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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Casual daywear, over 40 | Short floral dress and coloured tights.

What do you wear when you want to be comfortable but still look feminine?

A floral dress and coloured tights.
My love affair with coloured tights continues...and my tendency to go for a short hemline is something I can't resist. 
I will keep reaching for the mini-length until the flesh above my knees trails on the ground, and even then I might just invest in some support tights!
I just can't give them up, despite what the 'Rule-book' is telling me that I should have done about 10 years ago.... I'm not even sorry.

Today it was quite warm (and sunny at times too) so there was no need for a jacket BUT still just chilly enough for me to require a chunky cardigan. I really dislike being cold.

A long cardigan also acts as a security blanket for me, it covers my rear, adds a layer of warmth but also gives me the confidence to wear such a short and flimsy dress (no fear of it blowing up around my ears).
This dress is so pretty and fluid, you can see it moving and rippling in the wind in my photographs.

I did need to put a full slip underneath, for modesty and also to reduce static. 
The dress is made of polyester and, unfortunately:

  • Polyester + Tights = Annoying static electricity + Plenty of cling*
*Not a good look at any age

My top tip for reducing the dreaded cling is to spray some hairspray onto your tights, where they will be touching the dress or skirt, it seems odd but really does work.

Tights weather always makes me happy, it means my legs can come out again.
I never really get a tan but my legs do go a slightly off-white colour in the summer but I still need plenty of lotions, potions and leg makeup to make then look half decent when bare.

Today, I would rather go for the easy option and cover them up with some funky blue tights.

These tights are a 'denim' blue, with a very slight purplish tinge to them.
They are supposed to be matte, but are not as matte as I would like...for that I need to spend a bit more money (these were only £6.99).

Cheaper tights tend to have a slight sheen, even on my skinny legs. A more shapely leg can exaggerate the shine effect as the elastane is stretched and, unfortunately, can start to resemble sausages....yikes!

As a tights collector, I would always recommend spending as much as you can afford. Cheap tights are hard to wear, unless you are about 16 and have perfect legs, then everything looks great.
For the rest of us, we deserve something a little more special.
Once you have treated yourself to a great pair with a beautiful quality knit, you will never go back.
The fit, feel, look and comfort really make the extra money worth it...and they can make the rest of your outfit look more expensive. Brilliant.
However, it does seem odd to be wearing (as I often am) tights that are more expensive than the rest of my outfit put together!
My legs and feet do thank me for it though.
Wearing a short dress, over 40.

Floral Topshop dress, Boden chunky cardigan, Blue Charnos tights, oxblood leather boots.
I also have an enormous soft spot for my shoe collection, as you will have probably guessed by now if you have read my previous posts.

The end of August is time for new shoes....the joy of payday!
So, it was inevitable that I bought this pair of oxblood ankle boots. I have had my eye on them for a while, with their low cut-outs at the side and chunky sole.
Perfect for late Summer/Autumn and perfect for showing off colourful the sale too, result!
This colour really does go with everything, and is a great alternative to black if you are wanting to branch out into wearing more colour on your feet in the colder months.

I kept my accessories quite understated...which is not like me as I usually lean towards layering. 
My bag was a free-with-purchase gift and is actually pretty decent (I never hold out much hope for these freebies) and once my Pom Pom's were attached it was perfect.
You are going to see a lot more from my furry friends, and I'm not going to apologise for it!
My cute name necklace finished things off nicely.

Oh, and a hairy photobomber turned up again for a cuddle, and to try and ladder my tights!
Bedlington whippet lurcher, family pet.
Are you treating yourself to any new shoes or boots soon?
Please share in the comments


Dress: Topshop (Charity shop find, but THIS one I like too)
Tights: Charnos 
Ankle boots: La Redoute
Cardigan: Boden (similar)
Bag: La Redoute (free gift)
Pompoms: New look
Necklace: Tatty Devine
Nail polish: BarryM

La Redoute, Oxblood red leather boots, Blue tights.

Tatty Devine Name Necklace.

New Look Furry Pom Pom's


Friday, 28 August 2015

AW15 trend: 80's style evening wear | Pleats and Bling!

What to wear for a night of dancing...

Fashion should be fun, right?
So when a rare night out comes along, why go for your usual look (whatever that may be)? When you can play around with the new trends, be creative and just enjoy yourself a little more!

I took inspiration from the (toe curlingly expensive) Balmain FW15 collection. 
I was daydreaming about having a spare few thousand pounds for a winter coat when I noticed that most of their evening wear was very {gulp} 80's inspired.

I know I have recently declared my unwillingness to try the re-cycled 80's party wear trend (HERE), BUT, a girl can change her mind can't she?

80's inspired party outfit for 2015

I found this pleated, one shoulder, angel sleeved top (it's actually supposed to be a dress but is barely bum-covering on me...yikes!) in a bag of clothes I was going to donate to the charity shop. 
It is very pretty and was calling out for a little TLC and a new lease of life. Sometimes an old item can seem fresh if I haven't seen it for a while. I just need to re-work it and wear it in a new way.

These black satin harem pants with the dropped crotch were also heading out of the door to a new home, but I needed to try and make something out of nothing today, so a little imagination was called for.

80's inspired party outfit for 2015

I did, initially,  try to go for a 'chic and slightly serious' look in my photographs, but as I tried to show off my giant pleated sleeve things got a little silly...especially when the breeze picked up and it started whipping around and tickling me!

One shoulder pleated top and metallic accessories.

Posing for photographs on a windy day.

Flying away!

I knew that I needed some serious Bling Bling with my 80's inspired outfit, so my chunky gold necklace and this enamel buckle belt came out to play.

These Zara metallic shoes are perfect for this look.
They have a nice low vamp, with a subtle amount of toe cleavage. I just love that in a shoe!

Back in the 1980's the shoes seemed to be all about the higher vamp, so this touch stopped my outfit looking too 'fancy dress'. I did not want to look like I had turned up at the wrong party!

My beaded clutch, gold coloured hoop earrings and some bangles finished things off nicely.
Oh, and of course, dark shades and red wouldn't be the 80's without!

Shoes: Zara (Mine were Charity shop/thrifted) but I like these.
Trousers: Topshop (similar)
Top {dress! hahaha} : Topshop (similar)
Clutch bag: Primark (others)
Necklace: M&S (similar)
Belt: Unknown (old and second hand)
Nails: Barry M

Metallic Zara heels

Red nails and a beaded clutch bag.

As I was getting ready to go, the Calvin Harris song "Acceptable in the 80's" song popped into my head..
The 1980's was, most definitely, the decade that style and taste forgot. 
I remember some of my friend's Mum's 'interesting' ensembles....don't even mention the mullets and the perms!
And, it's all coming back this Autumn/Winter 2015.
Are you ready?

The 80's is cool again, Well for evening/party/disco wear anyway....and I have to admit that the 80's crowd certainly knew how to party!

Will you be giving the 80's a re-spin or giving it a very wide berth?
Please share in the comments, I would love to hear your thoughts!


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Layering Red & Pinks with Tan.

AW15 Layering trend: Reds and pinks head to toe.

How can we make the new fall/winter trends work just now...?
If you are anything like me, you will have recently bought a glossy magazine (or 2!) and be thumbing through the beautiful and perfect images, of beautiful and perfect (and VERY young) people, in beautiful and perfect scenarios....wondering how you can make the new trends work for you and your not so beautiful and not so perfect life.

One of the new trends I am keen to get stuck into is the fabulous mixture of reds, burgundies and pinks that seems to be everywhere this AW15.

Red is my favourite colour, but I sometimes struggle to make it work for me. 
I need to get the right shade for my skin tone or I can look either very ruddy, very ill (with a slight blueish tinge) or both!

The key, for me, to mixing the reds and pinks together is to keep to tones on the warm side. Rich red, warm burgundy and a muted pink just pull together easily, especially with the addition of warm-toned accessories.

A wee trick I use to brighten everything up and keep it looking late summer/ early autumn appropriate, is to add light coloured footwear.
Keep those beautiful brown, oxblood and black boots for the colder months.

This 'light accessories' trick works really well with other dark coloured clothes too. 
A black dress is the perfect example, add light tan shoes and a bag and the dress is instantly lifted for warmer weather.

AW15 Wearing red and pink head to toe, layering.

Head to toe red and pink layers, with tan accessories.

I started this outfit with a knitted dress that I bought because I loved how it looked on the (perfect and busty) model, but have never worn. 
It was always just too low at the front and the layers, with which I tried to make it decent, didn't seem to work. They just rode up and made odd looking lumps and bumps... I have enough lumps and bumps of my own without adding extras!

Then I bought this pink dress which I should have sent back because it is too tight.
When I say tight I mean is double layer jersey, so should be okay, but even 'invisible' underwear shows through. 
In fact, even NO underwear shows thorough!! Ha ha ha
It was an expensive mistake.

BUT, as I have previously posted about buying the wrong clothes and making them work (see more HERE) I thought I should take my own advice and use my layering skills to save these two dresses from wardrobe oblivion.

The midi length on the pink dress seemed to act as a slip for the knitted one, no bunching or riding up, result!

This long cardigan was the perfect throw-over.
It has freakishly long sleeves, which is so unusual for me, and I loved the fact that I had some fabric at my wrist (a rare and simple pleasure).

This beautiful bag had to be part of the outfit too. It is so well made and perfectly sized...AND has light tan trims, tying in to the rest of the outfit nicely.

My Clark's originals sandals (last seen HERE) are so comfortable and give a little height, which is especially important in this tricky length of dress.

My chunky necklace (last seen HERE), cuff (seen HERE) and wide belt, finished things off nicely.

Do you have an AW15 look that you want to try?
Please share! 

Knitted Dress: American apparel (similar)
Pink dress: Baukjen (sold out in pink)
Cardigan : Diesel
Bag: Bogner (similar)
Perspex Necklace: Boden (old)
Perspex Cuff: Boden (old)
Glasses: Asda
Belt: Topshop (sold out but they have other syles)
Sandals: Clarks originals (similar)

Saturday, 22 August 2015

How to wear black when you are pale.

Black and Red tartan trousers for Fall / AW15.

How can you wear black when you are pale....and you know it doesn't really suit you!
Black is a tricky colour to wear.

I know it is meant to be a failsafe fashion option. 
A 'go-to' colour when you can't decide what to wear. 
A classic. 
Perfect for any occasion.
Black is a hard colour to get right and as we get older, black can highlight dark shadows and wrinkles. I don't need any help with that, thanks!

What can we do to make it work?

Black and Red tartan with a statement necklace.

Black and Red tartan , tassel bag with a statement necklace.

I know that, with my colouring, I should be avoiding black.
My skin is pale with warm undertones, I don't have a cool complexion, I have very little contrast between my hair, skin and is not my friend.

If I choose to wear black near my face, I need to put on much more make up (not good when you are over 40!) and plenty of lipstick.
The best thing I can do is add some light between the harsh black and my face, that is where this statement necklace comes in.
It just gives a little illumination to that dark space and stops everything looking too harsh.
The same effect can be achieved by a colourful scarf or a collar.

Red, on the other hand, is my friend.
It is a colour I love to wear.
And, I am happy to see that it is going to be big this coming season.
On the catwalks various shades and tones of red have been paired with pinks.
I am definitely going to be giving that a try, but for now, I have gone for black.

I decided to pair these funky tartan plaid trousers with a black skinny-rib jumper which can be worn off the shoulder, if you like that look.

I needed a chunky flash of light near my face so I chose this statement necklace, last seen HERE with the same sleeveless coat, as it happens!

As you know, I am a shoe lover and it's normally "all about the shoes" but these black suede wedge Mary-Janes are not very remarkable.
They are comfortable and very well made but they do not make me squeal in delight (like some of my collection). 
I wore them today for a little height and comfort. Unfortunately,I needed to be on my feet most of the day. Boring, I know, but sometimes real life dictates my footwear.
Pointed black patent stiletto booties were my "dream shoe" for this outfit. Only possible if i had indestructible feet, and a fantasy life of leisure, which I don't...{sniff}

My new fringed bag finished things off nicely AND I even managed to add a pom pom, to cheer things up a little.

In the photograph below I have been joined by my scruffy dog, Jake.
He looks like a ragamuffin and a flea-bag, but I love him...and he loved my pompom too!

Black and Red tartan with a statement necklace.

Black and Red tartan with a statement necklace.

Do you ever try and make colours work for you, even if you know they don't really suit your colouring?
Please share any tips!


Trousers: ASOS
Jumper/sweater: Newlook (similar)
Necklace: Topshop
Bag: Primark
PomPom: Newlook
Scarf: Moschino
Shoes: Clarks originals
Vest/Waistcoat/Sleeveless coat: French Connection
Taking fashion and style photos at home.

A wee extra 'snap' of my little her miss-matched pj's. 
She has her own individual style, and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. 
She wears what she wants (daywear, nightwear, whatever) and rocks it! 
We should all take a leaf out of her book.


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Getting excited about new trends?

The Fall / Autumn 'drops' are hitting the shops.

What should I invest in? What can I re-work?
All of the (fashion related) things I love about Autumn are arriving just now..the rich colours, the great fabrics, the opulent textures. 

I do get a little excited about it all!

I devour the glossy magazines at this time of year, trying to figure out what I already have that could be re-styled with maybe a few well chosen new pieces.

As usual, a lot of the new trends are familiar old trends to someone in their 40's...we have seen and done most of it before by now, sometimes more than once!

We know what we like and we know what we should be avoiding...but perhaps not always listening to that advice, fashion is meant to be fun after all!

Things I love about AW15 trends:
  • Polo necks layered under everything are having a moment. I have many and have always worn them regardless of whether they were in fashion or is literally a heat generating thing for me. I will, at last, be on-trend!
  • Layering.This made me happy because I layer anyway, in all seasons.
  • Lavish faux Fur is back. I know it never really goes away but I'm still glad to see it officially return.
  • Clashing wallpaper style patterns. I love this look.
  • Mid-calf boots. Perfect for my skinny legs.
  • Mary-Janes. Just adorable!
  • Duvet coats, not very flattering but sooo cosy and practical..sign me up!
  • Lavishly textured fabrics, metallics, tweed, velvet, corduroy...they always come back eventually and I love them!

BUT, not everything 'new' is floating my boat...
Things I will pass on, and leave to the true fashionistas (or just those without a job in a busy lab, 4 children, a dog and a house to clean):
  • Big cuffs, just so impractical for (my) real life... all that trailing, dipping and dangling? No thank you!
  • The 80's style evening wear. Sorry, I just don't like this style on me. I feel like I looks as if I have hung on to it since the 80's, and not in a cool, ironic, vintage type way either.
  • The very prim "debutant" styles. Lets be honest...I look like an old frump!
My new accessory crush is small and furry and lots of fun! 

Topshop bag and pom poms.

Big, faux fur pom poms... how I love a furry pom pom!
They are so silly and whimsical and totally pointless BUT I can't help but smile when I see them.
They are so cute and irresistible, so I bought 3!

Today, I attached them to a small silver barrel bag, apparently small silver cross-body bags are going to be on-trend this Autumn/Winter too, excellent!

These small bags are not very practical BUT they stop me lugging a ton of unnecessary rubbish around. 
I am forcibly streamlined into a phone, coin purse, hand cream and lip balm... and my back thanks me for it.

Tiptop black skinny jeans, Zara top and furry pom poms.

I decided to wear this structured Scuba top...that actually belonged to my step daughter, until she was having a clear out. and I snapped it up!
It has a great textured pattern on it and a lovely shape, but was screaming out for a burgundy polo neck underneath....these sleeves are too short for my long arms (a common problem for me, look out for my D.I.Y wrist warmers in colder months to come) so, I needed an extra layer to stop the spider-monkey look.

These holographic shoes have been 'borrowed" by my middle girl. I was happy for her to wear then as she loves them to bits, but I borrowed them back today!
They add a shiny POP to this dark outfit and have the added bonus of being waterproof....the rain drops just sit on them and look pretty.

Office silver holographic shoes

Black skinny jeans were the only thing that really worked with this look.
I had lots to do and no time to be faffing about. 
Black jeans just seem to deliver, when nothing else can cut it.

The heavens opened...
Rain rain go away....come back when I'm going to be at work all day!

Are you lusting after any totally useless and silly fashion items?
Please share in the comments!


Scuba top: Zara
Polo neck: Redoute
Shoes: Office
Umbrella: Esprit
Bag: Topshop
PomPoms: Newlook

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Cute summer outfit | Khaki jacket and lace.

A casual, late summer outfit.

Khaki, cream and lace...easy to wear.

Summer is slipping away here, in Scotland.
Although, to be honest, we have not had much of a summer this year.
It has been pretty cold with plenty of rainy days!
Cardigans have been on (or close to hand) and umbrellas have been in the bottom of every bag.
Yesterday, however, the thermometer reached 23 Degrees (practically tropical for us) so I decided that one (and perhaps, last?) cute summer outfit was needed.

Cute summer outfit, lace and Khaki.

Bronze shoes

Layered Bracelets

Ice watch and bracelets

Layered necklaces, Amber and lace.

Aviators and layered necklaces

It has to be seriously HOT for me to remove layers and bare my blue-tinged flesh. See my Heatwave posts HERE and other hot days, HERE and HERE.

But, it was warm enough today to bare my toes (hello sandals!) and just wear a light cotton jacket.

I took my children out for eye tests, lunch and a some last-minute school shopping (our schools go back this week) and the town was full of people in shorts, vest tops and sundresses.
This is a very British phenomenon, a glimpse of sun and people grab their shorts and rush outside. Usually, without suncream or jackets/umbrellas. So they get burnt, or soaked in a downpour...and sometimes both!
Only the freakishly cold people (like me) were wearing jackets and skinny jeans (with a secret umbrella stashed in my bag).

I really wanted to wear this unusual, lace vest top, or is it a tunic? I'm not sure....perhaps it's a fragment of a set of net curtains! 

Who else grew up with net curtains?

I have had it for years and it gets a outing every summer. Usually as part of a multi-layered outfit...with a cardigan...and (of course) a scarf.
Breaking with tradition, the cardigan stayed at home!

It is almost impossible to wear this top alone. I suppose it could be worn over a bikini or swimsuit but, to be honest, there would be no point as it could not be described as a 'cover-up'. As you can see, it covers nothing!

My lightweight Khaki Jacket has been a favourite this year and it helped to tone down the overtly girliness of the lace. I then layered on some fun necklaces and a light chiffon scarf.

Skinny jeans were a must, nothing else seemed to cut it with this top. 

I wanted to wear a pair of beautiful vintage heels BUT they are agony to walk in, so my trusty bronze sandals had another day pounding the pavements. 
They are almost as old as me {ha ha}...and second-hand when I bought them!. 
I will put a picture of my Vintage heels on twitter @samantha4blair and Instagram. They are 'proper' old patent leather with amazing appliqué leaves on them...very Autumnal and beautiful. Unfortunately, they are a standing-still-looking-pretty-shoe not a walking-about-the town-shopping-shoe. Sigh. Real life sometimes gets in the way!

I felt that I needed plenty of girly bangles, bracelets and necklaces to add to the girliness again (after toning it down with the khaki) it seems like a contradiction, but it made sense to me!
My little studded bag and pale pink aviators finished things off nicely.

Do you have an ancient item that comes out every year, even if it is just once?
Do you have beautiful shoes that 'real-life' stops you wearing?

Please let me know! I love to read your comments.


Bag: Tom Tailor
Jeans: Topshop
Lace top: No label...(net curtains?!?!)
Vest top: ME&EM (only a shorter version is left)
Bracelets: Various
Jacket: GAP (similar)
Sandals: Clarks (old)
Scarf: Market stall
Glasses: Asda (princely sum of £2)


Sunday, 16 August 2015

Pussy bow blouse, Mary Janes and a fun bag!

Lightweight layering for Fall / Autumn.

Geek chic for real life.
I felt in the mood for blue again today....I seem to be wearing a lot of blue recently!

Maybe it's my new brown hair?...or maybe I just love the warm tone of this blouse?
Whatever the reason, my blue obsession continues..

Pussy bow blouse, Mary janes and a leopard bag. Geek Chic.

I have been really inspired by the full-on Geek chic look of the Gucci AW15 collection, and I am keen to try and see if I can translate this look into 'real life'.

I love the berets, metallic midi-skirts, bobble hats and the huge dark rimmed glasses but I think these touches are a little too much for my daily life (although, I do like a beret and a bobble hat in winter).

The outfit I have chosen today is really easy to wear, nothing too off-the-wall but still a nod towards the new trends.

I decided to take the pussy-bow blouse and waistcoat (vest) elements and work from there.

Pussy bow blouse and a leopard bag.

My neighbour has very kindly loaned me one of his fantastic 'old' Canon cameras...which is superb and lots of fun. 
The picture above was a 'test shot' we get used to using it.
Not great but shows potential.

I have taken some pictures of our dog and the children, they look great!
There are manual settings for me to fiddle with and a 50mm f1.4 lens BUT, trying to pin my husband down to take some photographs of me with it seems to be impossible. 
He is always so busy and not used to a Canon, so our first attempt at a shoot went quite badly!
All of the photos were binned. :-(

The rest of the photographs here, were taken with the the old Nikon we shot by hubby and the others by my budding photographer daughter (she is only 8 and is doing a great job).

Hopefully next time?

Layered delicate necklaces.

Leopard head bag

This Leopard bag actually belongs to my middle girl and she happily (albeit, temporarily) donated it to the blog.
She was pleased that I wanted to take it in to my work for a trial run too (it is really well made and roomy). I may 'forget' to hand it back for a few days, so I can use it again!

I enjoyed wearing it. 
It is lots of fun, and made me smile every time I needed to get something.
Those ears are so cute!
Okay, so it is not Chic or classy, BUT perfect for brightening up a plain outfit with a sense of humour.

Petrol blue Clarks Mar-Jane shoes and socks.

I do love a Mary Jane shoe...especially worn with socks.
I just think it looks so quirky.

This is one of those looks that I think really confuses men... like smart joggers or polo necks (I'm not sure why, but men hate polo necks).

I know my husband was confused by the whole sock/heels/rolled up trousers concept.
His expression was so funny but he is used to years of my crazy combinations so he takes it all in his stride.

All I know is that I love the look of socks and girly shoes.
I can't explain why, I just do!

Socks in a heeled shoe serves two main purposes for me; 
Extra comfort and extra warmth.
(Being a little quirky is just a bonus)

My blouse is a lovely warm blue colour but, as it is just a cheap one (and made from polyester), a camisole is essential for me.
I don't like the feeling of polyester on my skin. 
I last wore it HERE...all in blue again!

The waistcoat (vest) is made of merino wool and is so versatile, I do wear it a lot.
It is also handy to roll up and pop into a bag for an extra layer of warmth, if needed.

The chino trousers are very old but there are similar styles all over the shops just now.

The patent Mary Jane shoes are a delicious petrol blue colour with a brown heel and strap.
They are a tad too high for me to walk all day comfortably (flats went into the bag) but the silver-grey socks helped.

My Perspex buckle belt and little cluster of necklaces finished things off nicely.

Do you get excited about the new Autumn / Fall clothes? Have you bought any yet?
Do you like to try and copy new trends into your real-life wardrobe?

Blouse: Primark
Trousers: Gap 
Shoes: Clarks (from Ebay) but I love these
Socks: COS
Bag: MIWO x-dolls
Knitted Vest / Waistcoat: White company
Belt: Boden


Friday, 14 August 2015

DIY Hair Colour from Red to Brown

Is it time for a haircut?Are you thinking about colouring your hair at home?

Okay, so it's that time again. 

My hair is needing a trim and I go through the usual: Grow it?? Chop it off?? What should I do? 
This is a (very) regular conversation I have with myself (and any poor sod who makes the mistake of listening).

If you have read my "All about me" page, you will know that I like to change my hair quite regularly.
It has been all lengths from super-LONG (I'm a dab hand at a french pleat or fishtail) to shaved at the sides and spiked on top (so much fun!).

It has been bright red, orange, black, blond, peroxide blond, white, all shades of brown, all shades of auburn/red, plum, blue/black, pinky-red and even dark green!

I love to change it up...I get bored easily and, let's face it, out of all of the things you can do to change the way you look, nothing is quite so easy and painless as changing your hair.

Well, today I phoned the hairdresser asking for an appointment and they were full.
So, instead of waiting (Wait? Pah!) I decided to take matters into my own hands (it is certainly not the first time).
I trimmed my developing mullet, tidied up my fringe, and trimmed around my ears...

Oh, and I dyed it brown.

Going from red to brown is not as easy as you would think.

You have to select a colour that has a cool base to should turn purple (yes, bright purple) as it develops.

BEWARE, as a rule (in my experience) shop-bought brown hair dye ALWAYS ends up darker than you think it is going to be.
If in doubt choose a shade lighter!

I chose a 6A as my natural hair is about a 6 (that's how light or dark it is) but with more warmth. 
I did take my own advice (above) but I wanted it to a little darker.

The A part means it will be a cool colour (or Ash).
The dye I buy has the following colours, at level 6.

  • 6N - neutral -Lightest brown
  • 6G - Golden -Lightest copper brown
  • 6A - Ash -Lightest ash brown
Only the Ash tone would get me what I want this time.

Don't fear the counteracts brassiness and red undertones.
Be aware though that you can never remove ALL the redness from it at home...for that you need specialist help. And, of course, a bigger budget.

The hair colour turned pale purple slowly as I mixed it (it looked inoffensive) but it was so dark and bright purple that it looked almost black on my head (this could be very concerning for a beginner BUT don't panic). 
I have had it all shades from Bleached white to black so I never really panic (nothing an eyebrow pencil could not fix in an emergency!)

As I rinsed it off (gosh, it makes a mess!) I realised that it is very slightly darker than I wanted BUT it will fade down very quickly and my red will start to come through again.

It is a nice chocolate colour...with a very slight red tinge (not surprising as my hair was practically orange before I started)
My eyebrows needed a quick brow tint (home job again) as they looked lighter..but I think my eyes look bluer.
You can't see that in this picture but I will put a snap on twitter @samantha4blair

All-in-all I am happy....for the moment....until next time!

Red pixie cut

Not a great photo but it is a fresh-out-the-bottle red here. Short and Red and shiny.

Faded red hair dye

My hair colour is fading out to a more orange tone...still loving it but my grey temples are saying starting to say "Hello"!

short warm brown pixie cut.

The sunlight (sunset) is warming things up in this photograph, but you get the idea!

Are you thinking of changing your hair?

Please share in the comments, I would love to hear about your ideas!


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