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Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to get your style mojo back. How to be yourself.

I've lost my mojo!

Today has been a turning point for me.

I started this blog in order to inspire myself (and hopefully others) to be less frumpy, less apologetic and more fabulous... over 40 and beyond.  
I wanted to fly in the face of being 'age-appropriate' or 'more sensible' or just giving up.

However, after a very early review of my posts, I am shocked to see that my Culottes post is most definitely on the mumsy side.... pretty far over towards full on frump to be honest with you! 
I don't even recognise myself. 
My mojo has definitely packed a bag and left the building (taking all my good ideas and best clothes with it).
This has come as a bit of a wake-up call.

What can I do?

After some thought, I realised that I was trying too hard to please others. I was worrying what other people would like and listening to 'helpful' suggestions, placing seeds of doubt in my mind.
I like hearing suggestions and ideas and I love other people giving me their opinions (both positive and constructively negative) BUT, personal style should not really be about what other people want from me. 
It should be about what I want from myself.
I will never be everybody's friend and I will never appeal to everybody's taste so I need to stop trying to compromise my own taste. 

If you are having a wobble too, start by pleasing yourself then you will be true to yourself, honest, believable and original.

Love your own style.
Be happy and unappologetic, it is contagious!



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  2. I hope you find the confidence to find your own mojo. Just do what feels right for you... disregard any negativity and be brave! Thanks for your comment. XXX

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Maggie!
      Thank you very much and thank you for commenting. XXX

  4. You did not, nor ever could, look mumsy. You are fabulous for real, not fake, in every shot on this blog. Your fashion sense and style are unerring.

    1. You are very kind Kathleen...but the truth is I am often faking it! Usually with an extra thermal layer that I hope to keep a secret :oP Thank you for such supportive words!!! XXX


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