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Monday, 22 June 2015

Monday morning Blues | Mixing striped trousers and florals.

Black and white, striped jeans,pink floral top
Black, white, pink, striped trousers

Ahoy there, me hearties!

It's Monday. 
{Monday morning work blues}.

It's a bit drizzly.
{Wet weather Blues}.

This calls for cheerful trousers!
I call these beauties my pirate trousers.
My husband says they remind him of rock concerts in the 70's...but I just laugh and take it as a compliment (you can turn just about any comment into a compliment if you try hard enough).
Love them or hate them, they make ME smile.

The top was an impulse 'polyester' buy and is neither practical or particularly comfortable, (it's a little scratchy around the arm-holes) but it is fun to wear.
It wafts around when I move.
Am I too old to have my back exposed? Who cares?! I like it.

I do usually wear this with a vest top / camisole underneath....and sometimes a thermal one!

Today, I was feeling brave.

The scarf is actually an Obi belt from a playsuit that I decided I was too old for (during a mini mid-life crisis). I saved a fragment because the fabric was so beautiful.

My shoes are fab! I LOVE them. 
Even with my pale skin and infamous ankles. They are super-comfortable and just seem to go with everything.

My bag was a gift from my lovely hubby (clever man) and even has my initials embossed onto the front. It is 'proper' stiff leather, like my old school satchel.

Jeans: Seven for all Mankind, but found in a charity shop (Cancer Research UK) for £4.50!
Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company
Top: Primark
Cropped top: (just seen, underneath) TkMaxx
Shoes: Clarks
Watch: Rotary
Bangles: Semi-precious chips
Scarf: Belt from a French connection playsuit

Striped jeans, floral top, nude shoes



  1. the color combination of pale pink-black-white is a favorite of mine! The cut of the top is summer appropriate, but the temperatures in Scotland are different from the ones I'm used to every summer (I live in Greece)! Coming over #iwillwearwhatilike

    1. Thank you Anna! It is not usually warm enough to bare flesh here, in Scotland. it is a rare treat to be warm!

  2. I think the look is very fresh and charming without appearing as though you're trying too hard, and that's lovely!!!

  3. Hey Samantha, am just rewinding through older posts from all my bloggers and had to comment on this. How cute is this look and you could win rear of the year in that first shot - hot stuff! Great fun, great post! You really started as you meant to continue - with a bang xxx


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