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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Summer chill? | Black and brown layers

Summer? Are you sure??
Fate is conspiring against my first 'proper' post.
It is definitely hayfever tells me so.
But, the weather tells me different....what is going on?

The light is very poor.....and my husband is trying his best to get a decent photograph.
Where are you sunshine?? I need my 'light'.

Today is a bit on the chilly side, only 14 autumn-ish layers seem to be on the cards.
It needs to be HOT for me to lose the layers.
The only hint of summer are my cheerful silver loafers with the black soles.
A little preppy, a little safe but a realistic work outfit for a chilly June day...Brrrrrrr

Trilby : Christys (Gents large....I have a BIG head)
Loafers: JohnnieB (teen section)
Black skinny Jeans: Topshop (Highwaisted)
Cardigan: M&S (it's actually supposed to be loungewear')
Jumper: Boden
Pendant : Vintage amber
Silk scarf: A gift
Silver hoops: Unknown
Glasses: TKMaxx
Bag : Barbour (a firm favourite....and a bit shabby!)
Jacket: All Saints.



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    1. Thank you for my first comment!! I laughed at my photo. A bit awkward and no took me a while to figure out that the camera is harsher than real life. :oD XXX


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