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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How to wear an all white outfit, over 40.

White jeans over 40? White jeans are fabulous at any age!
white jeans, wearing all white over 40.

How to wear all white casually

Today, I decided to dig out a pair of white jeans that I have not yet worn.
They have been glaring at me everytime I opened my wardrobe at home so I decided to bring them on holiday to force myself to wear them.
Why have I not worn them?
a. They are white, my skin is blue/white...will I look ill??
b. They are 'girlfriend' fit...too sloppy??
c. They are skinny ankles exposed again?!
d. I worry about getting grubby.... a dirt magnet to children, dogs and food?

I decided that something needed to be done to break them in so I went for a comfortable and very casual look. I didn't want to feel stiff and awkward. I also wanted to stay away from the white jean/breton tee combination, so I bit the bullet and went all-white... with a hint of grey in a jumper (thrown over my shoulders as a casual cover-up and emergency stain cover). I added a bit of fun with some cute JuJu jelly shoes.
I remember jellies from the first time round.
Back in the day, I really wanted a bright yellow pair but my mum said they would "Waste your feet" and marched me to Clarks... so I settled for a Jelly bag instead.
She was right though, they used to be stiff and sore, I remember my friend's feet covered in plasters. Thankfully these modern ones are much more comfortable, soft and pliable. Pretty cool and quirky too!

White on white....a dirt magnet? Surprisingly not! I remained slitter-free, all day.

Do you think we should obey the rule that tells us we should avoid trends that we remember the first time round?
Would you wear all-white?
Please leave a comment below.

Jeans : ME&EM (beautiful fabric)
T-shirt: Matalan
Jumper: Urban outfitters
Jelly Shoes: JuJu Jellies.
JuJu jelly shoes, silver grey....over 40.



  1. Thank you so much for your comments Samantha.
    Looking pretty in white.

  2. Love this relaxed and chic all-white look.

    Alena &

    1. Relaxed is what I needed to be after getting a little uptight about the potential pitfalls of white :-). Thank you. XXX

  3. I've wondered about buying these sorts of shoes as an over 40! You've given me a little confidence that an over 40 can wear them. Thanks!

    1. Go for it! They make an array of colours....however if you are a little nervous the black or grey ones look a little 'smarter'. Can I use the word smart when referring to jellies?? Haha...not sure about that. BUT they are fun. XXX


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