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Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to wear Culottes, part two! A french spin...ooh la la.

If at first you don't succeed...give it another go! 

culottes, orange umbrella, bardot top

The culotte saga continues.... I have feared them (see my previous post) and they ended up looking a bit frumpy. I didn't feel like myself.
So instead of steering clear and moving on to something less perilous I decided to grab them out of the closet and give it another go.

I knew that if I started with my favourite flats then the rest would follow.

A cute little bardot top and a cheerful bag helped things along... and of course a scarf!
The heavens opened so my orange brolly had an outing too.
I feel happier...and much more comfortable like this. Much more 'Me'.
I still can't decide if culottes are a hit or a miss?!?
What do you think ?
How do you style yours??

How to wear french sole
Yellow bag, bird scarf, culottes

Top: Newlook
Bag: Matties
Culottes: Matalan
Bird Scarf: Market stall
Umbrella: Samsonite
Shoes: French sole


  1. Glad to meet you Samantha.

  2. Looking good, can`t believe I wasn`t hired for the shoot though :p

    1. Just think what could happen with a 'proper' lens....and a great photographer. x


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