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Saturday, 11 July 2015

What to wear to a Garden Party? Casual Tea dress, blazer and comfortable shoes!

Tea dress and blazer. Smart casual outfit.

Tea dress, flats and clutch.

Accessorising a tea dress, over 40.

Casual garden party invitation, simple right?? erm... not really.

Party invitations can be tricky to decipher.... 

It is very bad manners to under-dress. It seems like you are not giving the occasion enough respect... I went to a christening a few years ago and some of the party were in jeans! Not cool.

However, it can be equally embarrassing to over-dress, especially as a more mature woman. We can be thought of as 'trying too hard', frumpy (too mother-of-the bride-ish and matchy matchy) or Mutton dressed as lamb.
So, what DO you wear to a garden party, over 40?

The invitation says "Casual" but I don't want to look like I'm popping out to the shops.... and, although it is summer, it can be unpredictable weather-wise...Tricky.

I decided on this vintage-inspired tea dress with a quirky bird print (I know bird prints are just about over, but I like this one).

I threw on a striped blazer as a smart-ish layer and belted it...partially to make it more casual and partially to make it fit ;-)

My shoe choice was easiest of all.
I needed comfort (standing around for hours) and no heel (I don't want to sink into the lawn). So I picked these old friends. The red stripe was a good contrast with the blue and the whimsical bow gives them a girly touch... see my twitter feed for a close-up.

Finally, this bright blue clutch was perfect. A great colour and the perfect size, it holds a surprising amount....I am going to pop a compact umbrella into it before we go.....and maybe a scarf??

Dress: Fever London
Shoes: George at Asda
Bag: Linea
Jacket/Blazer: Primark
Perspex Cuff: Boden
Bangles: People Tree


  1. Hi,Love how you styled yourself for the party.great colours, love the pop of blue
    Laurie x

  2. Thank you Laurie, I like colour...especially a clash or a POP! XXX

  3. Love the colour combo of this outfit. You look so cute x

    1. Thank you Anna, I know you are a colour and pattern fan from reading your blog! Your comment is very much appreciated. X

  4. Fab look! I love the mixing of stripe and print as well as color combo.

    1. Thank you Ugeena, your comment is most appreciated. I think that mixing it up keeps the eye moving...Always a good tactic. X

  5. That colour looks fabulous on you. I must check out Fever again, not shopped there in age.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, most appreciated!
      I think it is a good idea to re-vist our old haunts... I hope you find something fab. XXXX


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