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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Easy Halloween makeup, part 3 | Witch, Skeleton & Bat-Dog!

D.I.Y Halloween makeup.

Facepaint substitute for sensitive skin.
I'm sorry to say that these three costumes are not home-made. My skills can not stretch this far without serious amounts of time and money to dedicate to the cause.
They have been borrowed, bought and recycled.
But, luckily, they are just as much fun to wear.
Although, I am not too sure Jake would agree with me...poor boy!

Halloween fun, Part 3

A Witch, a Skeleton and a Hell Hound (aka Bat dog):

Children having fun at halloween.

The little ones had loads of fun dressing up and going 'on the hunt' with our very own Hell-Hound....Bat dog (don't worry folks, it is only Jake in disguise).

Easy child's witch costume.

The Witch costume consisted of an old dress and hat, bought from a charity shop (this one is nice), Tights (like these), a Broomstick, Wig (like this) and black boots.

The make up is so quick and can be made up, and out scaring, in a matter of minutes.

For this Simple Witch makeup you will need:

  • Black or grey eyeshadow
  • Green eyeshadow
  • Brown eyeliner pencil
  • Black lipstick

Notice how the makeup is missing from her chin and nose tip?
Bat dog got in on the act and, as the witch tried to eat him, he licked off her makeup!
Not phased at all by her transformation.

Child's witch makeup.

What to do:

  1. Cover the face with green shadow or dust (I used Mac pigment) using a brush.
  2. Darken around the eyes using grey or black shadow.
  3. Draw free-flowing lines, where wrinkles would naturally form. It was easy to do on me (mine are pretty well developed!) but it is trickier on the perfect face of a child. 
  4. Blacken the lips and a couple of teeth (lipstick stays on the teeth surprisingly well if you dry them first).
  5. Add some attitude and you are good to go!

Witch makeup | Easy DIY.

My little skeleton was ready for action too...

Child's skeleton costume.

Too much hilarity considering they were meant to be 'terrifying'....focus please!

Children having fun with their pet dog at halloween.


Witches costume: Old... This Child's one is nice.
Dog costume: Local Bargain shop.
Skeleton costume: Borrowed from a friend (this one is cool)


Black lipstick: Barry M
Green pigment: MAC
Eyeliner: Aveda
Black eyeshadow: I used this one from Bobbi Brown (you only need use a tiny amount)

Dog dressed as a bat.

Are you dressing up this Halloween? 

Or, do you switch off the lights and wait until it is all over?



  1. absolutely lovely!!
    such a fabulous attitude, and particularly terrifying bat dog, mwahaha (so cute!)

    1. Attempting to scare him (and eat him) but he was not phased at all! Such fun.

  2. Such a fun post. You're family is adorable--including the pooch. What a good sport! Will your kiddos be getting a lot of candy during their trick or treating?

    Over here in Hong Kong, we'll go to this housing community where the homes go nuts--they're all decorated wildly and handing out the good stuff. I enjoy joining just to witness the craziness of it all. Even overseas, it's always been fun to see the expat communities bring their festivities and holidays to the host country.

    Happy Halloween to you and yours.

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    1. Thank you Ann!
      The kids (even the older ones) dress up and visit neighbours and friends. They perform a party piece (dancing, singing, jokes, poetry or tricks, my son is a bit of a card ace) then get sweeties and cakes. It is all good fun and our neighbours expect them to come (getting very disappointed if they don't!). I always dress up too...just to go with them and make sure they are safe (of course it is nothing to do with my lovely next door neighbour's offer of wine). I hope you enjoy the celebrations too. XXX


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