posts by myself with the tripod but you're right it took bladdy hours and so many bad shots, I nearly jacked the blogging lark in, it drove me mental! I've worked out the markers of where to stand - 3 paving stones back from the camera, 3 paving stones left from the wall. Crack in the paving stone marks the spot - that kind of thing! But it is so much easy having a photographer!
    Love the colour of your scarf and how it picks up the colours of the dress. And sometimes cheap and cheerful is just the job. The dress looks lovely on you especially with those gorgeous shoes of yours. And yes, shoes and fallen leaves work a treat together.

    1. Thank you is a comfort to imagine you dashing and cursing then smiling for the camera, just like me! Hahaha. Thank goodness for your TBF and his camera skills. XXX

  11. Oh Samantha how I have loved this post! The trials and tribulations of us new bloggers! I have been blogging a little longer than you though, and I could give you some right laughs over hurdles I have had to jump. Getting back to taking photos, these look great to me. I have just ordered a remote control for my Nikon £12.00 on ebay but I am dreading to think of the mess I'm going to get into!
    Laurie x

    1. My remote has arrived Laurie! More fun and games to be had on my days off this week. Housework is abandoned :oD. Thank you so much for your positive comment. I am sure we will have some fun messing about with remotes. XXX

  12. Pretty good shots I must say but I know how tricky it can be as I used to take mine in the early days before I conned my husband into being photographer. They say practice makes perfect (never worked for) so good luck.

    1. Thank you Jill, I have tried some "beauty" shots too, all a disaster! I think I definitely need photographer help. XXX


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