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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

False eyelashes, over 40 | Where have my lashes gone?

False eyelashes, are they easy to wear?

Can we wear them, over 40, without looking like a clown?

It has come to my attention (thank you blogging photos) that I no longer have any eyelashes.

Okay, this might be slightly melodramatic but, my once long and lush lashes are now short and (quite frankly) a bit pathetic.

Sometimes they look alright,  with lashings of blue mascara for example (see the original post here).

Blue Mascara | Fake Fabulous

Or made-up for a wedding (see the full post, here).

Orange lips and red hair

Unfortunately, at other times, they look quite tragic....

Like looks like I have plucked them all out! (see the original post, here).

What can I do?
The obvious choice is to try False-Eyelashes.
They must be popular for a reason.

BUT, I have never used false eyelashes before and, too be honest, I am a little bit scared of them!
My main "issues" are:
  • Are they not just for teenagers, clubbers, celebrities and people on the TV?
  • Will I look mildly ridiculous and a little bit too much like Coco the Clown or someone auditioning for Strictly come dancing?
  • They will probably irritate my eyes and be uncomfortable to wear.
  • They could fall off, or be left hanging in a comedy style.
  • They will probably be really painful to take off.
  • I don't want to look too fake or like a pantomime dame.
Is it too much hassle?

To be honest, after looking at the "plucked out lashes" photograph, I decided, hassle or not, it was time to bite the bullet and take action.

I bought some false eyelashes from my local chemist and got to work...

Apologies to anyone who has just eaten but here is a photograph of my eye and brow area, freshly washed, and untouched by makeup.
Look at those poor lashes!

The application of the false eyelashes was surprisingly easy:
  • Snip them to size.
  • Apply glue along the edge (Note: The glue is latex based, so if you have a latex allergy avoid them).
  • Wait 20 seconds.
  • Press in place.
And, despite my reservations, they were easy to remove too...What was I worried about?

So, here I am after applying the false eyelashes (and the rest of my makeup).
I think they look quite natural and not too OTT.
Well, nobody handed me a red nose and a pair of giant trousers, anyway!

Makeup over 40 |Fake fabulous

My only problem was that you can 'feel them' on your lids, but perhaps this is something you get used to?
Mine were Cheap ones (only £4.99) but this still seems quite pricey, and some of the high-end lashes are quite expensive.
They are reusable but still so easy to lose, one of these became attached to my cardigan and mangled after removal.
If you were applying them daily, it could become a very expensive habit.

I am not sure if I would bother will them everyday.
I have, however, decided to give them another go next time I have a night out, or a special occasion, because I do really like the way that they look.

They are easy to apply and easy to get hold of..

Wow! I did not realise there were so many different types from the 'natural look' to the full on party lashes. There are even websites that sell nothing but false eyelashes.
It must be big business.

What do you think of False eyelashes?

Are you a regular user? Or, are they not for you?

Please let me know your thoughts...especially if you have any favourite brands or tips and tricks!

Get the look:



  1. My mom used to wear false eyelashes all the time and unfortunately they remind me of Tammy Faye Baker...but maybe they are better now a days? Besides, you can't be perfect in all aspects of your body! You have a great figure, gorgeous hair and a lovely sense of fashion....maybe it's a good thing that your eyelashes aren't perfect, because then we'd have to hate you...ha ha!! jodie

    1. I had to "google" Tammy Faye Baker and I got quite a shock... Before spitting out my tea, laughing!
      Jodie, that is hilarious...and exactly what I was worried about.
      The modern lashes seem quite tame in comparison.
      I am glad you are not a regular user, because I was worried that I was the only female left on the planet not wearing them!
      Thank you for your lovely compliment, it did make me laugh too.
      As for your Mum and her lash surprise there! I can imagine her being bang on trend :oD

  2. Oooh yes, false eyelashes. I wore mine last night, at home, playing around. Haha. Only the third or fourth time in dozens of years. I love the look of them. At any age. Ilona Smithkin of the Advanced Style documentary makes her own from her hair, she's 90!
    You look stunning! I think people are impressed by your overall look so don't notice the little things, but definitely fake ones stand out. Go for it. Why not? A few bloggers wear them or eyelash extensions which last longer I think.
    Tammi Faye Baker - hahaha!! She was incredible!

    1. Thank you Melanie! I am such a Falsie novice...they do look great but are odd to wear, how do you make lashes out of your own hair? Extensions? I need to do more research on the subject. It is a definite "first world" problem though...seems quite trivial until you are in high definition on the internet! :oD XXX

  3. I tried wearing a pair of falsies a month ago. Completely freaked out and have never ever tried since. I think I'll stick with my (sparse) Asian genes. Just look at mine and you'll feel quite alright, Samantha, pinkie swear.

    1. Haha Sheela...they are weird, aren't they!? I felt like a couple of moths had landed on my lids. I would have no idea you had sparse lashes from your photograph...just goes to show that we see ourselves differently from the rest of the world. XXX

  4. Have not really tried wearing one but I fancy trying them on when there's an occasion... I agree you look so gorgeous with that on, it adds beauty to your eyes. Thanks for sharing! #brilliantblogposts

  5. Samantha they look very natural and pretty... HOWEVER I have two great tips for you!! Yes to what Melanie said - get eyelash extensions. Basically they're applied lash by lash with a special glue (make sure you go go to someone in a salon or who's had training!) - it takes a long time to do both eyes, about 45 minutes but the results are totally worth it.

    My niece does them as a part time job to earn a bit of money - in a salon they make cost you around £50 or so but they last about 2-3 weeks and look stunning. I had mine done before my holiday, if you have a look at my bikini post and look at the last photo of me in the pool, you can see them from the side. And mine were the shortest ones...! I didn't have to bother with eye make up at all on holiday, even in the evening!

    The other thing is a product: Rapidlash. I SWEAR by this - it keeps your eyelashes growing longer and healthier. I keep it up especially while I have the extensions because extensions can inhibit the growth of your lashes a bit. It's quite expensive, around £30 a tube on Amazon (much more in Boots) but the tube will last a couple of months. It'll take about 6 weeks to see results but you have to put it on every night without fail for it to work.

    They do Rapidbrow too which really helps those of us who over plucked in the 70s or 90s :))

    Hope that helps - have a great weekend!!

    Catherine x
    Not Dressed As Lamb

    1. I should say don't "go go" to someone in a salon. They may look at you funny...!!

    2. Me again...

      If you click on the last photo in the pool - then click again - it'll zoom in and you can see them really close up x

    3. Thank you for this Catherine! I had heard about rapidlash (and brow) and I am glad to hear another recommendation. :oD . To be honest, I knew you were a seasoned pro at the facial grooming..brows, lashes etc. Those seriously HD photographs require a picture perfect subject! It is great that you share your tips and 'secrets'. Most appreciated! XXX

    4. There's a mom in my community who I finally had to tell her, MY GOD! You're lashes are insane! She had sworn by Rapidlash. I just have to tell you what she also warned my about: it made her eyes darker--like the actual eye color darkened. Therefore, since I have blue eyes, she warned me against it. She said it can be an actual reported side result. Anyway, I just thought I should tell you.

      While I was living in Beijing, I had extensions. It was very fun. Be also forewarned--it was so uncomfortable to have them put on. I felt a little claustrophobic at times since they have to tape your eyes shut. Just kind of freaked me out.

      I guess my two comments are not so positive Catherine and Samantha. Sorry! :S I just wanted to let you know these two things. Catherine, has the eye color thing happened to you? And do you freak out when the tape your eyes? Probably not as it's your niece. When I did it I was in a crazy Chinese market/salon where there are a gazillion people!

      My favorite, OF COURSE, is the pic up above with the blue mascara! Love that stuff!! Can't get enough!! And Catherine, I zoomed in on your photo--pure FABULOUSNESS!

      Love, Ann

    5. Hey Ann! No I've not heard about eye darkening... it sounds so odd though! Can't say I've noticed a change in my eyes but I love deep brown eyes so I'd be happy if mine got darker!!

      As for the taping of the eyes: My niece is currently living at home with my sister so I get them done whilst lying on my sister's sofa. (I have had them done in a salon once, but it was in a quiet private room.) I'm not freaked out by it, but at my sister's house they put the TV on and, with my other niece there as well, all talk about the Kardashians or some other trashy programme they've chosen to watch - but I get really frustrated because I can't open my eyes to see what they're taking about!!

      I insist they give me a running commentary, haha ;))

  6. I have always had very sparse lashes but could never get false lashes to glue properly. I discovered a mascara that is beyond amazing and fell in love with it so much that I joined the company! The company is called Younique and the mascara is called 3D Fiber lash mascara. They don't sell in the Scotland but when they do, I will be sure to let you know. I have also been using Latisse for years and they have helped my lashes grow a bit fuller and longer.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


  7. I haven't tried these yet but you do make a good case! Thanks for sharing with Vis Monday,



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