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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

How to wear colour to lift your mood | Orange tights and lace boots.

Do you ever wake up feeling a little low and grumpy? 

(It's called being dour-faced and Crabbit, here in Scotland)
Well, that was me this morning.... 
Old Crabbit chops.

My face was so crumpled, it looked like the dog had slept on it.
My head was thumping and I could have happily pulled the covers back over it and stayed in bed all day.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a duvet-day for a mum during the school holidays, so serious action was needed!

My personal remedy for a miserable-face-morning is some good music... some old school rave tunes from the early 1990's are my first choice! I am not a fan of melancholy.
And a string of satisfying, hot drinks: first, a 'nice' cup of tea, then, a deliciously strong coffee. My youngest (8) makes Amazing coffee.

And, last but not least, a really ZINGY outfit.

It is almost impossible to be miserable in bright orange!

The sun was shining today (at times) but it was definitely not warm..chilly even.
I decided to put on some sunny tights.
VERY sunny tights!
I love them.
You can't help but smile in a happy colour like this.

There are many books and websites that talk about colour therapy.
I could go into more details about the pro's and con's of wearing orange.
Sacral chakra's, balance, grounding etc,  but all I really care about is that this colour can lift my mood!
It makes me feel happier, more creative and more positive. That can't be a bad thing.

Apart from a metaphorical kick in my miserable pants, comfort and colour were my priorities today.

So, I started with my orange tights.
They are by Gipsy and are a nice, opaque, 100 denier.
I own other (more expensive) brands but these are excellent for their price. They are bright, cheerful and comfy.

The short skirt is a rusty colour and just matched enough...but clashed a little too (which I like). 
It's length did not seem to matter too much with nice thick tights. I wore the Navy version HERE with pink tights (which seemed even shorter!).

My thermal breton layer was a must today, and the sloppy top was there to make everything a little more easy-osy and casual....and pick out the orange a little.

I'm not normally a wedge heel fan, in a covered shoe.
They (in my opinion) can look quite frumpy (especially in solid matte black leather, yuck) and  make my skinny legs look like golf clubs. But, these lace boots are so incredibly comfortable and just too cute not to wear!
I love the look of the lace fabric over the suede.

I wore them HERE with some sloppy pyjama trousers....even more comfortable!

They are Clarks originals and were on sale for £200.. I found this pair on eBay (pristine condition) for £40. Genuine Joy! 
A cream leather bag my son had bought me years ago, for my birthday, finished things off nicely.

I have to admit that my Shoe/tights combo did attract a few curious glances (Did she mean to wear that??) and I know they would be a little too zingy for some people.
BUT, I felt much more cheerful...and that was the whole point, right?

Do you have a go-to cheer me up outfit, colour or item of clothing?
Do you like bright hosiery?
Please share in the comments!


Boots: Clarks Originals
Tights: Gipsy (@uktights)
Skirt: ASOS
Top: Primark
Under-layer: M&S
Bag: TkMaxx



  1. I haven´t worn tights for a long time. Winters are very mild here, but those orange ones are a true mood lifter.
    You know I love coloura and you are adorable, dear Samantha

    1. Thank you Sacramento!
      If you were here in Scotland i am SURE your tight collection would be extensive...and colourful!

  2. It's too hot for me to wear tights right now but I have always loved the look of colored tights but could never pull it off. I love how cheery your outfit is!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


    1. Thank you, I envy you inability to wear tights just now!
      It is (almost) always cool enough for tights here.

  3. Yes ! I think color is necessary to brighten the mood at times. I love the lace and the orange tights with the cute shoes!! I am sure you had to have a better day after this!
    Thanks for linking up with turning heads Tuesday
    jess xx

    1. Thank you Jess,
      Yes...and they are a conversation starter!
      "Oh, you're wearing orange tights!?"

  4. This is bold and different, but definitely appealing and stylishly artistic. I love the mix of textures too. Looking lovely and cheerful Samantha.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have inspired Me" Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Thank you. Bold is a good word...Bonkers was another (used by my hubby)! Luckily he is used to some odd combinations. I just liked the way they pulled me out of a bad mood, and made me smile.

  5. Hi Samantha, how could you possibly be glum in this zesty outfit? It truly is colour therapy at its best. Orange is obviously a winner with me, but I have to say I've not yet bought tights as bright as these! The lacey boots are cute too. Go girl! Xxxx


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